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Jamie looked around, thin-lipped, at the men surrounding him. Six clansmen, all in tearing high spirits at the prospect of the oath-taking and brimming over with a fierce MacKenzie pride. The spirits had plainly been assisted by an ample intake from the tub of ale I had seen in the yard. Jamie’s eye lighted on me, his expression still grim. This was my doing, his face seemed to say. 

He could, of course, announce that he did not mean to swear his oath to Colum, and head back to his warm bed in the stables. If he wanted a serious beating or his throat cut, that is. He raised an eyebrow at me, shrugged, and submitted with a fair show of grace to Willie, who rushed up with a pile of snowy linen in his arms and a hairbrush in one hand. The pile was topped by a flat blue bonnet of velvet, adorned with a metal badge that held a sprig of holly. I picked up the bonnet to examine it, as Jamie fought his way into the clean shirt and brushed his hair with suppressed savagery. 

The badge was round and the engraving surprisingly fine. It showed five volcanos in the center, spouting most realistic flames. And on the border was a motto, Luceo non Uro.

I shine, not burn,” I translated aloud. 

“Aye, lassie; the MacKenzie motto,” said Willie, nodding approvingly at me. He snatched the bonnet from my hands and pushed it into Jamie’s, before dashing off in search of further clothing. 

“Er … I’m sorry,” I said in a low voice, taking advantage of Willie’s absence to move closer. “I didn’t mean—”

Jamie, who had been viewing the badge on the bonnet with disfavor, glanced down at me, and the grim line of his mouth relaxed.

“Ah, dinna worrit yourself on my account, Sassenach. It would ha’ come to it sooner or later.” He twisted the badge loose from the bonnet and smiled sourly at it, weighing it speculatively in his hand.

“D’ye ken my own motto, lass?” he asked. “My clan’s, I mean?” 

No,” I answered, startled. “What is it?”

He flipped the badge once in the air, caught it, and dropped it neatly into his sporran. He looked rather bleakly toward the open archway, where the MacKenzie clansmen were massing in untidy lines. 

Je suis prest,” he replied, in surprisingly good French. He glanced back, to see Rupert and another large MacKenzie I didn’t know, faces flushed with high spirits and spirits of another kind, advancing with solid purpose. Rupert held a huge length of MacKenzie tartan cloth.

Without preliminaries, the other man reached for the buckle of Jamie’s kilt. 

“Best leave, Sassenach,” Jamie advised briefly. “It’s no place for women.” 

“So I see,” I responded dryly, and was rewarded with a wry smile as his hips were swathed in the new kilt, and the old one yanked deftly away beneath it, modesty preserved. Rupert and friend took him firmly by the arms and hustled him toward the archway. 

I turned without delay and made my way back toward the stair to the minstrels’ gallery, carefully avoiding the eye of any clansman I passed. Once around the corner, I paused, shrinking back against the wall to avoid notice. I waited for a moment, until the corridor was temporarily deserted, then nipped inside the gallery door and pulled it quickly to behind me, before anyone else could come around the corner and see where I had gone. The stairs were dimly lit by the glow from above, and I had no trouble keeping my footing on the worn flags. I climbed toward the noise and light, thinking of that last brief exchange. 

“Je suis prest.” I am ready. I hoped he was.

1.04 The Gathering


Shoukoku no Altair Fashion Analysis

I live in an area where most of the shops are owned by Turkish people, and in nearly every shop I have noticed a nazar hung behind the counter. A nazar is an amulet used to guard against the Evil Eye. Anyone who has visited Turkey will know that these symbols are everywhere, so it is appropriate that they are featured in some of Mahmut’s outfits (including this one).

Then I began to wonder if Mahmut’s other accessories in this picture had real life counterparts. Kato Kotono must get her inspiration from somewhere, no? Here are my findings so far:

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False Hope That Time Gives Ver. 2: Dark Skies

Version 1/ Version 2/ Version 3 

Characters: Taehyung & the reader

Words: 2650

Genre: My type of Angst


She was the perfect girlfriend, it was almost unreal. She always tended to his needs before her own because she knew being in a world renowned band  would put a lot of stress and pressure on him, so she tried to make his life at home as easy as possible.

