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Soulmate AU

Concept based on the movie TiMER (2009)




Word Count: 1426

*A/N: Please be gentle…. This is the first thing I’ve ever “written” (and I use that term very loosely)…

Soulmate Timers.

Most children got their timers before grade school. It seems a bit barbaric when you think about it. Kids who don’t even understand what soulmates are, walking around with timers counting down until they meet theirs.

That’s one thing about his father that Dean Winchester was thankful for. John was adamant that neither of his sons be subjected to the same life that he had been subjected to. John’s timer sat dark and blank on the inside of his left wrist. It had been that way since the boy's’ mother, Mary, had passed. John no longer understood the point of having a soulmate if they were just going to be violently ripped from you. Why should his boys have to spend their lives with the pressure of finding their soulmate? Why should they have to spend years of their lives counting down to one moment, which would likely end in heartbreak anyway?

At least that was the case while John was alive. Neither Dean, or his younger brother Sam had felt the need to cave to “fad” that was the soulmate timer. Most of their friends and co-workers had them, and more often than not, they had already met their soulmate. Especially as the years carried on, and they grew older.

Now, at 34 years old, Dean sat at the kitchen island, staring at the device on his wrist. The one that had been counting down for seven years, twenty-eight days, fifteen minutes, and thirty-five, no, make that thirty-three, seconds.

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fandometrics needs a ranking for fandoms so they can put us at the very bottom because this entire fandom sucks ngl

Theres that post going round that has a chart regarding bad fandoms and the voltron fandom is at the top lmao 

Mark Sloan Imagine

Mark Sloan Imagine
576 Words
Suggestions: A little bit but not too much dirty

Originally posted by greysanatomymeanttobe

“Ugh Mark! Can you just stop, stop talking! Please! Stop! Talking,” You yelled, rushing down the hall’

“You can’t avoid this (Y/n),” Mark Sloan, the hot Plastics Surgeon and your boyfriend, said, rushing down the hall after you.

“Avery! Get your asshole of a boss away from me, NOW.”

“Y-Yes ma’am,” Avery nodded, blocking Mark’s path from you.

You both were in the heat of the moment. It was just an argument between the both of you about him seeing Lexie too much. You love Lexie, she’s practically like your own sister, but… You think she’s seeing Mark a little bit too much. Mark thinks you’re jealous of her, but you think not. You think it’s too much.

“Hey (Y/n),” Lexie walked by, smiling at you as you filled out charts.

“Hi,” You grunted, a bit angry at the situation right now, but it didn’t matter.

“What’s wrong?”

She stood next to you. You looked at her and sighed.

“I feel like Mark spends too much time with you and I get it, I’m fine with you and Mark, maybe I am a little bit crazy and jealous, but he spends more time with you then he does with me and you know I love you, trust me, I love with like a sister, but-.”

“Hold on… You think Mark spends too much time with me?”

“Yeah, well-.”

“I haven’t seen Mark for the past 2 weeks.”


“Yeah. He hasn’t talked to me at all.”

“That means…”

“You got the wrong person.”

“…Then… Why is he not spending time with me?!”

“Ooh, need a hand?”

“Nah, you got rounds and I got… charts… Maybe you can ask Avery, they’re lovers.”

“Oh, my god, that is funny.”

She started laughing with you. A hand grabbed your arm and started pulling you away.

“H-Hey,” You snapped, still giggling.

“On-Call Room, now.”

You looked up to see Mark pull you into the On-Call Room. When he closed the door, he looked at you. You gave him a hard look.

“I’m not spending time with Lexie,” He started.

“I know,” You nodded.

“I’m not-. Wait, what? You know?”

“Yeah, I asked. She hasn’t seen you in 2 weeks.”


“Oh, yeah. Where have you been then? Are you and Avery lovers now? Do I have to worry?”

You raised an eyebrow, crossing your arms. You were giving a ‘You’re in big trouble’ look. He knew this look. He gulped, retreating back to the door.

