rough sawn

Pharmercy post-Second Omnic Crisis headcanons because why not? I need a break from reading my textbook:

  • they buy a little cabin up in the hills. they want peace and quiet and remoteness after everything that’s happened, and so they buy a log cabin in the midst of a near-endless forest. it’s an old cabin, and certainly needs fixing up, but Fareeha and Angela have grand plans for the weathered old house. there’s a clear mountain stream that tumbles downhill nearby, and it’s very tranquil and beautiful, and they love the place almost immediately. 
  • (it’s definitely in Canada).
  • most mornings, Fareeha rises just before the dawn, and goes outside to split wood. ten minutes later, Angela comes outside bearing two cups of coffee, and kisses her wife good morning. then Angela sits on the rough-sawn steps of the cabin’s verandah, and watches Fareeha work while curling her fingers around her warm cup of coffee.
  • at night, they curl up on a comfortable sofa before the fire, and they talk about their day, and their plans for the house, and the birds they’ve seen (Fareeha is becoming a bird watcher, and has bought several books on the birds of Canada. she studies these books in delight, and notes down the birds that she sees.)
  • Fareeha is also spending a great deal of her time woodworking. it was an old hobby she never had much time for while in the military and while working with Helix Security, but now she has a great deal of spare time. it’s a productive hobby, too - she’s currently shaping the legs of the dining table she is making for their kitchen.
  • Angela reads medical journals, but she is taking a break from her work - it has consumed her for a long time, and many people have told her to take time to step back and breathe. and so she does. it helps, of course, that Fareeha is so supportive; it helps, of course, that she falls asleep next to Fareeha at night, and wakes up to find her splitting wood in the mornings.
  • They both have bad dreams, but these are getting better, slowly but surely. they have each other, and this is a precious thing
  • the others come to visit: Hana and Jesse and Ana all come together, and the little cabin is filled with boisterous and fond laughter. Ana and Jesse cook for them: qatayef and  basbousa and biscochitos and sopapilla. these a wonderful days, when their family comes to stay: you can see it in the photos, in Fareeha’s sparkling eyes and wide grin, in the softness of Angela’s smile.