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I had resigned myself to everyone being dead by the end but somehow I wasn’t prepared for them to lose her. 

Cities are smells: Acre is the smell of iodine and spices. Haifa is the smell of pine and wrinkled sheets. Moscow is the smell of vodka on ice. Cairo is the smell of mango and ginger. Beirut is the smell of the sun, sea, smoke, and lemons. Paris is the smell of fresh bread, cheese, and derivations of enchantment. Damascus is the smell of jasmine and dried fruit. Tunis is the smell of night musk and salt. Rabat is the smell of henna, incense, and honey. A city that cannot be known by its smell is unreliable. Exiles have a shared smell: the smell of longing for something else; a smell that remembers another smell. A panting, nostalgic smell that guides you, like a worn tourist map, to the smell of the original place. A smell is a memory and a setting sun. Sunset, here, is beauty rebuking the stranger.

But to love the sunset is not, as they say, one of the attributes of exile.

Memory, your personal museum, takes you into the realms of what is lost. A sesame field, a plot of lettuce, mint, a round sun that falls into the sea. What is lost grows in you and in the sunset, which grants what is distant the attributes of paradise and purges it of any defect. Whatever is lost is worshipped.

—  Mahmoud Darwish, In the Presence of Absence, trans. Sinan Antoon

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word count: 2475

Warnings: body insecurities, verbally abusive relationship, smut, severely fluffy Jensen, cussing, i think that’s it. let me know if there is more please!

Request: Unpretty by TLC with Jensen x Reader from @mysteriouslyme81

A/N: I thoroughly enjoyed writing this, it’s hands down the quickest I have ever written anything because I was so into it. I don’t care who you are, we all have had some sort of insecurity at some point in our life. I hope this is a way for whoever may be struggling with this to learn to accept themselves and if you are in a toxic relationship, you can do so much better. You are all beautiful!! Thanks yall! As always thank you to my forever beta @avasmommy224

It was your second week working as an extra on the show Supernatural. Your boyfriend was beyond unsupportive, he always told you that you were never good enough to be an actress. You weren’t skinny enough for this role or too skinny for that role. You would get an offer for a part and as excited as you were to get his opinion, he always had something negative to say. This time it was for a love interest of Dean Winchester’s. You were a vamp that he’d met in a bar a few episodes behind but you slipped out of the bar when you found out that he was a hunter.

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Dating Im Jaebum

Ifyoudareto-believe Asked:  Do a Dating Jaebum please. I loved the ones with Yugyeom and Jinyoung~~ (also, I don’t know if you did it already, so if you did please ignore the request)

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for got7 ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

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- Subtle af

- Looking you up and down

- Casual touching

- That slowly becomes not-so-casual

- JB whAt ArE YOu dOiNG

- Deep down you’re totally chill with it

- Not telling each other that you like each other but you both still kinda know the feeling is mutual 

- Close friends

- Very close

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방탄소년단 (BTS) 김태형 (V) Inspired Outfit

  • Black Knitted Beanie with Ears
  • Long Baggy Cuffed Medium Grey Sweater
  • Loose White Cropped Blouse w/out Sleeves
  • Circle Framed Glasses
  • Black Side Messenger Bag
  • Black Canvas Low Ankle Converses

Disclaimer: Image doesn’t belong to me.

Taking Control

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2194

Warnings: Dom/sub, breath play, dom!Dean, oral sex (male and female receiving), smut, unprotected sex, slight angst, fluff

Summary: Dean had a rough hunt, but luckily he has you to come home to, where the two of you can lose yourself in passion. 

A/N: This was done for anon who requested, I was wondering if you would consider doing a deanxgirlfriend!reader where he comes home from a bad hunt and needs a release or control or whatever and they have rough sex with dom!dean and maybe a bit of breath play? All consensual and everything where she trusts him not to take it too far. I hope you like it anon, I totally get breath play and think it is hot. This story has slight dom/sub undertones so read at your own risk if that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable. 