That meant always keeping everything clean, even when he was gone. That meant always having a warm home cooked meal for him ready on the table, even if he came home too late for them to eat it together. That meant never complaining about his tour schedule, and always evening understanding when he couldn’t call her to say goodnight. That meant never complaining about the loud jam sessions he held at their house even when she was studying for finals for the next day. That meant never complaining about the chest pains or headaches she had to deal with because she didn’t want him to worry about anything else. No. That meant not to complain but only love wholeheartedly.

“Let him feel at home even thousands of miles away. Let him know that he is loved. Let him know that he will always be welcomed with warmth.”

This was her motto. This is what she told herself everyday. And her love for him only seemed to get deeper and deeper as she walked through the halls of the Velabit, a hotel in England.

She had one mission. To see her 2 year boyfriend. For some reason she felt a small hint of anxiety. ‘How would he react when he saw me? What if he’s real busy right now?’ She questioned herself.

She frowned and shook her head furiously. ‘It’s been 5 months since they last saw each other…  He missed me… Right? RIGHT!.’ She thought suddenly getting a jolt of energy. “I’m going to see him!” She said outlined finally reaching the main lobby with a skip. It was big… . but who cared? She was going to see her love!

She stopped for a second to pull out a small gift out her bookbag, then started to skip again. She rounded to badge wall, getting away from the busy lobby and hopped in front of the elevator. She practically slammed the up button, way too excited for her own good. Lucky there was one already on the way down. She stood waiting with her present in both hands. A small ding was heard and the doors open.

Everything stopped.

The boy’s tan arms were wrapped around the foreign girl’s waist as they buried their faces into another. They embraced each other with such passion and lust you would think they had been together forever. But that couldn’t be. Because the boy was her’s.

It was really him. Her love. Her light. Her life. In the arms on one defined by red lipstick and a small black dress, it wasn’t her, The one defined by soft hair and a baby blue dress. No. It wasn’t.

That’s when it happened. Her chest tightened in the worst pain she had ever felt. A pain that was much greater than any physical one. This was heartbreak. Watch the man she loved… lust another. But that wasn’t the worst part.

When they finally pulled away from each other, only by a half of an inched he whispered, “I love you.” But something scratch at his peripheral vision. Something familiar. Something that set off alarms in his mind.

It couldn’t be…

He dragged his eyes toward the opening of the elevator, completely shocked by what was there.

It was her. His girlfriend stood there with wide eyes peeled this the deepest sense of sorrow he had ever seen. It was her. His girlfriend stood there heartbroken while another stood in his arms.

“____,”he mumbled her name for what seemed like clarity. Their eyes locked in silence that confused the other girl.

This was it. He could no longer hide behind tours and band practice. This was it. She knew. A sense of… . . relief lifted this heavy weight off his chest. It was over.  

Her eyes finally over flooded with tears as she choked on her own sob. She looked like she was dying. “_____. I-” before Taehyung could finish what he was saying, she dashed away from the opening back into the crowd of people in the lobby. Taehyung moved to see, but she was already long gone.

“Was- Was that her?” The girl behind him asked. He sighed deeply. “Yeah. That was.” His tone have no sense of emotion.

She was running through a city she didn’t know. But she ran like she knew exactly where she was going. Away from him. Away from his lies and games and … love. She didn’t know what else to do. She felt as if everything had been ripped away. Like her chest was hollowed out and now only carried pain. Her chest only carried pain. But it changed.

Her feet came to a sudden halt as she gasped for air. It suddenly feeling as if bombs were going off inside her head. Her vision spotted with white and all the air she took in smelled and tasted like blood.

She was scared, she didn’t understand what was happening. She cried out before the last bomb exploded, causing her to collapse in the middle of the street.

Taehyung figured she’d be back upon realizing she left all her stuff in front of the elevator. He prepared himself for tears and yelling, even though he doubted she could even do that. He betrayed her, he knew that, but he wanted something more than just the perfect family lifestyle. He want adventure and surprises, not date night and late phone calls. And he had to explain that to her. He had to break if off with her.

