rough ryders

I started thinking about how it must be for Gil, sitting in engineering, knowing Ryder is out there fighting and constantly in danger. No wonder Gil has been known to work on the ship for days at a time without sleeping. He can’t do anything for his boyfriend while he’s out in the field so Gil’s gonna make damn sure the ship and all their equipment will never let him down. 

Sun Ryder: “I’ve been taking it easy for 600 years… ” 

Just a quick doodle, since i am a little jealous seeing a lot of you having a go at CC and I still need to wait another week for the actual launch. :) It’s been a while since I’ve done a digital art, and it feels really weird tbh. Also, i don’t think Ryder would have perfect hair when they come out of the 600 year sleep. 

You can’t even try to tell me that Jaal wouldn’t be absolutely obsessed with bath bombs

bloomingcnidarians  asked:

Dust for Juniper/Vetra, please!

Thanks for the prompt! <3

Violent red smoke wrapped around Ryder, the same smoke that Vetra watched dismantle sprawling trees to dust. But Ryder kept at the console until the air cleared.  Vetra’s plates shifted uncomfortably from the pressure change, still feeling held by the dispersed fumes.  

A pain shot down her carapace with her shields restoring around her, a few more moments and they would have been done for.

SAM’s voice echoed from the intercom alongside a growing ache in her skull.  

“Vault restart is now complete.”

A cackling rough laugh came from Ryder as Vetra’s breath finally returned to her lungs.  

“Nothing like outrunning death, right?”

Vetra scoffed a laugh at her, trying to think of what next, still feeling trapped within Eos’ vault. She worked at the sealed door for an escape. Ryder somehow joyfully kept poking at tech until it gave her answers.  

A projection of Heleus flourished around them, countless stars now wrapped around Ryder. Vetra watched the lights play off her eyes, glowing with curiosity. But there was more, there was hope, something Vetra had been without for far too long.

A nervous bloom of excitement shot through her, watching Ryder and shining galaxy map.

They might actually be able to do this after all.


I think during regular conversations with people I may start barking at them. Fair warning.