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{Reaction} Moaning in front of Monsta X for the first time.

Lee Minhyuk 

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You would be studying something difficult, which would cause you to moan in frustration. But as the noise reaches Minhyuk, it would filter a very different way.

{y/n}: “This is so hard”

Minhyuk: *Hugs you from behind before whispering close to your ear.* “I have something much harder, Jagiya”

Yoo Kihyun

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You were sat on the sofa in your small apartment, both you and Kihyun hugging blankets to get as much warmth as possible. You let out a moan of relief as the heater finally came on.

{y/n}: “Ahh finally, heat.”

Kihyun: *Grabs your wrists and pushes you back on the sofa as he straddles your hips with his thighs* “If you want to feel hot, you should have just asked.”

Shin Ho Seok/ Wonho

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He would be purposefully trying to make you moan. He’d be kissing you deeply and pulling every possible move he could to get a reaction out of you, but grunting with annoyance with each failed attempt as you teased him. When he finally got the sweet sound he wanted, his eyes would turn lustful.

Wonho: “If you’re as smart as you claim, Jagiya, listen to me. Or I might have to get rough.”

Son Hyun Woo/ Shownu 

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Your moans drive him crazy, especially when he’s the one that makes the sound to escape your lips. But the first time he heard it was unexpected to him.

He was cuddling with you on the sofa, watching an old movie. His hand was ‘innocently’ playing with the hem of your shirt, but as his fingertips brushed over skin underneath it, the moan came from you and his eyes flickered from innocent to lustful in a matter of seconds.

Shownu: “… You… Me… Bedroom. Now”

Lim Chang Kyun/ I.M.

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You were making out with him on the sofa and he was about to pull away to ask you if it was a good idea to take this to the bedroom, but when a soft moan escaped from your lips, he changed his mind instantly and took you there and then on the sofa.

I.M: “Keep moaning like that Jagi, and I’ll make you a very happy girl.”

Chae Hyungwon 

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You were going over a script for a new drama. In this particular scene you were supposed to get white I intimidate with the other lead role.  You read over the lines, letting fake moans roll off your tongue until Hyungwon walked in.

{y/n}: “Do my moans sound too fake?”

Hyungwon: “Yes, definately. How about I take you to the bedroom right now so you learn how to do it properly.”

Lee Jooheon

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You moaned as you lay in the blankets of the bed as the warmth surrounded you. You drifted off to sleep but after the sound you just made Jooheon was far from tired.

Jooheon: “Jagi… wake up.”

{y/n}: “What do you want Jooheon, I’m tired.”

Jooheon: “I have a problem and I need your help…”

bn_sj2013: You worked hard, Woo Shik-ah. I was happy when we were together. Choi Woo Shik’s acting - as expected, 👍. Even if I’m married, we’ll still meet.

dntlrdl: Hyung-ah, I love you.

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I read Voyager a long time ago much before the TV series. I remember that Claire (and maybe Jamie) had sexual dreams with each other when they were separated but can't remember exactly those passages. Do you remember? If so, could you post them? Thank you! 😊

“She is gone,” he had said, and turned his face away. “Dinna speak her name to me again.” Loyal as always, Jenny had not, and neither had he. He could not have said what made him say it today; unless perhaps it was the dreams.

He had them often, in varying forms, and it always unsettled him the day after, as though for a moment Claire had really been near enough to touch, and then had drawn away again. He could swear that sometimes he woke with the smell of her on him, musky and rich, pricked with the sharp, fresh scents of leaves and green herbs. He had spilled his seed in his sleep more than once while dreaming, an occurrence that left him faintly shamed and uneasy in mind.


He dreamed of Claire that night. She lay in his arms, heavy-limbed and fragrant. She was with child; her belly round and smooth as a muskmelon, her breasts rich and full, the nipples dark as wine, urging him to taste them.

Her hand cupped itself between his legs, and he reached to return the favor, the small, fat softness of her filling his hand, pressing against him as she moved. She rose over him, smiling, her hair falling down around her face, and threw her leg across him.

“Give me your mouth,” he whispered, not knowing whether he meant to kiss her or to have her take him between her lips, only knowing he must have her somehow.

“Give me yours,” she said. She laughed and leaned down to him, hands on his shoulders, her hair brushing his face with the scent of moss and sunlight, and he felt the prickle of dry leaves against his back and knew they lay in the glen near Lallybroch, and her the color of the copper beeches all around; beech leaves and beechwood, gold eyes and a smooth white skin, skimmed with shadows.

Then her breast pressed against his mouth, and he took it eagerly, drawing her body tight against him as he suckled her. Her milk was hot and sweet, with a faint taste of silver, like a deer’s blood.

