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Malaysia and Turkey

They’ve known each other a long long l o n g time ago. Like,during the era of Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor and the Ottoman empire.

The relationship between the two are warm and friendly. Funny thing is, both of them share the same hatred towards a particular country that’s probably one of the reason why they’re pretty close pft


Sidlink and Volink are my current most requested ships to make art of, so why not have them swap Links for fun?

the thing about Bakugou is that, in the limits that his personality allows, he’s soft for Kirishima - he calls him by name, listens to him and always answers him, tries to help him out as best as he can, accepts his help when Kirishima offers it, actively works to make him feel better when he’s down, never yells at him unless it’s an answer to Kirishima’s teasing, has no problems in complimenting him and pointing out his strength, he’s soft for Kirishima

he openly considers him a friend and treats him as such, he cares and doesn’t really try to hide it, though his inexperience in showing that sort of feelings does make him come off as awkward now and again 

I guess what I mean to say is it’d be nice if the fandom could remember that, instead of writing him as angry and prickly and downright offensive and uncaring when dealing with what has been recognized by the canon as his best friend and someone he does enjoy the company of over and over again


I’m still hacking away at this project.  Did a promo/preview on 08.30.2015, so here are some inserts from the booklet. I’m still struggling with the main character’s LOOK and NAME!.. he’s gone through a LOT of changes… *headdesk*… one day… one day…werk werk werkkkk!


and PSTTT…there are NSFW pics of these guys on my other account..

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MAMA BLUE LION PART 4! PART 4! Pretty please? Love you 💜💜

The long awaited part four, my dears! :3
Blue, in all honesty, felt sick. The sludgy ocean wasn’t just water, it was poison. Oil, thick and choking, and she hated how it felt against her metal skin, her human body cringing at the cold slick pressing into her metal shell’s joints and choking her movements. Lance was asleep in the chair while she rummaged around for a blanket to cover him, since she was planning to turn off most of the heating in order to speed up the healing process to her damaged rockets.
She knew her sisters were close, but she didn’t know if they’d be able to dig her and her precious Paladin out of the icy sludge. The best she could do was at least swim up to the surface to make it easier for retrieval… but her leg had damaged the internal wiring and panels; if she so much as activated it, the sparks from the exposed wires could turn this oily planet into a ball of fire.
Being the Guardian of Water, there was no way she’d survive for long inside a fire planet, that was Red’s thing. She and Lance would burn to death, which was something she wanted to avoid.
She was broken out of her thoughts when her fingers brushed against something soft and slightly dusty. Aha! Perfect. She pulled the fluffy cerulean fabric from the survival cupboard, and hurried back over to Lance. Draping it over his body, she tucked him in securely before settling down on the floor, leaning against the pilot seat and shutting her eyes to concentrate on healing her Lion form and shutting down most of the heating, redirecting as much energy to healing as she dared.
She exhaled a breath of white, misty air not even thirty ticks later, the cabin having become significantly colder. Lance whined quietly in his sleep and curled into the blanket further, soft white clouds puffing up from his mouth and fading away. At this point, she was worried even more so than earlier. His breathing was shaky and a bit shallow. He’d lost too much blood. Black, big sister, please hurry. We cannot last much longer. She pressed her thoughts to her sibling almost desperately, she didn’t want to lose another child so soon, especially one so young.
She was attuned to the cold, but her Paladin had lived in a place of warmth and sunshine his whole life. He’d never even seen snow before. Ice, yes, but never a real heavy snowfall. Never a real winter. He wasn’t built to survive the cold like she was. She opened her eyes to the sound and feeling of someone entering the ocean of oil, and the comms crackled to life. Keith and Pidge appeared onscreen, Shiro’s face in the middle.
“Lance! We’re on our way in to get you. Blue, can you direct us towards your position?” Pidge asked, startling the Blue Paladin awake. “Wha’ huh?!?” He slurred, scrambling to sit up properly, Blue standing up next to him.
“Yes, I can direct you. Just follow the main current and break off when I say so. Careful, it’s colder than you would be used to on Earth. In fact, keep Red away from it Keith. Fire and oil is never a good combination, and I’d prefer not to be roasted alive.” Blue explained, Lance shuddering next to her. “I agree, dude. I think I like my skin not crispy, thanks. I’ve gotten burned once, never again. That shit hurts like a bitch!” Lance yelped, horror clearly reflected on his face at the memory.
Pidge actually snorted a short laugh. Shiro smiled slightly. “All right, we’re diving in now. No rockets.” He informed, Pidge nodding. “I’ll keep an eye out for any hostiles.” Keith called, before shutting off his comm link. “Found the main current! Woah!” Pidge yelped as her screen shuddered violently, Shiro following soon after. “Damn, this is stronger than I thought.” Shiro grunted, Lance leaning slightly closer to the screen in concern. Blue had closed her eyes to focus on the bodies on the current, humming lightly.
Her eyes snapped open. “Pull left and out now.” She commanded, the Green and Black Paladins gunning their Lion’s legs to swim faster in order to escape the rough current. “I think I see them!” Pidge barked, and Blue’s metal form shuddered not soon after.
Shiro grinned at Lance. “We got you now, guys. Hang on, we’ll pull you free soon.” Lance relaxed with a small smile, Blue purring happily next to him.
“Thank you, Shiro, Pidge.” He mumbled, before suddenly going limp.
Red liquid stained the ends of the blanket, the blotch of dark maroon slowly getting larger as Shiro frantically yelled for Lance to wake up.
*cackles in the dark safety of my room under a pile of blankets*
Suffer and wait for part 5, my dears ;3
(And yes I headcanon that Lance hasn’t seen a heavy snowfall before, shush.)

