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Can I have Takao and his fem!s/o at prom (or some Valentines ball), in a very romantic and dream-like setting (like something straight out of a Disney princess movie), and then spending the rest of the night in a more spontaneous, fun, Takao-style way.. with Takao giving her a very special gift because it's also her birthday. I hope it's not too much, haha :D Thank you! - Takao anon <3

Anonymous said:  YAY \(^▽^)/haha thanks so much! I really appreciate it. If I’m going to send in future reqs, you better be ready for more angst though :D You’re welcome again~ ^^ and congrats to you and your blog for achieving another milestone!! Looking forward to the event ヽ(・∀・)ノ – Takao anon <3

So sorry again for yet another late story… Happy belated birthday, Takao anon! I hope I don’t disappoint, I’m rather burnt out ( ≧Д≦) And thanks so much for your kind words!! I’m focusing more on birthday instead of the ball in this one, since Valentine’s (and February, smh) is already over.

P.S. I’m not culturally familiar with the whole “prom” concept, so bear with me if stuff are inaccurate. 

Fem!Reader ahead.

“Can’t believe we’re going to be in their shoes next year,” Takao scoffs, sipping on his bright blue punch. You’re standing next to him, looking ridiculously attractive in your get-up. Takao is one hell of a lucky guy to have you by his arm in an event where companionship matters. 

When he said ‘their shoes’, he was addressing the seniors who are currently occupying the gym-turned-dance floor, having the time of their lives as the hall is filled with pop music. Even with his hawk eyes, Takao is unable to spot his senior basketball members Miyaji, Ootsubo, and Kimura. Thankfully, he has you by his side—Midorima was here earlier to say congratulations to them, but now he is nowhere to be found, presumably hanging out outside the hall due to the obscenely loud music. 

You sigh at the thought of graduating. Takao sighs, too, because it makes him think of his relationship with you. After all, there’s a possibility of the two of you going to different universities, and just imagining being apart from each other is unsettling.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Takao suddenly says, realizing that there is no agenda left but the dance. You blink, surprised at the bored disposition in his voice, but when his eyes met yours it is mischievous. A smirk has taken over his lips, successfully creating the rise in your heart rate. He’s a guy with a plan.

“Sure,” you answer dumbly, “but don’t you want to say goodbye to Midorima-kun first? We’re leaving him alone, after all.”

With a smile, he chugs the rest of his punch, grabbing your wrist to pace out the door with you in tow—you had to leave your half-full paper cup on top of a random table on the way out. Sure enough, Midorima is outside, conversing quietly with Miyaji, who is surprisingly not on the dance floor.

“Senpai! I thought you were dancing,” Takao laughs, slowing down to a stop to join both of his teammates. “____________ and I are leaving, by the way. Hope you guys don’t mind.” You can only offer a small smile to the two other boys, not wanting to seem like you are stealing Takao away from the moment. Miyaji shrugs and smiles back in a more aloof manner, while Midorima doesn’t look like he cares more, fixing his glasses and nodding at the two of you.

“Don’t sulk, Shin-chan! And see you around, Miyaji-senpai!”

“Happy birthday, ____________,” the two boys chime in simultaneously, added with Miyaji’s “enjoy the rest of your night!”  

“Congratulations again, senpai! Bye, Midorima-kun!” You say while Takao excitedly drags you as he runs, forcing you to keep up with him. 

“They remembered,” you shout-whisper to Takao.

“Of course! I couldn’t stop telling them earlier today.”

The two of you laugh spontaneously for no reason whatsoever, and by the time you reach the car Takao borrowed from his dad (just for today’s occasion) the two of you are just dressed-up people who look like you ran a marathon.

“Where are we going?” You ask, clicking your seatbelt on as Takao ignites the engine. He looks at you from the driver’s seat, an enigmatic smile on his face.

“You’ll see.”

Your surroundings are dimly lit and quiet at 8 p.m., but it strangely does not have the same scary atmosphere as most deserted city streets. In fact, it feels so peaceful, like you’re in the countrysides, but then again perhaps it’s the effect of having Takao with you. He parked the car near a convenience store and led you by the hand, his warm fingers entangled with yours. Now here you are, walking slightly uphill with him as you playfully chat, the click-clack of your heels against the paved street filling the occasional comfortable silence.

