[ Interview ] Hyorin for Melon Music Story

Q: Please give us a short description of Love Like This.

A woman who always feared love finds someone whom she is willing to entrust everything to meet their loved one. It is a realistic but beautiful song.

Q: The lyrics is quite emotional. Did you participate in it? 

I put a lot of effort into writing the lyrics as honestly as I can to match the mood of the song, while also attempting to match it to my personality.

Q: What is the most memorable time spent during Love Like This?

I remember there was a particular time where the lyrics was written immediately on the spot but it was quickly corrected and re-written entirely.

Q: What is the key point of the Love Like This MV?

When you listen to the song, make sure to focus on the lyrics but the video sets a very unique atmosphere to it! (*)

Q: As Dok2 has participated in the song, did the two of you become close?

He also helped me with a song called ‘Massage’ on my first solo album. I’ve wanted to work with him again and he was willing to help this time too. Sooner or later, we should go eat something really delicious. (*)

Q: In comparison to SISTAR’s albums, what is the biggest difference? 

Rather than a difference between the solo album and SISTAR’s albums, this one gave me a lot of opportunity to be directly involved with preparing it from all aspects. Compared to the first album, I have worked harder and learned more. Even the hardest parts were pleasant tasks. 

Q: While working on this album, what was the part which you wanted to emphasize on as you worked? 

I think the songs themselves are the most important. I’ve done different things to show different colors as well as making the sort of music I like to listen to so I can do better and better. I would like to thoroughly show a greater variety of feelings with this album. 

Q: How do you feel, three years after your last solo album? 

I think results are important (T/N: i.e., sales/awards) but this album gives off a good feeling especially as I worked and participated in it. I am also planning to participate even more and learn more for the future. 

Q: How do you want your fans to feel while listening to this album? 

I’d be glad if they just give it a listen. 

Q: Finally, please say something to your fans. 

I am very thankful you waited for such a long time as I wanted to give back more by working harder. I am always thankful so thank you again!

Selfie tagggg!!!!

I gotz tagged by @haoscary to do a selfie and I did one except in the form of a rough sketch bc I love bending rules and forcing u all to look @ me art. I guess I don’t rlly look like me but it’s supposed to be me so 😬 lets pretend (if u look closely I even did my acne and my eczema)

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Chapter Two - A New Blog

Now, I’ve been thinking of making a blog devoted to body positivity, where people can come in and ask questions, get advice and browse through the page on rough days. I would love to have someone help me moderate and work on the blog, anyone is welcome but I would love the assistance of a female as I’m sure that there are many questions that - as a male - I will not understand or be able to answer sufficiently. 

I’m not asking for anything over-the-top, just a person to work alongside in creating a space on Tumblr for people to stop by for help and such.

Anyone who is interested or has questions to ask is welcome to message me directly through Tumblr, or by contacting me on Kik (Username is Cromius).


Turn Ons

Ass grabbing + slapping
Back scratching
Neck biting
Lip biting
Wall slamming
Urgent kissing
Roaming hands
Thigh kisses
Being pinned/held down
Thigh slapping + grabbing
Being told: “you’re fucking mine”
Male domination

Basically “fucking” is better than “making love”. Period.


Harry Potter College AU:

He just bloody goes for it. Says it all. Everything he’s been wanting to say for the last few weeks, months, and it’s sink or swim from there. He’s surprised - to say the least - when he can hear Malfoy laughing. But it sounds relieved rather than mocking.

His heart jumps out of his rib cage when Potter says that he loves him. Because that seriously feels like a dream and now everything they’ve done and said feels so stupid. How much easier thing would’ve been if they’d just talked about the kiss, been honest. 

Part 21/?
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