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marauderfan  asked:

Hi! I have begun to adapt to ArtRage 5, but I have one question. Sometimes, when I magnify the photo in the reference, it starts following my stylus around the screen. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a new setting in Windows that I need to change? Another question: what other social media do you follow? Tumblr has let us have all these problems with pornbots suborning our art. Do you follow Google+?

Do you mean the entire reference image? Or just that the image is moving around inside the reference ‘frame’?

Neither of these should happen, but they might just be stylus/driver issues, rather than an outright bug.

1. If you click the magnifying glass, then it starts jumping around inside the frame, you might just have dragged your cursor over the move icon (the four way arrow) next to the magnifying glass without meaning to.

2. If the entire thing follows your cursor round the canvas, it sounds like right click is misfiring somehow (either it’s stuck, or a driver problem, or it could be a weird bug we need to look into).

Try using a mouse to experiment, instead of the stylus, and see if you still have issues. If it’s still showing up, we need exact steps and OS/hardware details so we know we’re investigating the correct thing.

We just answered the last part of your question here:

hello guys! quick update for those of you doing stickers and buttons for preorder bonuses:

i finally was able to make sure the sticker company i want to use a) will ship to me, and b) could give me a quote. they do ship and their quote was great, so im sticking with them.

the specs for your sticker designs are as follows:

  • canvases must be at least 3x3 inches (for square stickers) or 3 inches in diameter (for round stickers - i know you cant actually make a round canvas but just make sure the area youre working in is at least 3 inches in diameter)
  • at least 300 dpi
  • cmyk color if possible
  • submit images as a .pdf, .psd, or .tiff file

for button designs:

  • buttons will be 2.25 inches in diameter, so make sure your canvas/work area is at least 2.25 inches in diameter as well
  • at least 300 dpi
  • cmyk color if possible
  • submit images as a .pdf, .psd, or .tiff file

if youve got any other questions about this, let me know! ill put this info in the faq so its findable in the future.

June Recommendations

Take your pick! There are four categories to choose from, each as amazing as the next. Every single author on this list is amazing and writes awesome stories, but I chose to highlight these fics in particular because they’re so good! As always if you’ve read anything recently you think should be on next month’s list, send it to me and I’ll check it out! So happy reading and I’ll be back like usual next month with another round :)


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Closeted Couple by @wrap-your-wings-around-me


Merman Michael by @my-imagines-moonlight53

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Back To What We Used To Be by @smuttyscribbles

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the one with the paintball

A vaincre sans péril (1533 words) by melannen
Fandom: Les Misérables - Victor Hugo
Rating: General Audiences, Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Enjolras, Grantaire, Courfeyrac, Feuilly, Bossuet Laigle, Les Amis de l'ABC
Additional Tags: Paintball, Canon Era, war games, Fluff, with foreshadowings of canonical character death, alcohol

After the unpleasantness in July 1830, Courfeyrac rapidly came to the realization that, for one, if Les Amis were going to finish the revolution properly they’d need to be a lot more confident at the actual fighting with guns part, and for another, all his friends needed something to cheer them up and pull them out of themselves.

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