“No, tell me. You should tell me. I mean, it’s my business too. You and I are dating, I have every right to know and if you don’t tell me, I’ll ask around. I’ll even ask all the nurses.”


He pulled out a small box.

“It’s an early birthday present. I had dinner planned tonight. And I was going to give you this.”

You looked and gasped.

“Oh… my… god.”

It was an engagement ring. You looked up at him.

“I had Avery be on your service so I could get your ring sizes. Then I had him ask what you liked, because I didn’t want to risk messing this up.”

“So, that’s why he asked me questions during surgery?!”


You jumped him, hugging him tightly before starting to take off his shirt.

“I’ve been waiting this long, now not any longer,” You smirked.

“I like the sound of that.”

Let’s say… you took your break in the On-Call Room for a bit.

A Hero's Welcome - OliverxBeth closed rp AU

The report had just come in. There had been several Navy SEALs injured, a few rather badly. Beth scurried around, helping to get things ready. Once the injured men got here, it would be a madhouse. She said a brief prayer as she rushed. These men would need all the help they could get.

Two days later, she began her rounds. She checked the chart in her hands. ‘Oliver Dash’ was the name at the top. She shook her head as she looked over the sheet. Leg amputated, multiple burns… this man would have a lot of recovery ahead. Knocking softly, she peeked inside the room.



Anonymous asked: Maybe you should draw Masayoshi, Nagisa and Cooper all standing next to each other so people can see how different they are!

This was such a great idea. I’m glad I took this challenge on because hahah I feel much more relaxed now. It was a lot of fun! And hopefully, yes, it will highlight the differences much more clearly now that I have them side by side!

Also: Thank you to everyone who sent me sweet messages when I was down. I won’t publish them, but I wanted to let you know that they were all wonderful and I’m really grateful I’m surrounded by such incredible people. vuv Thank you <3<3<3<3

Masayoshi / Cooper / Nagisa

Goto and Masayoshi / Trey and Cooper / Rei and Nagisa

Emilia was still jotting some things down on a chart post rounds on Saturday morning, most of her friends didn’t work on the weekends so as per usual she was the odd one out. She didn’t care though, honestly she’d rather be in the hospital working on people who were under anesthetic and couldn’t speak than out in the world having to communicate with strangers. The woman had caved however, when a friend had asked if they could get lunch together she reluctantly agreed before making them come to her for it. The hospital cafeteria wasn’t a five stare restaurant but it did the job and then the surgeon could use work as an excuse to leave as fast as possible. When someone walked up next to her she made the assumption it was the person she was waiting for without looking up to check first.”I was starting to think you’d been run over by a bus on the way here, but apparently no such luck. I told you to invest in a watch.” She grumbled, still focused on the form in front of her. 

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Prompt: Owen hurts Amelia's wrist during a PTSD episode. She tried to hide it at work but callie notices

Edit: I am reposting this in conjunction with @omeliaweek day 6- PTSD/relapse

Owen’s previous PTSD episode can be read here

It was pitch dark in the middle of the night in the trailer. All that could be heard were the noises of the crickets outside.

Back in the trailer, both occupants were fast asleep on the bed, huddled up together, embraced in each other’s warmth after an entire night of hot, explosive sex.

 The silence was interrupted by sudden screaming.

 ‘ Megan, Megan!! Don’t go- come back!!’

 Owen’s hands were trashing around wildly as he continued yelling out his sister’s name.

 This commotion woke up Amelia too as she stirred from her sleep and turned to her side to see Owen’s hands trashing the bedsheets. This wasn’t the first time she had encountered Owen having a PTSD episode - this wasn’t something new to her. He had a PTSD episode last year and nearly strangled her in her sleep. Fortunately, she forgave him and together they went for counselling and saw a psychiatrist. This seemed to have helped somewhat as his PTSD episodes ceased- until now. 

 ‘ Owen’ Amelia whispered, still groggy from sleep. 

 ‘ Owen’ she called his name louder this time when she got no response.

 The trashing and yelling continued.

