Fujimaki Tadatoshi’s Interview in Entermix May 2017

Ahhhhh. Everyone was like “READ THIS INTERVIEW” so I went ahead and read this above anything else and it was so worth it because it gave me hope as a fan in despair. 

This is just a rough translation :D I just wanted to put it so people who would like to read can read it too :D

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Rob Pereyda (producer), Hitoshi Ariga (designer/story), and Hideo Yoshizawa (executive producer/Klonoa series creator) all had a meeting today to discuss the tone/direction of the film at a restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

今日は初めてプロデューサーのロブさんとお逢いしました。 新宿で焼肉ごちそうになりながら、本作に賭ける熱い思いを聞かせてもらえました。ありがさんとも今回のクロノアの基本トーンや話の方向性なども話し合えて、とても有意義なランチミーティングでした! こうご期待! (source)

Rough translation: “Today I met my producer Rob for the first time.
While being a delicious meat feast at Shinjuku, I was able to hear the hot feeling of betting on this work. It was a very meaningful lunch meeting for Mr. Ariga to talk about the basic tone of Klonoa and the direction of the talk this time! Here’s your expectation!” - Hideo Yoshizawa

Translation of the clip ‘Ingen lever lykkelig alle sine dager’

Title: No one lives happily ever after

(Noora’s voice, from the other room): I don’t know, but it’s…I think so too, in a way…Yeah. When you’re in love you think that it’s supposed to be like in the movies. But…it doesn’t work that way. I…I seriously thought that William and I would be together forever.. (inaudible) -ends where it ends, right. No one lives happily ever after. But, because, in real life..when everything boils down to it, nobody is willing to sacrifice anything for love in 2016.

(Isak gets up, tears door open)

Noora: Uh, er, did I wake you?

Isak: What are you doing here?

Noora: No, you see, Eskild brought some guy home, so I just moved out here. The walls to the living room are thin, if you know what I mean.

Isak: Well, it’s not like the wall’s so fucking thick here either! I have to sleep! I can’t sleep when you’re lying here talking bullshit! It’s 02:00 in the morning, have some respect!

Noora: Okay..

Isak: Well sorry, but…like, I have to sleep!

Noora: Yeah, I understand. I uh…of course, I can talk to Eva tomorrow.

Isak: Yeah.. Say hi from me.

Noora (whispering): I’ll do that..

Isak: And uh… William’s an idiot if he gives up on the two of you.

Noora: Good night, Isak.

Isak: Nite, Noora.

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Remember this iconic scene at Haikyuu!! stage play?

Apparently, they’re going more fanservice-y in this scene lol (rough translation of a fan report ahead).

4/16 Morning show:

Oikawa: Everyone is so cute~ If you make some noise/cheer louder, I’ll kiss* you~
*Oikawa used chu~ so asdfghjkl cuuuute
Audience erupted into cheers. Tanaka then held both of Hinata’s shoulders.
Tanaka: I’ll kiss Hinata then!!
At this point, Hinata was surprised and was looking very reluctant.
Daichi: HE WON’T!!

4/16 Afternoon show:

Oikawa: Be careful of crows, everyone. Well, I’ll protect you (all) anyway~
Of course, audience were squealing. Tanaka and Hinata then became crows by flapping their arms. Oikawa just stood there, smiling and not leaving the stage yet.
Tanaka: You’re not protecting (them)!!
Hinata: GO HOME!!

They are just so adorable and funny. Can we have the DVD for this already?

guys: *exist*

my heart: boomp. boomp. boomp.

girls: *exist*

my heart: d-d-d-d-drOP THE BASS. BOW WOW WUBWUB WUBWUB WUBWUB WUBWUB WOOOW, BOW WOW WABWABWABWABWABWA bwaaaaw doo doo bowwwwwha da daaaaah DAAAA da, BWA (dee doo) BWa (dee doo) BWOO WAA WOO WEE

Rough translation of Owari no seraph Chapter 53 part 2

Page 16
Narumi: You know that your emotion is decreasing, so you cannot rely on Ferid nor Crowley.
Mika: Ferid killed our family
Narumi: There is no need to bring this back. It’s more important to talk to increase your humanity.

Page 17
Narumi: Yu was overwhelmed by his emotions after he saw the head of his family  (Akane)
You remained rational. Is it because of your decreasing emotion?
Mika:…I don’t know. Well…I felt anger
Narumi: How much?
Mika: …..
Narumi : Your attachment (obsession) for your family is vanishing

Page 18
Narumi: But in comparison to your feelings for Yu?
Are they also vanishing?
Mika: …That’s….odd. My feelings for Yu-chan haven’t changed at all.
Narumi: What about the other feelings?
Mika: …….Everything, is completely growing dim in a scary way……

Page 19
Narumi: I see. This is an important information.
That means that vampires have still a little humanity….
Does that mean that those are emotions from their human years. Then there is still possibility of digging there.