Edit: no more waiting, here’s a list of even more parts!

okay so I love lance??? like too much?
anyway this is a rushed and rough song for lance (possibly from keiths pov?? undecided about that) but just from the Voltron family in general for him because he has too much going on that isn’t addressed and I really wish they give his character more thought in season 3 :)))

Let’s remake Osoro 1/2

i have two ideas for osoro but this one is wayyyy far from her current character but im just a sucker for this concept so im posting it anyways

  • a more modern approach to sukeban
  • like how you see those delinquent/punk sailor moon drawings
  • so a lot more feminine, heavy ties to feminism
  • those kinds of things are super popular, so i think she’d be a fan favourite if she was that kind of person
  • she has bleach blonde hair, long, slightly curled at the ends, straight bangs
  • maybe a pink streak in her hair? in her bangs perhaps?
  • pastel pink ankle socks, to tie in to the old style sukeban
  • wears converse
  • her gang consists of girls who go out of their way to protect other females
  • thats what theyre known for anyways but dont think they wont go after a girl whos been abusing her boyfriend too
  • theyre cold and stand offish
  • they dont want to make friends and have new girls joining it
  • its a hard life, and their resolve is solid
  • they dont want girls joining their gang because they think its a cool fashion trend or they want to beat up one dude that harassed their friend on the bus
  • they know most girls cant handle the level of violence they go to when dealing with people like that
  • osoro was a lot more tomboyish when younger, her parents were poor and it led to her needing to steal to survive
  • she still commits theft, she’s not automatically a good person because she beats up creeps
  • she doesnt think shes a good person
  • but the world needs bad people to do the dirty work, right?
  • senpai thinks she is a good person, some of her views are just dubious. 
  • osoro falls for him because of this, she’s never been told she’s a good person before.
  • senpai wants to help her solidify her sense of justice, into one thats more socially acceptable. he wants her to abandon the things like stealing
  • she really likes alternative fashion styles
  • shes never spoken to oka but she always admires her fashion sense
  • its not something osoro would wear, but she admires the courage for oka to wear what she likes
  • her mother was an original sukeban, this is where osoro got the idea to become one herself
No Mistake (Hotch x Reader)

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Title: No Mistake

Request:  Hotch x reader where reader is a literal child like talks to dogs like they are children and obsessed over Disney and is on the team. Hotch finds her drunk , like wasted at a bar and takes her home cause he is worried and she starts flirting with him and kisses him but he pushes her off cause he likes her but he knows this is wrong cause she’s drunk. She comes to work the next day and is on task but is very closed off espeicially with Hotch and then after the case Hotch calls her into the office and she freaks out and starts babbling  Eg : ’ Look I’m sorry about last night.. that will never happen again I would never kiss you no I mean it’s not that you are’t kissable you are very kissable I mean not like that. You can end it however you want but I would prefer fluff and happiness

