I Say Goodbye

You leave, weaving goodbye
From that place that is now a place without you
You leave this world, your eyes glistening
Slowly turning into pure white clouds
Yes, I’ll think of you like this

I say goodbye, and I know it’s for good
Yet around me there’s still so much of you
If Heaven is real, you’re definitely there
In that satin-soft sky, safe and sound

You leave, and leave us behind
With that last beat of heart that turns into the first beat of wings
Oh, dear, why, oh, dear, why
You hopped on that last train

I say goodbye, but I’ll see you again
The memories of you overriding the chatter
Leave us the memory of your wonderful voice
That now I am missing, that now I’d like to hear
I will plant in front of my house a cherry tree for you

I say goodbye
You tell God I said hi
And remind him that you
Are that dear friend of mine

A rough translation of this.

Genos related Q&A in the OPM databook

Q: How did Saitama manage to get by before he became a pro hero?

A: By living frugally and saving money.

(Caption: He lives a slow paced life and his finances are always dire. ONE sensei states that he doesn’t use Genos’ rent money.)

Murata: How was this again?

ONE: When he was financially troubled, he did part time jobs. He would save up and then spend the money he had frugally. Sometimes, he received vegetables from the people he saved…

He lived a slow-paced life. By the way, he hasn’t touched the money Genos gave him and his standard of living hasn’t changed that much despite Genos moving in.

Q: When Genos came to live with Saitama, he had a huge bag on his back. What are its contents?

A: Spare parts, paraphernalia needed for living.

(Caption: It seems that Genos has brought most of his stuff with him, so he doesn’t need to mooch off Saitama’s things.)

ONE: He gathered his parts and essential living supplies and came with them.

Murata: He probably also had parts for housework!

ONE: He does small repairs himself, like if he breaks his wrist. He doesn’t need to go to Dr. Kuseno’s place every time because he already has the spare parts. He does go when he needs a big repair, goes through a big upgrade or to receive scheduled check-ups.

Q: Saitama Sensei and Genos live together, but is the housework solely Genos’ responsibility?

A: No.

(Caption: When he switches to his housework arms, he has the ability of a first rate housewife. In fact, he looks just like a wife?)

Murata: I think it’s like, Saitama tells him he doesn’t need to, but Genos still does it anyway.

ONE: Yes, that’s the feeling I get as well~

It’s not as if Saitama is making him do it, but even when there’s nothing to do, Genos starts tidying things up, washes the dishes.

Murata: I draw him with the idea that he has parts for housework.

Q: What was Genos like when he was a normal student?

A: (ONE sensei’s answer) Not that different from right now.

(Caption: He was a responsible, diligent boy from the start. He probably was an eyesore for the thugs.)

Q: When did Genos get his piercings?

A: (ONE sensei’s answer) After he became a cyborg.

(Caption: He has round piercings on each ear. According to ONE sensei, they don’t seem to be just for appearance.)