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Hi i just found your blog and i absolutely love it and your writing style. From the 101 Fluffy prompts could you please do nr 047: "My ex just invited me to their wedding and I need you to be my date so it doesn’t look like I’ve spent the last few years failing to get over them." with Rin please?



You frowned in front of the mirror as you stared at your wasted look. You tried wiping away the smudged mascara around your eyes and fumbled for some make-up in your purse to retouch your look. 

It’s been years since he ended your relationship and your life has been a mess ever since then. You had sleepless nights– most of them are even spent in getting drunk in an attempt to drown your misery. After those rough moments in your life, you slowly picked yourself back together and thought that you were already over him. 

Boy, you realized how wrong you were when you got a letter in your mail 2 weeks ago. 

You are cordially invited to (close friend’s name) and (ex-boyfriend’s name)’s wedding 

Those words tore your heart to pieces. You wanted to turn the invitation down and to just threw it away to the trash where it truly belongs but you didn’t want to disappoint your close friend, especially when you saw just how happy she is when she met you days after that incident. 

You sighed and took one final look at the mirror. You still look wasted, but you fixed that with a little help of your makeup. You were thinking about how glad you were that your mascara wasn’t that bad when you stepped out of the ladies’ restroom when you saw Rin waiting for you by the door. 

“____? Are you crying?” He said and took your face with his hands all of the sudden. You were quite taken back as to how he learned about you crying. 

“It’s because of (ex-boyfriend) right?” When you didn’t answer he sighed. “I know you weren’t over him yet.” Rin took your hand and pulled you back to the reception hall. “Come on now.. Everyone’s waiting for you.” 

“B-But Rin–?” 

“Don’t worry..” He looked away from you with a visible pink on his cheeks. “Just leave it all to me. I’ll take care of you.” All of the sudden, you remembered Rin involved during those times when you were having a hard time with your life. He was there to listen to your stories while you were crying, he took care of you when you were drunk, even during the mornings where you experience an intense case of hangover, he was there to give you medicine and to take care of you. 

He’s been right there by your side all along, but you failed to see that.

“You’ll be fine.” He said when he tugged your hand again and you refused to move. Instead of going to the reception hall to where he was leading you, you suddenly moved closer to him until his back was finally resting on the wall. 

“You’ve been there all along..” You closed your eyes and stood on the tip of your toes to kiss his lips. You actually expected him to push you away but he placed his warm palms on your cheeks instead to deepen the kiss. You opened your eyes and saw how he was immersed in this passionate kiss that you two were sharing. 

Nothing else mattered to you as of the moment. All you wanted was to stay like this with him.


My Satsuki is going through a really rough time at the moment.

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time really, you’ll have seen me posting photographs of Satsuki. He is my youngest cat - 6 years old - and my fluffy little Princess (boys can be princesses, too!).

On Tuesday evening, Satsuki got attacked by a staffie/pitbull cross - the owner never trained it, let it run loose and unattended, and this is what happened. My beautiful baby has lost his rear right leg.

I want to make something clear right away - I do not blame the dog. I blame the careless, irresponsible, absolute arsehole of an owner. I’m in contact with the Police and am pursuing this legally, as I cannot bear to think of anyone else going through what me and my furfamily are going through right now.

We rushed him to the animal hospital at 1am Wednesday morning, just an hour after the attack, where we discovered that all of the bones in his rear right leg had been crushed by the dog’s powerful jaws. At 8am I signed the consent form to move him to another animal hospital with an orthopedic surgeon, to have his leg amputated. It was the only option for him to have a full recovery. The operation went ahead at 1pm Wednesday. 

The op went well, and my baby came home on Thursday evening. I am now on round-the-clock nursing duty, but I would not have it any other way. My two cats are my babies. I couldn’t love them more if I had given birth to them myself, and whatever they need, they get. I’m sleeping in 1-2 hour bursts, so I can monitor him constantly (my partner watches him when I catch some kip), and I spend every waking moment with him. 

Today is Sunday - just four days after his operation, and I am so, so pleased to report that he’s doing well. He’s beginning to adjust to life as a ‘wonky cat’, already walking, and has devised ways to get to his favourite spaces (bedroom windowsill - note this is less than a foot off the ground, not high at all! - and both of the beds.) His appetite has returned completely to normal, and for the most part he leaves his stitches alone, knowing that if he bothers them, I have to put the cone of shame on him!

Every single day that passes, there is improvement. But it breaks my heart that my poor, poor baby has to go through such trauma. The vets (all four that I’ve consulted with!) all said that amputation actually ends up being harder on the owner than the cat, but if I had my way he would never have had to go through anything like this in the first place.

He is currently asleep, curled up next to me, tuckered out after his breakfast (it’s 7.04am… I’ve been awake with him since 1.40am) and his yucky-tasting medicine.

I wanted to let you all know that this is the reason why I am not going to be around much over the next two weeks, as he recovers. He is my number one priority at the moment.

His vet bills were absolutely extortionate - I am about £1 away from bankruptcy, but there wasn’t a question of me fronting up the money to get my baby the best possible care. This means that I’ll be working a lot of overtime in the coming months to try and keep a roof over our heads - so again, the blog may be quieter than usual, although I will try and keep as much queued as possible.

