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Shout-out to this one Pokémon GO Gym that scared the life out of me. 

For those who don’t know the story about this Gym, let me explain:

You see, my town has two community colleges and one university, so we end up getting a lot of sculptures and art donated by art students. As a result, a lot of Pokéstops/gyms are sculptures, murals, and such. It’s still a pretty decent-sized town, though, so people who have been here long enough are quite familiar with a majority of the artworks. Some are even popular meeting-places because they’re so stapled into the town.

Well, one day, while we were picking up my baby brother from preschool, I decided to venture off and do some quick battles from a nearby Gym. We had a lot of stops nearby because there was a whole round-a-bout of sculptures. The gym I went to, however, was kinda on its lonesome. The stops weren’t close to it, which kinda sucked because I was running low on Pokéballs, too. Still, I went to it because it was the closest, and I only had a few minutes to spare before we had to head back home.

When I reached the Gym I saw nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just some sidewalk pavement and grass. I wouldn’t have been too disturbed by it if it wasn’t for the fact that the picture for the Gym was this.

What made it even worse is that when I asked people about it they had no idea what it was. Not even my stepdad, who was born and raised in this town, had any idea what it was supposed to be. I tried looking it up on Google, too, but the only decent result I got was an extremely blurry picture of it in the background of a news clipping. I couldn’t find any traces of it anywhere.

It wasn’t until recently that I finally found clear pictures of what it is. It’s just a sculpture, nothing too exciting. I guess the reason why Google didn’t pull up any good results, at the time, was because the sculpture’s name was wrong on the Gym. As for why it wasn’t there, it was probably because it was moved to a different location (and they just didn’t bother to move it from the map).

Anyway, yeah, definitely one of the strangest Pokémon experiences I have ever come across. Even though it all turned out to be one big misunderstanding, in the end, it was still a fun time!

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I very much appreciate your taking the time and effort on the in-depth analysis of SOTT. I do have a question about it. You ended the main section with this: "How does he rescue himself and others?... Musically, of course...Harry Styles has hung out his Sign." Can you clarify or expand on that a bit? I guess I was hoping for something more positive and hopeful of a definitive end to all the fuckery. Do you see anything like that for our boys, or (1 of 2)

(2 of 2) is it pretty much a lost cause and they’re all going to be stuck in a hellish round-a-bout of bullshit for the forseeable future?


I didn’t mean to imply that he hung out a Sign as in: “from here on it’s all Holo forever.” I’m sorry if it came across that way.

What I meant was that this song was Harry delivering the goods. “You want Holo? You got Holo.” And the messenger was the message– the meaning of the song itself explained how it was birthed, with a lot of pain, lies, confusion, forced separation.

I totally do not think this will last.

What I’ve seen for the last few days is:

- Liam and Niall tweeting congrats to Harry; Louis did not
- Harry unable to mention Louis’s name in interviews
- Liam tweeting a strange message– glad you’re getting to do your stuff. Because Liam can’t?
- H and L releasing public pap and stalker photos showing they are in separate locations/ continents

Why do they have to go this hard? Why are they always linked? If there’s nothing going on, why can’t there be normal congratulations, well done H, let’s catch up sometime?

It tells me that things are not normal right now, but the narrative is being pushed hard. We were hoping for change in April, but obviously it didn’t come. I think the hard push has to do with nothing getting in the way of a successful Holo launch.

Why would Louis agree to go along with it? If they’re not together, why would Louis care that Harry launches successfully, and go to such lengths?

Because they ARE together. Always. You.

And if Harry can write this kind of music, doing what he has to do to protect Louis, and Louis has to do what he has to do to protect Harry, and still make music, then they’re managing. We want them to be “free,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean what we imagine: free to come out as a couple, free to conduct business without restrictions.

I have to believe that they know how to manage their own careers better than we do. They have access to lawyers. They know things we don’t know. Both are amazingly smart and have planned their lives accordingly. It will end. Already almost no one in the media (thanks Sirius XM assholes) mentions Louis’ having a son, and he doesn’t even pretend to care anymore. And Harry gives no shits about deflecting questions he doesn’t want to answer.

All four boys are set to release music this quarter. It is ending, bit by bit. It will end.