“Harder,” she whispered to him, and put her hand behind his head, gripping the back of his neck, pressing him to her. “Harder.”

She lay at her length upon him, his hands holding for dear life to the sweet flesh of her buttocks, feeling the small solid weight of the child upon his own belly, as though they shared it now, protecting the small round thing between their bodies.

He flung his arms about her, tight, and she held him tight as he jerked and shuddered, her hair in his face, her hands in his hair and the child between them, not knowing where any of the three of them began or ended.

He came awake suddenly, panting and sweating, half-curled on his side beneath one of the benches in the cell. It was not yet quite light, but he could see the shapes of the men who lay near him, and hoped he had not cried out. He closed his eyes at once, but the dream was gone. He lay quite still, his heart slowing, and waited for the dawn.



I woke up in the shadowed dark, hands clenched in the bedclothes, heart beating with a force that shook me like the skin of a kettledrum. “Jesus!” I said.

The silk of my nightgown was hot and clinging; looking down, I could dimly see my nipples thrusting through it, hard as marbles. The quivering spasms were still rippling through wrists and thighs, like the aftershocks of an earthquake. I hoped I hadn’t cried out. Probably not; I could hear Brianna’s breathing, untroubled and regular across the room.

I fell back on the pillow, shaking with weakness, the sudden flush washing my temples with damp.

“Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ,” I muttered, breathing deeply as my heart slowly returned to normal.

One of the effects of a disturbed sleep cycle is that one stops dreaming coherently. Through the long years of early motherhood, and then of internship, residency, and nights on-call, I had got used to falling at once into oblivion when I lay down, with such dreams as occurred nothing more than fragments and flashes, restless flickers in the dark as synapses fired at random, recharging themselves for the work of the day that would come too soon.

In more recent years, with the resumption of something resembling a normal schedule, I had begun to dream again. The usual kinds of dreams, whether nightmare or good dream—long sequences of images, wanderings in the wood of the mind. And I was familiar with this kind of dream, too; it was common to what might politely be called periods of deprivation.

Usually, though, such dreams came floating, soft as the touch of satin sheets, and if they woke me, I fell at once back into sleep, glowing dimly with a memory that would not last ‘til morning.

This was different. Not that I remembered much about it, but I had a vague impression of hands that gripped me, rough and urgent, not wooing but compelling. And a voice, nearly shouting, that echoed in the chambers of my inner ear, along with the sound of my fading heartbeat.

-Dragonfly In Amber

Broughty Castle
Dundee, Scotland by Simon Mayson

Completed in 1495 CE, Broughty Castle played a role in the War of the Rough Wooing (1543-1551). After Scotland’s defeat in the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh (1547), the owner of Broughty Castle – Lord Gray of Foullis – surrendered the fortification to the English in exchange for money and fishing rights. It was 1550 before the Scots – with the help of the French – were able to recapture the castle; however, by that point the war was effectively over. 


That’s my homework.

The Other Boleyn Girl RP Starters 4

Part 4/??? Excellent for historical or fantasy RPs, but can be applied elsewhere with a little imagination.

  1. “You stole my lover while I was giving birth to his son!”
  2. “I hear you’ve bedded some slut,”
  3. “No one orders me!”
  4. “No one insults me!”
  5. “You are not to distress yourself,”
  6. “_____, I fear for you,”
  7. “I have nothing to fear. Nothing to fear, nothing to look for, and nowhere to go,”
  8. “A girl. What good is a girl to us?”
  9. “We should get a midwife,”
  10. “We can’t lose her, we can’t bear to lose her,”
  11. “I have come seeking the sunshine of your court,”
  12. “I have married a man. And I am carrying his child,”
  13. “I have been watching the snow all morning.”
  14. “Have you become a rustic, my love?”
  15. “You look very pale,”
  16. “The court is no place for a baby,”
  17. “I’m in little danger of rough wooing,”
  18. “Want someone to love you? Want someone dead?”
  19. “Run off to Sir Nobody and have a sweaty little thump, why don’t you?
  20. “I’ll get you some mulled wine,”
  21. “Sleep. I’ll stay with you tonight,”
  22. “Shall I have new gowns?”
  23. “Brush my hair. Nobody does it like you,”
  24. “You had a fall from your horse,”
  25. “I thought you would die,”
  26. “I’m not a horse. I don’t like to be patted like one,”
  27. “If I catch her looking at him with that Mother of God smile on her face I’ll slap it off her,”
  28. “Do I have to be always alone?”
  29. “You chose to be queen. I warned you it wouldn’t bring you joy,”
  30. “If you go one flirting with the king with those sickly little smiles​, one of us is going to scratch your eyes out,”
  31. “What was I to do? When he insults me before the whole of court?”
  32. “This time we can’t hide it. They all saw,”
  33. “I can’t see it! I can’t comprehend what’s happened to us!”
  34. “I thought you might be afraid to touch me,”
  35. “By God I hope it kills her. If she gets her hand on my crown, and her arse on my throne I hope it is the death of her,”

