어느덧 아침……? 2차 가기 전 느닷없는 단체샷. 그 이후로는 기억도 사진도………ㅇㅇㄷ
translation: it’s morning before we knew it….? before we left the second time there’s this unexpected group shot. since then the memories and also the pictures…. (x)

yowapeda 352

WOOOO!!! THAT’S RIGHT!!!! YOU CAN’T BREAK THEM!!!!! words of wisedom from the senpai

this chapter is definitely lighthearted  O(≧▽≦)O lots of rough translation

ch 352

Imaizumi: hey Onoda where did you go, Naruko already came back

Onoda:……sorry i came back late

Teshima: we already did our best!!

but the six of us still lost!!

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Smoky Quartz With Green Tourmaline Double Terminated Point from Brazil

We absolutely love our natural, rough specimens and this incredible Smoky Quartz with Green Tourmaline is shouting with pride and beauty. It’s newly been added to the website where you will find more images that have been taken to ensure you have the very best insight into the crystal itself.

Smoky Quartz
Chakras – 1st (Root)
A powerful grounding stone. It enhances practicality and organization. It lends focus to students and patience to teachers. It offers great protection from negative energies in one’s environment and it is said that with Smokey Quartz, one is more likely to see ghosts! It offers protection from electromagnetic fields from computers and electronics.

Green Tourmaline
Chakras – 4th (Heart)
Green Tourmaline is a stone to benefit one’s physical well being. It is a very powerful healing stone. It helps bring harmony to one’s heart by bringing balance and stability to the heart’s energy field. It also helps align the heart’s electromagnetic field to that of the Earth, bringing strength to the heart and helping the flow of healing energy around the body. It can assist one in overcome fear of change and bring confidence to follow one’s heart. Green Tourmaline helps one feel ‘alive’ and whole.

Find it here now on the website along with more beautiful stones and jewellery

psycho-aries asked:

Hello there! I was just wondering, is it normal to not write your book in order? I'm currently working on two narratives and I don't exactly write them in order. At first I did, but later on I just started writing potential conflicts and plot that can be put into the main story later.

If it’s normal for you, then it’s normal!  Write whichever scenes compel you at a given time, and add in the rest later.  If that’s what motivates you to keep writing, there’s nothing wrong with that.  As long as you have a good way to help yourself keep track of where you are and what still needs doing, I’d say you’re just fine!

– Senga