round belts

And another lovely scene by @panda-capuccino for the lovely Reylux work “Codega”. 


Kylo Ren stopped in front of her and gave her a once-over from toes to head. She could not see his eyes, but she could feel them silently assessing her and her readiness. She barely stopped herself from fidgeting with her clothes under his gaze. She was wearing her black training leggings and long undershirt, but had topped the ensemble off with a sleeveless tunic made of what seemed to be the same material as Kylo’s robe; the material was thick and would stand up well against a number of different weapons. A leather belt rounded out the ensemble, on which her lightsaber was clipped. On the other side was clipped an expandable quarterstaff, and a thigh holster on her right leg held a blaster pistol. She hadn’t exactly been sure which weapons would be appropriate, and so had tracked Asha Ren down in the armory just under an hour ago. The quarterstaff and pistol had been the Knight’s idea, and Rey had to admit that she felt comfortable with their use. She had not practiced much with her lightsaber, but she trusted her Master to not leader her into any situation where she could not handle herself with one or the other of her weapons.

“Good, you are prepared adequately,” he stated after he had finished raking his eyes over her. Rey shivered with a mixture of pride and that feeling she got every time she saw him in his mask; she wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to hearing him speak through the blasted thing. “I have something for you,” he added after another moment. He motioned for her to follow him through the hangar doors, across the hangar, and up the ramp into his shuttle. Reaching down for something on one of the jump seats, he directed her to turn around with a twist of his fingers.

Rey felt him crowd behind her, towering over her form as he draped a fold of cloth across the front of her neck and over her shoulders. His gloved hands deftly adjusted the fabric and Rey heard the click of a pin locking in place on each of her shoulders. He gripped her by the shoulders once he was done, but didn’t make a move to turn her around. Rey was glad for the emptiness of the vessel, as she could feel her cheeks redden and her breaths were coming quicker. She could feel him behind her, even though there was likely a foot of space between their bodies, and she was overly aware of their only point of contact through her layers of clothes and his gloves.



Cleaning guns on a Friday night but I wanted to see the Hera Arms CQR on my Shrike, or if you’ve been following for a while, Gluttony which one of my 7 Deadly Sins build. It doesn’t look as good as I thought, especially on a full-size AR but it feels really good in terms of supporting the weight. Fully loaded with a 200 round belt, my AR weighs in just a little over 20 lbs. I originally planned on installing a Wilcox Para Stubby Grip, but that’s about $250-$300, so I may ditch that and buy another CQR. For those of you wondering how long the CQR is, it measures in close to 7.5″ (GRH)

anonymous asked:

How does the action on an mg42 work

The MG42 is a recoil operated roller-locked belt fed weapon. 
You have 3 major component groups working in this system:
the fire control group (trigger), the action, and the belt feed mechanism.

The fire control is simple due to the weapon’s open bolt operation. The trigger merely controls a sear that fits into a notch on the bottom of the bolt assembly and keeps it locked to the rear until the trigger is pulled. When the trigger is released, the sear pops back up from spring pressure and stops the bolt on its return stroke. There is no hammer or striker assembly like on other weapons. If you were to draw the bolt back and let it go with the fire control completely removed from the gun, it would fire until it ran out of ammunition or suffered a malfunction. 

The action operates on a recoil operated roller-locking system.
As the bolt assembly moves forward, it strips a round from the belt and moves into locking position as the round is chambered. The wedge shaped striker sleeve then moves forward and forces the two rollers (seen in green below) to cam into position and lock into the barrel extension, which is the squarish part at the chamber end of the barrel.

Because the firing pin is part of the striker sleeve, the gun does not fire until the system is fully locked and safe. After the weapon fires, the bolt and barrel stay locked together and move rearward with recoil. The rollers then cam against the side of the receiver and are unlocked from the barrel extension. After the bolt unlocks, it continues to travel rearward to extract and eject the fired case.  The MG42 also utilizes a distinctive muzzle booster with a cone shaped flash hider. The muzzle booster functions by capturing the expanding gases that result from firing and uses them to apply rearward force on the front of the barrel within the jacket. This  improves reliability of the system as the force from both the recoil and the expanding gases are used to unlock the system and apply rearward force on the bolt.

