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Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai 2015.01.08 - Ariyoshi just wants the four-member NEWS to love themselves!!


School Kakumei ~

Question : What kind of man is popular with the ladies?

Yamada : Short guys.

All : Ohhh

Yamada : That should give us some hope … *pointing at himself and Chinen*

Chinen : That’s right.. I will be so happy…

Answer : Guys with high femininity (Yamada, you have chance! XD)


 What if Chinen and Yamada were girls?

There is an app on the phone called ‘Gender Morph’ that can morph any person’s picture to a guy or a girl.

Yamada’s picture : The host said that he looks like an okama (Transvestite) XD


Question : What kind of words from women that will make you angry?

Uchimura : What about you, Yamada? Do you have any?

Yamada : For me, during my high school days, there were 2 female classmates having an argument. I thought I should stop them. One of them is from Kansai and the moment I tried to stop them, she said to me ‘Don’t get involve, you Chibi!’.

All : *laughs*

Yamada : That really hurts….

Haha, I can see that Chinen knows who is Yamada talking about since they were classmates during their first-year in high school and according to some source, there were only one female classmate from Kansai at that time so it was easy to figure out. 


Ideal Situation ~

Yamada : Well, it is almost graduation …

Airi : Yeah…

Yamada : Let’s make a deal.

Airi : Deal?

Yamada : If I can shoot a goal through the basketball hoop, go out with me.

Airi : Eh, that’s impossible! I mean, you are bad at sports! If you can do it, it is a miracle!

Yamada : There might be a miracle..

Yamada went to shoot but failed miserably XD

Yamazaki : Yamada, that was a nice chance for you to show your cool side..

Yamada : Yeah, I thought I will settle that amazingly.

Yamazaki : That is the difference between you and Chinen ~


(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)

[TRANS] 140529 BTS Ameba Public Stream FULL

disclaimer: rough translations by ear. I skipped some things the host said that weren’t relevant to the boys as well as missed some things when they’re all talking at once. Since it’s by ear and no captions I couldn’t catch some things, all mistakes are mine. Watch the full stream here, I linked to parts as well ^^ 

[part 1]
Host: Why don’t you each do your self introduction! Actually before we do that, is Japanese ok for everybody?
all: It’s fine
V: I’ll start. Hello, I’m BTS’s vocal V. I’m 20.
Jin: Hello, I’m BTS’s vocal Jin. I’m 23.
RM: Nice to meet you, I’m the leader Rap Monster. My name is Monster but I’m a good* person. Please take care of me. [*he used ‘genki’ which means good in terms of well-being, so he probably made a mistake ^^;;]
JH: Nice to meet you, I’m the hopeful existence in BTS, J-Hope. I’m 21.
Suga: Nice to meet you, I’m BTS’s Suga. I’m a rapper.
JK: Hello, I’m BTS’s vocal and golden maknae, Jungkook. Please take care of me.
Jimin: Hello, I’m BTS’s flower 20-year-old Jimin.

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School Kakumei ~


Okamoto : Eventhough I was given the opportunity to teach an english lesson in an earlier episode, the members still come and ask me on the meaning of some english words. At least go search a dictionary!

Chinen & Yamada are not amused. LoL.

Yaotome : Eventhough he said that, he will still absent-mindedly answer us when we asked. 

Okamoto : It is just an automatic response now and sometimes I do give the wrong answer.

Yamada : Eh, really?

Okamoto : I am sorry for that… 

Yamada : Eh?? We asked a lot of questions though!


Okamoto : Mr. Chinen.

Chinen : Yes. 

Okamoto : What do you do in your spare time?

Chinen : What?

Okamoto : Shelly-san, it’s like that..

Shelly : I see. Quite a rude kid ne ~~

(What? = Haaaa? in japanese)


Question : Yamada is a ham actor, eventhough he acts in several dramas. What is the meaning of ham actor?

Yamazaki : A comedian!

Yamada : Stop that! I am a Johnny’s!

Uchimura : Yamada, your ‘tsukkomi’ is really fast…

Okamoto : The answer is 'Yamada is an unskilled actor, eventhough he acts in a several dramas’.

Yamada : Hey, that’s a bad thing to say!


*Yamada describing what in on the card for Okamoto to guess*

Card : Chinen Yuri

Yamada : Ah, Chibi! Eh, NO!

Everyone : *laughs*

Yamada : Small, japanese idol

Okamoto : Small… Chinen?

Uchimura : Correct!

Chinen : It should be easy to figure out right! But why do you figure it out so quickly?!?

(disclaimer : rough translation by me)


School Kakumei ~

Question : What was offered to the Jisouin (God) that will bless you with many children?

Hint : Guys like this.

Yamada : Ero (Porn) books?