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The Birth of Mary, Queen of Scots:

On the 8th of December 1542, nearly a month after the defeat of the Scottish troops at Solway Moss, Princess Mary Stewart was born on Linlithgow Palace. She was the only surviving child of Mary of Guise and James V of Scotland. Unlike his father who had died in the battlefield, nearly three decades before him, James V died as a result of an illness

“There is no record that James ever saw his daughter, though he might have had time to do so before he was laid low by severe illness.” (Porter)

James V died six days after Mary’s birth, making Mary the first Christ Queen Regnant of the British Isles. She was crowned the following year, being less than a year old. There is a tradition that when James V heard of his daughter’s birth that he said “It came with a lass and it will end with a lass.” But this as Porter points out, given how ill he was, it is highly dubious that he was able to utter such coherent words. But for historical novelists, this makes up for good drama no doubt.

Mary, Queen of Scots as she became known became part of the ‘Rough Wooing’ –this was an aggressive Anglo-Scottish policy that was Henry VIII’s brainchild. He sought to have the Scottish nobles he captured during the battle return to Scotland with the mission to convince the Queen Dowager and the other nobles to his proposal of a betrothal between her and his son (then) Prince Edward.

At one point, when her father’s body wasn’t yet cold, Henry VIII attempted to invade Scotland and there was one man who firmly opposed this and this was none other than John Dudley who’s reputation hasn’t been so good thanks in part to his former allies turning against him when the going got tough following the Jane Grey fiasco and pop culture.

Before Christmas of that year, John Dudley voiced his concerns, saying that “seeing that God hath thus disposed his will of the said King of Scots, I thought it should not be to Your Majesty’s honor, that we your soldiers should make war or invade upon a dead body or upon a widow or upon a young suckling…”

When the King died, a man who continued Henry VIII’s aggressive policy under his royal nephew and new King was Edward Seymour, newly named Lord Protector and Duke of Somerset.

Somerset had no intention for diplomacy. As far as he was concerned, diplomacy was failing. The Scots could understand he meant business by only one way and that was through fire and blood. Pillaging and heavy artillery. Although this did the trick, planting fear into the Scots’ hearts, it also strengthened Mary of Guise and her allies’ resolve. She decided to stall and secretly sent her daughter, her companions, among them the well-known four Maries, her half brother (Moray, who would return shortly after), to France where she would meet her future spouse, the future King of France, Francois.

Mary, Queen of Scots has a lot of detractors and defenders and seldom any people in between. On the one hand you have this naïve girl who was well-educated, who loved playing sports, and dressed in men’s clothes for that, and was also very beautiful, and had received not a lot of training to be a ruler but more how to be a Queen Consort while she was in France, but on the other hand, you also have a girl who caught on pretty fast and who wanted to reconcile both factions of her country, Protestant and Catholic, and tried her best but failed. And then tried again, using conspiracy to oust her cousin Queen Elizabeth when she didn’t agree to reinstate her. And this last act of hers not only failed but ended with her being sentenced to death. This was extremely painful as her executioner botched it and it took more than one blow to finish the deed.
The truth is likely somewhere in between. Mary was a quick learner, well-learned, fashionable Queen, but at the same time, she was also tired after years of trying and having little to show for it except plotters at every turn who hated her because of her sex and religion and for refusing to give up. When she finally gave up, she tried to rise up but once again she felt defeated and sought her cousin Queen Elizabeth I of England for help and as previously stated, when she realized this was a huge mistake, she plotted against her and this ended with terrible results. She was much a victim of circumstance as of her own actions and rearing.


·         Tudors vs Stewarts by Linda Porter

·         Ten Tudor Statesmen by Arthur D. Innes

·         Tudor. Passion. Murder. Manipulation by Leanda de Lisle

·         On this day in Tudor History by Claire Ridgway

·         The Tudors by John Guy

She scowled again, her face all horse teeth and glowering suspicion. “You’ll wear your chains, Kingslayer.”
“You figure to row all the way to King’s Landing, wench?”
“You will call me Brienne. Not wench.”

* * *

“You will be courteous as concerns Cersei, wench,” he warned her.”
“My name is Brienne, not wench.”
“What do you care what a monster calls you?”
“My name is Brienne,” she repeated, dogged as a hound.”