He took a deep breath, his hand stilled against the cold metal handle that would open up into the bunker, and he was trying to relax before walking in and greeting you. Finally, he summoned the energy to push it open, and at first, he thought there was something wrong with the door because of the loud squeal that erupted as he swung it inward, but then you were flying into his arms, the source of the sound due to your excitement. A momentary smile graced his face, but it fell quickly as he thought back to where he had just returned from. He instinctively grabbed you underneath your thighs and he inhaled the scent of your strawberry shampoo that hung around your slightly damp hair. 

“Dean,” you nuzzled into his neck, he could feel the way his stubble from his lack of shaving the past week scraped against the soft skin of your forehead, “I’m so happy your home, I missed you,” you said. 

“I missed you too, baby.” He kissed the crown of your head and set you back on the ground. 

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What sports do you think that some Naruto character like Shisui or Kiba would play in modern AU?

I’m really biased towards basketball bc I played it 10+ years

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  • Baseball or Basketball. Leaning more towards basketball, because that’s a lot more fast paced and aggressive, which I can see Naruto being better with. Probably a guard? Really good at just stealing the ball and making a fast break.


  • Baseball? I could see him being a really good pitcher and base runner. (Which usually doesn’t work out, but whatever) Him and Naruto always pair up for warmups and bicker at each other while the throwing the ball back and forth, but despite all their complaining, you will never see them paired up with anyone else. 


  • Motorbiking. Does that count? It’s fast. It’s dirty. It’s competitive. It’s dangerous. It’s Kiba.


  • SOCCER. Just hear me out- comes on the field all smiles and jokes, doesn’t even really try that hard during warmups, so you don’t really think too much of him, but then the game starts and you’re fucked. He’s so fucking fast and aggressive that the other team is nearly blinded sided by it.


  • He’s an amazing forward in basketball. Really solid post position, but is also able to be quick if need be. All star in defense, and he will intentionally foul. Doesn’t care at all and almost fouls out every game. 


  • Softball- she’s a bomb pitcher. You don’t want to get hit by one of her pitches, because you’re probably going to have to go to the hospital- they are that fast. She also will scrimmage Kankuro in basketball from time to time and it gets ROUGH.


  • Ok- So Ino is most definitely a cheerleader during football season, but ya girl is also the feistiest and most aggressive little basketball player you will ever meet. It really catches others off guard because at first you think “oh she’s just a little cheerleader- she won’t survive basketball,” BUT BOY, YOU ARE SO WRONG. She will do anything to win- fast breaks, fouls, literally on the ground fighting for the ball- watch out.
    • This was me in high school


  • Volleyball. She slays- Sakura would be team captain and everything. Looks absolutely amazing in her uniform too. I could also see her playing tennis too.


  • She’s such an all around athlete. Like she’s always in a sport year round. Volleyball in the fall, basketball in the fall, and maybe track or softball in the spring. I’m leaning more towards softball for her. Amazing outfielder.


  • Crosscountry. I don’t know why.


  • Golf coach, but really doesn’t give a fuck about it and just kinda chills with whatever 3 kids decided to golf?? Can give really good pointers on the sport, but his students have never actually seen him golf??

Demon AU verse in which Bill has a permanent claim over Dipper’s body, and demon!Dipper is forced to share with Mabel. Sin ensues.

Softly, Hallelujah

For @axilarts​ / @axileana​, to whom I promised hurt!Newt to.

It’s in the middle of a meeting when Graves suddenly feels the band on his finger grow hot and agitated. He stops mid sentence, hands braced down on the end of the conference room table, as images flash across his mind’s eye – quick snap shots of things until finally, he has what he needs.

He presses his thumb to the underside of his ring finger and against the band itself and says, “I’m coming, hang on,” before turning to the room at large.

“Director Graves,” Picquery blinks, cool and composed but he can see in her gaze that she has at least some inkling of what has happened. “Everything alright?”

“I am afraid I must excuse myself,” is all he says and then he’s abusing his high security clearance to disapparate out of the meeting room and into the living room of the flat he shares with a certain Magizoologist. He finds the case atop their bed, a rather nervous looking Dougal sitting on its top most step – peering out, waiting.  The moment it sees him, it dips back into the case; obviously aware of what Graves has come for. Graves follows him down in a hurry, his feet flying down the rickety ladder, only to find that Newt is not in his little shack.

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