Pairing: Hotch x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: None

Words: 848

A/N: Ah first one in a WHILE, I’m a little rusty! But I hope you like it! Still doing all your requests! Keep em’ coming! Xoxo


The room was blurry and spinning, your mind was fizzy and out of control. The clattering of your shoes against the wooden planks of the cheap bar shook the walls as you stumbled for the door. You let out a yelp as a loose floorboard caught you off balance and you fell into two strong arms who dragged you outside and into a vehicle.

The whole car ride was not memorable as you stared out the window the whole time. As the car pulled to a stop in the driveway you began paying attention more, still completely wasted.

Those strong arms lifted you out of the car and carried you inside a smaller house. You smiled slyly to yourself, knowing exactly where you were, even in your drunken state.

Aaron Hotchner’s house.

The man of your dreams. The man who always made you smile and feel safe. Someone who you had always had feelings for, but had been too shy to say anything.

“Hey Y/N, just lay here and don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back,” Hotch said as he laid you down on a soft couch. You groaned as your head pounded in pain. He quickly returned with a glass of water, a worried expression on his face. He knelt down beside you and held the glass in your reach.

You quickly sat up and pulled him onto the couch beside you and climbed on top of him, knocking the glass to the floor.

“You always take girls home like this?” You purred into his ear.

Hotch inhaled sharpily. “I was afraid you would get yourself in trouble.” He bit his lower lip as you wrapped both your legs around him. Even when you were trashed, he still thought you were insanely beautiful. The woman he wanted to be with all the time, no matter the circumstances.

“Would I get in trouble for flirting with the boss man?” You whispered, pressing your forehead against his.

“Y/N,” he started to say, but you cut him off with a kiss. His lips were soft and yet hesitant, but he kissed you back within seconds. Your hand cradled his cheek as you deepened the kiss. His tongue slipped into your mouth and you gasped in surprise.

Suddenly he broke the kiss, “Y/N, I can’t do this. I’m taking you home. Now.” He spoke sternly as he gently pushed you off him and went to fetch his car keys.

You could feel tears burning in your eyes, feeling embarrassed and shocked.


The next day was rough. The current case involved missing women possibly being abducted and tortured, due to finding a female body, beaten and stabbed on the side of a road in Florida.

You tried to avoid contact and conversation with everyone, keeping yourself on task and just trying to get all your work done.

A loud voice broke your focus. “Y/N, can I see you for a second?” Hotch asked, then turning around and walking back into his office with the door half open.

You stumbled up the stairs, feeling your cheeks flushed and your breathing quickening. You walked inside and quietly shut the door as you turned around to face him.

“Y/N, I just wanted-“

“I’m so sorry for last night! I remembered what happened this morning and oh god I don’t know! I was lonely last night and made the bad decision of having one too many drinks and then ended up kissing you which was a mistake.  Not that kissing you was awful or anything I just…” you trailed off in fear as your eyes went down to your shoes, shuffling them.

He stood from his desk and walked towards you, your eyes still glued to the floor.

Hotch’s two hands suddenly cupped your cheeks and brought your face to his, giving you a sweet light kiss.

“What are you doing tonight?” He whispered with a smile.

Knight (Single Dad! Calum Hood AU) 6

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A/N: Y’all ready for the last part? This one is going to be a doozy. Thank you all so much for all the support on this AU, it means the world to me! If y'all have something you want me to write, just send me a message and I’ll get to it! Again thank you!

Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

“Are you all excited for your last show for almost a year?” Ben, one of Luke’s older brother asked taking a seat in the ‘big room’ backstage at the last show in Australia. Theres been a passing of time since they first landed in L.A., almost two weeks ago now, they spent a week there only doing a couple of shows, before hitting the last leg in Oz, much to the relief of the lads and (Y/N). She had been put back on the original security detail she was hired for because the fans had been getting a lot more violent lately, much to Aurora’s dismay. (Y/N) and Calum still hadn’t broken the news to ‘Rora, or anyone else because of the rocky waters they knew they were going to endure for the next while with moving around, and the hectic schedule she and Calum would be enduring.