* * *

“Tell me, wench, are all the women on Tarth as homely as you? I pity the men, if so. Perhaps they do not know what real women look like, living on a dreary mountain in the sea.”
“Tarth is beautiful,” the wench grunted between strokes. “The Sapphire Isle, it’s called. Be quiet, monster, unless you mean to make me gag you.”

* * *

“You’re a bloody stupid wench,” he told her. “We could have sailed on without you. I suppose you expect me to thank you?”
“I want none of your thanks, Kingslayer. I swore an oath to bring you safe to King’s Landing.”
“And you actually mean to keep it?” Jaime gave her his brightest smile. “Now there’s a wonder.”

* * *

“Frightened of a few corpses, wench?” Jaime said.
She glared at him. “My name is—”
“—Brienne, yes.”

* * *

“Don’t presume to judge what you do not understand, wench.”
“My name is—”
“—Brienne, yes. Has anyone ever told you that you’re as tedious as you are ugly?”

* * *

“If you won’t be quiet, you leave me no choice but to gag you, Kingslayer.”
“Unchain my hands and I’ll play mute all the way to King’s Landing. What could be fairer than that, wench?”
“Brienne! My name is Brienne!” Three crows went flapping into the air, startled at the sound.”

* * *

“You can stand a watch without weapons.” She rose.
“Chained to a tree? Perhaps I could. Or perhaps I could make my own bargain with the next lot of outlaws and let them slit that thick neck of yours, wench.”
“I will not arm you. And my name is—”
“—Brienne, I know. I’ll swear an oath not to harm you, if that will ease your girlish fears.”

* * *

Somehow Brienne had gotten her own blade out in time. Jaime laughed. “Very good, wench.”
“Give me the sword, Kingslayer.”
“Oh, I will.” He sprang to his feet and drove at her, the longsword alive in his hands.”

* * *

“Not bad at all,” he said when he paused for a second to catch his breath, circling to her right.
“For a wench?”
“For a squire, say. A green one.”

* * *

“I hope you’re pleased, wench,” Jaime whispered at Brienne. He coughed, and spat out a mouthful of blood. “If you’d armed me, we’d never have been taken.” She made no answer. There’s a pig-stubborn bitch, he thought. But brave, yes. He could not take that from her. “When we make camp for the night, you’ll be raped, and more than once,” he warned her. “You’d be wise not to resist. If you fight them, you’ll lose more than a few teeth.”
He felt Brienne’s back stiffen against his. “Is that what you would do, if you were a woman?”
If I were a woman I’d be Cersei. “If I were a woman, I’d make them kill me.”

* * *

Two nights passed in silence before the wench finally found the courage to whisper, “Jaime? Why did you shout out?”
“Why did I shout ‘sapphires,’ you mean? Use your wits, wench. Would this lot have cared if I shouted ‘rape’?”
“You did not need to shout at all.”

* * *

“How did you come by this one?” the maester asked.
“A wench’s gift.”
“Rough wooing, my lord?”
“This wench is bigger than me and uglier than you. You’d best see to her as well. She’s still limping on the leg I pricked when we fought.”

* * *

“Brienne wore the same ill-fitting gown she’d worn to supper with Roose Bolton. No shield, no breastplate, no chainmail, not even boiled leather, only pink satin and Myrish lace. Maybe the goat thought she was more amusing when dressed as a woman. Half her gown was hanging off in tatters, and her left arm dripped blood where the bear had raked her.
At least they gave her a sword. The wench held it one-handed, moving sideways, trying to put some distance between her and the bear. That’s no good, the ring’s too small. She needed to attack, to make a quick end to it. Good steel was a match for any bear. But the wench seemed afraid to close. The Mummers showered her with insults and obscene suggestions.
“This is none of our concern,” Steelshanks warned Jaime. “Lord Bolton said the wench was theirs, to do with as they liked.”
“Her name’s Brienne.” Jaime descended the steps, past a dozen startled sellswords.”

* * *

“Ser Jaime?” Even in soiled pink satin and torn lace, Brienne looked more like a man in a gown than a proper woman. “I am grateful, but … you were well away. Why come back?”
A dozen quips came to mind, each crueler than the one before, but Jaime only shrugged. “I dreamed of you,” he said.”

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I have a feeling you asked this before but what kind of boyfriend do you think Dylan would have been?

Dylan would’ve been on cloud nine had he managed to land a girlfriend.  Once he got past those initial first few dates and the awkwardness had given way to the strong feelings finally admitted and revealed between one another, Dylan would’ve been in an absolute state of euphoria. He’d have been smiling that bunched-up, goofy smile but blushing far less out of shyness and rather more out of beaming and radiating in that heady  ‘state of love’ for ‘his girl’.  He would’ve been positively giddy, with much more energy about him, literally love drunk.  In love with love itself. All part of the Libra in Venus energy too.  The feeling of love and affection for his girl would’ve given him new found purpose..with everything.

