Lover Boy - Jeff Atkins Smut (Requested)

Requested by @cra-zy-vib-ess14 this one is for you! I had a lot of fun doing this and it came pretty naturally that I even wrote it the same day I got the requested, you lucky duck haha! Anyway I hope you enjoy, and everyone else who reads this! Don’t be afraid to request something yourself but be aware writing takes time and you may not get your request answered asap. Thank you for reading and enjoy ♡

Warning: smut, public, rough

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I sat next to Justin pointing out how he had done the math equation wrong by putting the x in the wrong spot, he groaned and ran his fingers through his hair, messing it up in frustration.

“Why is this so hard for me?” He mumbled mainly to himself, I guessed so I reassuringly patted his shoulder and said, “that’s what I’m here for, to help you get better and make this easier” I offer him a smile and he nods going back to his work.

I look around the library appreciating the quietness but I couldn’t help but feel that something was missing, I look at the desk that was usually occupied by Jeff and Clay and frowned as it was empty.

“Looking for your lover boy?” I heard Justin ask and without even looking at him I knew he had a smirk across on his lips.

I stop looking at the unoccupied desk and back at my hands on the table blushing “he isn’t my lover boy” I mumble in embarrassment.

“You wish he was though” Justin replied back with knowing tone in his voice, I looked at him and he had a small smile of his lips instead of his usual smirk “He wishes he was too” he added.

I look shocked as the words left his lips “what?” I asked confused.

“Jeff, he likes you too y/n” Justin explains now smirking at me, he softly pats my hand leaning in to say something else but then quickly pulled away, I give him a look of confusion but then notice him looking behind me.

I slowly turn and see Jeff angrily leaving the library, “what just happened?” I asked Justin concerned.

He laughs slowly closing his books “I think you better go after him, your lover boy may be jealous” I blush at the thought of Jeff getting jealous but listen to Justin leaving him to pack up his stuff and go home.

I walk outside of the library to an empty hallway, I turn a corner hoping to at least get a glimpse of Jeff but sadly I was just met with another deserted hallway “Jeff?” I call out wondering if he was even still here.

Looking intensely at the end of the corridor I didn’t notice a hand creep out of the boys’ locker room, I let out a muffled scream in an attempt to call out for help afraid one of my worst fears would be coming true as the person dragged me inside the locker room, but instead I was met with a familiar pair of blue eyes.

“Jeff” I whisper is relief, I let out an awkward chuckle “you scared me half to death” I admitted but then noticed the frustrated look painted on his face.

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A few bits about Baby….

So. Two weeks ago I got to see this girl in person, and yesterday I got to get in a replica and talk to Jeff Budnick, the picture car coordinator for the show. He also did a panel at RCCC. I wanted to share some cool stuff I learned.

-There are eight Impalas owned by the show. Jeff owns a few more of his own though (he owns about 150 cars that are used on a variety of shows in Vancouver).

-There are three Hero cars. Only Hero 1 has the Big Block engine that was put in during Baby’s break in season 7. You can hear that car coming blocks away. The pictures above are of Hero 2 which I think has been in the most episodes.

-There are three stunt cars. Stunt 3 has steel plates on the bottom to prevent damage to the undercarriage on roughy terrain. That was also the car they dropped into the bunker from pretty high.

-Hero 1 weighs about…4,700 pounds.

- There is also a car they can take apart (like for the overhead shot in “Baby”$ and the wrecked one from the season 1 finale.

-There are always two Babys on set in case there’s an issue with one. They travel in the big black trailer that you can see in the first few pics. The days I was there they used hero 1 and so we got to say hi to hero 2 while she was on standby.

-Baby had big speakers in the rear! But on hero 1 they are actually heat vents that help clear the rear window to shoot through.

-The person responsible for the most damage to the car is Jared. There actually not much leg room in these cars so Jared puts his feet on the dash and breaks vents. They also go through about 20 steering wheel caps a season because people, especially Jared mess with them. Jared is…not the preferred driver and has run Baby into a few fences etc. Jim Michaels dress giving him the keys according to Jeff. On the other hand Jeff said Jensen Could be a stunt driver. They also had to remove the hydraulics from the Pimpmobile cause Jared broke them.

-Production calls the continental the Pimpmobile just like us. There are now two of them and they live with the other impalas and Bobby’s Chevelle.

-The monster truck for Route 666 was custome built from a pre-existing truck in less that 4 days.

-After the EW cover shoot the hood of hero 1 had to be repainted cause they boys scratched her up!

-Baby is gonna take some damage early this season and be “broadsided” but she’ll make it through.

ADDED! The impala in the pilot was used as a police car in another show which is why it had the spot lights. Kim Manner hated how the spot lights messed up shots so he took them off at a certain point. The pilot impala is still one of the stunt cars.

I’m opening a cheap commission with Voltron theme :D! 

