Although going to this school is really good for my future career, I really regret not going to a school where I could’ve ran xc/track. Or at least would’ve emailed the coach about being a walk on here. Ever since I ran my last race in high school, I sort of feel like I’ve lost a piece of me that I built while doing sports. It really was just who I am, an athlete. After playing hockey for 12 years i quit to focus on running. But after an injury my junior year, neither looked like a possible future for me. Even though I had decent times at a 2:03 800 my junior year and a 17:33 5k my sophomore year.I still had incredible room for improvement. But I sorta just threw that away when college came. And honestly it has made me feel like a failure. People always said I could become a professional. I dedicated 15+ years, all year long, to sports and training but I threw it all away. So many regrets at the end of high school. I wish I would never have given up my identity, I wish I would’ve continued to be an athlete and become great.

Deadpool seems to be getting a little frisky now that his new movie is out. I guess all these incredible reviews are really going to his head. No, not “that” head.

It doesn’t look like Freakuency minds too much, though. I mean, is it really even foreplay if there’s not at least one weapon around?

The Rogue’s Gallery Fuck-Pillow™ Spectacular begins this Valentine’s Day, all week long! Stay tuned. ^_~ [Photo by Lex Dodson @rustbeltraw ]

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Oh my goodness, could we see Sans and Paps as Minun and Plusle or Mudkip and Torchic? That would make my day~!

Have it very lazy and quickly drawn haha.