[ Rough Trans] Minho visited Jonghyun’s Blue Night on Last Broadcast to support

( Minho entered in studio …& Jjong was so surprised )

M: Why are you crying why are you crying? Please sit down jjongd!!

J: Aigoooo…..TT What are you doing?!? I just fixed myself

 M: Hello I’m SHINee’s Minho

J: don’t look at me!!!!!!

*J: I feel weird right now. 

 *M: So do I.

M: Many people prepared presents and letters so I’ve been wondering what to give you so I prepared a tissue Ive been using

J: Oh wow tissue youve been using? Haha thank you

J: after I came home from blue night yesterday I received a call from Minho and he was drunk, it was obvious and he said “See you tomorrow”

so I thought oh maybe he means the day after so I said yes sure

M: i cant forget the time just before you began radio you were asking me for my opinion on the logo songs and there was so much excitement

*M: It’s a precious night, an unforgettable night. I remember this, that day just before you became the radio DJ. Were we in the same room?  You let me hear the songs, and was like “How is this?” and I remember the excitement in your gaze. 

M: I wasn’t going to come in but I decided to. 

J: Yes Minho is the representative of listeners

 M: Yes, people at the garden studio I hope  you understand~~ 

*J: Minho-ssi have you eaten? 

*M: Yes I ate just now. 

J: I needed to tell the listeners about my leave as soon as possible so I asked the management and producers when we should be announcing it because the listeners also needed some time to prepare

M: I wanted to ask you too, you are coming back to blue night someday right?

 J: Yes of corse

J: Well I want to, but I can’t just come back when I want to it doesn’t work like that. When there’s a good period and the management and stuff are ready I will come back

J: Bye Minho 

M: Bye hyung

trans cr: @omggminho/ *@cosmicsticks vid cr: 늘 너뿐이야05


French version of Ifrit’s story : God of the fire. It is thanks to the Infernian’s gift that men mastered this element. Ifrit ruled the ancestral Kingdom of Solheim, until his subjects rebelled against him. This rebellion started the Divine War, which ended with the Infernian’s death. The ‘planet’s illness’ (starscourge I guess) has provoked his resurection.

Part of Admantoise’s story  : The metal of its carapace would’ve been used to propagate the crystal’s power through the wall protecting the capital.

(I feel extremely ungrateful for killing this poor being now)

Part of Ramuh’s story  : After the divine war, this god was resting in Angelgard, until Lunafreya’s desperate summoning of him brings him back among us.


Gongmyung congratulating his brother 


“It’s hard to tell the truth, and it’s hard to hear it. It involves feelings. It could make us feel uncomfortable with each other. But, to all of us, [hearing the truth] wasn’t bad. I believe Solar’s words strengthened our unity.”

YIXING: “I just want to say that not all boys like skinny girls, everyone has their own unique charm, and everyone also has different ideal types. As long as you meet someone who understands your charm and knows your worth, you should not live for other people's wishes. It's important that you love and live for yourself, so I hope that you guys should not deliberately go on an extreme diet.”

 Q: During a concert MENT you said, “Don’t go on a diet, you’re all beautiful.” What do you mean by that? -The EXO’luXion Photobook Lay Interview


Hwanwoong: These days, Gunmin hyung has a lot to offer, from dancing to singing, it’s no joke.
Gunhee: Gunmin hyung is a really capable hyung. He will show (his talent) a lot to make up for the times when he had no opportunities to do so, so please look forward to it!


[Eunki’s instagram @eun_doitz]

눈 감고 사진 찍는 우리건태형이랑✌🏻

trans: with our Geontae hyung who closes his eyes when taking pictures

t/n: he called him geontae… like a nickname………. they have nicknames.. im weak