Graves sucks at dating

me and @questionartbox​ were discussing the subject of Graves + dates and


  • Graves is lonely 
  • a lonely little man 
  • and sad 
  • he always comes home to an empty house these days 
  • i mean, sure, his job is exhausting (one doesn’t protect the entire country by twindling their thumbs) 
  • and yeah, sure, he is not the most social man 
  • but still, having someone to come home to 
  • having someone to hug 
  • having someone to do more
  • that would be nice
  • so as usual he grabs the newspaper first thing in the morning and as he debates whether or not going through the effort of hitting on someone is worth it he sees it 
  • (not that he was looking for it, mind you, it’s a simple coincidence) 
  • Lonely Witches And Wizards? the add reads. Gather ‘round for a little bout of speed dating and meet the love of your life! 
  • Graves scoffs and drinks his coffee 
  • the next thing he knows he is sitting at a table in front of a stranger, holding a sheet with questions in his hands to “break the ice” 
  • he clears his throat. the witch is nice looking, but not Graves’ type 
  • “hello,” he says. 
  • Introduce yourself fairly quickly, the sheet reads 
  • “I’m Percival Graves. Nice to meet y -” 
  • Oh my God
  •  Really 
  • I saw your name in the papers 
  • the witch is into him ™, she giggles at anything he says 
  • Graves is uncomfortable 
  • maybe he should have worn a disguise 
  • the wizard after her is boring and not into men, who the fuck arranged these tables 
  • Graves is able to go further in his introductions as another woman takes the empty seat in front of him
  • “Hello, my name is Percival Graves, Director of Magical Security and Head of the Departement of Magical Law Enforcement” 
  • (why is his title so damn long) 
  • “So what do you in your free time?” she asks. “What do you like?” 
  • uuuh. The law? Politics. Fashion, he adds quickly. “i love fashion.” 
  • the woman stares and Graves thinks that this was a terrible idea and he’s all but ready to give up after her when a man takes her place 
  • he is damn cute
  • wow
  • “Hello,” Graves says gently. “What’s your name?” 
  • “Newt. Hm.” Newt looks around widly and doesn’t meet Graves’ eyes 
  • now that’s just rude
  • “not into men?” Graves asks, to save himself the disappointement 
  • “uh? no, no, sorry, i just lost something -” 
  • Newt looks under the table 
  • Graves has ten minutes left with him
  • he sees something moving on the man’s shoulder as Newt comes up again 
  • Is that a bowtrucle?
  • uh 
  • Newt sweats nervously 
  • no, no sir, not at all, it’s just a stick, i was in the woods before 
  • “It’s moving, Newt.”
  • Newt sweats harder 
  • You must be imagining things, Sir, it has to be the heat 
  • We’re in the middle of winter Newt 
  • These establishements really exagerate their warming charms, don’t you think? Ahahah 
  • but Newt can’t leave bc he still have five minutes with Graves 
  • magical charms forcing him to sit back 
  • Graves grins at him like a shark and leans closer
  • this is the most fun he’s had in months 
  • “Why don’t you tell me all about that bowtruckle? How did you get it? How many do you have, Newt?” Graves asks, almost purring
  • Newt gulps loudly 
  • Sir, I promise it is just a stick insect 
  • “It just blew a raspberry at me, Newt” 
  • A stick bug. A walking stick, if you will - 
  • Of course it is, and I am Gellert Grindelwald
  • I hope you’re not
  • I’m not, and that is not a stick bug 
  • Newt sighs 
  • What do you want 
  • Do you have a permit for that bowtruckle? I want to see it 
  • But their time is up 
  • Newt gets up quickly and smiles 
  • NEWT NO 
  • WHAT 
  • N E W T 
Best Friends - Prompto Argentum x Fem!Reader

So, I may or may not have gotten carried away here. But I am also definitely not sorry about this story. I LOVE Prompto with a passion so any excuse to write for him is so wonderful. Definitely some smut ahead. 

Word Count: 4782

And no, that is not a typo


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Monster Analysis: Earthbreaker Groon, Round 2

Thanks to @ForgingMeanings for this art piece!

