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And another lovely scene by @panda-capuccino for the lovely Reylux work “Codega”. 


Kylo Ren stopped in front of her and gave her a once-over from toes to head. She could not see his eyes, but she could feel them silently assessing her and her readiness. She barely stopped herself from fidgeting with her clothes under his gaze. She was wearing her black training leggings and long undershirt, but had topped the ensemble off with a sleeveless tunic made of what seemed to be the same material as Kylo’s robe; the material was thick and would stand up well against a number of different weapons. A leather belt rounded out the ensemble, on which her lightsaber was clipped. On the other side was clipped an expandable quarterstaff, and a thigh holster on her right leg held a blaster pistol. She hadn’t exactly been sure which weapons would be appropriate, and so had tracked Asha Ren down in the armory just under an hour ago. The quarterstaff and pistol had been the Knight’s idea, and Rey had to admit that she felt comfortable with their use. She had not practiced much with her lightsaber, but she trusted her Master to not leader her into any situation where she could not handle herself with one or the other of her weapons.

“Good, you are prepared adequately,” he stated after he had finished raking his eyes over her. Rey shivered with a mixture of pride and that feeling she got every time she saw him in his mask; she wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to hearing him speak through the blasted thing. “I have something for you,” he added after another moment. He motioned for her to follow him through the hangar doors, across the hangar, and up the ramp into his shuttle. Reaching down for something on one of the jump seats, he directed her to turn around with a twist of his fingers.

Rey felt him crowd behind her, towering over her form as he draped a fold of cloth across the front of her neck and over her shoulders. His gloved hands deftly adjusted the fabric and Rey heard the click of a pin locking in place on each of her shoulders. He gripped her by the shoulders once he was done, but didn’t make a move to turn her around. Rey was glad for the emptiness of the vessel, as she could feel her cheeks redden and her breaths were coming quicker. She could feel him behind her, even though there was likely a foot of space between their bodies, and she was overly aware of their only point of contact through her layers of clothes and his gloves.


Quad-mounted soviet PM M1910 Maxim machine guns - ZPU 4

Manufactured between 1910 and 1945 in Russia or the USSR, here used in an anti-aircraft role c.1941.
7,62x54mmR, 250 rounds belt-fed, short recoil, toggle locked and water-cooled. 1931 configuration.

Protect the Motherland with an overpowering display of antiquated firearms.


A comiXologist recommends…


Ever wonder what would happen if you took one part Spider-Man and mixed it with one part Gossip Girl and added a dash of Slice of Life Manga? The answer is: AMAZING COMICS. So gather round, buckle your seat belts, and hold on to your heartstrings because it’s time to talk about Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Vol.1: Super Crush.

Word of warning: Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane picks up where Sean McKeever’s two previous Mary Jane mini-series (Mary Jane and Mary Jane: Homecoming) left off. While the series does a good job of handling the backstory, it’s definitely worthwhile to read those first. If only because they’re really good.

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane follows Mary Jane Watson as she deals with high school, friends, drama (the kind you do in a theater and the kind you don’t), and, yes, boys. Needing a little distance from her best friends, Liz Allen, Flash Thompson, and ex-boyfriend Harry Osborne, MJ throws herself into other passions like the school play, her growing friendship with math tutor Peter Parker, and her desire to ask Spider-Man out on a date. This is the heart of the series for a lot of people: we know Peter is Spider-Man and Mary Jane doesn’t. Watching the relationships between the main cast (in and out of costume in Spidey’s case) grow, both in friendship and romance, is truly a magical experience.

Art-wise, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane is a blend of Manga and American styles that works so well with the content. Everyone’s unique and expressive, which is huge when the main action of the series is the hurt that flashes across Liz Allen’s face when Mary Jane decides to sit with the theater kids instead of her. Personally, I’m torn for a favorite piece of the art, but it’s down to the incredible colors by Christina Strain and the clothes. The cast wears different clothes from day to day, what they wear reflects their mood, and, being about the same age as Mary Jane in this book, the clothes are more or less accurate to what teenagers were wearing at the time. It builds and sells the reality of the world for me.

As a package, Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane has everything: friendship, adventure, romance, and learning about who you are.

Erin is a Customer Advocate at comiXology and she probably still has a few of the outfits Mary Jane wears hanging at the back of her closet.


Throw back to when I was colored belts…

First pic- (Green/purple belt)

Second pic- (Purple white stripe) Chung Mu Hyung 360 spin

Third pic- (Red black stripe) Learning jump spinning back kick

Fourth pic- (Brown belt) Pyung Ahn Sam Dan- (Shotokan Karate Kata)

Fifth pic- (Red belt) Somewhere in the middle of a round kick or somethin’

Name: SOG-101 Light Machine Gun

Origin: Israel

Service: 2014-2037

Manufacturer: Scorpio Armoury (Originally IWI)

Produced: 2014-2037

Number Built: 10,000,000+

Weight: 7.4 kg

Length: 1123 mm

Barrel Length: 690 mm

Cartridge: 7.62x54mmB/R (base), 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester

Action: gas operated, long stroke piston, rotating bolt

Muzzle Velocity: 730 m/s

Effective Firing Range: 900-1300 m

Fire Rate: 500-750 RPM

Feed System: 100 round belts, 250 round ammo boxes.

Fire Modes: Safe, semi-auto, burst, full auto

Sights: iron sights, various optics

Materials: stamped adamantite pieces, polymer

The culmination of all SOG-33A2 variants, the SOG-101 was a belt-fed SAW. With a slower rate of fire compared to any of the other automatic SOG-33, it is ideal for suppression. With a reinforced bipod, the weapon is meant to be set up in a static position, but it’s still light enough to be shouldered like a rifle.

Unlike the other variants, the SOG-101 is slightly more complicated. This is due to having to install the belt feed mechanism, and the opening top cover. Thus, the SOG-101 top receiver is missing a piece, for the sake of the installation of the feeding mechanism and the top cover.

With the effective nature of this gun as a suppression weapon, Brotherhood conscripts are often hard-pressed to try and break a BEA line. The gun excels at tearing apart lines of charging infantry with withering gouts of bullets. For this reason, it’s very well regarded.








Headcanon: Reaper had no say in designing Widowmaker’s classic outfit, but one day, she grew tired of having her boobs exposed all the time so she got him to make her the Noire outfit. (It explains why does it have munition rounds on the belt, it’s Gabe’s designer mark of sorts)

He also made her Huntress outfit, which she wears on special occasions.

i guess when manson said “bible-belt ‘round anglo-waste, putting sinners in their place” in cake and sodomy it was actually foreshadowing him gettin punched in the face @ dennys