rough ethiopian opal


LOT #5 - $55

This one is beautiful! You get two tall self-standing crystal points (rose quartz & amethyst), a big Brazilian quartz point, tumbled stones, labradorite cabochons, a crack your own geode, Brazilian amethyst crystals, a rough azurite cluster, and a rough Ethiopian welo opal! 

You get everything you see in the pictures, perfect for someone learning how to wire wrap!

Please message me if you’re interested with the lot number, and your paypal email and I will send you an invoice. But when writing your email, please don’t put a “.com” or tumblr won’t send the message. Just put “blahblah@gmail” or “blahblah@gmail(.)com” or sometihng. (or message me the lot number on etsy if you’d prefer I make an etsy listing for you)