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「自分らしく」あるための「ジェンダー自由」// “Gender freedom” for the sake of being yourself

“Phrases like ‘that’s not masculine’ or 'that’s not feminine’ are often used in negative ways. But the fact that these phrases have a negative nuance really gets on my nerves. I just think, 'it’s not like these things are really that defined anyway.’” - Kondo Yohdi

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HC: Harry is used to going to brunch at the Burrow alone (while everyone else brings their partner), and when he and Draco FINALLY get together, he brings Draco to brunch (where he is flustered, as Molly Weasley is so thrilled to *finally* have Harry's partner there)

Ahahaha i got around to answering this ^^’ oh my god i’m so sorry. There’s actually a few more that I have to do as well. I’ll get to them!!!

Well. This is it, Harry thought, rubbing his wrist absently as he did one last check in the mirror to make sure he looked presentable. He heard clattering in the bedroom and a faint smile flickered onto his face as he heard the accompanied swear.

           “What did you drop this time?” The man asked in amusement as he stepped out of the bathroom, watching his lover on his hands and knees reaching for something under the vanity. He walked over to sit on the edge of the bed, fiddling with his cuffs.

           “The bloody comb,” Draco muttered, straightening back up with an exasperated expression on his face and the innocent comb in hand. One look at his expression and Harry could tell that he was just as nervous about the brunch as he was. While he knew the Weasleys more than Draco did and knew fully well that they would be fine with whoever he brought, he knew that the other man was still anxious. “Harry, I don’t think I can-“

           “Let me fix your collar,” Harry said quickly, interjecting swiftly enough that all Draco could do was swallow the rest of his words as the other man stood up and reached out for the collar that was perfectly fine. He pressed his fingers in places, flattening the already stiff cloth as he smiled warmly into the pale face of the other. “I bet Molly will like your outfit. Ron will mentally take some pointers but…probably won’t tell it to your face. Maybe you should talk to Bill. He’s got a rough-hewn kind of fashion vibe but I swear the things he wear cost an ungodly amount of money.”

           Draco’s hand reached up to rest on his wrist lightly. “Harry,” he sighed, a soft smile on his own face. It spoke a silent ‘thank you’ for the reassurances. “Nothing that Bill Weasley ever wears could come close to the things that I wear. He’ll recognize that the moment he’ll see me, I assure you. I doubt a conversation would be necessary.”

           Unable to help himself, Harry rolled his eyes at the totally-expected and unsurprising response. But Draco was thoroughly distracted about his insecurities and that was all that mattered.

           “Ready to go, then?” He watched Draco take a quick breath.

           “Yes, let’s go.”

           “Draco? Is that Draco Malfoy?”

           Harry felt the way the other man immediately tensed at his side, their clasped hands suddenly growing tight as Molly Weasley essentially shrieked their arrival from the kitchen. Every head in the vicinity was turning quickly, wide eyes staring at the new couple in the fireplace.

           “Er, Molly-“ Harry started to say, wanting to defend their relationship and Draco if he had to. However, the older lady had beaten him to the punch, shocking them both as she threw herself at the other man in a hug.

           “We are so happy to have you here!” She exclaimed and Draco stood, shell-shocked. It was only when Ron and Hermione came over as well, greeting him with warm welcomes did the hand in Harry’s relax.

           A glance at the other man showed a hesitant, but gradually forming smile.

           “I’m glad to be here. Thank you so much for inviting me.”

Soulmate Pt. 1 || Barry Allen

A/N: I saw this gif in a meme on Instagram and I had to make an imagine about it

Warnings: none

Note: soulmate au

“Hello, how can I help you today?” The barista behind the counter asked.

“Can you give me a minute?” You answered, scrolling though your phone, trying to find the secret menu of Jitters off of the internet. You had sworn that you saw it earlier in your bookmarks, but it seemed to be gone.

“Aha!” You said to her, mentally air high-fiving yourself. “One Zoom please.”

She nodded and went back to her station to make the drink, while you wandered off inside of the cafe.

You had just moved to Central City, and didn’t know many people or places inside of your new home. You had only been living there for a week, and things were already hectic at work. Your boss hated you, your coworkers thought that you were a mess, and to top it all off, you had lost your report that was due at the end of the day. But to be fair, the city was alright.

The main reason you had moved, was because of all of the stress Starling City was putting on you. Your parents were dead and your siblings never told you the truth. “It’s all for your protection,” they said, “We don’t want you getting hurt.” But you didn’t care about that, you wanted them to trust and accept you.

Instead, all they did was drive you away.

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another ffxv idea I’m too lazy to turn into a real fic

Ardyn takes some of Noct’s DNA and makes clones. He kills most of them, using them as playthings to enact his revenge fantasies, but he decides to keep one and train it up as a pet.

When Noct makes it to Zegnautus, he’s confronted by Ardyn, who is holding a thin leash attached to the collar of a copy of himself. It looks just like him. It could be him, except that it’s curled languidly around Ardyn’s arm, eyes rimmed in dark makeup, dressed in a silky wine-red shirt and tight-fitting black pants.

“What the fuck is this?” Noctis growls, horror gripping his chest.

Ardyn just laughs. “Do you like my pet? He’s lovely, almost as fetching as you are, Prince Noctis, though much better behaved.”

In the end, it’s Prompto who kills the clone, because Noct can’t bring himself to murder a creature with his own face, especially when it begs for it’s life, offering every favor it can think of.

“He had others,” Prompto says, when they’ve taken refuge for a brief rest. “I killed at least five, before you found me.”

“How did you know they weren’t really me?”

Prompto shrugs. “They didn’t act like you.”

Noct sighs, cradling his head in his hands. “I can’t stop thinking that that could have been me. He could have done that to me, made me into … that. I don’t know how you managed to kill hi– it,” he corrects himself.

“I’m a clone, too. You know how many MTs I’ve killed?” Prompto’s lips are curved up, but he’s not smiling. “I guess once you’ve killed yourself a couple dozen times, it gets easier.”

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