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My first 5K, the Cincinnati Cyclone’s 5K.

I had two goals: don’t walk and finish by 38 minutes.

I came in around 28 minutes!!!! Overall the course was less hilly than my course in my neighborhood, but there was one rough hill at the last half mile and then a hill to the finish line, which I think was pretty cruel.

When I was turning for that last hill and I knew I had less than .2 left, I almost wanted to cry. I knew I went fast at the beginning but I couldn’t believe I kept it up. I’m so proud and so excited!

I feel like a runner.

‘Under the Dome’

Low tide at (Rough Island) Island Hill, Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.
With about an hour to go before sunset, and the forecast for patchy cloud and rain, convinced myself to take the 25 minute drive to Island Hill. Glad I did!
The causeway to the island is exposed for several hours at low tide, and light rain added to the lush colour of the scene.
‘Between the tides, a range of habitats appear from differing grades of mud and sand to boulders and salt marsh. The area is rich in worms, shellfish and other small animals that are a vast food source attracting migratory birds and waders, with some species found in internationally important numbers during the winter. Eelgrass is abundant and is the principle food source of Brent geese, many thousands of which migrate to the Lough during September and October.’

The Rough Riders by Mort Kunstler

“Teddy” Roosevelt leads the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry - “Rough Riders” - up Kettle Hill during the Spanish-American War. Limited logistical capacity meant that the Regiment left their horses behind, with only Col. Roosevelt mounted as the men charged the Spanish positions on July 1, 1898.

(National Guard)

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i'm jus confused as to why you intentionally surround yrselves with content of a show you don't even like

It’s fun seeing the big mess that it’s the plot, characters, etc, you know, like 50sog or Sandra Hill’s Rough and Ready.

-mod 666

أني هارب طريد
في غابة
في وطن بعيد
تتبعني الذئاب
عبر البراري السود والهضاب
والفراق يا حبيبتي عذاب
أني بلا وطن
أموت في مدينة مجهولة
يا حبيبتي
وحدي بلا وطن

I dreamt I was a fugitive 
Hiding in a forest.
The wolves in a distant country
Hounded me through black deserts and over rough hills.
My dear, our separation was torture. 
I dreamt I was without a home, 
Dying in an unknown city,
Dying alone, my love, without a home.
—  Abdul Wahab al-Bayati (Translated by Abdullah Udhari)

EDNA, GROUSE HUNTRESS” - an accomplished young grouse huntress posing with a bird in one hand and her rifle in the other. She’s wearing a soiled gingham sack dress with bullets in the pocket, worn hiking boots and her her father’s hat and bandanna. A practical girl with a serious expression and no-nonsense attitude, she looks at home on the rough hills of her hunting ground. The photo was printed by photographer H. R. Hay of Salida, Colorado.

“This is a picture of Edna, - Taken two years ago when we were in Orient”, reads the caption written on the back.

you’ll never meet my father but you’ll feel like you have because I am a spitting image of him. you’ll wonder how a beat up kid like me could of been raised by a gentle mother like mine.

I’m a hurricane, the perfect storm, but I don’t show it because enough people have run away and took cover once I unleash and I’m tired of making the same mistakes.

I don’t know what I am or who I am and I don’t want anybody to try and figure me out. it’s the same story though, you’ll get tired cause I’m a new chapter every day and you’re bored of a girl that is never stable.

I don’t know what I want but I know I don’t want this life and I’m tired of out running my old one. my days are getting longer and they are soon gonna get meaner.

I know girls like you, you’ve crossed my path before and I can feel the time clock running down to when you tap out. and I’ll start the process over or maybe I’ll just give up because I’m tired too.

but I’ll still be left with the question, who could be with a girl that’s head to toe in baggage?

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write
fic. Count on me

Because BROTPS deserve love too.

Set after Months Later (1 | 2

Alya and Marinette discuss the events from the Winter formal. 

Rating G

Wordcount 2.300ish (Drabble at last).

It was a lovely day in Paris, and Marinette and Alya had a date. Their destination today; Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. The two girls had not spend as much time together as they usually did, and Marinette was determined on solving that. They had taken bikes, loading the basket with the makings of a picnic, courtesy of Marinette’s parents who had loaded up the girls with a considerable amount of sweets from their shop.

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