Right now there’re 5 sloth. To request a commission or also to get more info, send an email at:

Things I do and don’t:

  • All ships are fine to me
  • Ok with nsfw-ish stuff (like my recent hance piece)
  • No backgrounds. Flat color and roughy sketch yes
  • No actual n-s-f-w
  • prices example are for 1 character 

Additional info:

  • Paypal preferred (if you haven’t it message me anyway, we can find another way)
  • I’ll send you the drawing in png format
  • When asking for a commission send me all the reference you think can help, so I can understand what you really want!
  • Prices may be adjusted (rare) depending on the complexity of the pose and if there are props or additional stuff.

Thank you so much, and remember, also reblogging helps!

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Can you do something on how Archie is in bed?

This turned out more like what sex with Archie would be like:

  • at first he would be so sweet, almost as if you were so delicate
  • as time went on he was still sweet but he was also rough
  • i feel like archie wouldnt be that big on foreplay because he gets too excited in that step
  • constantly asking you if you were okay
  • his fingers would be a god send if you know what i mean, thanks guitar
  • his ginger locks matted to his forehead because of sweat
  • making out so much that your lips are swollen
  • him leaving little lovebites all over your neck because youre his girl
  • soft swear words leaving his lips as he comes close
  • holding your hands in his hands 
  • lots of after sex cuddles because youre his #1 
Jeff Atkins Playlist

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A/N: Highly suggest to listen to these songs!

 Make up for it - Eric Bellinger

“Lets not waste no more time,

girl im’a make up for it, baby, let me make up for it, 

i just wanna make up for it, all night

girl, im’a make up for it, all that other shit ain’t important, 

tonight im’a make up for it babe”

My Boo - Usher ft Alicia Keys

“Do you remember, girl?

I was the one who gave you your first kiss

cause I remember, girl

I was the one who said “Put your lips like this”

Stickwitu - Pussycat dolls

“Nobody gonna love me better, i’m gon’ stick wit u forever

nobody gonna take me higher, i’m gon’ stick wit u 

you know how to appreciate me, i’m gon’ stick wit u, my baby

nobody ever made me feel this way, i’ma stick wit u”

Remind her- Eric Bellinger

“ Yeah, I'ma remind you ‘bout that swang, I'ma remind you 'bout my stroke

i’ma remind you that your body never felt this way before,

i’ma remind you bout that shit that i be doing with my tongue

i’ma remind you i’m that nigga, i’ma remind you i’m the one”

I wanna know- Joe

“ I wanna know what turns you on

so i could be the only one,

i wanna know what makes you cry,

so i could be the one that always makes you smile”

We Can Make Love- Somo

“I can be tender, i can be rough

i can do anything you care for

everything above

baby, let me rock your body, ride your body,

kiss your favorite spot”

Halo - Beyonce

“Everywhere i’m looking now

i’m surrounded by your embrace

baby. i can see your halo

you know you’re my saving grace”

Selfish - PnB Rock

“ I’m selfish

I want you all to myself i swear

you don’t need nobody else i swear”

         Guts doesn’t swear nearly as much as you’d think. 

   Occasionally he’ll utter a “shit” as his way of acknowledging a mistake, etc, but otherwise, Guts has much more impactful ways of expressing his disdain upon somebody than your typical curse word. If you ever hear him drop the f-bomb from something you’ve said or done however, that is when you know you fucked up and are ( most likely ) about to get fucked up.

This Rice Cooking Trick Cuts Calories In Half (And It Involves Coconut Oil!)

One cup of medium grain white rice has roughy 246 calories; this new cooking method will cut that number to as little as 147 calories per cup.

The method works by changing the rice’s digestible starch to indigestible starch, which prevents much of the rice from being metabolized into glucose and absorbed into the bloodstream during digestion. “After your body converts carbohydrates into glucose,” James explains, “any leftover fuel gets converted into a polysaccharide carbohydrate called glycogen. Your liver and muscles store glycogen for energy and quickly turn it back into glucose as needed. The issue is that the excess glucose that doesn’t get converted to glycogen ends up turning into fat, which can lead to excessive weight or obesity.”

To make the lower-calorie rice, add a teaspoon of coconut oil to boiling water. Stir in half a cup of rice and simmer for 20 to 40 minutes, or until rice is fully cooked. Stick it in the fridge for 12 hours, and voila — rice with 10 times the resistant starch and up to 60 percent fewer calories than normal.

“The cooling is essential because amylose, the soluble part of the starch, leaves the granules during gelatinization [which happens naturally as rice cools],” James says. “Cooling for 12 hours will lead to formation of hydrogen bonds between the amylose molecules outside the rice grains, which also turns it into a resistant starch.” The process is final — reheating the rice won’t reverse any of the changes.

Those who worry that adding calorie-dense coconut oil to rice would make the food more fattening shouldn’t worry; the shift in starch type cancels out more calories than the coconut oil adds in.

List 2 (Edward Nygma)

Who is on top? Depends. He is a dominant little shit so which ever way he chooses GOES. 

Who is on bottom? Again, totally depends.


Any kinks? Yes. Bondage, Nicknames (master, daddy, sir).

Who’s most dominant? EDWARD NYGMA. 