All : We don’t read that!

Yamada : You all stop that!

Uchimura : Hai! People that don’t read it?

Everyone : *raises hand*

Yamada : You liars!

Yamada’s embarassed face at the end XD

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)


School Kakumei ~

Which drama is popular among the elementary school children?

1. ?

2. Gomen-ne Seishun!

3. ?


Yamazaki : Ara!

Chinen : Is that one, isn’t it?

Yamazaki : Kindaichi-san?

Yamada : I guess so. For current dramas, it might be… There is a possibility…


Results : 

1. Jigoku-sensei Nube ~ (Starring Maruyama Ryuhei and Chinen Yuri)

2. Gomen-ne Seishun! (Starring Nishikido Ryo)

3. Kindaichi Shounen Jikenbo Neo (Starring Yamada Ryosuke)

Chinen looks so happy while Yamada was speechless. XD

Uchimura : Gomen-ne Yamada~

Yamada : Both first and second are senpai’s drama so I can’t say anything!

Uchimura : Aoki-sensei, please provide the data collected from this.

Aoki : The drama, Jigoku sensei Nube ~ starring Maruyama-san, it contains a lot of monster and supernatural elements but Chinen-san’s smile was one of the good points there as well. 

Chinen is embarrassed. XD

Yamada : I don’t have any good points??

Aoki : No no. Kindaichi drama started from year 1995 with the Domoto Tsuyoshi-san as first generation, year 2001 with the second generation, Matsumoto Jun-san, year 2005 with KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya-san as third generation and then the baton is passed to the fourth generation. 

Aoki : There are different characters portrayed by different generations but it was said that the portrayal of the fourth generation is the closest to what was portrayed in the manga. 

Yamazaki : Aoki-san, which generation do you like?

Aoki : For me, it was Domoto Tsuyoshi-san.

All : *laughs*

Yamada : I don’t need to know that! 

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)


School Kakumei ~

Tsuchida : Oi! *at the Takeshi doll* Where are you looking at?

Tsuchida : Yamada! I am here!

Yamada (from the side) : I am here!


Tsuchida : Does anyone know the answer to this question?

Takeshi : Hai ~

Everyone : Oh!

Takeshi : I don’t know ~

Yamada : You! Don’t you act dumb at my seat!


Yamada : Sumimasen ~

Uchimura : Yes?

Yamada : I want to return to my seat.

Yamada : My neck is in pain. My hips are in pain.

Everyone : Ehhh? Then what about Takeshi?

Yamada : This is my once in a lifetime wish.

Everyone : *laughs*

Uchimura : He used it here huh… the once in a lifetime word..

Takeshi : I won’t move!

Everyone : Eh?

Takeshi : I won’t move!

Yamazaki : Ah, Takeshi is objecting to this.

Uchimura : Then, you both have a sumo battle!

Yamada : *shocked*

Uchimura : Who wins will sit there!

Yamada pretended to have a sumo battle with Takeshi and ended up broke the doll’s head. XD

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)

Mezamashi Aqua ~

Prince Level Assessment

Host : Do you have a moment when you feel like you are a prince?

Nino : During concerts…

Yamada : For me, it’s everyday…

Nino : You are the type that always shines around 80% of the time, right?

Yamada : How about you, Ninomiya-kun?

Nino : I don’t always show it… I am the type of prince that doesn’t show it (the prince’s aura)…

Yamada : Ah, the type of prince that doesn’t show…


Host : Who will win this battle? Assessment starts!

Question : Who should come up with the date plans?

Nino : For me, it will be the partner. So, it will be more to her liking..

Yamada : For me, it will be me for sure.

Host : What would be your ideal date plan?

Nino : Things like ‘What time should we go there? Shall we eat at this place?’…. So troublesome… It’s hell…

Yamada : It’s hell?

Yamada : If there are no plans, I will be worried. 

Nino : You want to plan it?

Yamada : Yes!

Nino : That’s uncommon….

Yamada : No, you are the one that is uncommon for sure!


Question : Your partner is late for an hour. What would you normally do?

Yamada & Nino : Be caring to the partner.

Yamada : First of all, how long would you wait?

Nino : Logically, it would be until my mobile’s power runs out.

Yamada : That’s cool!


Question : Where would you go for a dinner date?

Yamada & Nino : Go to a lively restaurant.

Yamada : What kind of place would you go?

Nino : I am the type that can’t really eat at private rooms…

Yamada : Oh, you are?

Nino : So, normally I will be at the counter.

Yamada : Me too. I often sits at counter in places like yakitori restaurant.

Host : Wouldn’t it create a fuss?

Yamada : Not really..

Nino : You don’t get recognised?

Yamada : Do you get recognised??

Nino : I do but I don’t really care about it.