 ‘ Owen’ this time she shook him hard on the shoulders to wake him up. ‘ Wake up! You’re having a nightmare Owen- wake up please!’

 Suddenly Owen grabbed hold of Amelia’s left wrist and gripped it hard. 

 ‘ Owen- WAKE UP!’ Amelia cried out in pain as her left wrist was being twisted to an abnormal angle as she tried to let go of Owen’s strong grip, hitting his arm with her free hand in vain.

 Unfortunately, he was too strong for her, and she could her a crack sound of her wrist, followed by a sensation of sharp pain radiating from her wrist to the arm.

  ‘ OUCH!’ she cried out in pain.

 Her loud exclamation finally jolted Owen awake, as he came to his senses and released her wrist. 

 And gasped in shock and horror at the sight of Amelia sitting at the other end of the bed, supporting her left wrist and wincing in pain.

 ‘ Mia’ he called softly 

 Her back was turned to him and she either didn’t hear him or pretended not to.

 His heart sank to the depths of his heart. He didn’t need to ask any further questions- he didn’t need any confirmation- it was obvious what had happened. He had hurt her in the midst of a PTSD episode- yet again. At this very moment, he felt like beating himself up into a pulp.

 ‘ Mia - come here’ Owen called out, beckoning to her. ‘ Let me see your wrist’

 ‘ No!’ Amelia cried out suddenly, standing up from the bed, still clutching her left wrist.‘ I….I’ve gotta go to work now, I’m running late for rounds.’

 He knew it was a blatant lie- as he could memorize her schedule. He knew that she wasn’t supposed to clock into work until 9 am today, and it was only almost 7 am.

 Owen watched helpless from the bed as Amelia hurriedly grabbed a set of her working clothes and working bag, and headed out of the trailer without so much as a glance back at him.

 As soon as the door of the trailer closed behind her, Owen pounded his fists on the bed repeatedly until his fists hurt. Then he buried his head in his hands, remaining in that position for a whole hour.


 ‘ Hey Amelia’ Callie walked up towards Amelia who was sitting behind the nurses counter in the ER, sipping on a cup of coffee and going through her patient’s electronic charts before rounds. There were no cases for her to review yet in the ER. ‘ You’re early today. It’s only 8.’

 ‘ Yea, I woke up early today and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I decided to make full use of my extra time to go through my patient’s charts before rounds.’ Amelia replied, shrugging.

 Callie didn’t buy the lie. Amelia was always exactly on time to work but never this early. 

 She stared at Amelia’s face again, trying to coax the truth out of her.

 ‘ Did you and Owen quarrel?’ Callie guessed. 

 ‘ No’ Amelia replied curtly, taking another sip of her coffee with her right hand and trying to tap on the electronic chart with her left hand.

 It was then that Callie noticed the abnormality in Amelia’s left wrist. It was obviously swollen and deformed.

 ‘ Did you hurt your left wrist?’ Callie asked concerned.

 ‘ What? no….I just twisted it a bit while getting out of bed.’ Amelia shrugged.

‘ It’s swollen , like really swollen Amelia- let me see.’ 

 ‘ I said I’m fin…..ouch!’ Amelia winced as she accidentally knocked the swollen wrist on the edge of the table.

 ‘ I can tell at a glance that there is something wrong with your wrist Amelia.’ said Callie calmly. ‘ Just let me have a look at it please? It might be broken or dislocated. What happened exactly?’

 ‘ I tripped and fell down this morning.’ Amelia lied.

 ‘Does it hurt?’ Callie asked as she pressed on Amelia’s left wrist. Amelia wincing in pain answered the question for her.

 ‘ Can you move your wrist?’ Callie asked.

 The range of movement of Amelia’s left wrist was limited.

 ‘ Well, it looks like we need an Xray done.’ Callie announced.

 Amelia groaned internally. She hated Xrays. Xrays always meant bad news.

 ‘ Wait, are you pregnant?’ Callie asked suddenly.