  • First appearance: 23 THE REMATCH
  • Previous encounter: 43 Return to Vasselheim
  • Encounter appearance: 85 A Bard’s Lament
  • Level 18 or higher Monk, Way of the Open Hand
  • Armor Class 23 (10 + Dex 7 + Wis 6)
  • Difficulty Class 20 (8 + Prof 6 + Wis 6)
  • Base Speed 60 ft (30 ft + Unarmored Movement 30 ft)
  • 3 Legendary Resistances (unused)
  • Legendary Actions (3 used)
  • 18-20 Ki points, 14 used
  • 412 damage taken, 37 HDYWTDT by Grog
    • 54-60 points healed mid-battle

Grog’s second tussle with the leader of the temple of Kord was no less exciting than the first. Groon didn’t pull any punches, so to speak, against the solo-fighting goliath. In the end, Kord’s strength was with them both.

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Uh, Darling? This a round ‘bout way of telling me I gotta lose weight?

Where Hanzo’s very addicted to fondling McCree’s “love handle”.

My drawing style doesn’t really show it but with that amount of bulk and the lifestyle he leads, McCree’s sure to have some excess fat around that belly of his. That’s what I believe.

Creepypasta #1029: The Things That Live Under My House Just Found A Way In

Length: Super long

Last week, my wife Katie and I finally closed on our new house, which we’d purchased for a laughable fraction of what the place was really worth. In retrospect, the price should’ve been a red flag, but who can blame me for jumping on this deal? The place was a steal and was no more than a half hour from my downtown office. It was a decent sized two story home with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a large but not unmanageably colossal backyard where I planned to install a swing set or a swimming pool when Ellie was old enough (she’s currently the most adorable four year old on the face of the earth, but I digress). Not to mention, we were separated from our neighbors by a good half-acre of woods on either side, so we had more than enough privacy. Anyway, the house wasn’t a mansion by any stretch of the imagination, but it was more than adequate for the purposes of raising a young family in.

Unfortunately, the collective high of buying our first home didn’t last long. By the end of the second or third night, we’d become aware of some bizarre things going on in and around the house. The first thing we noticed were these faint scratching noises coming from what sounded like inside the walls. We figured a squirrel or a small bird had likely found its way behind the drywall and gotten trapped, so we began scheming ways to get the poor thing out without wreaking havoc on the structure. But we had no idea what the hell we were doing and got absolutely nowhere. I was just about one step away from taking a sledgehammer to the living room wall when Katie smartly suggested to let animal control take a swing at things before I ended up bringing down the entire damn house.

But in the three days before the specialist arrived, things took a sharp and unnerving downturn. The scratching got exponentially worse, and when things were quiet enough, we realized we could hear a distinct buzzing sound from underneath the floorboards, almost like there was a titanic beehive beneath the foundations of the house. 

As the hours turned into days, the buzzing got increasingly loud until you no longer had to strain to hear it. Then we noticed we could hear different scratchings from different parts of the wall simultaneously, and we realized we weren’t dealing with a single animal, but likely an infestation of some kind.

Things finally came to a head the morning the exterminator was scheduled to arrive. Katie and I woke up about an hour after dawn to the sound of Ellie screaming herself hoarse from her bedroom down the hall. My paternal instincts immediately kicked in and burned right through my early-morning grogginess, and before I knew what was happening I was bounding away towards her room. I threw open her door and immediately froze in my tracks.

What I saw there still scares the shit out of me - it was some kind of enormous hornet-like thing the size of a football, with a three and a half inch stinger jutting from its lower abdomen. Its hard to describe, but to put the damn thing’s sheer size into perspective, the flapping of its wings produced a sound that was as much like a small whooshing as it was identical to the insect-like buzz we’d been hearing.

In any case, I’d like to say I grit my teeth and charged the bastard with an upturned broom stick for threatening my baby girl, but that’s not the case - I instead slipped on my own sweat and fell on my ass out of sheer shock. Luckily for everyone, though, the bug didn’t seem too interested in taking on a full grown man, and it bolted back into the hole beneath the loose closet floor board the second it spotted me. 

Ellie was screaming uncontrollably the entire time, and a second or two later, Katie burst into the room, eyes wide with anxious confusion. I scrambled to my feet and ran to my daughter, hugging and kissing her and telling her the “mean bug” was gone and that she’d be okay, but it did little good. She continued to wail, and before long Katie began bombarding me with questions of her own.