He paced in his room for hours waiting for her return but it never happened. It never would.

He sat next to her in the cold hospital room, staring down at her face, half covered with a mask to help her breath.  Her lifeless hair was like a wilting flower spread across the pillow. How could this had happened?

The doctor listed everything wrong with her. All the reasons she wasn’t waking up.

1 blood clot in the brain.

1 enclosed artery

4 swollen Bronchioles

2 punctures in the heart

The doctor shook head head in disbelief. “It is amazing she’s lived this long. She was diagnosed with Coyaticyist a year ago. Most people don’t even survive 6 months.”  He spoke in a tone of praise. Taehyung shook his head, not taking his eyes off of her. “She never told me…  Why didn’t she tell me?!” He choked out.

The doctor shook his head at the young man. “ Of all the patients here with a significant other who was never informed of their condition, I tell them the same thing. ‘You should have realized something was wrong’.” His voice stern.

The blood in Taehyung’s wrists grew cold. “You’re-  You’re right,” Taehyung nodded squeezing his hands together trying to get rid of the sickening feeling.

“When? When will she wake up?” The boy finally looked up with pleading eyes. The doctor frowned. “Honestly, there’s only a 14% chance of her… even living through this.” The doctor hid his face behind his hand as he fixed his glasses. “I am sorry.”

A burst of anger erupted in Taehyung as he suddenly stood from his seat and grabbed the doctor’s collar. “WHAT DO MEAN?! YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING TO SAVE HER! ISN’T THAT YOUR JOB?!” He yelled in his face. A tear finally fell from his shiny brown eyes. The doctor stayed calm, being in this situation many times before.

“Oh, I have done everything I could. Don’t you ever doubt that. But don’t neglect the fact she’s in her because of you.” The doctor pointed out.

Taehyung ripped his hands away from the doctor as if was burning him. “Wha-what do you mean?” He sobbed. “The first blood test we ran showed an exponential amount of Cophede. Do you know what that is, Mr. Kim?” He waited for an answer, and Taehyung shook his head no. “It’s know as the heartbreak neurotransmitter. The exact opposite as dopamine. And since she has no family, that we could contact anyway, the only logical reason for those numbers are you.” The doctor coldly.

         “ Now, she could die at any moment, so I suggest you make amends while you still can,“ he snatched up his clipboard and walked out, leaving Taehyung and the girl alone.

When he got home, it was dark. Something he wasn’t use to. She always kept some light on to make it easier for him. But… she wasn’t there. He let out a shaky sigh and tried to do what he usually would do. He grabbed his guitar and sat on the couch. He strummed mindlessly and softly sung over and over and over again until it felt as if his fingers were going to bleed. His surroundings then became more noticeable, slowly he was being enclosed in his house.  The one he shared with ____.But… she wasn’t here. No one was.

That night was cold. Not because it was January and he didn’t turn on the heater, but because he laid alone in a king sized bed. "This must be what it feels like when I’m on tour” he thought.

For the next few days, no matter how much he screamed at himself to go visit her, he couldn’t. His guilty conscience wouldn’t let him. During those few days he learned a lot.

First, he learned that the house he lived in was cold and dead. He never even thought that without her there was no sense if life, light and … .  home. Second, he learned that those home cooked meals only tasted good because she made them. Not matter how perfectly he followed the recipe, it just didn’t compare. Lastly he learned that he didn’t know what he wanted.

The whole time he was with another woman he thought 'This is what I want’. The excitement, adventure, the danger is only what he thought he wanted because he always had her. He thought that the exciting life was actually a way to live when it wasn’t. Not like the one she provided.

What she was, wasn’t boring date night and late phone calls. She was warmth in the simplest love. She was life lived. She was home. She was wife material at its best. She was… Light in a world veiled in darkness. She was everything he needed. She is everything he needs.

Upon hearing his mind say that, he crumbled. He finally understood everything. There were no more blurred lines, no more buts, no more… “More”. He didn’t need more, he didn’t want more. His cries echoed through the hallowed house carrying nothing but pain. He carried nothing but pain as he lay on the kitchen floor practically screaming for her to come back at 4:50 in the morning. Because it hurt to bad to go to sleep. It hurt to bad to do anything but cry. So that’s what he did.