This smooth roller system and fast lock time is what resulted in the MG42′s  infamously fast fire rate of fire of ~ 1,200 rpm.

The belt feed mechanism of the MG42 was a very influential design due to its simplicity and reliability. The top cover of the feed mechanism houses a swinging cam track that interfaces with a raised cam on the top of the bolt body. 

 As the bolt travels forward and back, the cam causes the track to swing back and forth, which works the feed pawl that pulls the belt through the system and line up ammunition for feeding.

This .gif from shows the operation of the M60 machine gun, which took heavy influence from the MG42. The feed mechanism functions identically.

I hope that clears things up for you, and you have somewhat of an idea of how the MG42 works. I’m not the best at writing really.

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Flirting has always come naturally to Charles.

It’s inevitable really- Charles is friendly, and charming, and tactile, and his telepathy gives him somewhat of an unfair advantage when it comes to winning other people over. Charles tries not to be so lazy as to rely on his mutation all the time, but when he’s had a few drinks it’s easy to get complacent, and to take certain shortcuts.

Of course, when it comes to Erik, flirting is never that easy…

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I got this request from someone on DeviantART and they asked I could do the scene where Mabel was trying to flirt with that turtle dude thing but with Madeline and Adeline instead. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then that’s okay because I’m too tired to explain X’D

ANYWAYS, I drew the request for them because I’m a nice fart and didn’t want to disappoint XD

I have also noticed that they both have the same round buckle on their belt, they’re both physically strong…and they’re lovers both end with the name ‘Ford’….

I dunno, they seem so alike yet, so different and unique in their own way XD 

I was told numerous times that @hntrgurl13 ‘s OC and mine should just have their own comic or something…


The Addie and Maddie Adventures perhaps? X’’’D

I mean, that could be a very awesome AU where they’d go on this crazy adventure together. They’re both strong and very adventurous (From what I can tell with Addie XD) so it’d be a pretty bad-ass comic!

Although, while I wouldn’t oppose to the offer if it ever happened, hntrgurl13 and I have never really talked to each other ^^; We just usually reblog, like and follow each other. So the likeliness of both of us doing anything collaborative as of now is pretty unlikely (Unless she states otherwise, then that’s up to her because I’m always up for something like that XD)

I am asked countless of times how she’s doing or what she’s working on or if she’ll be able to do a request and I laugh because I don’t know her very well other than the fact she’s amazingly talented and that she’s the creator of Addie Marks.

NOT that I would mind if we began talking or whatever, I mean I’m always open for socializing but I want you guys to know that we don’t know each other at this moment XDDD

ANYWAYS, yes! More Addie/Maddie crossover from someone who wants to keep themselves anonymous XD


Madeline/Fiddleline/Art © Me @missinspi

Adeline/AddiFord © @hntrgurl13

Twelve ways you won’t believe what she looks like now

1. She looks like a whirling void in spacetime from which even now a sly tentacle is reaching out to perform unspeakable acts upon an unsuspecting world. It’s amazing what the years will do.

2. I heard she’d lost weight. That’s not the half of it. She’s lost mass. As in, she actually no longer obeys the law of conservation of mass. At all. Scientists love her. There she is, perched in centrifuges and bombarded by neutrons and belted round by things that bleep at labs the world across. That is one weird trick.

3. She looks like a rhodium unicorn. You look like the proprietor of an interstellar dive bar. It’s all good.

4. She looks like the physical personification of existential terror. She only exists at 4 am. You realise that you never knew what she used to look like, either.

5. You won’t believe it, but she’s now the world’s champion elbow-haver. She has at least twenty-five and they are all top-notch elbows and one of them was the world’s best elbow 2016 before being disqualified under the non-human DNA exemption. If you ever need someone to clear a path through a crowd, she’s your woman.

6. She looks like a bicycle. The form you knew was only ever the larva for the true shape of her people. You might think this is an odd transformation, but they do come from a startlingly flat planet so it’s all completely logical really. By the way, this is why you should always ask before riding a bicycle.

7. What does it mean to believe anything, really?

8. So they’ve started taxing by dimensionality. You can’t pay, they take one away until you can. That’s why she’s so flat right now. She’s got a bit of a career in cartoons going, though, so it’s not so bad.

