Gongmyung congratulating his brother 

My Therapist Asks Me To Describe You

so I tell her about the house on Amherst,
the for sale sign,
the stupid purple blinds;

tell her about that Papa Murphy’s
that used to be a Blockbuster,
the way you tried to rent movies there
for like three years after
because you knew it made me laugh;

have you ever come home to find the doors locked,
your key in a coat pocket on the bedroom floor,
had to break your own window with a flowerpot?

I say,
if those years were a place
they would have to be the yellow line,
an overcrowded train moving in your direction;

I say,
there was not room enough
in my heart for the both of us;

I will fall asleep next to a man I love,
which is the only thing
you and he have in common.

& what a blessing
that silly, boring love is.
the way I do not lose myself in him.
the way I am not lost at all.