[Instagram] August 30, 2015

@heybiblee: 종방연때 우리팬들이 보내준 메세지.
응응. 오늘이 우는것도 마지막.
함께봐요. #여왕의꽃

My fans sent me a message at the ending party.
Yup, yup. Today is the last day of crying.
Let’s watch it together. #Flower of the Queen
#Sigh, I cried so much

T/N: The message says “Yisol-ah, you can stop crying now”

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you knew what the panel was saying about Chen before/after he revealed himself? You don't have to give a complete translation (because you do so much so quickly and that's already so appreciated!!!), but were they giving praises to his singing or were they more critical of Chen?

ahh they were giving alot of praises to jongdae’s voice even before his face was revealed. they kept guessing if he was a rocker and said his vocal chords were really good. (good enough to be a rocker, too good for an idol)

when he was revealed, kim gura said that the centre of EXO’s performance is Chen’s vocals and it creates the backdrop for their impressive stages