Turn Ons

Ass grabbing + slapping
Back scratching
Neck biting
Lip biting
Wall slamming
Urgent kissing
Roaming hands
Thigh kisses
Being pinned/held down
Thigh slapping + grabbing
Being told: “you’re fucking mine”
Male domination

Basically “fucking” is better than “making love”. Period.

My girlfriend and I have come up with nicknames for each other’s “private parts.” Our favorite game is to see how many times we can use them without anyone noticing. My top comment was telling her mother that it was her daughter’s ‘wit and charm’ that first attracted to me. Hers is telling her mom that ‘bubbles’ was her favorite toy as a kid. I was initially upset that she named my member “bubbles” until the next thing that came out of her mouth was “I like to blow bubbles”

because your loved ones have not, let me say it for them. or rather, let me say it for myself, because you owe them no allegiance.

i love you. you are loved like first snow and the spring rain. you are loved like mountains love sky. i don’t have to know you to say this, much like i don’t have to know the name of every dog to understand that if i was to lay eyes on it, i would smile instantly. i don’t need to know you. i know you think you are flawed or broken or that maybe there is something inside of you that is too much poison. it is okay. that lived - or maybe lives - inside of me too. that is okay. nobody blames nature when she is cruel. i still think you are awe-inspiring, because what can you be but nature’s offspring?

i am proud of you. i am proud of every small kind thing you did, especially when no one was looking. i am proud of you for everything you worked for, and i do not fault you for the mistakes you made. none of us are are perfect. it’s okay. i am proud of you just the same.

and i believe in you. i believe that if you want something, it should be yours. i believe that you are fighting battles beyond the ones i can see. i believe that you are strong, that you are courageous, that you are capable of winning. i believe that you hold a future in your hands that will amaze me to know. i believe that you mean so much already and you will change this world in incredible ways. we never really grow up if we don’t want, but i know that as you grow older, who you will become will inspire others.

please don’t give up. i know it is hard. i know it is. but you have already come so far. one day you will look back on this moment and say “finally, the worst is over” and it will be. you will only become stronger in this storm, and one day, the clouds will clear and all will be sun.

and again, because i cannot say it enough: i love you, little one.

—  i hope you are safe tonight. please treat yourself like how the stars treat the night. // r.i.d

You don’t know what it’s like to be worthless, where nothing you do matters. I feel that way every day of my life. Every damn day! You know how many football games or concerts my mom has been to in the last four years? None. Not one. My dad’s been AWOL since I was ten years old, which is fine because all he ever did was tell me I was garbage. And he must be really proud of himself because that’s exactly how I turned out.

That’s so beautiful.

Me and my boyfriend were watching jurassic park earlier. He said if we were dinosaurs we would be the long necked herbivores, so we could live a nice “peaceful” life. Then he said “unless we weren’t together.. then i’d want to be a longely angry t-rex, and i’d eat your long necked boyfriend so you could be as lonely as me”.. i laughed it off and said, “what if i just dont have a boyfriend?” to which he answered, “then i’d just eat you, and we’d be one”

—  Rough Love - That’s So Beautiful

@tyleroakley: if you’ve got shitty stuff going on in your personal life, I feel you. today was rough for me. let’s make tomorrow better, though - deal? <3