Yamada : You didn’t go out in your pajama, right? 

Nino : Huh? I never once wear my pajamas outside!

Yamada : Is that true? When I visited your house, your outfit was…

Nino : What?

Yamada : It’s terrible, isn’t it?

Nino : My sweatsuit is not terrible. I have been wearing that for 10 years. It never worn down up till now.


Question : What would be your image of an outfit?

Nino : Others (Not in the choices)

Yamada : Depends on mood.


Question : What type of housework are you good at?

Nino : For me, it will be laundry.

Yamada : Ah, you don’t send it for cleaning?

Nino : No, I don’t.

Yamada : Cleaning. I was given a robot cleaner as my birthday present from the members. In the morning, I will clean my house and before I leave the house, I will turn on the robot.

Host : How about cooking?

Yamada : I am the type that can make steamed red snapper.

Host : Ooooh…

Nino : There is nothing to ‘Ooooh’ about. 

Yamada : Do you know how to use a pressure cooker?

Nino : Ah, you use that kind of things?

Yamada : I do.

Nino : Then, shouldn’t your answer be cooking? Because half of the cleaning would have been done by your robot cleaner.

Yamada : I guess so..

Question : What is your best trait?

Nino : Humor.

Yamada : Caring.


Question : What is your personality?

Nino : Refreshing.

Yamada : Shy / Reserved.


Question : How would you confess?

Nino : I will confess straightforwardly. I want to tell her my feelings in a straight forward manner.

Yamada : For me, I will set a romantic mood. I went to an amusement park at night for a shooting before. All the rides and buildings that light up will be turn off during closing time. I want to snap my fingers so that all will light up one more time and then confess to her.

Yamada : *snaps fingers* Everything lights up. The ferris wheel will spin. Then, I will say ‘I like you. Would you go out with me?’

Yamada : I want to see Nino-san’s version…

Host : 3! 2! 1!

Nino : Go out with me, you idiot! (Impersonating Beat Takeshi the comedian)

Yamada : That completely falls under the category of surprising confession.


Host : So, who will win this prince battle?

Yamada : My prince level is …. 70%. I don’t know how to comment on this…

Yamada : You are the type that are typically chosen for a prince role. Although you are endearing to women, there are times that you will be concern that thing’s will turn upside down.

Yamada : It seems to explain my prince level where I have to always show the sparkling side.

Nino : My prince level is…… ! 30%!

Yamada : Hahahahaha!

Nino : You don’t really have an aura of a prince but you do have the talent. For starters, you should try horse-riding.

Nino : Well, what I want to say is that numbers aren’t everything! Isn’t it interesting that I got 30%. The senpai is the one that got the 30%.

Yamada : This kind of thinking is why you got 30%…


Disclaimer : Rough translation by me. There will be parts where I could have misunderstood the meaning. Do let me know if there are! =)


Do S Dekka ~

Had the sudden urge to post gifs of Pretty Girl Yaotome and Ass-grabbing Ohkura. XD


Yaotome : It will be my pleasure to assist you.


Yaotome : Hai! Gambari-masu!

Ohkura : Anooo… Hamada-san?


Yaotome : I am ready anytime!

Ohkura : Then, let’s start…


Yaotome : Hey, you stepped on my heel toes! *pouty face*

Ohkura : Sorry!


Tabe made Ohkura grabbed Yaotome’s butt.

Yaotome : Kyaaaa! *girly pitch*

Ohkura : ‘Kya’?


Ohkura : My hands won’t come off from the skirt.

Yaotome : Ehhh?

Tabe : Ara? There seems to be something in the pocket…

Ohkura & Yaotome : AHHH! It is the *something something* S Glue!

Tabe : *sinister smile*


I was LOL the whole time I watched this scene.

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)

Itadaki High Jump ~ Helping an Angolan cure his homesickness by cooking his country’s dish

Yabu / Arioka / Yamada : Angola? Where’s that?

Staff gave them a globe with an arrow pointing to Angola.

Yamada : Ah, it is in Africa!

Yabu / Arioka : Oh yeah!

Yamada : Doesn’t this feel like ‘Revolution!’? (Referring to a comedian’s act)

Arioka : Wanna do it?

Yamada : Me?

Arioka : Yeah.

Yamada : Eh? *grabbed the globe and spun the globe and found Angola* Revolution! *strike a pose*

Jump : *laughs* It is a bit different!

Staff Note : It is not a bit different. It is completely different.

Meeting the Angolan, Daniel ~

Yabu : How old are you?

Daniel : I am 25.

Yamada : Ah, Same age as Yabu-chan!

Yabu : Ah, same age! Ohhhhh….

Entering Embassy of Angola ~

Yabu, Arioka and Yamada were amazed by the shiny white floor.