9. Following an official name change to NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, I am pleased to report that she now looks like NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. That’s Mx. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS to you.

10. According to the stock photo she supplied, she now looks like someone ecstatically leaping on a beach from sheer joy at being awarded a lettuce.

11. You won’t believe this, because we were clearly setting up the answer to the question to be something else, but: she looks pretty much like she did the last time you saw a picture of her, just slightly older.

12. She looks like you did. You see, while you were reading this she stole your face. It was all a cunning distraction. You have her old face now. I hope you like it.


Quad-mounted soviet PM M1910 Maxim machine guns - ZPU 4

Manufactured between 1910 and 1945 in Russia or the USSR, here used in an anti-aircraft role c.1941.
7,62x54mmR, 250 rounds belt-fed, short recoil, toggle locked and water-cooled. 1931 configuration.

Protect the Motherland with an overpowering display of antiquated firearms.

Enjoy xxx

Daddy’s Home?!

It’s been two blissful months since you met the man you have taken to be your Daddy. You find more and more of your free time is being spent over at his house, so much so that you have started to contemplate the idea of moving in with him. How do you bring this up though? Will Daddy be happy to have you there with him all the time? You are practically living there now; it would make sense wouldn’t it? You already have a key and Daddy lets you come and go as you please. You’re making yourself anxious, you are think you may be moving too fast, though is it too fast for you or too fast for Daddy. You are on your way there now after work; you have clothes there, a toothbrush and your essentials. You ask yourself why you are making yourself anxious. Daddy has spoken to you about voicing your opinions not bottling up your feelings; he would want you to ask him, but what if he says no? He’d want it too wouldn’t he? You’re almost there, soon you will be in his arms, he’ll be kissing you and everything will be alright, more than alright, soon you’ll be cumming again to his touch. You can’t wait.
You open the door with your key and walk inside, the house is quiet you notice straight away.

“Daddy, I’m home!” You find yourself exclaiming, as you begin to wonder if he is home. As you walk up the hallway past the office door you are grabbed from behind and lifted off of your feet, a strong arm around your waist and plucking you up. Your vision goes dark as a hood or bag is thrown over your head. You drop your handbag and begin to yell. You’re being carried inside the house then you are thrown and your landing is soft but you are disorientated as you can’t see and your body is flipped from perpendicular to horizontal and on to your front. You are pinned immediately your wrist grabbed and pulled behind your back you feel a familiar sensation of a handcuff locked around your wrist, as your other arm is pulled out from under you and cuffed too. You feel something being put over the hood on your head as it is lifted and pulled out and under whatever this new item is. You still can’t see even as the hood is removed you got flashes of light and you realise from the glimpses of cushions before everything went dark again, that you have been thrown onto the couch in the living room. You know now you are wearing a blindfold, a full blindfold with a cut out around your nose.

“Stop struggling little girl, it’s not going to help. Your Daddy isn’t here; he isn’t going to help you. You are mine now. Your Daddy owes me and he shares everything with me, which includes you and I am going to have you.” the voice is calm, deep and measured. You hear a belt being undone as you start to get your bearings. You notice now that you are wet and this unnerves you. You are on your belly the man is kneeling behind he is between your legs at your knees his hand is round your neck holding your head down into to cushions. Your skirt is half over your butt. Your head is lifted and the belt that was removed is now encircling your neck it is pulled snug but isn’t choking you. Not yet it isn’t you tell yourself. Large fingers are now stroking your pussy through your panties, you squirm to the touch you know you are warm and wet there and now he knows it too. You feel ashamed, your thoughts go to Daddy and you feel the fear and trepidation begin to rise in you as this man is arousing you with his caress. You bite your bottom lip and whimper as his fingers rub your clit through your panties the pressure is exquisite and you are throbbing beneath his touch. You are wetter now and your mind starts to swim. You are warring with yourself you want to push against his touch you want more, harder firmer, faster, but this is wrong. This is for Daddy not this man. Why am I being such a slut for this touch? Shame, fear but so, so turned on by this. His hand reaches under your tits and his fingers hook into the gaps between the buttons of your blouse, he yanks the garment apart, buttons popping as the blouse is torn open. He flips you over onto your back. He is so strong; he can do whatever he wants to you. Your life is in his hands.