 ‘ What?….I’m certainly not. I just had my period last week and I’m on the pill.’ Amelia replied hastily.  ‘ Let’s just get this xray over and done with then.’


 ‘ Well, it looks like you have a left wrist dislocation.’ said Callie as she studied Amelia’s xray. ‘ You know what that means right? Reduction and immobilization with a cast.’

 Amelia groaned loudly. 

 ‘ I’ll prepare some sedation for you before we do the reduction ok? I’ll call Wilson to come and assist me.  Callie patted Amelia’s arm comfortingly.

 Soon, Amelia was crying out in pain as her left wrist was being reduced by Callie and Jo. Damn Owen and his PTSD episodes!

 As Callie was preparing to apply the cast on Amelia’s left arm, the door to ER room 3 opened and in popped Owen’s head. Speak of the devil.

 ‘ Mia- you’re here!’ he cried.  ‘ I’ve been looking everywhere for you.’

 Amelia turned her head away from him in response.

 This did not go unnoticed by both Callie and Jo.

 ‘ Is there anything going on between you two?’ Callie asked cautiously as she started preparing the plaster for the cast.

 ‘ No….no……it’s just that…I accidentally hurt her this morning.’ Owen muttered his confession.  ‘ I had a nightmare…PTSD….I didn’t mean to hurt her.’

 Callie looked back and forth between Owen and Amelia. Owen looked flustered and truly apologetic. Amelia looked aloof and distant, still avoiding looking at Owen.

 She sighed internally. She was really rooting for this couple. She wondered if there was any couple in this hospital who would ever get their happily ever after.

 Suddenly Callie’s pager beeped. It was a 911 page from April. 

 ‘ I’ve gotta go now. Wilson, come with me. Hunt, can you finish the cast for me? It’s a left wrist dislocation.’ Callie winked at him as she walked out of the ER room with Jo, leaving both Owen and Amelia alone together in the room.

 The tension in the room was strong as they both remained silent for a few moments, daring the other to speak first.

 Finally Owen broke the silence.

 ‘Look Mia, I’m so so sorry. I had a nightmare like night about Megan. I wasn’t aware of my surroundings then. I didn’t mean to hurt you.’

 Amelia finally turned to look at him, her blue eyes filled with hurt and anger.

 ‘ This isn’t the first time this happened, Owen.’ she pointed out.

 ‘ I tried to wake you up so many times, but you just grabbed my wrist so hard and wouldn’t let go! You’ve got an iron grip by the way, I’ve to give you that.’ she said curtly.

 ‘ I’m so sorry. I really didn’t know it is this serious. I would never harm you on purpose Mia. I love you so much, please.’ Owen begged as he looked into her eyes.

 Amelia seemed to be contemplating what to say next as she looked up at the ceiling. But Owen could see her eyes softening.

 ‘ Ha, I know what you can do to make this up to me.’ she said suddenly, placing her right middle finger below her chin. ‘ Make me a very nice and special cast. I want a superhero cast.’

 Owen chuckled.  His Amelia was back , and for that he was grateful.

 ‘ We don’t have a superhero cast, Amelia, you know that.’

 Amelia pouted.  ‘ Well then, make me a perfect cast! One that is aesthetically pleasing and also able to function well as a cast.’

 ‘ Will do’. Owen answered.

 ‘ So you dreamt about your sister again last night?’ Amelia asked as Owen started applying the cast on her arm.

 ‘ Yes, I miss Megan everyday.’ said Owen sadly.  ‘ I thought I would be able to get over it after the sessions with the psychiatrist, but I am dreaming about her.’

 ‘ I still dream about Derek too sometimes.’ Amelia said softly. ‘ I dream about the good times we had together as kids. But sometimes I dream of the day we both saw our father being shot. And I end up screaming myself awake too.. I miss him too. PTSD needs to be taken seriously.’

 ‘ I need to book an appointment to see the psychiatrist tomorrow.’ Owen pointed out as he gently molded the cast. It seemed to be shaping well around Amelia’s arm.