Is oral an equation? YOU BEST BELIEVE IT! Lots of head and eating out.

If so who gives it the most? Mr. Nygma

Ever had public sex? Maybe (;

Who moans the most? You. Honestly, he requests it A LOT

Who leaves the most marks? You. Ed’s back looks like an old chalkboard that someone used as a nail file.

Who screams the loudest? Depends. Screaming in pleasure would be you. Screaming orders and profanities would be Ed.

Do they ‘fuck’ or ‘make love’? FUCK

Rough or soft? ROUGH

Is protection used? If you think Ed is gonna take time to let you take a pill or him put on a condom you are delusional.

Does it ever get boring? NOT A CHANCE IN HELLLLLL

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all of this year’s FINISHED rob pieces throughout the year, spanning from may to the end of december

so, my original passion in art was painting–the first thing i ever painted was a musician, and i think that was in 2010? i always did impressionism, but once i got into digital, i was so intimidated by every program that no matter what i did, no matter what artist i watched, i just couldn’t convince myself to do anything in a big, high resolution.

but this year i FINALLY found it. i finally got it again. and, i don’t know what it is, but rob’s just my absolute favorite to paint. it might be familiarity that helps me know exactly how i want a piece to look, or capture, or what be it–it could be the music aspect, and how you can hear so much personality in the vocals, which makes me wanna translate it to visual?? no clue. but he’s been my go-to when things are a little rough

i really appreciate this guy, 

so maybe this is just the best way i can show it (´・ω・`)

Hero (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Summary: Bellamy Blake was born a hero - that much you were sure of. From a young age you’ve known how brave he was. But when Jasper is being held captive by Murphy, Bellamy steps in. Sometimes you wish he wasn’t so courageous and ready to do the right thing.

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“Open the doors. Take me instead.” His voice breaks your stubborn stare and you look up to meet him with wide eyes. As you feel Bellamys hand slip away from yours you feel the inevitability of loss in your chest. You know how much Murphy wanted to kill one of them - being Jasper or Bell - in that fucking drop ship he has locked up. You didn’t want Jasper to die but you sure as hell didn’t want Bellamy to die either.

“No!” You yell loudly and everyone stops and turns to you. Holding onto Bellamys shirt, you shake your head panicky but he just holds either side of your face with his large hands, “Don’t go.” You exhale shakily, feeling your eyes well up with tears, “Please, just– don’t go.”

To the rest of the camp watching on from afar, he doesn’t seem alarmed or as panicked as you are. Other than being a hero Bellamy Blake was good at hiding his emotions but you know as he pulls you closer and runs a hand through your hair that he’s terrified, “I love you. I always will.” Bellamy talks over your insistent pleas and presses his lips to yours hastily, quieting you down but you pull away after a few seconds.

“No, there’s got to be another way. There’s always another way.” You feel your throat tensing up and tears roll down your cheek as he has to pry your tight grip off him. Even though he’s prepared to risk his life, you aren’t ready to live yours without him. When Bellamy continues to walk you find yourself running after him but something stops you – better yet someone stops you. You thrash around in efforts to get to Bell but when you look behind you see Finn holding you back, “Let me go! He’s going to die!” Your screaming breaks through the air of silence and Bellamy squeezes his eyes shut as if your voice cannot reach him, “Finn, let me go, please!” You begin to cry out to him but Finn doesn’t listen. He just gives you a look of pity and sadness and pulls you away from the scene.

“Stop it. You’re going to get yourself hurt, there’s no use following him.” Finn whispers to you, placing a hand on your shoulder and for a second you’re calm but the next you feel like throwing up. The love of your life is stuck in the drop ship with Murphy the fucking lunatic. And no one else is trying to stop it from happening. Not only did you feel extremely nervous but you felt extremely angry too. Your blood was at its boiling point. As he disappears, only a sheet of fabric separates you and Bellamy.

“Murphy! If you so as much touch a hair on his head I’m going to kill you myself!” You scream, not caring who’s watching from behind as Finn and Wells stop you from running inside.

“I’d like to see you try.” You hear Murphy speak to you and you clench your jaw at his voice. Watching the entrance, you see a limping Jasper clamber out and Finn immediately rushed up to him to help him down. You take this as your opportunity.

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Whenever I play a game like this that touches on a very serious subject, I always want to make sure at the end of it that I remind you guys that if your ever thinking of taking your own life, that there are people that want to help you. There’s people that want to know you and there’s people that want to be there for you. I would actively encourage anyone that is having dark thoughts or going through roughy times to reach out and seek help. Just from one person to another I would ask you to hold on and…stay strong and keep fighting whatever demons your fighting.
—  @markiplier ( from Emporium:

ooo boy i haven’t drawn anything in over a week so this was rough

i went to the aquarium recently and couldn’t stop thinking about these three!!!!! being one big happy family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(story time: when i was really young i got lost in the jellyfish exhibit of an aquarium and the employees gave me a stuffed dolphin plush to calm me down before my parents found me. i will always remember)