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[K] Anikuji Drama CD Track 1 [Strange! Munakata-kun Strap] Translation

Disclaimer: Audio file does not belongs to me, many thanks to consta-ntly for sharing with us. As usual very rough translation so pardon the mistakes. Send me an ask if you want to correct something. Enjoy! Maybe I will do the rest of the tracks?  

Munakata: Strange! Munakata-kun Strap.

Fushimi: What’s this?

Munakata: What’s the matter, Fushimi-kun?

Fushimi: I went and brought mineral water but something weird is attached to it.

Munakata: What is it?

Fushimi: It is a strap… a Skipjack tuna one.

Munakata: Hoo, a fish strap… It might make your pocket smells fishy.

Fushimi: It is a strap based on a Skipjack tuna, not the real one.

Munakata: I see.

Fushimi: Why do you seem a little disappointed? This is an obscure character of some sort though I forgot where is it from.

Munakata: I see.

Fushimi: I don’t need it.

Munakata: What are you going to do with the strap?

Fushimi: I’m going to throw it away, since I don’t need it.

Munakata: Throw away things you deemed unnecessary, how rational. So very Fushimi-kun like.

Fushimi: Yes?

Munakata: But even though it may be useless to you but it could be useful for another person, rather than throwing it away why don’t you opt for giving it to another person? 

Fushimi: Commander, do you want this? 

Munakata: No, if I recall, Awashima-kun seems to be collecting the Skipjack tuna goods…

Fushimi: So you did know about this Skipjack tuna.

Munakata: Oh.

Fushimi: If you want this then buy me a bottle of mineral water.

Munakata: Such a bully.

Fushimi: I’m just throwing the thing that I do not need, is that wrong? 

Munakata: No.

Fushimi: You should be careful too Commander. 

Munakata: What do you mean?

Fushimi: What I meant is people and objects are alike. Once deemed unnecessary, it will be thrown away. 

Munakata: Fufu, then would this means that I am necessary to Fushimi-kun right now?

Fushimi: Who knows?

Munakata: I need you. 

Fushimi: You sure said it without batting an eyelid. 


Fushimi: What time is it now? It’s almost 12. I missed my chance to go back… what should I do? For now I should finish this program. 

Fushimi: Yes? …Ah?

Fushimi: Tch, who is it? 

Fushimi: Oh. Nobody’s here… Is it some sort of prank? Oh, what’s this? 

Fushimi: A doll, no, a strap? Moreover, this is commander… isn’t it? Which idiot left it here?

Fushimi: The quality of the strap is not bad. More like its too alike I can almost feel my annoyance. 

Fushimi: So, what should I do with this? Mm, throw it. I can’t even imagine commander dangling from my PDA. Garbage belongs to the trash can.

Fushimi: What’s… with this feeling? Feels like someone is watching me. 

Fushimi: This? The strap that I should have thrown away is on my desk.

Fushimi: What is with this strap, is it even a strap to begin with?

Fushimi: Oh, something is written on the tag, “It will speak if you press it’s stomach.”

Fushimi: E-Eh?

Munakata Strap: Glasses. 

Fushimi: Hm.

Munakata Strap: Glasses. 

Fushimi: Hm?

Munakata Strap: Glasses.

Fushimi: Is it messing around?   

Munakata Strap: Glasses. Glasses. Glasses. Glasses. Glasses.

Munakata Strap: Fushimi-kun is a four-eyes.

Fushimi: Aren’t you a four-eyes too!? Ah, tch. I spoke to an object. 

Munakata Strap: Haha.

Fushimi: Ah, its pissing me off- Wait, I didn’t press it just now. 

Fushimi: It’s creeping me out. 

Fushimi: Pitcher, windup, first pitch~ I threw it. That should do it, now back to work.

Fushimi: Huh? From an unknown caller. Tch, shut it. 

Munakata Strap: I am Munakata-kun Strap, I am in front of the gates right now. 

Fushimi: Strap!? Oi! It hung up. Strap as in… it can’t be…hah-

Fushimi: Again? 

Munakata Strap: I am Munakata-kun Strap, I am on the second floor right now.

Fushimi: It got into the building!? It’s getting closer. 

Fushimi: Oi! Stop messing around- OI!

Fushimi: Just what is it since just now? I’m not laughing if this is a prank! 

Munakata Strap: I am Munakata-kun Strap, I am on the third floor right now.

Fushimi: On this floor? Bastard… have it your way. I turned off the PDA, with this it will no longer-

Fushimi: !?

Fushimi: Don’t underestimate me. Fushimi emergency battō.

Fushimi:O-oh? Did it… gave up?

Fushimi: !? 

Munakata Strap: I am Munakata-kun Strap, I am behind you right now.

Fushimi: B-behind? 



Munakata: And then what happened afterwards?

Fushimi: Nothing happened. Before I knew it, it was dawn and I was out on the desk.

Munakata: Meaning it was all a dream.

Fushimi: I suppose so. The PDA I threw was in my pocket like usual…just that…

Munakata: Just that?

Fushimi: This thing was on my desk as well.

Munakata: That is the Skipjack tuna strap from yesterday, isn’t it? 

Fushimi: I was certain I threw it away.

Munakata: It must have came back on its own, to fulfill its purpose as a strap. 

Munakata: You don’t look convinced.

Fushimi: It was you who left it on my desk, wasn’t it?

Munakata: I wonder… So, what are you going to do with that strap? 

Fushimi: I… will give it to vice-commander later. 

Munakata: I’m sure she will be happy, likewise for the strap. Ah, and one more thing, Fushimi-kun. 

Fushimi: Yes?

Munakata: I would like to give Fushimi-kun who is third in rank a present.  

Fushimi: Hah…

Munakata: Awashima-kun prepared it in wishes that it would strengthen our bonds. Please put it on as well, Fushimi-kun.

Fushimi: Put it on? 

Munakata: This is it, Munakata-kun strap.

Fushimi: I don’t want it. 


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