i love it when dan has a ‘friend’ character in one of his videos and they’re wearing a colorful shirt and doing something like holding a coffee cup or something like lmao who u think u playin there buddy u think we don’t know who that’s supposed to be smh  u ain’t slick nerd

150702 Kiss the Radio w/ BTS

individual “interview” portion ©

Rap Monster: if food and BTS were the only things that existed on this earth, and if you were to choose BTS over food, then you cannot eat for the rest of your life (you’ll still be able to live). But if you choose food, then all of the BTS members will die. Which would you choose?

Jin: why on earth are you asking such a question?!

Suga: you must answer in 3 seconds, 3, 2, 1!

Jin: BTS ..& food

BTS: *sounds of disapproval*

Suga: for me, even if i am not able to eat, i would give all of the food to the members

Rap Monster: me too, me too

Jin: that’s very admirable please do so, but I will choose to eat  


This incredible piece of Botswana Agate has been kicking around in my collection for two years now. FINALLY the perfect opportunity to really showcase this glorious banding has arisen for a good friend, stay tuned to see what comes from this gorgeous piece of Agate.

This is a coloured sketch of a halfling rogue player-character from one of my D&D 5th Edition campaigns. Her outfit was pure experimentation on my part, but in today’s session, it just so happened that she survived being attacked by an animated tapestry (i.e. a variation of the “Rug of Smothering” in the Monster Manual) that she’d insisted on keeping, so we decided that maybe the cape she’s wearing was made from its pieces.