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Crossovers between Danny Phantom and Gravity Falls are perfect because 

  • Ghost boy meets mystery twins
  • Hilarious misunderstandings when Dipper inevitably tries to exorcise Danny
  • Danny finding another family that has a spooky portal in the basement
  • Grunkle Stan meeting a whole family of supernatural nutjobs and being like “oh hell no not in my house”
  • It would make sense for Wendy to be related to the Fentons because we know for a fact that Maddie’s sister is a redhead that roughs it in the woods. What if she named Danny after her brother, “Manly” Dan?
I Can Love You Better... Chanyeol Smut

You were angry. In fact, you were fuming. There he was, the guy who was your one and only, clearly did not see you that way as well as he was currently sat at the window seat booth of your favourite restaurant, where he used to bring you, with a super skinny blonde girl holding hands and sharing a glass of wine and a meal. ‘I should have known’, you thought.

He told you he was going out with a few friends for some drinks and so you decided to do a bit of shopping to pass the evening away. After finishing your shopping trip, feeling exhilarated and excited to show him your sexy new dress you had bought, concealing it under your trench coat, now you were stood in the porch of the little café across the street burning holes with your eyes into his skull. How could he?

You acted on impulse, striding up to the window and knocking on it. When the pair of them looked up at you, a look of shock took over his face but you did not care for him, or her right now, you just needed to get away. You mouthed an ‘It’s over’ to him through the glass and turned and got into the first taxi cab that came.

Once you arrived back to your apartment, you packed some clothes and essentials into a suitcase, grabbed the keys to your car and drove to your parent’s old cabin in the woods a little way out of town. He did not know about this cabin which is why you thought it would be the best place to stay to clear your head. He never wanted to talk about you, only himself. It took about half an hour before you turned up the dirt path that led towards the side of the mountain, towards the cabin, and then a further couple of minutes until you were deep in the forest.

You reached the gate and rummaged around in your purse for your key before leaving the warmth and safety of your car and rushing to the gate, sliding the key into the lock, your hands shaking from anger and the cold. You parked your car outside of the front steps, grabbed your suitcase from the backseat and hauled it inside slamming the door shut behind you. You dragged the case and your bag into the main bedroom and pushed it against the wall next to the oak door, your anger dissipating when you glanced around the room and the familiar setting, breathing in the scent of pine and fresh air. You never truly realised how much you missed the cabin until now.

Bending down to put some logs into the fire and lighting it with a match, you unfastened the belt from your coat to let the warmth from the fire touch your cold skin, immediately relaxing you when you were warmed from head to toe. You could tell your parents had not been here in a while as there were still many logs for the fire and the whiskey decanter had not been touched! You contemplated whether you wanted to drink in your current state as it was supposedly a depressant; you didn’t need to be more depressed! You decided on a pouring yourself a single whiskey as to not drink your feelings away. Once the liquid reached past your lips and down your throat, it was warm and strong like the fire but did not burn like you remembered it used too. You sunk down into the chair by the fire and began to relax until you heard a howl in the distance. Your eyes shot open, there couldn’t be wolves around, could there?

“I don’t remember my parents telling me anything about wolves before” you muttered to yourself as your strode over to the window, glancing cautiously at the dark trees that were concealing everything that lie beyond. You shook your head, thinking you had probably imagined the noise, and walked to the bedroom to check your phone. As expected, multiple messages from your ex saying he was ‘sorry’ and that ‘it wasn’t what it looked like’.

“Pfft, as if you can fool me with that” you mumbled distastefully, your anger rising in you again but this time it was accompanied by something else. Sadness. You wondered how he could do this and how he could feel no guilt for his actions. A single tear rolled down your cheek which you quickly swiped away. Fastening your coat and downing the rest of the whiskey, you rushed out of the door and into the forest. You knew this mountain like the back of your hand so you knew you would not get lost, but you could not shake the feeling that in the dark, something or someone was watching you. The forest was chilling at night. Each bend you turned in the path, you expected to be greeted by some machete wielding axe murderer from the horror movies or a dangerous animal, but nothing was there. You were all alone.

You came upon a clearing in which a tree stump sat peacefully in the centre. You ran to it, sat down clutching your face in your hands and began to cry. The tears did not stop falling as you wept alone in the forest, not noticing the crunching of branches from behind you over your cries. You heard a thud from behind you and instantly stopped crying and sat up silently. You didn’t want to know what was behind you, as you stood wearily and turning slowly on the spot. You gasped at the great, black furred wolf stood on the other side of the tree stump. You were frozen, you didn’t dare move as the wolf bounded towards the stump and leapt onto it with ease, staring at you with its bright blue eyes and pacing on the tree stump. You backed away as slowly as you could, the wolf’s eyes boring into yours, your heart caught in your throat and beating so loud you thought the wolf could hear it. ‘The cabin is just beyond the trees, I can make it there before the wolf’ you thought, gulping down the flood of saliva in your mouth. You heaved a deep breath, rotated on your heel and ran. Ran as fast as you could the way you came, not daring to look behind you at the source of the snarls and growls.