“I don’t know, Kate,” I said as I picked the still whimpering Ellie up over my shoulder and started stroking her hair. “It was some sort of bug. Like a really, really huge one. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

We headed downstairs, plopped Ellie on the couch with a bowl of cereal and some cartoons, and headed into the kitchen to discuss the incident in harsh whispers.

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Since Levi is so socially awkward, how would he compliment his partner? He would straightforward say they are beautiful? I dunno he can be so blunt but so awkward sometimes, he confuses me tbh

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

This is honestly how I picture Levi trying to flirt or compliment in canon:

  • “You look like you had a nice shit this morning.”
  • “Not bad…”
  • “Impressive.”
  • “You’re not incompetent.”

Like, I seriously see him being very blunt and short about how he compliments anyone. Not just an s/o. He’d probably keep it very to the point and direct but, still managing to be somewhat round-a-bout in what he’s actually trying to say. Like up top is what he would say, here is what he would mean:

  • “You look pretty.”
  • “Ohhhh shit, I like that. That’s good shit.”
  • “You’re a badass. Straight up. You slay.”
I’m Looking Right At Him (Sherlock X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Sherlock X Fem!Reader

Universe: Sherlock

Warnings: Drunken one night stand


Request: Can I request something?Like Sherlock Holmes x Reader where the reader knew Sherlock​ for awhile and on New Year’s Eve they both got extremely drunk and slept together, and Sherlock sees her like four and a half years later when the baby (which is a girl, Rosalind Molly Holmes [after the scientist Rosalind Franklin, the baby girl’s nickname is Rosie]),the baby is about three, almost four.So like Sherlock is so oblivious until the reader tells him?It’s weird and probably stupid, just a thought.🙂

Originally posted by whenisayrunrun

It had been over four years ago now, on New Year’s Eve. You had been close with John and Sherlock Holmes. It was a small get together and it was just supposed to be some fun. Sherlock was known to show more emotions when drunk, and you were no different. It didn’t help that you had a crush on the bastard. One drink turned into five and before you knew it, you and Sherlock were forgotten in the corner lost in each other’s company. When the clock reached midnight, Sherlock and you kissed.

You woke up in an unfamiliar bed with little memory of last night, but there was one thing you were sure of. You were not wearing your clothes, and there was someone beside you. You turned and nearly had a heart attack when you saw Sherlock asleep. You didn’t know what to do, and decided to leave before he realised what had happened.

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Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley, Superbat

(Sorry this took a while to come out, I’ve been every busy but I wanted to get a one of these done at least)

Inevitable. That was the word Alfred had used when he coaxed him into the conversation in that round-a-bout way the butler had when he wanted Bruce to talk about something more emotionally meaningful than the thugs that were now off the streets thanks to Batman’s ‘near obsessive’ (Alfred’s words as well) work. That was the word that he had used when the subject’s of the closed off billionaire’s feelings came up. Feelings for someone he had once swore to take down only to befriend.

Natural. That was the word Diana had used when she caught her dear friend’s eyes linger too long as the other man had exited the cave after a weekly meeting the three had. It was only natural when you worked so closely with someone, knew them better than you did yourself some days, to feel this way. It was only natural when you fought side by side with someone for so long to develop a deeper connection. He had asked sharply if she ever experienced something as trivial as what she was implying. She only smiled at his quip with a fondness that Bruce hadn’t quite expected. “With a Mr. Steve Trevor, Mr. Bruce Wayne, and plenty of women in my life, of course. Like I said, it’s only natural.”

Nothing more was said on the matter.

Obvious. That was the word Tim and Damian had used. Bruce had never seen the two of them agree on something so quickly. It was at a party Bruce had asked him to come to so he could listen out for a politician he believed to have ties to Black Mask. Being in public, being his boss, he had flirted with the reporter at the end of the night. It was to keep his reputation up of course, their identities barely knew each other, and Bruce needed a discreet way to ask if he had found the connection he needed. He had. Bruce’s sons approached him that night to confront him about the flirting. When he said it was for business, the two spent the night taking bets with the Batfamily on “When Father and the alien would stop being stupid.”

He gave Damian monitor duty for the next week and the bets became less broadcasted.  

