Mmkay so during makeout seshes with Luke one of the things you would secretly love the most would be feeling the stubble of his beard under your fingertips as you touched his face, and the little bit of friction it created when his jawline would meet your neck as he placed gentle kisses and rough, dark love bites down it (and later on, how much you loved the same friction and kisses along your inner thighs like damn lucas). When he would finally figure out how much you liked it, he would constantly tease you about it, but he would still always make sure to come home from flights and tours unshaven for his girl.

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Do you know the name of all Melanie's unreleased songs? If so can you tell me? Pls and thank u

Bones are blue
Wicked words
million men
Dead porcupine
You love i
Curly cue
Birthing addicts
Where do babies come from
A thousand words
Alone (?)
Bombs on Monday
Can’t shake you
Dressed in mistakes
Gold diggin love
Heart at the door
High and dry
I think I’m crazy
Jump rope
Night mime
Outa time
Psycho lover
Rough love
Stay for love
The one
Time flies
Until sunrise
Use extreme caution

Most of these are rumored songs that didn’t make it onto the album/EP

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Can you write something sentimental/sweet about y/n & Luke?

You pulled your jacket tighter around you as the crisp winter wind surrounded you, with cheeks flushed and hair a mess you continued your morning commute, too busy sipping your coffee and focusing on the music playing through your headphones to notice anyone around you.

It was just another Thursday morning for you, making your way to work and praying the coffee perked you up even a little bit before you got there. It had been a rough week, you loved your job, truly, publishing wasn’t easy but your job was what you wanted to be doing.

What wasn’t fun however, was working late every night this week and coming home to an empty house and a cold bed. Luke was on tour, you couldn’t even remember what corner of the world he was in right now, all you really knew is that you missed him. You missed him a lot.

Pulling your bag higher onto your shoulder, you walked into the huge doors of your building, nodding at the staff along the way and sipping on your coffee, you couldn’t wait to just get to your office and dive into your work, so maybe, just maybe you could get Luke off your mind.

Making your way through various cubicles and forcing countless fake smiles and overly chipper “Good Morning’s!” you finally arrived to your office, only to find the door wide open, and a huge vase full of your favorite flowers sitting right in the middle of your desk.

Furrowing your eyebrows, you quickly sat your stuff down, and picked up the card that had come with the flowers. Running your thumb over the messy handwriting, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself, Luke always knew just how to make your day, even if it was just with the words, “I miss you.”

“I, ah, I wanted to surprise you.” Your head snapped up as you heard that familiar accent coming from your doorway. Smirking, Luke continued as he sauntered over to you, “But you, my little control freak, are very hard to surprise.” He swiped his tongue over his lips as he stopped right in front of your desk.

“So, I literally had to bribe three of the secretaries here to make them keep a secret, but it was totally worth the look on your face right now baby girl.” he laughed happily. Shaking your head you quickly made your way around your desk to him. Throwing your arms over his shoulders, and his circling your waist, you brought him in for your first kiss in months.

Breaking the kiss with a smile, you shook your head once again, not fully believing he was actually here. “I missed you, so much.” you breathed “I can’t believe you’re here right now.” He chuckled before kissing you again, “Well believe it baby, I’m here,” you squeezed him tighter and rested your head on his chest as he held you to him, “I’m here.”

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Bottom Jed or bottom octavius plz answer

Straddle yourself in for a long awnser ;D

(Might be nsfw)

Okay so I’m 50/50 when it comes to this because if we’re talking about their first time octie would be bottom, since he’ is use to it and dosent want jed to feel uncomfortable, but once jed does feel comfortable enough he would start being bottom, but they wuld switch from time to time.

But I think jed would be a power bottom, and octavius would love it, since jed rides horses most of the time, he’s really good with his hips. Basically if he can ride horses he can ride a cock, also I think octie would be really good with blowjobs, and he also loves being dominated and his hair being pulled and getting bitten. Basically loves pain. Like he may be innocent but loves rough sex.


I know I went a little off topic, but my awnser would be 50/50. :)

Turn Ons

Ass grabbing + slapping
Back scratching
Neck biting
Lip biting
Wall slamming
Urgent kissing
Roaming hands
Thigh kisses
Being pinned/held down
Thigh slapping + grabbing
Being told: “you’re fucking mine”
Male domination

Basically “fucking” is better than “making love”. Period.

My girlfriend and I have come up with nicknames for each other’s “private parts.” Our favorite game is to see how many times we can use them without anyone noticing. My top comment was telling her mother that it was her daughter’s ‘wit and charm’ that first attracted to me. Hers is telling her mom that 'bubbles’ was her favorite toy as a kid. I was initially upset that she named my member “bubbles” until the next thing that came out of her mouth was “I like to blow bubbles”