 ‘ Yes you should.’ Amelia nodded seriously in agreement. ‘ And you also have to do all the chores in the trailer for the next few weeks as I cannot function properly with only one functional arm.’ 

 ‘ Yes ma’am’ Owen nodded seriously in reply. He would do anything for Amelia to make her happy again. he would never ever hurt her intentionally.

Again- reblogs and comments and reviews are very welcome! :)  They give me inspiration to write.

Lady Gaga Hits No. 1 on Artist 100 Chart for First Time

As “Joanne” bows atop the Billboard 200, Gaga is the top artist in the U.S.

Lady Gaga is the top musical act in the U.S., vaulting from No. 51 to No. 1 on the Billboard Artist 100 chart (dated Nov. 12), as she leads the list for the first time.

The Artist 100 measures artist activity across Billboard’s most influential charts, including the Billboard Hot 100, Top Album Sales and the Social 50. The Artist 100 (which launched in July 2014) blends data measuring album and track sales, radio airplay, streaming and social media fan interaction to provide a weekly multi-dimensional ranking of artist popularity.

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Fave band - Seventeen

Hahah omg you wanna know why they suck? I need a list for this 

  • Soonseok just cause
  • Woozi the tiny ball of rage
  • OTL 1004
  • the chocolate song as national anthem kay
  • Mingyu you giant flirty idiot
  • Wonwoo getting jealous 200% of the time
  • My dash is all 17 memes
  • have u seen their faces wot
  • hhaah hansol faces
  • seokmin’s dumb dancing and lame aegyo ahahah </3
  • seunggwan kicking seokmin’s ass yas
  • jisoo’s english
  • diva boo yall
  • seokmin getting pranked and bullied by everyone yassssss
  • hoshi choreographs wtf
  • woozi composes all the song htf
  • chinese line yup yups
  • girl group dancing like srsly ont get me started
  • *running round and dancing at the beach having fun* “haha no it wont kill anyone surely not our billions of fans”
  • appa coups ahahaah 
  • san e’s reaction to vernon ahahahaha
  • jun and wonwoo’s choreo ahhaah wonwoo’s bitch face ahaha
  • cause dino the #1 michael jackson fanboy
  • he just smiles and sits in the corner ADN THEN HE DANCES LIKE-
  • wonwoo’s VOICE I CANT *coughs* i bet it’s a thing for mingyu aha
  • bonus : wonwoo’s bitch face



Jurassic World Blu-ray release chart.

Wide Release:

-3D Round Tin

-2D Round Tin

-Regular 2D

-Regular 3D

-Dinosaur gift set + 3D tin


Best Buy (T-shirt with purchase of either 3D or regular Blu-ray)

Target (Exclusive Bonus Content)

Wal-Mart (Blu-ray + metal lunch box)

Jurassic World 3D and 2D will also be available in the upcoming re-release of the Jurassic Park collection.

Fic: We Own Tonight (4/?) (M)

Author’s note: So some very dedicated fans asked that I post this now. I’ll add the link to as soon as that site chooses to cooperate. Until then…enjoy! (And remember, I’ll be in Atlanta until Labor Day, so no updates until I get back!)

Also posted: / AO3

Chapter Four

Killian wasn’t sure what he expected. Their first few days in the palace weren’t all that different from their days on board the Jewel. After an often restless night’s sleep (sleeping knowing his siren of a princess was in the very next room was precisely the challenge he expected), he escorted Emma to breakfast with the royal sisters. He was invited to join them but he typically asked to be excused to give them time to get reacquainted. He joined Liam for breakfast instead, needing the extra time to prepare for a day in Emma’s presence.

Emma and the Queen usually spent the morning closeted together in the Queen’s chambers; Killian knew better than to ask what they got up to. If it was his business, Emma would tell him. He trusted her that much. He didn’t really know what princesses talked about or did in their spare time; he suspected Emma wasn’t typical in that department, with her sword skills and magic. He’d never had reason to contemplate it until now.

