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Swan Queen Week: Teacher AU

When Regina shows up late for her first class, she is immediately drawn to her Molecular Biology professor, Dr. Swan, who makes light of her tardiness. “I can remember sleeping in during my undergrad years too, so don’t worry everyone.” She pointed around the room with her dark felt marker. “You guys get one slide to be late.”

Regina’s face must have gone beet red, but she remained rooted in her spot, awaiting the instruction of her oddly welcoming professor.  

“Do try to be on time for the rest of the semester though, Miss-?”

“Mills. Regina.”

“Well, when you are ready Regina, please find a seat.” Dr. Swan told her, not unkindly but with a tint of humour that caused the entire class to smile.

“Closer to the front may be best, I tried to put some effort into my hair today.” Dr. Swan said, giving her a generous wink. Regina slid into the seat closest to her professor, feeling considerably glad that she chose this class. 


“I cannot believe she kissed me.” Regina thought to herself during Cora Mills’s latest lecture on her tardiness, as she sat seated on the plush sofa. She simply told her mother that she was at Dr. Swan’s office hours, nothing more. Her mother scolded her once more, but was happy her daughter was putting so much effort into her studies. 

Oh yes, so much effort.

So much more too.  

Emma Swan tried desperately to bury herself in her research and grading, but failed miserably at both attempts. Colleagues hassled her for spending all of her time with the lab, grading and the students, but little did they know about her dalliance with one in particular. She had spent considerable amount of time that evening making out with one specific student.

Sure, it was wrong, but nothing had ever felt so right in Emma’s flighty, lost life. She could not get Regina’s shampoo smell out of her nose… not that she was even going to start complain.

Emma Swan had always loved the taste of apples.


“You’re leaving?”


“But what about us?" Regina exclaimed, her voice trembling unwillingly and Emma merely crossed her arms.

"You are an undergraduate student Regina, and I am a Professor who has worked her whole life up to this position I was just offered.” Emma told her in a tone that even she herself was not familiar with. A scolding, adult tone that she immediately regretted once she saw the hurt dance across the young woman’s flushed face.

“I gave you everything Emma, and you gave me so much in return.” Regina said, almost begging. “We have something Emma, please do not try and deny it.”

“That’s Dr. Swan to you Miss Mills,” Emma chastised her. “I am afraid I don’t think we have anything potential Regina, and you are a beautiful young woman with far more potential that her flaky professor." 

"Stop lying.” Regina seethed, her teeth now on edge and tears freely falling. “You were the only one who believed in me and my future.”

“I still believe in you Regina, and I always shall. You are the most brilliant student I have ever taught, and you’ll only grow in this field of science and the possibilities for you are endless.” Emma told her gently, her smile only for her brightest pupil. “Any references you need, any help -”

“I don’t want the references or the help! You are the only thing I have ever wanted this much!" 

Emma let out a sigh, and let her eyes fall, unable to look at the brunette much longer. She needed to say her piece and go.

"There is no us Regina. I’m sorry I let it go this far.”


Regina walked into the restaurant’s bathroom and gripped the shining porcelain sink’s edges, her knuckles turning a ghostly shade of white.

The door creaked open, and heeled boots could be heard behind her. Though Regina already knew who they belonged to.

“Five years later you decide to make an appearance, Dr. Swan?” Regina snapped, turning to face the now-blonde woman with wide, teary eyes. “At the celebration of my Masters completion no less?”

“Kathryn invited me.”

Regina’s demeanour remained cold, but her eyes grew with the tender memories and curiosity. “What are you doing here Emma, especially after all this time?”

Emma only stared at the beautiful, evolved woman before her. “Regina, I -”