round headlight


Apparently I do Jeep meta now.


In my rewatch of 5x05, this strange epiphany all clicked together. Take a good hard look at the Desert Wolf in Malia’s memory, or more importantly, notice her vehicle behind her:

Look familiar?

The only cars I can think of with such round headlights are older cars, VW beetles, Porsche, cars that ride low to the ground, and Jeeps. Most cars have headlights with an elliptical or square shape, but the Desert Wolf’s car has distinctly round headlights, and it’s a high-risen four-wheel-drive model.

Stiles’ jeep is a C-J 5 model, and this meta points out some specific attributes of this model. In said meta, it’s mentioned how the mirrors stick out so far. You can see the mirror sticking out pretty far on the Desert Wolf’s car.

The wheels also stick further out from the frame of the car. Obviously there’s additional floodlights on the car, but those could be easily removed. From my brief, limited research, I have no idea what the little headlights on the sides of the Desert Wolf’s car are supposed to be. They could potentially be blinkers, but they don’t look like it. (if someone who actually knows anything about cars has any idea, please talk to me. I only know about Jeep and Porsche.)

There’s a sad headcanon among the fandom that Stiles loves his jeep so much because it used to be Claudia’s. What if it’s true?

Here is a close-up. I tried tweaking with the lighting and whatnot to see if we could see the color of the car, but I got no results. They also show another shot of the Desert Wolf, but you can’t see any of the car save for the floodlights.

But hey, we got a glimpse of the Desert Wolf.


Where on earth am I getting the speculation that the Desert Wolf is a Dread Doctor? Because of Malia. In 5x05, Malia and Lydia have this conversation:

Lydia: Has anyone actually read it yet?
Malia: Just me. And I didn’t understand any of it. We should probably all read it.
Lydia: Kira’s working on that.

And what Valack says to Lydia and Stiles in Eichen House:

Lydia: What does the book do?
Stiles: Tell us!
Valack: I told you. It opens your eyes.
Lydia: How?
Valack: It triggers the memory centers of the brain, clearing the fog and bringing the images of the Dread Doctors into focus. I wrote the book in an effort to find out if anyone else like me had ever seen them before. I thought I could circulate it, an effort to trigger someone… Anyone else’s memory. They’d see the cover, a hint of memory… They pick up the book, read it. The suppressed memories surface, and they’d find their way to me to discover more. Just like you did.
Stiles: Did it work with anyone else?
Valack: You didn’t see it on The New York Times best seller list, did you?
Lydia: So all we have to do is read the book?
Valack: If you’ve seen them, if they’ve done something to you, then the book will help you remember.

Malia is the only one who had read the book so far, save for Scott reading the first chapter. The book helps you remember the Dread Doctors if you’ve seen them or if they’ve done something to you.

And Malia sees and remembers the Desert Wolf.

Not to mention, I’m fairly certain one of the Dread Doctors is a woman. One of them is significantly shorter, and seems to have an hourglass figure.

Shown on the left, then right, then left again. I think that doctor is a woman, and may be the Desert Wolf, and might even be Claudia.