Even in just the simplest forms of expression, everything would’ve been heightened with intensity.  Just the sensation of her wrapping her hand within his and interlocking her fingers in his own, that feeling the warmth of another girl’s fingers entwined within his own, he could’ve died and gone to heaven quite happily in just the pure intensity of such basic demonstrations of love and affection. I think Dylan as a boyfriend, slowly learning to reveal more aspects of his true self and trusting that he would not be met with rejection, would’ve allowed him to easily align with his girl.  You may as well say he’d have imprinted on her because he would’ve found himself being naturally quite devoted and loyal to her.  He’d have followed her lead at first with the initiating of their couple-ness. She would’ve met up with him in the hallway in between their classes and slid her hand within his while walking down the hallway with him, initating conversation as she looked up at him and Dylan would’ve secretly basked in those small, precious moments together. It wouldn’t be long before his hand automatically reached out and sought her own confidently as they walked from school to his car.  He’d be thinking of her in class and the next opportunity he’d have to lay eye’s on her and drink her in - lunchtime, perhaps? He’d be distracted in class reliving glimpses of moments of being in her midst but simultaneously, he would’ve somehow managed a breathe of motivation to do better in his classes because of the prize that awaited him after class. The purpose in his ‘state of love’ would mean better concerted effort in general with many things he didn’t really give a shit about before. 

Dylan would’ve invited her over to help her with math homework and in helping her to do better, making her laugh in between her furrowed brow of concentration, would have given him a jolt of energy to finish that ‘fucking French essay’ plus wrap-up that last chapter of required reading with plenty of time.  Love would be the drug for Dylan, that shot in the arm and she his Muse.  Then they’d kill some time on the couch watching movies where fifteen minutes in she would’ve slid her legs over onto his lap as he drap his lanky arm about her and scoop her close within his embrace their hands interlocked and caressing. He’d share his super secret patented maneuvers with her while teaching her a game of Quake and she’d surprise him with a secret door he hadn’t yet stumble upon before which seemed to make perfect sense to her. A women’s intuition?   She’d drop over his house on the weekend while Dylan was in the midst of a death match beta test wad with Eric but it wouldn’t be too terribly long before distraction would set in with his girl planting herself on his knee and stealing kisses on his neck. Suddenly, devoting three hours worth of video games on Saturday and reaching that next level of bloody gory kills seemed not entirely as important as laying on his bed snuggling and softly kissing his girl while it rained outside. Taking a nap and then talking about the meaning of life or imitating that stuffy math teacher with the high pitched voice until they were in a fit of laughter and wrestling onto the floor.

Of course, Dylan would still hang out with Eric. I think he’d be super sensitive to make the concerted time for his best bud because he’d be able to put himself in Eric’s shoes and wouldn’t want his dude to feel abandoned and kicked to the curb. Dylan as per usual would try to be all things to all people to not let them down even now when his time was considerably vested with his girlfriend. He’d try to still make the usual time with Zach on the phone at night, keeping up with the Fantasy Baseball (and even asking his girl for her thoughts on certain plays because he’d want her input) or hanging out with Nate, Chris and all the dude friends. Rock n Bowl on the weekends would now consist of Dylan and his girl and the rest of the gang hanging out - but at the same time, he’d feel the pull of wanting to park his Beamer in a quiet corner of Clement Park and disappearing with his girl during lunchtime on a Friday afternoon.  He’d like the idea of it just being the two of them alone together, an island on to themselves, especially the more relaxed and genuine he could feel in her company where they could just ‘be’ to feel free to talk about anything, to clown around and to physically be close. I think that cuddling would be a crucial expression of affection for Dylan because it allow for that sense of grounding safeness, a sort of touchstone that would allow permission to explore further on a more deeper intimate level of expression.

When the two would fight, it would be hard for Dylan to articulate because he wouldn’t want to cause her upset or allow her to see that ‘negative’ side of himself. It would amount to him fearing rejection.  He would get moody and sullen and maybe even act like nothing was wrong but she could tell there was. When she tried to engage him in an argument, he’d clam up until he’d reach the point where he’d have spurts of angry words in return with her. As a boyfriend it would be a challenge to get him to express his negative feelings and upsets, to help him identify and put voice to what he was actually feeling and without withholding or suppressing. In the midst of a making up, Dylan would probably knee-jerk apologize profusely. He wouldn’t quite be comfortable or smooth with the romancing stuff like remembering to open the car door for her on a date or giving her flowers, something that is probably more Eric’s concerted style of wooing.  Dylan would be a diamond in the rough with traditional ‘romance’ wooing though when he got that it would please her, he’d learn how to court his girl given time, experience and feeling more self confident in himself.  But he would surely write her secret love notes, serious to silly poems and slip them in her locker or share a bag of his favorite cookies only with her. He’d be respectful of his girl and would treat her well.  Dylan did not like the idea of guys treating their chicks poorly and he mentioned this a couple of times in his writings.  He’d be protective of her too but direct confrontation would be the last resort in her defense as mentioned previously here.

