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School Kakumei ~

Question : What was offered to the Jisouin (God) that will bless you with many children?

Hint : Guys like this.

Yamada : Ero (Porn) books?

All : We don’t read that!

Yamada : You all stop that!

Uchimura : Hai! People that don’t read it?

Everyone : *raises hand*

Yamada : You liars!

Yamada’s embarassed face at the end XD

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)


Do S Dekka ~

Had the sudden urge to post gifs of Pretty Girl Yaotome and Ass-grabbing Ohkura. XD


Yaotome : It will be my pleasure to assist you.


Yaotome : Hai! Gambari-masu!

Ohkura : Anooo… Hamada-san?


Yaotome : I am ready anytime!

Ohkura : Then, let’s start…


Yaotome : Hey, you stepped on my heel toes! *pouty face*

Ohkura : Sorry!


Tabe made Ohkura grabbed Yaotome’s butt.

Yaotome : Kyaaaa! *girly pitch*

Ohkura : ‘Kya’?


Ohkura : My hands won’t come off from the skirt.

Yaotome : Ehhh?

Tabe : Ara? There seems to be something in the pocket…

Ohkura & Yaotome : AHHH! It is the *something something* S Glue!

Tabe : *sinister smile*


I was LOL the whole time I watched this scene.

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)


Mezamashi TV ~ Koro-sensations ~

Host : I was thinking that you all look a lot like Hey Say Jump…

All : Ahh ~~ 

Bullet : A lot of people did say that…

Doctor : But I think our group has more energy though..

Bullet : The lead actor, Yamada Ryosuke, is quite plain though…

Commander : That’s not true! He worked hard! He worked really hard!

Falcon Jr. : How many points would you give him?

Commander : How many points I would give… Well… Since it is not me, I would give him around 150 points I guess…

Bullet : You will give another person 150 points! That’s weird!

Lastly, the host requested Commander to do impersonations of Koro-sensei XD

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)


Music Fair ~

Host : You are Yamada, right?

Commander: Who? I am Commander..

Host : How about Yuto-kun? (The female host used to act as Yuto’s mother in Risou no musuko drama)

Bullet almost wanted to respond but stopped himself and panicked.

Bullet : Don’t call me that! You can’t do that! Today is different! 

Host : Haha! Kawaii ~

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)