~Koogi’s Note/Epilogue~

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Good morning! Killing stalking’s Koogi here!

I think it’s the second time I’m saying hello. As I announced last time, today is the season’s end! As the season ended, I finished my college graduation ceremony (yuhu~)

I wanted to finish Season 2 immediately without a break, but I’m really sorry I did not. I am sorry to have caused you so much trouble preparing for Season 1 and I am sorry to have caused unreasonableness to the uploading team again… Something seems to have been a series of hardships and apologies.

However, as I have tried hard, my readers have been interested and liked it, and it has become a good thing!

Thanks, dear readers… (nod)

So about when season 2 starts! 

The exact comeback date will be announced via sns!

I am aiming for about the middle of March or the end of March!

In fact, I thought it would come out early March, but if I prepare too hastily, I have an ominous feeling… that I will have to take a week rest. I think that if I ended up taking a week rest, the flow would be cut off…

I hope you enjoy the story that will be heard in the future!

I want to see you soon!

Please expect the middle of March!

Thank you!!


please watch the video before jumping into any conclusion. i think a lot of people have misunderstood jongin. you can tell he was being humble because when asked which couple matches the best/has the best chemistry, he and jongdae hesitated a lot before he decided to speak up.

Q: for the eve’s performance, there is a couple dance part. which couple matches best?

1. umm… (he was trying to phrase his words carefully) firstly, i’m paired with d.o hyung.
2. firstly, i/we don’t match well (laughs)
3. ah… although d.o hyung and i match very well (he just admitted he gets along very well with kyungsoo), i think we don’t match well for the dance

Chapter 128

I’m not gonna reblog the entire chapter, but after having seen it in its entirety in Japanese, here are a few things to note:

When Ciel addresses Soma he just asks him if he’s alright and if he’s injured.  Soma reacts shocked at the sound of his voice, and it’s only once he sees Ciel there that he immediately attacks him.  Sebastian quickly knocks him out and comments, “He appears to have been terribly confused, there’s no doubt about it.”

After Soma is knocked out, Ciel says the line of “I told you you shouldn’t have gotten involved with me!!” And appears to begin to have a panic attack but steels himself out if it.

Sebastian and Ciel then check the next rooms and find the message on the wall.  Ciel *immediately* has a shocked reaction to it (it is pretty clear that whatever the message means, Ciel understands it), is trembling and says, “No way… this is impossible” (rough translation).  Sebastian tells him that the culprits have already left.  Ciel says they should take the injured (meaning Soma) to Sullivan.

As they’re moving Soma the photo scraps drop out of his hands.  Ciel picks them up and is shocked at first, then accuses Sebastian of lying to him.  Sebastian replies with, “Unfortunately… I was not lying to you.”  And we get another shocked/angry/terrified face from Ciel at the end.

*BONUS*: The message was left inside of the room Ciel usually stays in when he’s at the townhouse.

Genos related Q&A in the OPM databook

Q: How did Saitama manage to get by before he became a pro hero?

A: By living frugally and saving money.

(Caption: He lives a slow paced life and his finances are always dire. ONE sensei states that he doesn’t use Genos’ rent money.)

Murata: How was this again?

ONE: When he was financially troubled, he did part time jobs. He would save up and then spend the money he had frugally. Sometimes, he received vegetables from the people he saved…

He lived a slow-paced life. By the way, he hasn’t touched the money Genos gave him and his standard of living hasn’t changed that much despite Genos moving in.

Q: When Genos came to live with Saitama, he had a huge bag on his back. What are its contents?

A: Spare parts, paraphernalia needed for living.

(Caption: It seems that Genos has brought most of his stuff with him, so he doesn’t need to mooch off Saitama’s things.)

ONE: He gathered his parts and essential living supplies and came with them.

Murata: He probably also had parts for housework!

ONE: He does small repairs himself, like if he breaks his wrist. He doesn’t need to go to Dr. Kuseno’s place every time because he already has the spare parts. He does go when he needs a big repair, goes through a big upgrade or to receive scheduled check-ups.

Q: Saitama Sensei and Genos live together, but is the housework solely Genos’ responsibility?

A: No.

(Caption: When he switches to his housework arms, he has the ability of a first rate housewife. In fact, he looks just like a wife?)

Murata: I think it’s like, Saitama tells him he doesn’t need to, but Genos still does it anyway.

ONE: Yes, that’s the feeling I get as well~

It’s not as if Saitama is making him do it, but even when there’s nothing to do, Genos starts tidying things up, washes the dishes.

Murata: I draw him with the idea that he has parts for housework.

Q: What was Genos like when he was a normal student?

A: (ONE sensei’s answer) Not that different from right now.

(Caption: He was a responsible, diligent boy from the start. He probably was an eyesore for the thugs.)

Q: When did Genos get his piercings?

A: (ONE sensei’s answer) After he became a cyborg.

(Caption: He has round piercings on each ear. According to ONE sensei, they don’t seem to be just for appearance.)

Voice actresses Mutsumi Tamura (Miss Kobayashi, left) and Yūki Kuwahara (Tohru, right) cosplayed as their respective characters at (apparently) a wrap-up party for the show!

A rough translation of the source tweet:

“(Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) Thanks for watching episode 12! She gave Tohru a precious place where she belongs, and to her she’s irreplaceable. I put all these feelings that a mere ‘thank you’ couldn’t express into my performance. Kobayashi-san’s words made me so happy that I said the wrong lines by mistake. I hope that we’ll have the chance to meet and speak again somewhere.”