Unavoidable. That was the word Dick had used that same night. The two of them had been friends since he was a little boy his eldest pointed out. They had weekly lunches (debriefings), they often knew what the other was thinking, both in and out of the battlefield. Bruce had even given him parenting advice when it came to Conner. Bruce had spent so much time doing research on him when he thought he was a threat he came to learn everything about him. He was one of the few that knew Bruce’s identity by choice, an honor that even most of the family hadn’t had. Bruce trusted him, something so rare, that extra feelings were unavoidable.

Finally. That was the word Clark had murmured against his lips as he pressed Bruce against a wall in the Fortress of Solitude. Bruce claimed his lips before any more could be said.

Cadillac Song. E.D

Originally posted by thedolangifs


Based off of cadillac song by Ariana Grande.

“Ridin’ round in my Cadillac Thinkin’ ‘bout the day that I first saw you Nothin’ compares to what we had And baby that won’t change I want you babe I still want you babe I still want you You, yeah”

I was currently driving around town, with my new “boyfriend” yes. He was great. Yes I liked him, even though I should probably love him. But, he doesn’t compare even slightly. To my ex, okay, that sounds horrible. But, it’s true. No one, could ever compare to the love I had with Ethan. Not even the richest of the rich or the purest of pure. Because, he had everything. We had everything, and I know, just I know, that everything is gone. Leaving me with a hollow space in my heart. Like an empty dish, that was once full of the finest ingredients. But discarded, never to be used again. That’s me. I will never find another like him. And I know I should get back together if I felt that way. But he’s moved on, we both had. But, I think he actually loves her. Loves her like he did me. And I wish I could say that for the man I currently call my “boyfriend” but I can’t, I don’t think I ever will.

“Summer days with my honey Worried 'bout not a thing Back in the day when things were easier than the breeze Who knew that kiss was the last one I never thought we would change Baby I’m missing you”

Ethan, and I were what you would call “relationship goals” or something cringe worthy as that. But it was true, and I miss it. I miss the days where I could wake up, without a worry, without a thought, because I would know he is by my side. Spending summer days, hiking together, camping with his family. There wasn’t a thing we didn’t do together, we were practically connected at the hip, never wanting to break apart. But things changed, they always do. Nothing so pure could last forever, even if we wanted it to. I miss him, and I don’t think that could ever change.

“Oh we shoulda been forever but fell apart Might have separated but you took my heart Always knew I wasn’t really over us And sometimes I catch myself”

Most days, I tend to block him out of my mind, but today. Today my mind was flooded. Like a category five hurricane, everything we ever had, whipping around, making me miss you, your touch, your love. Just you. Sometimes when I’m with my “Boyfriend” of now. I think of him, I wish he was Ethan. But he wasn’t. And, no I would never bring it up to him. I catch myself before I do. I think he knows I miss you too. You, took my heart. Even if we aren’t together anymore. You were still my, first love, and probably true love. We had a love, that should have lasted millennia’s. But we drifted, people always drift. It’s human nature. I just wish we were one of the rare ones who stayed together. High school sweethearts, who lasted through elder hood but, we didn’t.

Memories last forever So how could I just forget Made everything from nothin’ cause time was all we spent

All I can do, is reminisce now. I cant make new memories with you, ever again. All I have left, is us. The memory of us, locking it up in my memory as a scrapbook. Keeping pictures of us locked up in there. Thinking of every kiss we’ve ever had, word ever spoken, even if all of them weren’t too nice. But, its all I have left of us. Everything reminds me of you know a days. Pancakes, your favorite food. I would always tell you not to eat too many or your stomach would hurt, but you never listened. Which always called for a cuddle session while you let your food settle. Or the soft scent of your cologne, which was a common one. But reminded me of you. Every time I got a slight hint of it, all I could think of was you. Time, was all we spent together. Which, now. Gave me maybe too many memories to look back on. To remember when I was happy, with you.

“Oh we shoulda been forever but fell apart Might have separated but you took my heart Always knew I wasn’t really over us And sometimes I catch myself”

I don’t even know what broke us up. I didn’t think anything could, we were strong. But we lost that strength somehow. And turned weak. We were once a powerful couple, the one no one thought would separate. Even his twin brother, was flabbergasted when he found the news out. He, actually texts me sometimes, to tell me how much he misses Ethan and I together. And trust me I miss him too. But, time only heals. And I haven’t done much healing, but Ethan. Ethan is fully recovered. I’m like a soldier who had returned from a war, still wounded months and months later. But, I don’t think my wound has any cure.

