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Will any of the story break off from the real undertale game or Underfell? Like will we meet a character at a different time then usual or will an OC be placed into your comic?

I’m not gonna put any OC, but as for the game events…. well, if it was the exact same as the actual game, it would be boring, right?? And according to the characters and to some other things, everything would end up… well… I made a chart, see it for yourself

ATTENTION. This might not be 100% accurate. The havoc can start earlier.

Daddy | Dylan O’Brien Smut

Request 1: Hey💫 Just wanted to say you’re an amazing writer💕 Please can you write a bdsm imagine with Dylan after you both come home from filming different movies (you’re an actress) and…. Yeah. Thanks xxx

Request 2: I really need some daddy Dylan smut pleeaaseee

Request 3: Rough Dylan smut with lots of dirty talk please. thanks you I LOVE YOU just so you know

Requested By: Anon

(A/N): I’m so sorry this took so long to post! Anyway, I got three requests that were about the same to I put them together. Also, I’m not good at writing bdsm smut so this is all I got. Enjoy! r.i.p me

Warnings: Smut, rough content, master bating, Dom!Dylan, oral(both ways), unsafe sex(always use protection!), and cursing (?)

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien X (Reader)

(Y/N) = Your Name

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