If anyone would like to help Satsuki, I couldn’t bear to take money from people - however, I am a Book Depository Affiliate, and every penny I earn through that will be going towards my Satsuki’s healthcare. Click here to use my Book Depository link.


1. Satsuki posing for photos for this blog, before the attack.
2. My poor baby in the animal hospital.
3. He’s home! First day back, and right away conquered the stairs.
4. Day three post-op - ain’t nothin’ holding Satsuki down!

Hey kru,

I’m going through a bit of a rough time at the moment, so I’m gonna be taking a couple of steps back from stuff for a couple days. I won’t be on tumblr, and I’m putting Young Gods on hiatus until further notice. I’ll be keeping up with my responsibilities on TWON. I apologize if I’ve disappointed anyone, but writing has been pretty hard for me the last couple of weeks, and my hell-job has been taking its toll, and I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up.



I Call Him Dad pt.1

This is part one of a story (or series, perhaps) revolving around the interactions between Steven Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, and Alberto Moreno. This is not an AU–their father-son thing starts as a joke, but Alby ends up sort of getting adopted by the other guys anyway. Title is from a quote I found online– “I have a hero-I call him Dad.”

Some of my tumblr friends are having a bit of a rough time at the moment–I hope this makes you smile, even if it’s just for a second. ( @nathanielclynes @jordanshenderson @taronthesloth and anyone else who may be interested/ wanting to be cheered up). Also, lots of heartfelt thanks to the anon who is totally on the Alby/Stevie/Xabi feels trip with me! Hope you like this! <3

Nobody knows exactly who started it. When it started, however, was a much easier question. Most of the lads said it started when the rumor mill started saying Alberto Moreno was coming to Liverpool. Those rumors were, for once, not complete bullshit, and eventually they were confirmed.

Some of the lads—Joe Allen, mainly, said that really, it had started in Istanbul in 2005, when Xabi Alonso and Steven Gerrard kissed, on camera, in front of thousands of people, in what may well be one of the most memorable football kisses in recent memory.

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Close Quarters

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by songspinner9

It was just a movie. A Haus room full of exhausted hockey players and a manager trying to get through a rough semester. Film moments can be too familiar in a way that Bitty hadn’t wanted to think about in a long time, but when you’re tired, sometimes things are more Real. Having your Captain next to you can be useful when that happens.

Words: 742, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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hey everyone, I’m going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment (boy problems) so please fill my ask with stories about horrible exes & advice on how to get over crushes/exes

it would be much appreciated. 💌

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“Okay hun, like I said imma teach ya how to fish soo…” smirking she threw long  branch at him she found before they would even make a deal.  She sat down on fallen trunk and pulled out knife she carried with her for occassion like this. “First ya got to sharpen and straighten ya tool. Make sure tip can give ya a nice poke so it can pierce fish flesh “ . 

To demonstrate she began working on her own tool, carefully sliding the blade across the wood removing the unecessary extra’s, also cutting off the ripped part of the thick branch  shaping it so it would look like spear..

“Ya wanna give it a go ?”

With the branch tossed his way, Zor’Rak caught it without much effort and studied the rough wood for a moment before looking back to Franky and her instructions. She did seem to have a second knife to hand him so he simply broke off the excess sticks from the side of the branch with his hands without it. He could simply use his own claws in the place of a blade, after all, though it perhaps took more focus to do so. 

When she seemed to finish before him, his gaze shifted back over in her direction and watched with a neutral expression before speaking. “This seems a little excessive when I could simply procure the fish with my hands.”

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well i wasnt going to ask but seeing as you just mentioned budapest... pwease? at least give us a clue as to what happened there?

“Here is a rough approximation of one moment of Budapest.”

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“And that’s all you’re getting, guys. Sorry. I don’t like to follow rules, but I also don’t like to be dead and/or fired, so.”

So, I’ve been able to get around to working on the Chibi Project a bit. These are just roughs at the moment. Characters havent been placed into the file just yet.

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Sorry you had to take your video down :( I could tell you worked really hard on it. I hope the people at your school let up. And don't feel you need to give compensation - of course, it's nice to see your content, but you don't have to 'pay the video back' or anything like that. People at your school were being horrible, and that's not your fault. I hope you're all okay! <3

Thank you so much for the message anon, really. Some of us are in a rough patch at the moment, and getting comments like these really help out

im going to be okay guys thank you for all of your concern <3 but everything is going to work out and my best friend is coming over soon and i’m spending the night at her house and im going to see paloma very very soon so yeah things are stressful and rough at the moment but everything is going to be just fine! 

Q: When I first read your guidebooks I thought of the Krishnamurti quote where he said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” As with your book, that quote has made me feel better in some rough moments. Are there quotes, people, places, or books that you turn to when you’re needing an extra push towards positivism or things in general that you find yourself drawn to over and over?

A: I tend toward liking dark, sad, heavy, brutal books and music, nothing with a lot of redemption at the end. Mostly I get courage from people. When I find someone who’s living well, being brave, doing the things I’d like to do but am too afraid of, that’s what pushes me in the right direction. Without those people, a lot of us would be bones in the ground in some shitty box somewhere. We need them as we need air, food, and water. Even if they’re fictional, dead, or 3,000 miles away we need them. They give us courage and they’re our weapons and shields in the war against our total annihilation.

-Beautiful Bizarre interview with Adam Gnade, read the rest here