Your bra is lifted up off of your tits he moves up your body now he is kneeling at your waist his knees at your shoulders. A vice like grip on both of your nipples as he takes them in his fingers and squeezes making you gasp and moan. He lets them go and lifts your head.

“Open your mouth little slut and don’t even think of biting me.” You immediately do as he says and your mind questions your actions. Then you feel it his cock touching your lips, this is your expertise, you know you’re such a good little cock sucker you’ll show him, please him, he’ll be happy, you’ll worship his cock and make his head swim . The voice in your head is yelling No at you but it is distant as you lips enclose this hard cock in your mouth and your tongue goes to work. He pushes deeper into your mouth filling you hitting your throat making you gag. You like this you’re getting wetter as this man is fucking your face. He pauses and then you go back to working on his cock, you’re kissing it, sucking on it taking its firm length deep into your mouth getting it slick and wet then back to being his willing little hole as he fucks your face again. Your panties are soaked and your pussy is craving attention your nipples are so hard he pauses again to let you do your job with your mouth. You find yourself whispering “Fuck me, fuck me please.”

He picks you up and pulls the belt round your neck he’s not choking you but you feel it taught around you. He’s behind you and you feel two hard downward slaps on your tits.

“You’re a hungry little slut aren’t you? No wonder your Daddy values you so much, I’ll enjoy using you often little slut. Be ready for me to take you anytime I want anywhere I want.” he growls into your ear.
You’re pulled down onto the couch on top of him. His hand gripping your right tit as he pulls your panties to the side you feel the cool air on your slick wet pussy then his fingers are there spreading your lips apart opening you up to his touch his fingers are on your throbbing clit, his hand moves to your thigh and pulls your leg you spread them to his touch giving him access. Your mind still warring with your actions, as he positions his cock against your pussy he is spreading your lips moving his cock up and down your pussy teasing your clit. You bite your lip again yearning to be filled with that hard cock, desperate to be fucked by this brutish man.

Then it’s there the tip of his cock is pushing its way inside you, your immediate wish is coming true as you feel your cunt envelope it. His hands are at your hips, and he thrusts all the way inside you and you gasp.
“This is what you want isn’t is you, little slut, used like the little fuck hole you are. Pretty little pleasure doll.” he whispers into your ear as he begins to bite it and starts to grip your hips tighter as his cock starts to fuck your tight little hole, so wet and warm and full now with his hard rampant shaft. You can’t help but agree with him. He takes one hand off of your hip and tightens the belt at your neck as he quickens his pace. You hook your feet inside his calves to get a bit more stability because you don’t want this fucking to stop it feels so good to have a firm cock filling you up and fucking you hard. It’s harder to breath now and your head is beginning to swim. You feel yourself being raised up as he lifts his hips and his cock leaves your pussy. You are flipped over onto your front your face on the cushions and your butt is now in the air. The belt controlling your head and your hands still controlled by the cuffs you picture your predicament in your mind and you feel your juices flowing as he slams his cock deep inside you from behind. He spanks your butt hard and grips your hip as he’s pulling on the belt tighter round your neck. This is how you like to be fucked deep, hard and frantically. You’re not going to be hurt you don’t need gentle you want to be fucked like this, feel the power and the desire, your body used to absorb this force and wanting, ready to take the release of a man who wants you and uses you to please himself. This is your purpose and your body is letting you know it with each deep thrust bringing you closer and closer to the edge. You know he is getting close to you can tell by the increase in force you can hear his breathing, the heavy handed spanks making you gasp and moan. He reaches under your hip and now has his fingers rubbing your clit which sends you over the edge your cumming now and nothing can stop this and you’re cumming hard because this beast of a man is using you just right. Taking what he wants giving you what he needs to give you using you for your purpose, making you truly happy and your mind is swimming with the pleasures you are feeling. Then he slows and gets deliberate in his thrusts as you feel his cock convulse and pulse as his balls tighten and contract whilst his cum is propelled inside you. You are deliriously happy and start to cum again as each thrust makes contact with your round red butt then he collapses on top of you his cock still inside you the belt goes loose.

He is breathing hard beside you and the blindfold is lifted off of your face. You open your eyes and look to his face with a grin.