“You have no idea.” Ashton laughed getting yet another snack from the table at the front of the room, you could tell they were nervous. Ashton was a nervous eater, Luke would get almost violent, but he had been going through a rough patch with his current girlfriend so that could be the explanation for the hostility for when he got nervous, Michael would game and tune everyone out, Calum on the other hand would try to spend as much time as possible as he could with ‘Rora, and (Y/N).

“Do you have plans for the break?” Michael’s mom asked getting her son’s attention.

“I might travel for a bit, been stuck behind these concrete walls for a while.” Ashton said taking a seat next to his siblings. “And spend time with these buggers.”

“Not really sure. I’ll come up with something.” Luke said pacing back and forth behind the couch that held most of his family.

“Take care of my mental health.” Michael said seriously. “A year is a good time to start to better myself, and spend time with you and dad.” He smiled at his mum.

“Helping Aurora transition into going to school, she already a year behind because of her birthday.” Calum said with a knocked out ‘Rora at his side, his family next to him as well.

“What about you, (Y/N)?” Jack asked this time, all eyes suddenly on you, who was keeping an eye out from the doorway.

“Have no idea really. Try to find a stable place to stay, find other jobs just incase it doesn’t really work out here.” You answered honestly, well semi honestly. Calum had already told you that you were free to move in with him and Aurora after the tour was over, and said you wouldn’t have to worry about having to work because he made more than enough to maintain a three person household. You declined his second offer as soon as it left his mouth, you had been working all your life, and you didn’t like to burden people especially when it came to money. The first offer you said you would keep in mind if anything.

“They still haven’t come up with a decision?” Calum asked from his seat.

“They said it depended how well today went.” You explained shaking your head, you hated the fact they were basing a good chunk of their decision on one show, when the rest of the tour had gone off without a hitch.

“(Y/N), we need you at the mouth, we need you to escort someone to the den. Over.” James ordered through the walkie talkie at your hip, except he sounded mad, which was rare.

“Understood, on my way. Over. Are y'all expecting someone?”You asked everyone before jogging to where security check was made, which was nicknamed the mouth, and the den was the big room where everyone was at.

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Hey everyone! Sorry for lack of updates on development lately, but we’re finally back with some rather important announcements! (TL;DR at the end if you don’t like reading my rambley wall of text.)

Do you guys want the good news or the bad news first?

Well, I’m going to assume you want the bad news first. Better to get it out of the way, right? :D

As you guys may be able to guess from the above picture, we’ve decided that the 7 characters above will form the full cast of the main characters. Yes, that means that unfortunately, our never-really-announced 7th love interest, Hood, will be cut from the final game. In conclusion, you’ll be able to romance 6 guys in the full game: Beau, Ellis, Mer, Nicholl, Snow and Zel. Each route will feature around 50-60k words, so that’s still a grand total of 300k+ word count, which should be more than enough time you guys need to get tired of Charming (I hope not, though!).

More bad news! The reason why we’re cutting Hood is because our character artist, Elzee, will unfortunately be unable to continue drawing for us :( Since we want the main characters to be consistent in art style, we have decided to drop Hood instead of having our new character artist draw Hood and try to imitate Elzee’s style. We’re obviously very sad about this as well, but Elzee has done an amazing amount of work for us gratuitously, and we are so grateful to her for everything <3

Hold back your tears! On to the good news!

We have already found a new character artist, who will be in charge of doing all the sprites for the remaining side characters of the game (current rough estimate is around 10). She is LiD’s CG artist, Greenace, who also happens to be a great friend of mine who’s in Ebullience Games with me. We are super grateful to her for offering her help! She’ll be doing her best to imitate Elzee’s style as best as she can.

