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MAMA BLUE LION PART 4! PART 4! Pretty please? Love you 💜💜

The long awaited part four, my dears! :3
Blue, in all honesty, felt sick. The sludgy ocean wasn’t just water, it was poison. Oil, thick and choking, and she hated how it felt against her metal skin, her human body cringing at the cold slick pressing into her metal shell’s joints and choking her movements. Lance was asleep in the chair while she rummaged around for a blanket to cover him, since she was planning to turn off most of the heating in order to speed up the healing process to her damaged rockets.
She knew her sisters were close, but she didn’t know if they’d be able to dig her and her precious Paladin out of the icy sludge. The best she could do was at least swim up to the surface to make it easier for retrieval… but her leg had damaged the internal wiring and panels; if she so much as activated it, the sparks from the exposed wires could turn this oily planet into a ball of fire.
Being the Guardian of Water, there was no way she’d survive for long inside a fire planet, that was Red’s thing. She and Lance would burn to death, which was something she wanted to avoid.
She was broken out of her thoughts when her fingers brushed against something soft and slightly dusty. Aha! Perfect. She pulled the fluffy cerulean fabric from the survival cupboard, and hurried back over to Lance. Draping it over his body, she tucked him in securely before settling down on the floor, leaning against the pilot seat and shutting her eyes to concentrate on healing her Lion form and shutting down most of the heating, redirecting as much energy to healing as she dared.
She exhaled a breath of white, misty air not even thirty ticks later, the cabin having become significantly colder. Lance whined quietly in his sleep and curled into the blanket further, soft white clouds puffing up from his mouth and fading away. At this point, she was worried even more so than earlier. His breathing was shaky and a bit shallow. He’d lost too much blood. Black, big sister, please hurry. We cannot last much longer. She pressed her thoughts to her sibling almost desperately, she didn’t want to lose another child so soon, especially one so young.
She was attuned to the cold, but her Paladin had lived in a place of warmth and sunshine his whole life. He’d never even seen snow before. Ice, yes, but never a real heavy snowfall. Never a real winter. He wasn’t built to survive the cold like she was. She opened her eyes to the sound and feeling of someone entering the ocean of oil, and the comms crackled to life. Keith and Pidge appeared onscreen, Shiro’s face in the middle.
“Lance! We’re on our way in to get you. Blue, can you direct us towards your position?” Pidge asked, startling the Blue Paladin awake. “Wha’ huh?!?” He slurred, scrambling to sit up properly, Blue standing up next to him.
“Yes, I can direct you. Just follow the main current and break off when I say so. Careful, it’s colder than you would be used to on Earth. In fact, keep Red away from it Keith. Fire and oil is never a good combination, and I’d prefer not to be roasted alive.” Blue explained, Lance shuddering next to her. “I agree, dude. I think I like my skin not crispy, thanks. I’ve gotten burned once, never again. That shit hurts like a bitch!” Lance yelped, horror clearly reflected on his face at the memory.
Pidge actually snorted a short laugh. Shiro smiled slightly. “All right, we’re diving in now. No rockets.” He informed, Pidge nodding. “I’ll keep an eye out for any hostiles.” Keith called, before shutting off his comm link. “Found the main current! Woah!” Pidge yelped as her screen shuddered violently, Shiro following soon after. “Damn, this is stronger than I thought.” Shiro grunted, Lance leaning slightly closer to the screen in concern. Blue had closed her eyes to focus on the bodies on the current, humming lightly.
Her eyes snapped open. “Pull left and out now.” She commanded, the Green and Black Paladins gunning their Lion’s legs to swim faster in order to escape the rough current. “I think I see them!” Pidge barked, and Blue’s metal form shuddered not soon after.
Shiro grinned at Lance. “We got you now, guys. Hang on, we’ll pull you free soon.” Lance relaxed with a small smile, Blue purring happily next to him.
“Thank you, Shiro, Pidge.” He mumbled, before suddenly going limp.
Red liquid stained the ends of the blanket, the blotch of dark maroon slowly getting larger as Shiro frantically yelled for Lance to wake up.
*cackles in the dark safety of my room under a pile of blankets*
Suffer and wait for part 5, my dears ;3
(And yes I headcanon that Lance hasn’t seen a heavy snowfall before, shush.)