Woo Enterprises (Pt.1)

A/N: So as J Vs T is coming to an end, I thought I’d start writing my new fic. Please please please tell me what you think, how I can improve or whether I should continue or not. Thanks! x

This was it. My new start. Everything of my past was behind me…well, as much as it could be. I was a young woman setting out into the world. No longer were the bullies of high school or the aimless time wasting days. No longer did I have to put up with my parents arguments or my siblings’ petty fights. I was a working, independent 19 year old. 

As I walked through the office building on my first day, I felt every set of eyes on me whilst the air was filled with ringing phones. I’d somehow managed to earn one of the highest reception jobs for Woo Enterprises. There was an opening place, so using the only qualification I’d got from my many absent days of high school, my IT skills landed me the position. The interview had been a breeze, only because Mrs Woo was such a lovely lady. She understood my circumstances and said my skills would be best utilised here. 

“Ah, Y/N, good to see you again.” Mrs Woo called me over to her. She was leaning on a desk where a young, but older than me, looking girl was playing with her headset. 

“You too Mrs Woo.” I bowed politely and she let out a little chuckle. 

“No need for the formalities Y/N. How are you feeling?” She asked kindly, beginning to walk to the coffee machine as I followed behind. 

“A little nervous but I’ll be fine once I’ve settled in.” I answered honestly, feeling as if I was talking to my own mother. She handed me a coffee before making one for herself. Then we were moving through the office. 

“No need for nerves. I know you are more than capable for the job.” She told me as she pressed the elevator button. I was slightly confused, my interview and induction had both been on this floor, in her office. There was no need to use the elevator. 

“Where are we going?” I asked stepping in the elevator after her. The kind smile on her face prevented my panic as she pressed the 10th floor button, all the way at the top of the building. 

“This is where your office is. This department is by far the busiest, it’s where most of the CEOs are, as well as where all the company meetings take place.” She explained. I nodded, following her like a little puppy as she lead me through more staring eyes. I heard whispers from all around, as well as a faint yelling sound. I kept my head down, hearing sickeningly sweet voices call hello to Mrs Woo from the workers. 

“Where will I be?” I asked as we reached closer to the end of the long passageway filled with boxed off cubicles for three or four workers. Then we reached the end of the hallway. There was a single desk, not boxed off like the others which faced all the other workers. 

“Here.” She stated but it was clear from my name plate on the desk. I nodded, smiling weakly as I grew nervous, looking back at all the workers staring at us. There was a door to the left of my desk with Woo Jiho on a plaque. The arguing had grown incredibly loud where we were standing.

“And you’ll be down there?” I asked worriedly, pointing to the floor, knowing that Mrs Woo’s office was on the floor we’d just come from. Floor 3. 

She chuckled and nodded her head. She opened her mouth to speak again when suddenly the door beside us opened. A young, beautiful woman stepped out with the evilest frown on her face. Her fluffy coat made her look like a vulture. Her hair was tied up into the tightest bun I’d ever seen, it pulled the skin of her face back too. I looked away from her deathly glare as she eyed me and Mrs Woo. She slammed the door hard, making us both jump as she stormed through the office on her high heels. I swallowed nervously. Was that my boss? 

“Come on, let’s go meet Jiho.” Mrs Woo said softly, holding my arm as she lead me through the previously slammed door. My heart stopped as a blonde man, covered in tattoos which were noticeable through his white button up paced up and down behind his desk. He was a lot younger than Mrs Woo, it was clear by his face even with the stern frown and the style he presented. 

“Wow, Mrs Woo, I didn’t take you for a cougar.” I chuckled, stopping myself immediately when I realised how inappropriate that was. My eyes widened as the man twisted his neck to glare into my eyes. Mrs Woo chuckled too, covering her mouth with her hand that wasn’t holding my arm. 

“Oh so you’re hiring comedians now?” Jiho, I assume that was him, glared deeply at us, gesturing his hand towards me. His tone was spiteful and he was giving off an intimidating vibe. I stayed quiet, feeling more nervous as Mrs Woo let go of my arm. 

“Jiho, that’s enough!” She yelled, I’d never heard her be so stern. She made her way across the room, towards the desk. Jiho growled and slumped back into his chair, raising his feet onto the desk. “Whatever problems you have with Mei Ju are not to be taken out on anyone else!”

