rough workings


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Sweet harry talk~ Harry giving you tea and chocolate after a rough day at work. And takes you in his arms and cuddles with you. Giving kisses on your Tempel, " I love you so much."

And he’s in sweats and has your favorite shirt of his all lined up for you when you get home, knowing he’s been wearing it all day until right now so it smells like him. He doesn’t understand it but if it makes you happy, he’ll do it.

I wish I had stayed off of tumbler tonight. Extremely rough night at work and then get on here to find out that floriana is stepping down to a recurring character. I don’t know how I feel. On the one hand good for her for wanting to pursue other things. But on the other hand this has now set things up to go horribly wrong for sanvers. I feel like we have been queer baited again and this is the beginning of the end. I’m going to keep thinking positively and keep my fingers crossed that she’ll return as a regular in season 4.

Retail Gothic
  • “Can you check in the back?” The customer asks. Duty makes you say “I’ll take a look.” You know there is nothing in the back. There has never been anything in the back. There is only void.
  • Children are crying in the store. Children are always crying in the store. They start when they enter and stop when they leave. You wonder what they know that you don’t.
  • “Would you like a bag?” The customer is looking at their phone. “My bag is in my car.” Sweat drips down your face. Your hand hesitates. The customer looks up, repeats. “My bag is in my car.” Other customers begin to circle. If you get this wrong they will pounce.
  • The doors are locked, the lights are off. Something pounds on the front. “Are you open?” You huddle in your lane. Your lips form prayers you dare not voice. “I’ll only be a minute. Are you open?”
  • Customers look up. As one, they move to the front. A cashier is alone. It is time to check out.
  • “How are you today? I’m fine thank you.” Scan, bag, repeat. “How are you today? I’m fine thank you.” Repeat. “I’m fine thank you.” Blood drips from your eyes. “I’m fine thank you.” Your smile splits at the corners. “I’m fine thank you. “ The conditioning holds. You Are Fine.
  • The new person complains they are tired, they need a break. You have worked here for years. You cannot remember the last time you took a break. You cannot remember the last time you ate. There is only work. “The Managers want you.” The time has come. You are being Promoted. You are one of Them now.

A new something to tear at ur hearts. o(๑❛ꇳ❛๑)o

Cux I’m really an evil person to the core. <3 

Am sorry but as much as I like Gabe, I like torturing him even more hence I regret nothing. Once again, angst76 shit. :3

Listen, they could slap OUAT into a 3AM timeslot on Tuesdays and my ass would still be there to watch Colin O‘Donoghue sass across my screen as Killian Jones.