“Ridin’ round in my Cadillac Thinkin’ bout the day that I first saw you Nothin compares to what we had And baby that won’t change I want you babe I still want you babe I still want you You Yea”

Every time I entire the Cadillac, the on you had gifted me for my birthday. The one you knew had been my dream car for my entire life. It had been a rare model, but you managed to scrape enough cash up, and spend it all on a car. The car of my dreams, to make me happy. Not caring about yourself, just wanting a simple smile to erupt from my lips. To do something for me. Every single time I entered, all I thought of was you. The day I first saw you. We were at a meet and greet for you and your brother. I was a fan, who was desperate to meet you. And I did, getting a hug from you and Grayson alike. You, couldn’t stop staring at me, the entire time. Bushing every time I look into your eyes, smiling like an idiot. Then before I left the meet and greet. You ran up to me, handing me a small piece of paper, with sloppy handwriting, a phone number on it. Then, we spent months and months talking. Developing crushes for each other. You, wanted to meet me once more. So you flew me out to LA, and gathered enough courage to ask me out. This is what love is, was. And I had lost it. Now all I can do, is drive around. With my “boyfriend” and think about him. The love of my life, the one that got away. Ethan Grant Dolan.

Hope you guys enjoy. Requests and ships open!

Let me go down on you? - Shawn Mendes Imagine (requested smut)


Request: Shawn request where he gives me oral for the first time. Like we’d have had Sex before but never really done oral so we do and it’s a new feeling and it’s great

Y/n’s POV

Shawn’s lips were godly as they moved against mine. His hands on my hips as I straddled his lap on my bed.

It started off as an innocent study date, which turned into a horny Shawn wanting attention. I didn’t want to give in but as he began to leave small gentle kisses on my shoulder and neck, I couldn’t resist any longer.

“Baby?” Shawn pulled away, moving me slightly back so I could see his face.

“Mmhm?” I slightly whimpered at the loss of contact.

“Have I ever gone down on you?” I thought back to all the times we’ve been intimate. Not one time could I recall did we ever try oral.

“No, actually we haven’t which is kinda surprising.”

“Wanna do it now? Let me go down on you?” Shawn asked, his hands trailing up my sides.

“Right now? As in in my bedroom, now?” He nodded chuckling. I looked and noticed Shawn’s eyes turn slightly darker. I kissed Shawn pulling his face closer to mine. I bit his lip and pulled away letting it go from in-between my teeth.

“I don’t know, why don’t we try it?” I whispered into his ear, noting the small goosebumps on his arms. I smirked at the effect I had on him.  

My head began to spin as Shawn’s mouth trailed soft kisses down my neck. The gentleness of his teasing making me want him more. I started to pull off his top flinging it to the other end of the room. I began trying to unbuckle his belt, before Shawn’s hands stopped mine, a confused expression taking over my features.

“It’s all about you baby girl,” Shawn purred into my ear, before pulling down the hem of my shirt, exposing my chest. I moaned softly as he sucked on the skin of my collarbone, leaving a small mark in it’s wake.

Shawn’s hands began wandering down my body, slightly squeezing in some areas. His hands found the top of my jeans and pulled the clothing off, throwing it on the floor carelessly. I arched by back at the feeling of his long fingers ghosting over the fabric of my silk white underwear.

I looked down to notice Shawn’s eyes piercing into mine, the caramel turning into a inky black. The smirk on his face leaving as his eyes wandered down my stomach to my underwear. He moved up so his torso was against my hips. His mouth moving to my jaw, licking the skin softly. His lips travelled to the mark on my collarbones, leaving a wet kiss and blowing cool air over it. I shivered at the sensation, letting my body react to his touch.

Shawn’s hands firmly gripped my hips as he kissed me. The passion and need making both our sensations cloud over with love and lust. I wanted to feel his touch, making me go into a haze of euphoria. I want to feel him inside of me, filling me up in a way that would make me scream.