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Rob's Work-In-Progress

After a night of entertaining performances at the award show (BritAwards2015), and a good night sleep I am ready to recap showbiz Rob on his side business. His main business of acting is picking up steam after the Berlinale, and with the on-going photo calls, production schedules and award shows we can imagine it is going to be a busy year for him.

I do not need to recap Kristen’s successes as I have done it in a rather long post earlier. The whole world knows the greatness of Kristen Stewart, Vive le France! Vive Kristen Stewart! She should be given an honorary French citizenship because I think they appreciate her talent more (given the Chanel endorsements and Cesar Award just to name a few).

OK I will only say it with charts this round. I know that was a lot of take in from my fangirling 2014 post and I am sure most of you have skimmed through the charts and got too engrossed with the sightings over the timeline chart of 2014.

I cannot blame you guys for complaining it was too small. Occupational hazzard of mine to squeeze everything in one chart to explain myself. 

Here are the magnified versions of what I have posted with updated points.

Yes I repeat my stance on this being still show business. I can see some people already jumping off the ship, even famous ones;  Call me stupid and delusional but nothing I have seen last night makes me waver on my stance.

I know without Robert Pattinson to launch the first awareness of FKA Twigs into the music scene, she will not be nominated, nor can she be on any overseas tours like today, invited to many concerts to perform with sold out venues. Sure she can dance, and she has artistic skills but so have thousands (literally) undiscovered and untapped artists. ( ) Review of her lastest sold-out roundhouse concert is revealing her weaknesses and limitations but kudos for her musical aspirations (big picture).

I know people try to say she is an upcoming artist etc. with her own fan base but how many people knew her before RP? The best achievement she has then was being a mercury award nominee on her own (pre RP), and musically neither got nominated nor won anything in Grammys this year(other than being nominated for recording packaging), and each time any music reviews or articles so far has to attach ‘Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend’ title to draw readership and awareness.

In marketing, the first step is creating awareness (A), then to generate interest (I), desire(D) and action (A) to purchase, we normally called it the AIDA of marketing. So Rob’s job is almost done with the awareness stage, and trying to get you interested in buying her album and going to her concerts. Selling point is maybe you could see him too!

Isn’t it great to have friends in high places FKA Twigs? I noticed this year especially over in Jan 2015, Rolling Stones and Billboards and some better respected music magazines have started to drop that RP reference, and I am sighing a breath of relief because I really like to appreciate and assess a musician based on what she really is and not clouded by my overinvested emotions when related to RK. This tabloid headline status has indirectly filtrated to mainstream magazines attention the last 2 weeks of Dec, and gave FKA Twigs a critically acclaimed ‘best album of 2014’ of some sort in Newsweek, Times and non-music renowned publishers. Do you think this will happen to a new artist who hasn’t won any award so far nor has she given any one song ‘hit’ on the radio waves or music scene? Making people to take a look at her again and asks ourselves if we have judged her wrongly? I don’t know, I can say I still do not find the appeal of her music nor image, but I can definitely say it pays to have friends in high places, and not just Robert Pattinson, but the background people such as Adele’s producer, magazine covers, media outlets etc. and of course talent agencies. These are all the people behind packaging an artiste my dears. 

Meanwhile for the big group of twihards fandom; A) if you are a newly converted Twigbert or whatever, please go buy her albums and attend her concerts B) If you are fed up with these tabloid news and only want to focus of Rob’s career, please get a copy (or more) of The Rover and gift them to your bfs/husbands/guy friends, we need to tap on that market. Better still the next upcoming new movie of Rob please follow his advice (like he said at his last premiere in LA) ‘Buy 8 tickets’, we wouldn’t be in the sorry state of making Rob being in the ‘loser’ list of 2014 actors in not commanding box office sales worldwide for his excellent and acknowledged work in The Rover. Irony when he is making so much money for the tabloids. C)The rest of the fans who don’t care about Rob and Kristen’s relationship with ANYONE straight/bisexual/homosexual, rock on and support their work in anyway you can, and watch it like a soap opera because the truth will be out one day, could be tomorrow or twenty years down the line. They are living their lives and having a great time riding the waves of success in both their private and professional lives.