Jiho feel quiet, looking down at his hands as Mrs Woo spoke to him. I took my time looking around to almost empty room. It was very barely decorated apart from a few quotes like poetry and a picture of a gangster looking person wearing a grill. 

“Y/N,” I was called back to reality by Mrs Woo’s soothing voice. I raised my eyebrows looking over at her. “This is my son, Woo Jiho.” 

I widened my eyes, quickly noting that Jiho was Mrs Woo’s son, not her husband. “Hello.” I said quickly and bowed as I noticed his glare, not as intimidating as before because of the smirk that appeared on his lips. 

“I can assure you, he’s not always this ignorant.” She hissed, looking back at her son who still had his eyes fixated on me. I swallowed loudly as I subconsciously began fiddling with the hem of my skirt. 

It was his phone ringing that broke the silence. I jumped slightly as he looked down at the phone, picking it up. “Woo Enterprises, Jiho speaking.” 

There were girly giggles heard from the end of the line as Jiho’s smirk grew wider. He fiddled his pen around his rough fingers as Mrs Woo rolled her eyes.

“Okay, I’ll send her now. Thanks darling.” Jiho replied, hanging up the phone before looking up at his mother. “You’re wanted in your office.”

Mrs Woo glared at him suspiciously before walking back over to where I was standing, still near the door. “Y/N, I hope you have a nice first day. Give me a call if you need anything, my number is the second line on your desk phone.” She opened the door, staring back at her son. “Oh and Jiho, behave.” She warned him before closing the door behind her. 

I noticed Jiho looking at me, so I turned around to open the door when I heard his voice. “Sit.” He instructed me, gesturing towards the seat opposite him on the other side of his desk. 

I walked towards him cautiously, feeling glad I’d worn my shoes with only a little heel. I tugged the bottom of my skirt as I sat down, looking down at my blouse to make sure none of the buttons had come undone. 

“What’s your name?” He asked casually, leaning back in his seat. 

“Y/N.” I replied quietly, looking directly at his desk so I wouldn’t have to look in his eyes. They were so captivating. 

“Well Miss Y/N, do you have any questions for me?” He asked, almost a sarcastic hint to his voice. Jiho reminded me of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Even though he was being nice, you could tell there was something more to him. 

After thinking for a moment or two, I asked the first thing I could think of. “What should I call you?” 

The look on his face was smug as he leaned forward on his elbows. He leaned his head on his hand as he stared into my soul. “Call me Mr Woo, no wait, that’s too formal. But Jiho isn’t appropriate for my position of standing. I know, Sir. You like Sir?” 

I nodded immediately, biting my lip nervously as his eyes flicked up and down my body. My hands pressed against my skirt as I crossed my legs, feeling my cheeks heat up. Jiho let out a sigh of relief as he leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes as I noticed how defined his jaw line was. I swallowed loudly as I imagined running my lips along it. Damn it Y/N, he’s your boss. 

He opened his eyes suddenly, cracking his knuckles one by one as I began picturing what his masculine hands could do to my body. I whimpered softly, a familiar ache between my thighs made me cross my legs further. Jiho stared at me as he stretched his hands before settling them on the arms of his chair. 

“I see you are aware of our dress code, Miss Y/N.” His eyes travelled up and down my body again. I looked down at myself, nodding quickly as I agreed with everything he said. Something I promised myself I’d never do after last time.

“Is there something wrong with this?” I asked suddenly, finding the urge to please him. His tone was so unreadable, so thick I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or not. 

Jiho chuckled, leaning forward again as his eyes rested on my chest. “I don’t see anything I don’t like.” He answered my question, his bottom lip protruding. My heart began to speed us as I watched Jiho looking at me. I had to admit, he was one of the most beautiful people I’d ever seen. He was so charming. So familiar, for all the wrong reasons.

“Any other questions for me? I’m often a busy man so if you have any queries, it’s best to open up to me now.” His smirk became more apparent with the end of his words. I thought for a second, finding my head to be clouded with bad thoughts about the man in front of me. 

“Why do you call me Miss?” I found myself asking the question before I’d even thought it through. It was probably his thing. Something he did to everyone. What a stupid question Y/N, he just said he’s busy and here you are wasting his time.

“Well I assume you’re not married,” Jiho said, making me shake my head in agreement to him. “And you’re a young woman,” he added, making me nod in agreement again. “So I think you’ll find that Miss is the correct prefix for you, don’t you think?” 

“Yes Sir.” I nodded again quickly, seeing the look of delight on his face from being right. 

“Good girl.” Jiho whispered, smirking at me deviously as he bit down on his bottom lip. I felt his words wash over me as my body began to heat up. 