“You okay? I didn’t make you walk too much, did I?” Suddenly realizing you’re walking with heels, Takao looks down at your legs to make sure they are fine (and he discovers that they are indeed fine, but in another way that he’d rather keep to himself—he checks you out too much). You laugh and cannot help but slightly roll your eyes.

“Thank you for your concern, Prince Charming,” you tease, “because I’m a fragile princess that can’t walk on her own for two-hundred feet.” He laughs along with you at the silly dialogue, going so far as to press a kiss against your cheek good-naturedly. 

“You do look like a princess, though,” he comments, and that’s when you blush. “Very, very beautiful. The kind that makes royalties from kingdoms afar fall deep in love and can’t escape once they laid their eyes on you,” Takao says, upping his narration with elaborate hand gestures. You choke out another laugh.

“Now you’re just exaggerating, Takao-kun.”

He fake-gasps and you have to cover your mouth with your hand that is not holding his to keep yourself from wheezing at how funny he’s acting. 

“Why, dearest ____________! How dare you say that while I speak the truth,” Takao continues his avant-garde voice impersonation, only to laugh at his own antics and at how red your face looks like right now, a mix of embarrassment from his praises and from laughing too much. You sigh after the laughing spell is over, snuggling closer against Takao’s arm while the two of you continue walking uphill. 

“But I’m serious, though,” he says after he recovers, “you really do look beautiful tonight.” You shyly look down, chuckling.

“You dork.”

“Mmm, I may be a dork,” Takao says as he slips an arm around your waist to pull you against him, “but I’m the luckiest dork in the world because you’re mine.” Then, he cups your jaw gently, bringing you into a kiss that is sweeter than the aftertaste of the drink you had earlier in the party. You quickly drown in the sensation, finding yourself wanting more of what he offers. Takao’s lips are soft against yours, his tongue teasing every so often. When he pulls away, he smirks at your face, breathless and flushed red under his magic touch. 

“You look so cute right now,” he says as he pecks the edge of your lips.

“Shut up.”

“Right, right. We’re almost there.”

And he’s right, because in less than five minutes, the two of you arrive at the top of the apparent hill. A school can be seen parallel to the spot, situated a few hundred feet from where you are standing, but that’s not the place he intends to bring you. Instead, it is the nearby bench, overlooking a spectacular city view of nighttime Tokyo. You swear you jaw could drop open right now at how breathtakingly amazing the scenery is. Takao really enjoys that surprised look on your face, but that doesn’t stop him from tugging gently at your wrist, guiding you to the railings at the edge of the hill in front of the bench.

“What do you think?”

“It’s—wow,” you whisper, “it’s beautiful.”

“I know,” Takao hums in agreement, putting both hands in his pockets as he looks over to you, “very beautiful.”

You would playfully slap him on the shoulder for how overused that trick is, but you find yourself unable to because of the naturally romantic atmosphere of the moment. You lean against your boyfriend, and he perceptively hugs you by the waist, sharing his warmth with you. It’s just the two of you on top of this hill, accompanied by the song of crickets, and you can’t help but sigh.

“Happy birthday, baby,” he murmurs against your ear. You thank him with a whisper. 

The two of you stand in comfortable silence for a few moments before he decide that it’s time to give you your birthday gift.



“Wanna sit down on the bench?”


“Close your eyes for me for a second.”

“Wait, what?” You say, taking a seat on the wooden bench. He sends you a grin, pleased to see the confused look on your face.

“Just sit,” he reassuringly says, placing his hands on your shoulders in attempts to make you relax. “That’s it, good girl. Don’t open it until I tell you to.” Takao praises when you close your eyes—even then he can still see that you’re slightly on edge, but he smiles. 

You have no idea what is currently happening even with your ears strained just in case there were any sounds—there aren’t, unfortunately, leaving you not only clueless but also anticipative of what is going to happen. For a few seconds there is nothing, until you feel a string of coldness against your collarbone.

