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Listen to Grimes’ BBC “Late Junction” Mixtape

Featuring Aphex Twin, Animal Collective, the Internet, and more

Last night, Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, aired a half-hour mixtape she put together for BBC Radio 3’s “Late Junction.” The mix features Aphex Twin, Animal Collective, the Internet, Shonen Knife, Kelsey Lu, and more. “I tried to include a mix of weird stuff that I like that’s old, and some newer stuff I love that inspires me, and all-time favorite songs,” she said by way of introduction. Check it out below, and scroll down for the tracklist.


  • 01 Aphex Twin - Xtal 
  • 02 Kelsey Lu - Morning After Coffee 
  • 03 Delerium - Aria (ft Mediæval Bæbes) 
  • 04 Shonen Knife - Ah, Singapore 
  • 05 Yamantaka//Sonic Titan - Hoshi Neko 
  • 06 The Internet - Special Affair 
  • 07 Kali Uchis - Ridin Round 
  • 08 Dil Se (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Satarangi Re
  • 09 Bajirao Mastani (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Deewani Mastani 
  • 10 Tei Shi- Basically 
  • 11 HANA - Chimera 
  • 12 Now Now - Thread 
  • 13 Animal Collective - We Tigers


Video recording of my mecha bug ink drawing!
The lighting is kinda all akward going from bright to dark to sometimes really saturated. Hope that’s not too distracting, it was cause I mainly used just light from my window, and then towards the end I used my lamp 

Please watch in HD and full screen!
Information about materials and such is in the comment section on youtube and also in my tags