“Thank you Daddy, I love it when your beast comes to visit me.”

He kisses you, “You’re welcome Kitten.” He leans over to release your hands from the cuffs.
“I love you Babygirl I think you should move in here with me.” He says and you sigh and smile with contentment.

See You in April

Hey guys! So, this is my first ever submit so please, be open with me and give me any and all prompts/criticisms/feedback, all will be greatly appreciated. The name’s New Queen on the Block, but no one has time to type that out so NQOTB will do just fine!

I’m currently working on a couple of one shots and possibly another series, but for now I’m planning this as a three-parter (unless you all hate it, in that case I shall never write a word again.) But for now, here’s some real-world Trixya angst, technically set in the future as it is set after Katya comes back from her current social media break and was inspired by Trixie’s comment on her Insta post explaining her impending absence. For any eagle eyed readers who may remember my ask, this will also incorporate Trixya’s original music that she has been performing on her Ages 3 and Up tour. At the moment it’s Katya’s POV, may switch it with each chapter. And don’t worry, there is plenty of smut and fluff in the works to please as many people as possible! Enjoy :) 

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Bind Me, Tie Me belt. This was a one off which I attached extra straps to for an event. It doesn’t usually come with the straps round the butt #belt #rubber #upcycledfashion #upcycled #veganfriendly #buckles #clips #brokeboutique #boomerang #boomerangvideo #metal #hips #shake

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Buying an MG42

I want to buy a MG42, my local shop has one for $5,600(CAD) that comes with a 100 round belt and they even have 2 spare belts for sale for $200. This is the third in this town and I missed out on the first two, one was turned into a movie prop and the second was mounted to the back of a jeep.

Should I buy it and mount to the side by side this summer/fall?

Don't Fear the Reaper.

I’ll say it right now, I grew up in a broken home. Dad drank. Mom drank. That might be why I’ve never touched a drop. But I’m getting on a tangent here.

Most of you already know where this story is going. Dad used to get drunk and blame mom and I for all his problems. Mom used to lock me in my room while he… while you knock what aggressive drunks do when they’re upset. i’d say more often than not my mother’s screams and my own sobs were what rocked me to sleep.

Then my mom started drinking and became numb to the whole thing. First dad kept hitting her and left me to cry in my room. I guess he got bored eventually. Three days after my fifth birthday dad came up to my room for the first time. He had never done that before. Mom had stopped him. He broke my nose that first night. We went to the hospital and I told the doctor I fell down the stairs. He seemed to believe me.

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Different Colours - Nathan Prescott x Reader

{Credit to gif creator}

Fandom- Life is Strange 

Character- Nathan Prescott {Includes other Vortex Club members} 

Word Counter- 1626 Words 

Warnings- Language. Use of drugs. Use of alcohol. Talk of a sexual nature. 

Persona- Female, Blackwell student who’s the newest member of the Vortex Club.

Based on Different Colors by Walk The Moon 

Coming up slowly, oh, sun over the hill
Daylight’s still a long time coming
But I know it will
Been under this spell, oh, but we’re coming awake
So we’ll be rude, we’ll be loud
As long as it takes

You had been a member of the Vortex Club practically since you arrived at Blackwell Academy. You were holding onto Nathan’s arm with Victoria’s arm round your shoulders. You of course had been drinking, and so had everyone else. You didn’t take the drugs they offered, but they took it themselves. 

“Shall we go on a little trip?” Victoria asks and you laugh with her and Nathan. 

The sun was just a thin line on the horizon, you all had a lot of time before it would be up. 

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A comiXologist recommends…


Ever wonder what would happen if you took one part Spider-Man and mixed it with one part Gossip Girl and added a dash of Slice of Life Manga? The answer is: AMAZING COMICS. So gather round, buckle your seat belts, and hold on to your heartstrings because it’s time to talk about Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Vol.1: Super Crush.

Word of warning: Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane picks up where Sean McKeever’s two previous Mary Jane mini-series (Mary Jane and Mary Jane: Homecoming) left off. While the series does a good job of handling the backstory, it’s definitely worthwhile to read those first. If only because they’re really good.