A gasp leaves your mouth at the sensation, the slight weight just above your chest, the way it slithers and clasps at the back of your neck with a small sound. You want to open your eyes, look at him and tell him that such a gift is too much, that the view is good enough of a birthday present. You’re touched and elated, but he shouldn’t go through such lengths—

“Open your eyes.”

You immediately look down, holding the pendant necklace on the palm of your hand and there’s a pain in your chest from how happy you are. It is beautiful in its simplicity, with a small round crystal as a pendant. The crystal shines multiple shades of blue grey, an uncanny reminder of his eyes.

“Oh, Takao-kun—you, I… this is—”

“Yes, ____________?” He asks teasingly, taking delight in your absolutely flabbergasted reaction.

“How could you,” you whisper, and despite the words that fall from your lips, he knows that you’re happy, if the look on your face is not big enough of a giveaway. “This is too much,” you say again, this time with your eyes on him instead of on the jewelry.

“It really does look good on you,” he marvels, focusing on the necklace. “More than I imagined, somehow.”

“Takao-kun,” you pout—he’s clearly not listening.

“It’s a birthday gift from me to you,” he replies, looking at you as he smiles gently. The upward tug of his lips turn flirtatiously taunting in a split second, however. “Wait.. Don’t tell me you want to pay me back for giving you such a gift?”

The idea is not in your head until he mentions it, so you look at him in surprise before the expression on your face turns into something way more determined.

“Yes. I won’t accept this until you allow me to return the favor,” you reply, and it’s Takao’s turn to blink in shock. He certainly did not expect you to play along with his game, but judging by the ember in your eyes, he realizes that you are taking this with utmost seriousness.

“How would you propose to return it?” He warily asks.

“I don’t know,” you shrug, looking around you as if you can find ideas floating around in the air. “You tell me. I’ll do anything.”

He’s not going to lie, the fact that you’re telling him you would do anything to return the favor of him giving you a birthday gift sends his blood rushing throughout his body, and he suddenly feels more alive than ever. God, if you were with other guys his age, they wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of your words, using it against you to taint your innocence… Takao has to stop his line of thought because he gets pissed thinking of you with another person, while the truth stands that it’s him that you’re facing, and you’re asking him to tell him anything that you can do that can hold a candle to the gift he gave you.

“Alright, I have one in mind.”

“And that is…?”

“To stop calling me ‘Takao-kun’,” he says, and your eyes widen at how equally serious he sounds. “Call me Kazunari from now on. Better yet, call me Kazu.”

“Okay,” you reply, your voice significantly softer.

He looks at you, tentative and anticipating. 

“Can you… give it a try?”

You have to lick your lips, suddenly realizing that they are dry, a gesture that catches Takao’s eye. He swallows, waiting.


It is by far the cutest sound he has ever heard to come out of your lips, and coupled by how utterly shy you look right now, your cheeks pink enough for him to spot under the dim lights—it’s enough to send him flying to the heavens and back in happiness. All he wants to do is to smother you with kisses enough to intoxicate, but he’s a teenage boy—he’s still going to take advantage of the situation while it lasts, and you can get mad at him later. He just wants to hear it one more time.

“Say it again,” he whispers.

“Kazu,” you say, with more volume and conviction behind your voice, and that’s when Takao launches his kiss attack on your face. You squeal, laughing as if you are faced with an overeager puppy (which he resembles down to a T right now, you may add). 

“So cute,” he murmurs in between kisses, and you somehow end up sitting on his lap. Takao ends the barrage of kisses with one final press of his lips against your mouth, and it’s much like cotton candy: a prelude of sweet and soft before it melts into something deeper and more passionate. You have to moan at the way his tongue dances with yours—you haven’t tasted alcohol before, but you figure this is how it feels like to get drunk, and you can’t say you don’t enjoy it.

When you pull away, the two of you exchange wistful smiles. Takao decides that you can stay for the view for a little while before he drops you home—you ended up staying for another two hours talking to each other.

Before you sleep, you smile at how you spent your birthday, and what a day it has been: attending a prom, whisked away to a scenic hilltop, and making out on a bench. These are memories you will keep forever, along with the necklace resting against your chest.