Last piece of good news: As we have Greenace helping us out on sprites now, that means development should go much faster. So we’re hoping this will mean that Lads in Distress full version will be completed sooner than expected. :D In fact, we’re preliminarily setting July 1 as the release date for our updated demo, which will contain the new common route (with all the love interests) as well as scene 1 or 2 of each route.

As Greenace’s also the solo artist for our first commercial otome, she does have a ton of work, so please note that July 1 is only a preliminary estimated date. We will be working towards meeting this deadline, but if there are any delays, we hope you’ll understand. >_< We will keep you guys updated!

Our plans for the future after the demo release will be finishing each route one at a time to send out for beta testing. Based on our current progress for each route, it looks like Zel’s route may be finished first. We will be recruiting for beta testers here when the time comes, so keep an eye out for the applications!

TL;DR/Quick Summary:

  • Hood’s no longer going to be a character in the full game.
  • There’ll be 6 total love interests in LiD: Beau, Ellis, Mer, Nicholl, Snow and Zel.
  • Elzee will no longer be drawing sprites for us, and Greenace, our current CG artist, will cover the side character sprites.
  • Hopefully development will go faster since Greenace is super fast at drawing.
  • Updated demo expected this summer, earliest on July 1.
  • Will be doing route by route beta testing afterwards.

That’s it for now! Will keep you guys updated :D Thanks for all the support! It means a lot to us that you’re still looking forward to LiD even after all this time! ^_^ <3

PS: Come join us on our Discord server! We have a Lads in Distress channel for LiD fans, and we’d love to meet and talk to all of you! <3 (Oh, we give early updates and spoilers too ;) )


MARSHALL ISLANDS. Kili. July 2016. A number of men on Kili go spear fishing, preferably at night as there is more fish near the coast at night, about 6 months out of the year. This sea life supplements the food they receive every few months from the U.S. Government. During the other 6 months of the year, as there is no lagoon, the ocean is too rough, with strong currents and large swells, to allow for fishing. © Michael Christopher Brown/Magnum Photos

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What about mermaid iwa stalks his cute fem human S/O who either always sails out to study the ocean or surfs (who doesn't ever notice him)... One day there is a storm and something happens to the her and he tries to save her but doesn't realize she needs air to live and ends up dragging her into the water further... you can make it angsty where she dies or not I don't care you can pick lol you have a nice blog btw😄


Like, this is everything I need and want in life. I would kill a man to get mermaid Iwaizumi. And I’m so MAD cause I was just at Barnes and Nobles and came SO CLOSE to buying a lore book on Mermaids! It had EVERYTHING and I didn’t get it! (I got the one on Faeries instead!)

But I hope you enjoy, Anon, cause I certainly know I did!

She was fascinating. Had been from the first time he had laid eyes on her. She wasn’t like him, she was the first ‘human’ he had ever seen. And despite multiple warnings and cautions from his friend - and constant tales from other oceans - Iwaizumi kept coming back to take a closer look at her. Because she was like him. Yet she wasn’t like him at all.

He always found her in the same spots. Either she was seated on top of a ‘board’ - a word he had heard her use continuously - her body buoyant above the waters surface as she waited patiently, her fingers stroking over the water. Many times he had wanted to approach closer, reach his hand out to mimic her motion from under the water. But he kept himself at a safe distance, close enough to observe but never to interact. Many times he had found her on top of a boat as well, sailing further out into the ocean’s waters. He’d follow, a wide smile on his face as he glided along the wake she created, jumping occasionally to catch sight of her pulling at some rope or other. 

And he loved every minute he spent with her. Even if she never saw him. Even if she never noticed him swimming along next to her with each and every wave she caught, sharing the smile and thrilled laugh of the experience, he loved it.

Oikawa knew. Iwaizumi knew he did. His friend never stopped him, but he always gave his small hints of warnings. And he knew the stories, the devastating events that spread through the oceans of merfolk that had gotten too close to humans. Most didn’t make it back - fear and misunderstanding leading to their deaths by the savagery that was man’s nature.

She was different though, he knew it. He knew it by the way she coasted across the water’s surface. He knew it by the way dolphins approached circled her, their trust of the space she was in was enough for him to know she was.

