reasons why larry is real with starkidstolethetardis and roughlarry
  • roughlarry: so apparently Eleanor's dad works for Modest! and people still have the nerve to say she isn't a beard
  • me: what is Modest! and what the fuck is it so excited about
  • roughlarry: Modest! aka Management and ruining larry
  • me: yup
  • B E A R D
  • roughlarry: yeah like s r s l y do they try
  • I mean elounor has a freaking baby sitter
  • me: just
  • u g h
  • why do people have to be so ignorant and even if larry aren't together, they're probably trying to hide the fact that louis is gay/bi
  • roughlarry: literally they either have a stalker or she's there to watch them and I know I just u g h