Edit: no more waiting, here’s a list of even more parts!

okay so I love lance??? like too much?
anyway this is a rushed and rough song for lance (possibly from keiths pov?? undecided about that) but just from the Voltron family in general for him because he has too much going on that isn’t addressed and I really wish they give his character more thought in season 3 :)))


I’m still hacking away at this project.  Did a promo/preview on 08.30.2015, so here are some inserts from the booklet. I’m still struggling with the main character’s LOOK and NAME!.. he’s gone through a LOT of changes… *headdesk*… one day… one day…werk werk werkkkk!


and PSTTT…there are NSFW pics of these guys on my other account..

Knight (Single Dad! Calum Hood AU) 6

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A/N: Y’all ready for the last part? This one is going to be a doozy. Thank you all so much for all the support on this AU, it means the world to me! If y'all have something you want me to write, just send me a message and I’ll get to it! Again thank you!

Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

“Are you all excited for your last show for almost a year?” Ben, one of Luke’s older brother asked taking a seat in the ‘big room’ backstage at the last show in Australia. Theres been a passing of time since they first landed in L.A., almost two weeks ago now, they spent a week there only doing a couple of shows, before hitting the last leg in Oz, much to the relief of the lads and (Y/N). She had been put back on the original security detail she was hired for because the fans had been getting a lot more violent lately, much to Aurora’s dismay. (Y/N) and Calum still hadn’t broken the news to ‘Rora, or anyone else because of the rocky waters they knew they were going to endure for the next while with moving around, and the hectic schedule she and Calum would be enduring.

“You have no idea.” Ashton laughed getting yet another snack from the table at the front of the room, you could tell they were nervous. Ashton was a nervous eater, Luke would get almost violent, but he had been going through a rough patch with his current girlfriend so that could be the explanation for the hostility for when he got nervous, Michael would game and tune everyone out, Calum on the other hand would try to spend as much time as possible as he could with ‘Rora, and (Y/N).

“Do you have plans for the break?” Michael’s mom asked getting her son’s attention.

“I might travel for a bit, been stuck behind these concrete walls for a while.” Ashton said taking a seat next to his siblings. “And spend time with these buggers.”

“Not really sure. I’ll come up with something.” Luke said pacing back and forth behind the couch that held most of his family.

“Take care of my mental health.” Michael said seriously. “A year is a good time to start to better myself, and spend time with you and dad.” He smiled at his mum.

“Helping Aurora transition into going to school, she already a year behind because of her birthday.” Calum said with a knocked out ‘Rora at his side, his family next to him as well.

“What about you, (Y/N)?” Jack asked this time, all eyes suddenly on you, who was keeping an eye out from the doorway.

“Have no idea really. Try to find a stable place to stay, find other jobs just incase it doesn’t really work out here.” You answered honestly, well semi honestly. Calum had already told you that you were free to move in with him and Aurora after the tour was over, and said you wouldn’t have to worry about having to work because he made more than enough to maintain a three person household. You declined his second offer as soon as it left his mouth, you had been working all your life, and you didn’t like to burden people especially when it came to money. The first offer you said you would keep in mind if anything.

“They still haven’t come up with a decision?” Calum asked from his seat.

“They said it depended how well today went.” You explained shaking your head, you hated the fact they were basing a good chunk of their decision on one show, when the rest of the tour had gone off without a hitch.

“(Y/N), we need you at the mouth, we need you to escort someone to the den. Over.” James ordered through the walkie talkie at your hip, except he sounded mad, which was rare.

“Understood, on my way. Over. Are y'all expecting someone?”You asked everyone before jogging to where security check was made, which was nicknamed the mouth, and the den was the big room where everyone was at.

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To say the following week was a catastrophe would be an understatement. It was an absolute hurricane, swirling maelstrom and rough currents keeping you well below the surface of the water and suffocating the very life and soul out of you as the unforgiving hand of university held you down.  After turning in your adequate polished bullshit of an assignment you spent a few hours in the cafe working on, it appeared that it was the least of what was to come and with every slain dragon head came two more. Assignments piled up, and you barely had a chance to catch your breath, let alone communicate with the outside world. With mid-terms and projects resting heavily on your slumped shoulders, it was proving to be a very difficult period that only coffee could remedy.