They were amazed by the long corridor.

Yamada : Uwah! The corridor is so long. How many times can Chinen do a backflip here?

Chinen : 20 times!


They were amazed by Angola’s wealth.

Yabu : In this room, what item would be the most expensive item?

Ambassador : Hmmmm… The carpet I guess?

Yabu, Arioka and Yamada lifted up their legs.

The carpet cost 4 million yen.

Ambassador : Oh, and also, the sofa’s price is quite high too.

Yabu, Arioka and Yamada stood up.

They don’t know what to do. Should they stand or sit. XD


Ambassador : By the way, don’t you have a motive for coming here?

Yabu : Hmmm.. what was it again?

Arioka : Calulu.

Yabu & Yamada : Oh, that’s it!

Staff’s note : They forgot? XD (Too excited about the Embassy visit)

Yuto in studio : Don’t forget!!

Cooking Calulu in the Kitchen ~

Yamada as head chef and Yabu and Arioka as helpers.

Yamada : Hmmm… What to do… Dai-chan, how about you de-scale the fish?

Arioka : I’ll do it?

Arioka de-scaling the fish.

Yabu : Dai-chan, the scales are flying everywhere! 

A scale stuck to Arioka’s fringe.


Yabu in charge of peeling the eggplants

Yabu failed by peeling the eggplants using the wrong side of the peeler.


Yamada slicing the fish expertly.


Yamada’s solo time ~ with Yabu and Arioka watching.

Yamada finished cutting the veggies.

Arioka : Ah, should I do that?

Yamada : Ah, it’s alright. Please just stand there.

The completed dish : Calulu ~

Daniel commented that it looks and taste like Calulu.

Yuto : So, can we consider this as a success?

Daniel : Yes.

Yabu : Ah,,, we worked really hard in this..

Arioka : Yeah, we did…

Yamada : Oi!

Yabu and Arioka : Hm?

Yamada : Oi!

Yabu and Arioka : Is there anything wrong?

Yamada : It’s me!

Disclaimer : Rough translation by me.

Side note : Please do give me some feedback on whether I post this way is better than the way I post before. Thanks!


HSJ Christmas Mousou Live ~

Chinen : Kids are cute, right? Someday, us too, our family of three should come here again.

Yabu : (Girl kept complaining about boss at work) You kept talking about your boss, I will be jealous …

Arioka : (Talking to best friend’s sister) I like you! But keep it a secret from him alright?

Okamoto : I am always gonna be by your side forever. Princess, I love you.

Nakajima : (Trying to mend a fight with girl) Look, it is your favourite Duffy! Let’s hold this together and go home. I am sorry ~

Inoo : (Girl complaining about him kept talking about architecture) I am just thinking of the design for the house that we will stay together in the future. I am sorry ~

Takaki : Princess, I want to take you away from that castle. Please come with me.

Yamada : Today, I am not an idol. Today, I just want to be your Yamada Ryousuke.

Yaotome : I took the best photo today. You look beautiful.


Mousou Prince’s Proposal ~

This is my Christmas present to you. From now on, let’s not part ways when going home after our date. From now on, let’s go back to our home together. Marry me. 

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)


Little Tokyo Live ~ Onee’s popular gags

Inoo’s “Kore-da! Kore-da! Kore-da! Kore-da!”

Yuto’s “Abe no harakasu” (Building in Japan)

Yuto’s suffering face after doing the gag XD

~ Most popular HSJ member among the Onees ~

Third place : Nakajima Yuto

Question : What do you like about him?

1. His eyes

2. His form. It is really straight.

3. I saw him acting. I thought he looks really naive.

Second place : Yamada Ryosuke

1. Somehow, I feel like I want to bully him.

2. He has a baby-face but has a muscle body

3. He looks really pretty when cross-dressing.

First place : Okamoto Keito

1. His sharp eyes. 

2. He can be a loveable or cool person underneath his baka-ness character.

3. I think it is good that he doesn’t look like a Johnny’s.


Doriyan : Congratulations Okamoto! You have beaten Yamada-kun! *in the ranking above*

Daiki : It is the first time for you right? To be above Yamada in a ranking.

Yuto : Please give a comment as a No. 1.

Keito : *in a girly voice* Mouuu~ Arigato minna ~


Okamoto being chosen to do a gag as closing act because the Onees will probably be happy to see it. XD

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)


Music Fair ~

Host : You are Yamada, right?

Commander: Who? I am Commander..

Host : How about Yuto-kun? (The female host used to act as Yuto’s mother in Risou no musuko drama)

Bullet almost wanted to respond but stopped himself and panicked.

Bullet : Don’t call me that! You can’t do that! Today is different! 

Host : Haha! Kawaii ~

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)