You slammed the door shut and thrust the key into the lock, sighing in relief as you walked backwards to find the table eyes fixed on the backdoor. However, you did not hit the table on your trek backwards, your back was met with a solid chest and your body was cast in a shadow towering over you.

You spun around and were met with a pair of bright blue eyes attached to a tall, brown haired man. Not a wolf. These were the wolf’s eyes though, you had stared at them for so long you could not shake the image from your head. He stared at your petrified frame, and laughed in a deep resonating voice, stalking towards you as the wolf had. As he took a step forward, you took one back until you hit the door, desperately trying to unlock it fast enough but you were met with no success. He pinned you to the door, a hand on your lower back to press you against it as the other snaked its way across your cheek, stroking it in a loving manner, something your ex never did. You wanted to say something to stop him, but you choked on your words, enjoying the feeling this stranger’s hands felt against you.

“You-You’re the wolf” you cried.

“It’s ok, I’m not going to hurt you, unless of course…you’d like me to” he whispered in your ear, licking a wet stripe up the side of your neck before spinning you around to face him. As you looked up at your captor, his eyes were on the floor as he frowned at it, anger stretching across his face causing him to tighten his grip on you and you to wince at the pressure of it.

“I’m so sorry” he said as he loosened his grip “I just-I can’t believe he cheated on you, that motherfucker!” he growled letting you go and slamming his hand against the adjacent wall, startling you.

“How-how do you know about that?” you uttered almost inaudibly but he caught your words and looked up at you, a saddened and angry look in his eyes.

“I-I’ve been following you for a while, keeping an eye on you. I used to see you come up here with your family when you were 10. I was only a teenager but I knew from the second I saw you, that you were the one” he sighed averting his eyes, highly expecting your reaction to be bad. But you were not creeped out, you felt warm and giggled at the thought. He glanced at you in concern.

“What’s so funny?” he asked. You chuckled some more, blushing as he stared at you further.

“You loved me all that time, and you didn’t talk to me or come to meet me?” you smiled at him, admiring the way his smile lit up his face.

“I love you (Y/N), and I always wanted to make you mine but that-that fool got in the way, but I kept my distance, watching for any slip up he might make and tonight he made a gargantuan mistake and he lost you” he smiled wickedly at his words and turned his gaze to you. He walked briskly over to you and slid his arm around your waist and cupped your face, placing his forehead against yours.

“(Y/N), let me show you how much I love you. Let me prove where that prick did not deserve to be. Let me prove myself” he put extra emphasis on the word ‘prick’ and you understood what he intended to do.

“What’s your name?” you asked wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning into him and biting his earlobe.

“Chanyeol” he groaned as you licked at the spot behind his ear.

“Ah, Chanyeol, at least I know what to moan now” you uttered in his ear. You knew you were poking the wasps nest by teasing a wolf but you wanted him all the same, a sudden change in demeanour to one of love and lust. You had read about werewolves everywhere but nothing could have prepared you for him.

He grabbed your hair and yanked your head back, exposing your neck to him. Using his long, pointed tongue he licked from the base of your neck over your chin and connected his lips with yours. As his tongue began to explore your mouth, you could feel his teeth had become sharper and were now pointed like fangs. You gasped as he bit your lip, blood beading on your skin before he licked the beads away, swiping his tongue back into your mouth, accompanied now with a metallic taste.

“I could just eat you up” he growled, hooking your legs around his waist as he carried you to the bedroom. He laid you gently back onto the bed and stood at the foot of it to remove his shirt and jeans before crawling towards you.

“Chanyeol, can you help me with my dress?” you questioned innocently, pulling slightly on the zipper at the front of the dress, exposing your lacy bra to him, leaving so much more to the imagination. His eyes began to glow an even brighter blue as he came to hover over you, teeth and claws bared, as he pulled the zipper slowly down your body, watching in amazement as the fabric parted to reveal your lace clad body. He lifted you carefully and pulled the dress from beneath you, connecting his lips to yours as his hands wormed their way around your back. With a flick of his fingers your bra was off and his fingers began to knead your breasts, rolling your erect buds between his index finger and thumb. He caught your moan with his mouth attached to yours and he carefully began to drag his claws over your other breast and down your body, sending chills up your spine. Once he reached your panties, he swiped his claws quickly across the fabric, ripping them in half and throwing the remnants to the floor.

“You won’t be needing those” he grinned cheekily as he took his own underwear off and pressed the head of his member at your entrance.

