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anonymous asked:

Color challenge: #265 Sensitive artists Jotaro

im gonna be honest here anon i wasnt and still am not 100% sure exactly what you meant by sensitive artists jotaro but i hope my interpretation lives up to your expectations

(i am so sorry for so many reasons)

kateitron  asked:

Hey, uh, if you're still open to getting palette stuff, maybe Star Platinum and maybe Jotaro in #40 or #295? (Your choice on the palette, I mean. They both looked nice I couldn't decide)

you bet im still open! thanks for asking! :> I ended up picking palette #295 (cause the colors are somehow cuter) anyway enjoy:

star platinum gets a snack from a slightly embarrassed jotaro

Let’s Draw NBC’s Hannibal Begins!

First Challenge: HALLOWEEN NIGHT

It’s almost time for the most special night of the year and everyone is dressing up! Create art that showcases what the character(s) is(are) doing on Halloween night and they MUST be wearing a costume. Whether it’s ironic or silly or downright scary, everything goes!

Rules under the cut:

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1.2.3 Richard The First

Finally came spring and with spring came great news to the Kingdom. Queen Merigold had given birth to a heir, Richard first of his name.

Merigold was more than thrilled but also knew securing the Kingdom meant having more than one child. Both to secure a male heir to the throne but also having daughters to marry with important allies. This was the way of a Royal.

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1.2.5 Harvesting

It had been a dream of Oda’s ever since she gave birth to her daughter, Marna, that her garden would benefit the family someday. Thanks to her green thumbs and stubborn will it was finally time for harvesting.

Marna had grown into a toddler and followed her father everywhere he went, but was yet to small to go fishing with him.