Shawn slowly moved down to his earlier position, head facing my heat. His fingers puling off the underwear leaving me completely bare for his touch. His tongue licked from my slit up to my small bundle of nerves causing my muscles to clench and tighten. He noticed his effect, deciding to delve in. His tongue started flicking my clit roughly as two of his fingers entered me. His fingers were amazing, not as good as his cock but close enough. They were long and strong, pumping in and out of me at a slow pace, slowly teasing me.

His tongue left my clit to go inside me. His tongue moving smoothly in and out of me. Fingers rubbing my clit. My hands were gripping his hair, tugging roughly. My head thrown back as I moaned repeatedly, his name and curses leaving my lips.

Soon his tongue went back to flicking my clit, rougher and faster. His fingers going faster, adding another a third finger in. As if he new I was close, he began going faster than humanly possible, fingers moving in and out of me, tongue flicking my clit. Once he hummed on my bundle of nerves, I was sent into a sense of orgasmic bliss. My head fully thrown back as my grip on his hair tightened.

“S-Shawn, Oh my god, Shawn!” I screamed as his fingers kept at the same speed, longing my high. My legs began to quiver and I lost all focus. My body felt as though I had no control, letting the pleasure take over me. I could feel my muscles clench up on Shawn’s finger, making it harder for him to go any faster. Shawn tongue laid flat against my clit as he hummed again slightly.

 Once the euphoric feeling left, my body was filled with tingles. Shawn’s fingers and tongue leaving me, my skin burning hot where his touch once was.

Shawn crawled up laying on his side face me. His hands running up and down my arm. 

“How was that? Did you like it?” Shawn asked concerned about his efforts.

“Shawn that was amazing. I didn’t think anything beside your dick could do that to me, but oh my god, your fingers are amazing. God you’re like a professional, moving in and out of me so fast,” a small blush creeped up onto his cheeks, a small chuckle leaving his lips as he looked down at his hands.

“They are pretty amazing aren’t they?” He cockily replied, kissing my lips passionately.

“Can we talk about the fact that your tongue was-was-I can’t even describe how good your tongue was. But what really set me off was how you made those vibrations with your mouth,” I moaned at the memory. 

“How ‘bout round two?” Shawn smirked as he slowly moved down my body.

“Are you up for the challenge?” I sarcastically asked, making his smirk grow wider.

“Well we’re just going to have to see won’t we?”

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Hello love 💙! Maybe this is too structured, but could I get 17 with 2D where Murdoc feels Stu's s/o is too much of a distraction, or he doesn't like him writing so much about them so he does some mean trick to make them break up, or make the s/o leave and Poor Baby 2D is so upset and yells at Murdoc and won't do the album until s/o is back. (Life has many rough patches, just hang in there and you'll make it through 😘)

thank you so much! and sorry that this post is way delayed- i’ve had so much going on. thank you for much of the love and support.

“This’s all your fault!” He snapped back, turning to face the enraged bassist. “I lost ‘em because of the likes of you!

“2D, you weren’t payin’ any attention to the music! It’s about the music and the fame, not the girls and guys you meet ‘long the way. Cheer up, and let’s get to finishin’ the song we started today, yeah?”

… No.” 2D responded, turning to Murdoc. “No, I won’t join you in that. Not today.”

“Why not?” Mudz whined, rolling his eyes. “All of your distractions are gone- out of sight, out of mind, am I right?”

“T-That’s not the point, Mudz,” Stu’s voice trembled, a scowl starting to form on his face. “This isn’t the first time you’ve ruined somefink for me, no,” he continued, squinting his eyes. “Paula cheated on me because of you, and Rachel, too! Then you make up for your wrongdoin’s with gassin’ me out of my own home, kidnappin’ me, and then forcing me to sing in your… In your blasted album!

“And then, for good measure, of course- you spread lies ‘round ‘bout me, making my girlfriend/boyfriend leave me!”

“Leader of a band’s gotta do what they gotta do,” Murdoc snickered, lighting up a cig. “So common’, faceache. We gotta go write and rehearse.”

“N-no. I said no the first time, and I’m sayin’ it for the last time, too,” 2D said, shaking in his boots. “For the first time in how long, I have somefink good in my life that I love an’ care for, and ya’ throw it away like all the others. I won’t sing or do anythin’ for our bloody album until I have her/him back.”

“… Whaddya mean?” Murdoc questioned, taking a puff of his cigarette. “What’re ya’ talkin’ ‘bout?”

