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“Write a fic based on a gif” Challenge #1

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“What…What in the world are you doing?”

Peter never paused in his antics, twirling around in the same spot, his eyes trained with high focus on the floor.

“Shh. I have to concentrate.”

“Peter Benjamin Parker you did not just tell me to shh.”

Peter groaned dramatically, and didn’t need to see you to know that you had your arms crossed, a hip jutted out as you tapped your fingers against your left bicep. 

“I’m trying to see…” He started, twisting faster and faster until you had a hard time keeping track of the red and blue blur in front of you. “…Just how much my body can take without emesis while undergoing massive spouts of vertigo due to the DNA change.”

A pause.


Peter rolled his eyes. “I’m seeing how my super spidey powers handle dizziness.”

“Well why didn’t you say that in the first place?” You said, mumbling under your breath about arrogant know it all admittedly hot spider mutants.

“I did,” He replied simply. You were about to go over and see how much his ‘spidey powers’ could handle a punch to his stomach but his voice interrupted you again.


The blur came to a sudden stop. Peter blinked, once. Twice.

Then abruptly doubled over.

“Doesn’t work, doesn’t work!” He groaned, eyes fluttering as he woozily stumbled and almost slammed himself into a wall. 

“Well what did you expect?” 

A chair crashed to the floor.

You shook your head and walked over, just in time for the brunette to slump forward, right onto your shoulder. You grunted slightly, trying to shift his weight, his soft curls brushing your ear.

“Peter,” You huffed in irritation. Peter made a noise, kissing right below your ear as a mumbled apology was pressed into your skin.

Your lip unintentionally twitched upwards even as you sighed.

“You’re lucky I love you, you dork.”


Kanye West - Champions (Round & Round) feat. 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Quavo, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Travis Scott & Desiigner