“Are you ready?” he asked timidly, eyes staring into your soul. You nodded and clutched onto his biceps for dear life as you saw what was about to enter you. To clarify, he was a lot bigger than your ex. He pushed slowly inside of you, groaning at the wet, tight warmth that greeted him and his eyes began to loll at the sensation. You moaned out loud, signalling for him to move faster, but you could not shake the thought of how it would feel if he lost control of his wolf. You had decided. You were going to tease the wolf out of him.

“Chanyeol, faster, please” you whimpered at his excruciatingly slow thrusts. You cupped his face in your hands and kissed him passionately.

“Chanyeol, it’s ok to lose control, I want it please” you begged, widening your eyes at his almost painful expression.

“(Y/N), you don’t understand, I’m dangerous when I lose control, you don’t want that” he gritted his teeth and ceased all movement inside of you, making you groan in frustration.

“Chanyeol, I trust you, so I trust him. Plus, how can I experience what my ex wasn’t giving me if you don’t give me the whole package?” you bit your lip and awaited his answer. Little did you know, that was all it took to break the camel’s back. The wolf was out. His eyes glowed a bright blue, almost white, at the mention of your ex and he snarled before thrusting with all his might into you, pounding you into oblivion.

It was like nothing you had ever had before, he was reaching deeper and deeper into you with each thrust and before long he was striking your g-spot. You gasped and writhed at the pleasure filled chills it sent through you and you felt your orgasm quickly approaching. You could feel him twitching inside of you as he gripped the headboard for support, thrusting even deeper inside you, making you scream his name over and over again.

“Chanyeol, oh my, Chanyeol I-I” you could not even finish your sentence for you were right on the brink of orgasm.

“I know baby, I can feel it. Scream to the world, who is giving you this pleasurable feeling?” he snarled. You didn’t answer, just moaned.

“Is it your ex?” he asked, clamping his hand around your neck, not cutting off your air supply, but holding it hard enough for you to understand his point. You shook your head, but he wanted you to say his name.

“I can’t hear you baby” a feral noise rumbled from within him and resonated through you as words finally entered your mouth and you were able to speak. “You Chanyeol, only you, he could never make me feel this good” you gasped as he pounded harder into you, forcing you over the edge as you both climaxed and rode out your orgasms. He pulled out of you, the smell of sweat and sex in the air. You cuddled into his chest, breathe still burdensome as you came down from your high.

“That was remarkable” he smiled down at you “I love (Y/N), will you be mine?” he asked, pure love in his eyes.

“Of course I will” you giggled as you curled further into his chest and stayed up all night talking with him.

Written By E.F Gooding © January 2016

The Mermaid and Her Sea Captain

Here I am, shockingly ready on time! My target for this year’s exchange was @archangelunmei! They asked for:

Pirate!Arthur and Mermaid/Merman!Francis [Bonus points if “Captain Kirkland” is actually a woman crossdressing, but not necessary.]

I hope this fits! For your reading ease this can also be found on | AO3

Darkness enveloped the ship, and the world was utterly silent, but for the soft whisper of tiny waves reaching up to rub themselves against the sides of Captain Arthur’s ship, The Bawdy Englishman. In the quietude of the night, a skeleton crew of sailors moved like apparitions, flashes of coarse white cloth and the occasional glint of moonlight against a gleaming belt buckle or earring, tending the sails and keeping watch over the endless expanse around them. Far in the stern of the ship, the captain himself lingered against the weather-beaten railing, the catch of rough wood against his sleeves reminding him he needed to sand it down again. The captain’s eyes—a shade of green reminiscent of nothing so much as slightly dried-up moss—were fixated on the black water with singular intensity. He might’ve been waiting for the Kraken of Davy Jones to burst through the surface, or the tentacles of a behemoth to wrap around the ship and drag them all down to their grisly ends.

               However, despite the pinched look of focus on the captain’s face, he was, in fact, looking for something slightly less dangerous—a woman, to be precise. His ears strained for any anomalous sounds, and his eyes squinted as his mind turned to focus more on sound than sight—his vision was poor, especially in the dark, and he didn’t trust his eyes to see quicker than his ears would hear.

               Eventually his laboring audio cortex picked up on a splash that sounded dissonant against those of the waves against his ship—something else was in the water, near the surface. Taking a breath, he gathered himself to call down.

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anonymous asked:

If the countries went camping what would you find in their bags

America: so many tiny backs of snacks

France: he doesn’t camp… he glamps

Germany: Essiental tools for roughing it in the woods for a night

Japan: Manga

Russia: a little sign that says “Bears: please stay out! Thank you -Russia”

China: food for his panda… he forgot food for himself

Newt Imagine

For rare-ideas

Prompt number 3 (Drunken confession) and 4 (oblivious)


I slumped against the wall of the homestead, resting my back against the rough wood. I’d never been one for parties, and the wild bonfires the gladers threw were no exception. The air was thick with the smell of burnt pork and Gally’s awful concoction; which despite the vile taste, I drunk anyway, just to get through the night.

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