“I said that I’m not doin’ anyfin’ until I have (y/n) back,” he responded cooly, sitting back down on his bed, arms crossed. “I don’t care if ya’ have to climb mountains or swim seas, but your gonna get ‘em back, whether ya’ like it or not. You’re gonna tell them that what you said about me was a lie, and you’re gonna tell ‘em why ya’ said it.”

“No-! I’m not doin’ it, no dice!” Murdoc shouted, tapping his foot impatiently. “There’s no way in hell that I’m gonna back your horse!”

“You’re either gonna tell ‘em what I want ya’ to tell ‘em,” 2D growled, uncharacteristically so, “Or I’m gonna tell you to sod off and to never bother with me ever again.”

Gulping, this is the exact moment that Murdoc knew…

He had screwed up.


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heres the angst post thats super fckin long…………..its rlly cheesy too but its what i hc

- blue has a bit of a self-esteem problem due to the fact that he feels like most people are always a step ahead of him. he gets that the fact that just because other people are successful doesn’t mean he isn’t, but when you constantly have someone being praised over you (or at least in his eyes that’s what it looked like) or beating you in something you love for a good portion of your child life, its gonna make a big impact on you. so despite all the cockiness he radiates, he has a lot of self-doubt that often enough builds up and causes him some kind of breakdown once he gets home. 
-  red is pretty good at handling these kinds of breakdowns?? blue thrives off of human (and pokemon!) interaction, and is easily comforted as long as he’s surrounded by loved ones. often enough, red will just call out blue’s pokemon and they’ll all just take turns comforting him. distraction also works pretty well when it comes to helping blue feel better, so usually movie-watching or food is involved!

- red can get pretty frustrated not being able to talk. it’s something he’s dealt with all of his life, and it’s not like he’s any less capable of communication than anyone around him, but he can get really upset if he feels he’s not getting his message across properly or if he feels no one can understand. he gets crabby when this happens and it can be semi-difficult to comfort him, considering his coping mechanism is to isolate himself. 
- blue is used the whole isolation thing, and while he gets red needs his space sometimes, he will eventually find where ever red has stashed himself and coax him to talk about it. red doesn’t really like to dig deep and share that kind of stuff (he thinks it’s silly when it’s really not) but it still helps him feel better! after the venting business is over, red with either 1. take a nap to feel better or 2. go out and train to blow off remaining frustration! it’s a good method

- while blue and red are a great couple, every great couple has its fights and boy when they get into a fight it’s a huge fuckin deal. usually it’s about something small, like leaving a room messy or leaving a pokemon unfed accidentally…
- blue is an expressive person to say the least, so no doubt a fight escalates enough, he’s going to yell. he doesn’t mean to, but it just kind of…happens? he has practically no filter in fights and can get really out of hand if it’s serious, but he’s trying his best to try and improve this because often enough that is what causes the fight to escalate
- red is pretty chill in temperament and hardy when it comes to fights, but he is absolutely no pushover. he often tries his best to redirect fights so they can both actually talk it out (or if it’s his fault, so he can apologize), but if blue gets too aggressive or if red is feeling particularly stressed, he’ll straight up leave the fight. he’ll remove himself to get as far away as he think is necessary. If it’s a small fight, he might just lock himself in the bedroom, but if it’s a big fight, he’ll leave the house and spend the night……whevere? 
- its usually up to blue if red ends up leaving to apologize. he seeks red out (or waits for him to come home), and usually apologizes in the most round-a-bout way possible. blue is still a pretty prideful person, so if it’s a small issue, it’s going to be hard for him to actually apologize. if it’s a big fight however, blue is more willing to apologize straightforward. if blue doesn’t apologize, things will stay tense for a long while
- (in the rare case neither of them manage to work it out, usually a mediator is needed. leaf is often this mediator, but occasionally prof. oak fills in too)

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    “Well I’m surprised y’all didn’t ask me that in that suit of armor.” He took another sip of the cola then slipped his backpack off. Passing a canteen of water to Wilson then looking to Ramón. “Would you like a drink,little one?”

   “Far as I can tell y’all bout me being use to heat would have to be experience I gained from being in the army,especially when we got sent to fight down near Egypt now that…was hot. Would I do it again,hel- Heck no.”