Concept: One day I’m going to love somebody with all of my heart. I’m going to wake up next to them and my chest is going to be so filled with joy at the sight of them sleeping peacefully, our arms and legs entwined. I won’t be afraid of them leaving me, and I’ll work so hard to keep the both of us happy. We’ll take on the world together, one challenge at a time. And when things get tough and I want to give up, I’ll think back on all the times we’ve spent together as a unit and I’ll be strong again.

January Phandom Birthdays

[According to the birthday calendar as of now even though I know this is unforgivably late. Happy belated birthday, everyone! (and if anyone wants to take this over since I am incapable of doing anything consistently, please come talk to me)]

4- @sataara

5- @hangwiththegaang // @lotusqueenandiplus

6- @uwaaaah (hashtag-art)

8- @the-adventuring-pirate-vulpix

9- @hotmuffincrumbs

11- @zoeydreamer19

17- @modernclair

18- @ghostmallows

20- @artblogparadox

21- @danny-bae-phantom

23- @rhythmantics

25- @ghost-chicky

26- @askronnymanning // @tembrook

28- @amessofectoplasm

31- @eivuiee // @astrophantomplanet