It was everything about her that sent him rushing forward through the water when he witnessed her sinking into the rough currents the storm above was creating. This was different from every other time he had seen her crash into the depth before. She was still, body allowing the currents to take her wherever they wanted, limbs thrashing desperately. His own reached for her, it was the closest he ever was to her, his hands taking her around the waist. He felt the current pull him for a moment, a small grunt left him as he regained his bearings to pull them both from it’s strong grasp. The feel of nails on his back and catching the his fin there made him wince, his hold tightening on her despite her body fighting against his hold.

Once he had managed to get them clear of any rough waters, he turned to look at her face, his heart instantly freezing in his chest. A wild, panicked look took over her eyes, her hands desperately clawing up towards the surface he had pulled her away from. Air bubbles were pulled from her mouth as a new surge of panic filled Iwaizumi, his hands rising to cup her jaw delicately, brain surging for a solution to this sudden problem.

Body moving instinctively, he leaned forward, his mouth pressing tightly against her own. In that moment, he felt her chest fill with air, the action making her body press against his own. The touch sent a jolt into his heart and he allowed himself to enjoy it for as long as possible. Parting, their eyes met and he saw the wonder slowly take over her expression, taking in every part of him that was entirely foreign to her. He watched, returning her stare with just as much wonder, this being the closest he would ever find himself to her. When her hand rose to her throat, he leaned forward once again, their lips touching to allow her another breath, his tail flicking when he took hold of her again bringing them closer to the surface.

Their heads broke the surface together, a large breath filling her lungs as soon as they did. Her eyes were to him again, her fingers brushing over the skin of his arms that held her, pausing when they hit scales. He watched her open her mouth to speak and he quickly pulled her though the waves, instead hearing the shock of her gasp instead of whatever she was planning on saying to him. He kept moving until she was able to touch down her feet to the soft sand. Releasing her when she was able to stand, he pushed himself back, creating that distance he had always placed between them once again. But he stayed, watching her and she watched back.

“What’s your name?” she questioned, the sound of her voice so soft in comparison to how he was used to hearing out while she was out on the water alone.

With his heart jolting at being addressed by her, he approached slowly, his own lips parting. “Hajime,” he answered after another moment of silence. He wanted more; more interaction. Never had his heart beat so wildly against his chest and he didn’t want it to go away just yet. But there was a tug at the end of his fin, his gaze falling to see Oikawa beckoning him back to the world he belonged to. Giving one last look to the woman he had just saved, he turned, ignoring anything from her lips as he dove below the surface, following his friend silently.

Neither of them would speak of this incident, the silent warnings coming through. But he would continue to watch her, witness her scanning the surface of the water for him. And maybe one day when the water was calm, he would approach her again to hear those lips speak his name.
In Another World - Chapter 7 - actualbabe - New Girl [Archive of Our Own]
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“Someday I’ll be living in a big old city, and all you’re ever gonna be is mean.”

Jess lies in bed on her stomach, earphones in and blasting Taylor Swift. She’s trying, okay? She tried being nice and he was mean to her. She tried to ignore him and he was mean to her. She tried being mean back and that just made things even worse. God, she can’t believe she cried in front of him. She hasn’t cried in front of a guy since high school when some jerk thought it would be funny to ask her out as an April Fools’ Day prank. And the really stupid thing is she still wants Nick to like her. She really is pathetic.

chapter 7!


31.03.17 // Mini study desk!

Guys, check it out! My latest study investment: a wee adjustable laptop desk. Now I can work down on the floor without my back complaining. Every. Time.

Might also begin to use it as an art desk?

It’s been another full-on week, mainly because I was asked to provide extra cover at work. This is very helpful financially, but less so for my research progress. So, I’m trading off: I’m skipping out on this morning’s research seminar and calling it a writing day.

Task Priorities

  1. Finish article due today (not academic, though it’s about my research): Complete. Edit. Send. Update: Done
  2. Thesis writing: complete a very rough draft of the current section.
  3. Plan research: figure out the basic argument (and structure?) for next article on music as theology.

It’s a dreary day, and I don’t feel super awake yet. Still, it’s cosy inside, and I’m just grateful I don’t have to go anywhere further than my kitchen today.