Drawing Neo smartpen

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Hello SPN fandom, here I am. please be nice to me and accept my pitiful Soul.
I Need serious help & someone who holds my Hand while I dive deeper into this fandom

it’s just a rough doodle-sketch-Thing, no big Details. I struggle with Dean’s colours … help-  next one is Cas. Yas..
(Art by: le me

Random Chibi Sketch Dump ~ Self-pics, Yami Bakura & Ryou, plus Yami!

Usually don’t draw myself, best I can interpret is a sack of potatoes~lol =_=

All I want to do after work is go home and draw…but sometimes I got to do things like cook, clean (especially the dishes), chauffer/drive! With my duel disk in hand, I will *Sings* DDDDD…Do the Dishes! hahaha

Rest are just random, I can be hungry or tired now a days~~~also my first time attempting Yami…that hair! and some cute Bakura and Ryou (got to include them of course)! 


This how my first pass looks. Super rough, no finesse. #mermaid #mermay2017 #2danimation #animation #mermay #dive #swimming #roughsketch

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