round engagement ring

The biggest debate after episode 9

In Yuri!!! on Ice fandom we ask the most important questions, the greatest of them so far being the one from episode 9.

‘’Is the round gold thing an engagement ring or a gold medal?’’


etsyfindoftheday 5 | 8.18.16

theme thursday: alternative engagement rings

alternative-hue diamond + rose gold rings by shopclementine

one more pair of engagement rings for you all today — shopclementine’s traditional and simple bezel setting is the perfect accent to these two alternative-hue diamonds: grey or black. swooning hardcore.

okay, there are only two things that “something round and golden” could be

• the gold medal for the grand prix final

• or an engagEMENT RING


yes you read that right, it’s both. here’s my mini theory

I have also realized since Victor’s birthday is ON CHRISTMAS, it could well be that for Christmas Yuri will get the gold medal. but for Viktor’s birthday, he will PROPOSE WITH THAT ROUND GOLDEN ENGAGEMENT RING


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 7.22.16

halo-style rings by kateszabone

bam, these rings smack you in the FACE with sparkle! love ‘em both.


etsyfindoftheday 5 | 6.11.15

theme thursday: wedding week warm-up (YAY!!)

‘you are my sun and moon’ engagement ring & wedding band set by nestedyellow

and another celestially-inspired ring for you … this one is minimal and shining and so, so beautiful. want. choose from several band textures for your perfect pair.