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Hey Joonie! Have you finished all your moving? What's the new apartment like? Is it lonely without Jin being there with you?

Yeah… it’s a bit empty, but there’s boxes and luggage everywhere so it’s better that Jin isn’t here so he doesn’t have to deal with all the mess

here’s a VERY rough sketch of the place :’D

Commission Stream tomorrow

So remember when I did that sketch commission stream about a month ago? I’ll be doing one of those things again tomorrow. This is to mainly cover some convention expenses. While I’ve managed to pay off my table I’ve been set back by a bit due to how pricey it was and I need to recoup a deal of it for the weekend.

Much like last time this is going to be $10 per sketch, with a “2 for $17 deal”. Examples of the sketches are posted above. “Roughs” will be done during the stream while clean-ups will be done after. However I’m also going to do a little special offer for commission batches. For $50 you’ll be able to get a batch of 7 sketches. Example:

This can consist of multiple characters, or multiple types of sketches of just one character in some different poses or scenarios, feel free to be specific about what you’d like to see.

The reason I announce this now is because if anyone wants to jump onto the sketch batch offer I’d prefer if they do so between now and tomorrow before the stream begins. Depending on how it goes down I might not be able to stream the entire batch. I should also note that due to the amount of work I have to get done before the con the clean-ups will most likely be posted during the weekend on Sunday. In terms of how much I’m trying to gain here, at least two “batches” would be keep me in the clear.

In any case, if anyone wants to jump onto the offer, feel free to send me a note here on Tumblr or drop me an email on While I’ll make a more open post about it when it happens, I’m open to do this prematurely.