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane follows Mary Jane Watson as she deals with high school, friends, drama (the kind you do in a theater and the kind you don’t), and, yes, boys. Needing a little distance from her best friends, Liz Allen, Flash Thompson, and ex-boyfriend Harry Osborne, MJ throws herself into other passions like the school play, her growing friendship with math tutor Peter Parker, and her desire to ask Spider-Man out on a date. This is the heart of the series for a lot of people: we know Peter is Spider-Man and Mary Jane doesn’t. Watching the relationships between the main cast (in and out of costume in Spidey’s case) grow, both in friendship and romance, is truly a magical experience.

Art-wise, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is a blend of Manga and American styles that works so well with the content. Everyone’s unique and expressive, which is huge when the main action of the series is the hurt that flashes across Liz Allen’s face when Mary Jane decides to sit with the theater kids instead of her. Personally, I’m torn for a favorite piece of the art, but it’s down to the incredible colors by Christina Strain and the clothes. The cast wears different clothes from day to day, what they wear reflects their mood, and, being about the same age as Mary Jane in this book, the clothes are more or less accurate to what teenagers were wearing at the time. It builds and sells the reality of the world for me.

As a package, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane has everything: friendship, adventure, romance, and learning about who you are.

Erin is a Customer Advocate at comiXology and she probably still has a few of the outfits Mary Jane wears hanging at the back of her closet.


「Blood on the Dance Floor」

Namesake: Blood on the Dance Floor by Michael Jackson

Appearance: 「Blood on the Dance Floor」 looks like a humanoid, similar in physique to King Crimson and wearing a red open jacket suit that’s ripped at the ends of the sleeves and pants leg, the torn suit fused to the skin of the Stand,and wears a black, rounded belt with a red blood drop on it. BDF is covered in blood veins, purely blood red veins over its body. It has a small mouth in the shape of a diamond, red sunglasses in a similar appearance to Kamina’s sunglasses from Gurran Lagann, but more rounded. 「Blood on the Dance Floor」 has a heart pressing against its skin, seven large blood veins protruding from the skin, connected to the heart.

Destructive Power- A
Speed- A
Range- C
Durability- B
Precision- C
Developmental Potential- E

Stand Power:「Blood on the Dance Floor」has control of any blood source, whether open or closed. 「Blood on the Dance Floor」’s user must have direct line of sight to control blood, and have no obstructions between the target and the user to extract blood. The stand user can manipulate it into whatever they like after extraction, either using it for themselves, transfusing blood, blood weapons, or using the blood for utility.

Notes: Stand Type: Close Range


Catch Me (J2 RPF (Jared/Jensen), 2900 words, G)

This is for tipsysam in response to her prompt: ‘Pls, I need a thousand J2 hurt/comfort fics about Jensen being overprotective after he “stabbed” Jared.’ You can also read it on AO3 here if that’s easier!

“Catch me!” shrieks Jared, and flings himself forward into Jensen’s arms. Jensen extends them, instinctively, more to protect himself than anything else; and Jared’s solid bulk hits him hard in the chest. Winded, Jensen rocks onto his back foot for support. He feels Jared go floppy, arms draped over Jensen’s shoulders, feet sliding away along the concrete floor.

“Seriously,” says Jensen, “I know I’ve been working out but I don’t know how you expect any human person to hold your weight.”

Jared folds his head awkwardly backward, his nose on a level with Jensen’s chin. He smiles, dimpling hard. “You love it,” he says.

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Wing and Wei

Okay so I know a lot of people have been confused as to which Beifong twin is Wing and which one is Wei. So I’ve cleared it up for everyone in all of their main scenes. 

Avatar Wiki states, “Wei’s attire consists of a rounded necklace, a belt with a circular buckle, a band on his left arm, while his hair is parted from his right to left. On the other hand, Wing’s attire consists of a pointed necklace, a belt with a hexagonal buckle, a band on his right arm, while his hair is parted from his left to right.”

Wing is marked in blue and Wei is marked in red. 

S03E05 - The Metal Clan 

S03E06 - Old Wounds

S03E08 - The Terror Within 

S04E06 - Battle Of Zaofu

S04E10 - Operation Beifong 

Now, this is the confusing one. In S04E05 - Enemy at the Gates, Bolin actually calls them the wrong names. Whether this was a deliberate action for his character or a simple inconsistency amongst the creators, we don’t know.