Would l like to crucify FKA Twigs like a witch and assassinate her character (deep inside)? You bet I do. My first line of argument is what kind of singer is so desperate for success in her career to use a married man with family to create a lie? Well, first of all, the kind who finds someone who is willing and able to let her do that, and that someone whose wife is alright with the decision. In the end, we really don’t know anything about Kristen and Rob, or what transpired behind this show business. We could all be wrong but that doesn’t mean I will stop supporting them both or wish for the best of them. Nor do I want to paint a perfect couple who never face hardship and challenges and that love will last forever kind of thing. I am a realist like that. Just like Rob who told us love is never smooth sailing and you have to fight hard for someone you love, marriage also needs a lot of work and communication. Only people in that relationship (Rob and Kristen) know what it is like.   

I do not throw abuse or judge a person’s character just by going with the flow of the rest to find a common enemy and crucify her like a witch because 1) I don’t know her personally nor do I want to 2) She has done nothing against me personally. I am not Kristen and I do not need to fight for her relationship nor speak on her behalf (as a fan I don’t think I am entitled to, because that is overstepping and too much projecting). Everyone in this is completely aware of the situation, went into this with eyes wide-opened. 

If the winners are effectively a foregone conclusion, what is the Brits ceremony actually for? The clue is in the performers. Madonna and Kanye West didn’t release any music last year (if you discount pirated leaks) but were invited to strut their stuff, promoting forthcoming new releases. The Brits is televised advertorial for major music labels.

When the champagne has been guzzled, musicians have filed away their backing tracks and hung up their scanty costumes and the music industry is nursing a collective hangover, then a glance at the download charts will reveal the real winners of the Brit Awards 2015. Whoever made the biggest impression on stage is sure to enjoy a sales bounce. And when it comes to the Brits, those are clearly the only votes that count.

Yes I believe they are FINE.

*Disclaimer: I am not remotely related or connected to Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart or FKA Twigs, not even by a 6 degree of separation. Nor do I have insiders’ or exclusive information. This is a post about the entertainment industry, so just chill. No one is getting hurt or should get hurt. If you are then you are treating this way too seriously.I need to get this disclaimer in because some people are seriously upset about how I mistreated and misrepresented anyone/anything. Chill will you? If anything just treat me like a delusional lunatic, I don’t mind at all.   

anonymous asked:

Between the three members who left EXO, who do you think is the most successful or the most popular in China? Abroad?

In short: Luhan is the most popular in mainland China and Kris is the most successful abroad. Forbes China 2015 said that Luhan earned .3 million dollars more than Kris did, but that isn’t the only measure of success or popularity. I’ve read several times that Tao has the fewest fans of the three, but Hailangs are always willing to go to the mat for him.

Luhan has landed roles in four different films, one of which starred Matt Damon. He’s released three EPs and one full studio album. He also hosted his own concert series called Reloaded. He’s won awards for the Music Radio Global Chinese Golden Chart All-round Artist of the Year and the iQiyi Asia Popular Idol Award. Two of his singles topped the Chinese billboard charts.

Kris has had roles in nine films, two of which are international, and released four singles. He won the 3rd China International Film Festival London Best New Actor award and the GMIC X Annual Awards Mainland China Actor of the Year Award. Apart from that, he walked in the Burberry Fall 2016 show at London Fashion week and played in the NBA All-star celebrity game.

Tao has released two EPs and has a physical album coming out soon. Two of his songs have also topped Chinese music charts. He held two concerts within the past year. He landed roles in four mainland movies and has had recurring appearances in Chinese Laws of the Jungle. He won the Most Influential Male Singer award at the Miopai Awards.

All three of them have been in magazine spreads and covers. For now, they seem to be focusing on different areas: Luhan on music and Kris on acting. Tao’s solo career has a while to go because he left SM after the other two.

- Admin J