In other parts of the world, our brothers @rwbthailand are having a get together with Nakao-San as he builds another RWB. #roughworld (at Shell)

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Flashback to one of the coolest days of my life, from my first trip to Vancouver. I still can’t thank @993mako enough for allowing me to drive Royal Ocean around the busy city streets of Vancouver.

Peter truly embraces what Rough World is all about, and I can still hear the echo of his voice pushing me to give the car all I’ve got. This car has an endless amount of soul within it. The 911 has been with Peter for most of its life, remaining the same Lapis Blue through all of it. To have a chance to experience a small part of something so important, was absolutely humbling.

The car under the tarp behind it is my Civic before I’d ever even seen the full thing, and one day I’d love to see it side by side with Royal Ocean once again, as two cars that will have shaped so much of what I believe in when it comes to this community.
Rough World is forever.
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