Yu: Wh are they taking so long and not coming?

Page 20
[You came until here safely, Crowley-kun. I’m thinking to put the next command in a [riddle]]
Yu: More important we aren’t done. Why are you killing humans when you were one yourself
[What red hat decreases your height when you wear it?]
Crowley: Uhm-What could it be. But first of all isn’t it unfair to set the riddle in Japanese?
Yu: Ey, don’t ignore me.
Crowley: Hmm-
Yu: He seems like a airhead but- Huh-

Page 21
Crowley: Hmm~~?Shouldn’t it be natural for a vampire?
Yu: That’s too cowardly!!!

Page 22
Yu: Uahh!!
Crowley: You’re too weak
Yu: Haaa!!?
Crowley: Compared to your dexterity your skill cannot live up to it.
You can become stronger with sword skill training alone
Yu: Yeeep-!!!

Page 23
Crowley : See, you shouldn’t make unnecessary movements.
Yu: How strong~~
Then did you take sword skill lessons?
Crowley: I did
Yu: Even as a vampire?
Crowley: I did it in the human years 
Yu:…You what kind of person were you as a human

Page 24
Crowley: …When I was human…
Hm-it’s now an old story. Do you know history? Then you would be suprised
I was a crusader, a holy knight who fought for God. Now I’m a vampire, isn’t this ironic?

Page 25
Crowley: As expected, you lied about that (about knowing history)
Yu: Ah, no that’s
Crowley: Then why are lying when you don’t know
Yu: No, because you shouldn’t stop to tell the story 
Crowley : From now I won’t tell anymore
Yu: More important you should answer the question
Crowley: I don’t like talking with idiots
Yu: Isn’t it weird to kill humans when you were one yourself.
Crowley: No-look closely in history. It’s the humans who killed the most humans.
Me too I killed more as a human, if you compare this too vampires, their killing is as low as almost reaching 0

Page 26
Yu: …Uhm?
Crowley: Ah enough, next time learn better about history. More important. Can you solve this?
Yu: Hm? When you wear the red hat your height will decrease….
That’s easy
A candle isn’t it?
Crowley: Eh. Ahh! Incredible, you’re so smart.
Yu: Eh? Ah~ Actually that’s right~

Yu: What’s this?
Crowley: A command set up by Ferid
Yu: Ferid? A riddle?

Page 28
Crowley : Ooh
Yu: Ah, you guys are late
Shinoa: You must have waited so long
Narumi: There aren’t any other enemies?
Kimizuki : Moreover, we’re lacking blood. ((pretty sur they mean that theyre hungry))Is there any food here?
Yu: Hey Crowley
Crowley : In the kitchen. Ferid sorted everything anyway.
Yu: There should be
Kimizuki : Then let’s go!
Mitsuba: Ah! I’ll come to!
Yu: Ah Mika, you should slowly be…

Page 29
[The corpses of Yu-chan’s family is located in the basement]
[When you show him that he might go crazy]
[Protect the/your comrades and restrain him without killing him]
[Sincerely Ferid Bathory]

Crowley : …He must be kidding me
Comrades? What does he mean with comrades?

Yu: What’s wrong? Crowley
Crowley: …That’s, I’m flustered because I got comrades in 800 years

Page 31
Yu: Hmm?
Crowley: Nothing
Alright, we should go to eat
After that, let’s go to the basement  ((well thats sound kinda creepy))
Yu: Basement? What’s in there?

Page 32
Crowley: I will tell you that, after the meal

((A/N: UGGH so much text but I did it!! And tbh Im feeling that Narumi is going to something really stupid ine th future :“"D
And Im starting to like Crowley although I don’t know his motives he seems like a nice guy //3))


“Sports athletes you want to be as your boyfriend” ranking :
1st. Shohei OHTANI
2nd. Yuzuru HANYU

The pict below is the reasons for choosing Yuzuru by the voters :

💟 He looks kind
💟 He looks like a prince
💟 His smile which tickles your maternal instinct
💟 He hates to lose
💟 He is ambitious
💟 (the voters) want to dote him with love
💟 to bring him up/ to nurture him ( this part is a bit confusing, cmiiw if you have better translation please inform me ^^ )

*disclaimer : i might not do justice to the 100% correct translation, please do inform me for any correction ^_^

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