Before I could respond, the knock on the door threw my out of my trance. As it opened, one of the girls who was staring at me and Mrs Woo stumbled in. Her skirt was a lot higher than mine, barely covering her thighs and her shirt was three sizes too small. She giggled, leaning against the door frame as she played with the clipboard that she’d skilfully placed under her boobs to push them up. “Oh.” She mumbled, glaring at me when she noticed my presence.

“Yes Sue Ya?” Jiho spoke, seeming to have to expression, in his voice or face. 

“Your meeting starts soon Mr Jiho.” The sluttiness could be heard in her voice. I chuckled slightly, shaking my head as the fake innocent smile reappeared on her face. 

My chuckle caught the attention of Jiho as his eyes shot back towards me for a second, smirking before looking back at the door. “I know, I have it written down.” 

“I know, but I just couldn’t wait to tell you.” Really? That was the best excuse she could come up with? I mean, I wasn’t bright but if she had a job here, no wonder Mrs Woo thought I’d do great. I rolled my eyes at her attempt to flirt with her boss. 

Jiho smiled fakely, standing up from his seat as he strode past me, towards the door. “Thank you, Sue Ya. Remember what I told you about knocking?” His eyebrows raised as he stood over the girl who obviously loved the attention. 

She pretended to stumble forward, resting her hand on his lower stomach lightly as she looked up at him. “Don’t come unless you say I can?” The emphasis on come made me laugh loudly at her desperate attempt. I slapped my hand over my mouth when I realised how loud I laughed, both their heads turning to face me. 

“Alright. Now go back to your desk and get some work done.” He told her, making her nod as he shut the door once she’d gone. I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms as he strutted confidently over to the desk, leaning against the side closest to me. He still had the smug smile plastered on his flawless face. 

“Someone’s got attitude.” He raised his eyebrows, crossing his arms across what I imagined to be a remarkably toned chest. His biceps were almost bursting out of his shirt as I licked my lips before frowning up at me. 

“Yeah, maybe that skank has.” I mumbled, before closing my eyes shut tightly, realising yet again how inappropriate that was. It was him! He made this side of me come out.

His chuckle made me open my eyes again. Realising I wasn’t going to get fired. “I think you’re a little jealous that she got to touch me.” He smirked, biting his plump lip as he leaned back on his hands, giving me a good idea from the tight shirt what was lying underneath. 

“Are you always this self obsessed?” I snapped back, getting uncomfortable of how close he was getting to uncovering my secret attraction for this man I’d known for five bloody minutes!

“Oh come on Y/N,” He chuckled. For the first time since I’d entered the room, he was talking to me like a casual friend, rather than being intimidating. “I’ve been seeing the way you look at me since you walked through the door. Don’t try and deny it.” 

I didn’t. I chuckled, rolling my eyes again as I stood up, pushing my skirt down a little. “Do you have any work for me to do?” I raised my eyebrows, not being able to stop the smirk on my face as he gave me a shocked look. 

“You’re sassy missy.” He shook his head, still smiling as he walked towards me. “Anyone in the office would pay to spend time like this with me.” He smirked as our bodies became centimetres apart. 

“I’m being serious,” I chuckled, not really proving my point. “What can I do for you?”

“Y/N,” Jiho almost growled, going back to the dark, demanding boss like before. My heart skipped a beat when he said my name, I wasn’t nervous, yet at the thought of disappointing him, I grew worried. “You forgot something.” 

I knew straight away what he was talking about. I had thought about it myself, but not gotten it out in time before my throat grew dry. Jiho’s breath was hot on my forehead, he was much taller than me. “What can I do for you, Sir?”

I looked up at him, seeing him look past my eyes, directly down my top. “Good girl.” He whispered. I grew nervous, placing my hand on his chest to push him away slightly. He stumbled back a centimetre or two, raising his eyebrows.  “I said you just wanted to touch me.” He winked, smirking at me as I blushed wildly. “All your work is on your desk, but don’t be afraid to come see me if you need a hand with anything.” He winked again, making my head spin as I nodded quickly, spinning around to face the door before swiftly walking out of it. 

I shut the door behind me, relaxing a little as I made my way to sit at my desk, only a few steps from his door. I read through the notes on my desk before looking up, seeing most of the women in the department glaring at me from across the room. This job was going to be a lot different than I thought.


I wanna tell you about the best revolution (sorry, America)! This is a minicomic for Stout Comics Club; They’re going to be absolutely tiny, so the shading is VERY ROUGH! Woo! These will be for sale at a convention sometime soon as part of the grab-bag boxes, I’ll be sure to post where and when.

The cover actually has shiny gold ink – the original is being kept here.

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