The next day, he woke up sore from sleeping on the hard floor, but stood up with purpose. He was going to see her today. He only hoped nothing happened while he was figuring everything out. He dressed in her favorite outfit on his. A simple hoodie and jeans she loved so much. She loved so much.

He walked silently into the room, his eyes too scared to find her closed ones. Nothing changed. He sat down and hung his head.

“I get it now,” he said. He didn’t care if she couldn’t hear him. “I get why I… I did what I did. And why it was wrong. And why I love you… . and… and how I hurt you,” his body shook with sobs. “I am sorry. If you can hear me. I am sorry.”

His eyes cascaded with fresh tears. “I never knew how much you suffered. I was beyond selfish. Beyond stupid…  beyond unworthy of you.” He laid his hand on top of hers, surprised by the chilliness. “You. You were my everything without me even knowing.” He gave a sad smile. “You’re amazing!” He was only responded with silence. “I-I really do love you”

From that day one he never missed a visiting hour. He was by her side whenever he could, regardless of his failing career. He would talk about random parts of the day, or how the other band members were doing. He expressed his deepest and innermost thoughts to a girl that couldn’t respond back. Maybe it was hope that that drove him to such dedication. Or maybe it was knowing she was going to die.

One day he walked in happily. It’s been 9 months since the accident and she still didn’t wake nor die. Just stayed in limbo. Her hair grew out, too. Now twice as long. Her skin looked worn but somehow perfect. Like nothings changed. Like she hasn’t been lifeless for 9 months.

He sat in his usual seat and pulled out his guitar. He completely forgot how much she loved when he sung to her. He could have been doing it this whole time. “I wrote you a song! It’s about the first time we met at the fair, okay?” He said eagerly. “I can’t believe I never thought of this before!” He smiled at his own stupidity. He softly strummed the guitar and started sing.

Lights surrounded us,

but none as bright as you

Spinning rides I never thought I knew

Your beauty spending me into the tilty world,

Your smile spending me to the fairest wheel

You were so perfect, it was all surreal

Taehyung ended the song with a smile and was once again, responded with silence. His smile fluttered for a second. “You know. I miss you.” He whispered. “I-I’ve being trying really hard not to be sad, but…” He choked up. “I miss you so much” he cried. “That-That’s why, I want to do this.” He scrabbled through his pockets and pulled out a small box. He flicked it open and tried to present the blue diamond ring inside. “I want to marry you. Even if you don’t wake up… . Or for when you do.” He paused to slip the ring on her cold finger. “You will have something to look forward to.” He smiled.

There was a small movement. Just a little but it was enough. Her finger twitched! Taehyung gasped and stood up suddenly as burst of joy, hope and amazement popped everywhere in his chest. She’s gonna live! ”DOC!“ He screamed in excitement. She gonna be-


Everything stopped. The heart monitor flat lined. Alarms in the room went off. Taehyung shook his head. No. no no no nononononono! She just moved! She can’t be!

Doctors and nurses ran into the room and pushed him out. His body was froze as he watch the doctor grab the defibrillator and rub them together. "Clear!” The nurse yelled over all the chaos. The doctor slammed the machines on to her chest, creating a big DOOM sound. They did this again and again and again with Taehyung telling himself this time, it will work. This time, it will work. This time, it will work. Those words were the only thing he could create beside tears. Please. God. No.

I don’t want her to die. Not her. Not my _______. “PLEASE!” he screamed at the same time the last DOOM was heard.

It didn’t work that time.

All he could hear was his own heartbeat as they covered her face with with same light blue blanket. She was gone. The only thing he could see, was the shiny baby blue diamond ring he put on her moment before. It was over. She was dead.  


YAYAYY!! VERSION 2 is out!! I wanna do a Trilogy for the Maknae Line! Jimin is next! Thanks for all of the love! Hit me up if you have question. Oh and … I don’t know how to open my ask box… . So can somebody help me out? P.S I made up all of those medical terms so don’t look them up 



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