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Kanan: The Legacy of Godzilla

Chapter 1(Prelude): “The Return of the King”

Next Chapter:(Chapter 2)

Pairings: NozoEli, NicoMaki, and KanaMari

Summary: This is a story a girl who became a monster called “Godzilla”. Her life went from being a normal young adult to the rampaging kaiju king. Her life has been plagued with a curse of being a destructive force of nature but will her destructive nature lead to something more than just a curse?

Word Count: 10+K words

Note: This AU idea popped a while ago but couldn’t get into it until I remember a certain AU story that I read long time ago. So while this story might be dramatic and sad in nature, there will be some minor fluff and such as well. This AU is based of the Godzilla Heisei Era series(1984-1995).

Special Note: First chapter is build and based off the events of The Return of Godzilla(1984). With a more modern day feeling.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Love Live or any of the materials used in this fanfic: only my imagination. Feel free to correct me and I will take responsibility of my actions.

Author’s Note: Welcome all to this new AU story adventure. This idea has been in my mind for quite some time and I wanted to start this out as soon as I can while working on the current story at hand. This will be quite a ride for familiar and new readers. Thank you for your support and please leave feedback for me so I can continue to improve and update this story.

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31.03.17 // Mini study desk!

Guys, check it out! My latest study investment: a wee adjustable laptop desk. Now I can work down on the floor without my back complaining. Every. Time.

Might also begin to use it as an art desk?

It’s been another full-on week, mainly because I was asked to provide extra cover at work. This is very helpful financially, but less so for my research progress. So, I’m trading off: I’m skipping out on this morning’s research seminar and calling it a writing day.

Task Priorities

  1. Finish article due today (not academic, though it’s about my research): Complete. Edit. Send. Update: Done
  2. Thesis writing: complete a very rough draft of the current section.
  3. Plan research: figure out the basic argument (and structure?) for next article on music as theology.

It’s a dreary day, and I don’t feel super awake yet. Still, it’s cosy inside, and I’m just grateful I don’t have to go anywhere further than my kitchen today.

I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry about how much I’ve been slacking on these requests. I even still have asks in the box from months ago. I’ve recently been very low mentally, plus all my time has been going toward rehearsals for recent shows. I promise I will get to every ask in the inbox! I just wanted to let you all know that I’m trying, and that I’m sorry about any inconveniences. Thank you for your patience!


As promised, rough color sketches of my version of the Zutara kids. A rough description of their current personalities. 

Honor(Temporary name because apparently Zuko’s kids are named honor and honora) Top drawing: I imagined he got both his mother and fathers seriousness. He’s likes to appear very put together and in charge of himself, but much like his parents he has a very short fuse. He’s a water bender who really identifies with his Southern water tribe roots. So much so he leaves the fire nation to live in the south and become the worlds greatest healer. (Sorry Katara, you’re still the most badass.) 

Honora (I’m sorry, I will pick names soon >.<’) second one down. I imagine she is the goofball of the bunch, inheriting her uncle sokka’s knack for bad jokes. Like both of her parents she has her parents determination. I also imagined she is the most politically savvy and whenever is appropriate would sit in during council meetings and other such stuff and try to be helpful. Zuko of course is very encouraging of this, considering his own history. Despite her being the friendliest, she is the most shy of her siblings. Oh, and she is a fire bender. 

Kya, third one down, is a waterbender but strongly identifies with her fire nation roots. She’s a brash fighter and has inherited Azula’s natural abilities and shrewdness. Azula and her have a very complicated relationship in the sense that they have a natural bond together, but due to Azula’s bigotry towards non-fire nation she sometimes has a tendency to belittle Kya, despite this Azula can’t help but see the best parts of herself in Kya. They have a complicated bond. I imagine that Kya would serve as a general in the fire nation army and later on join the united nations. Her fighting style is very brutal and physical. She has her parents fiery passion.

Ursa bottom one, she is a fire bender although she rarely uses her fire bending skills, this fact doesn’t make her any less deadly. She’s the best at remaining calm under pressure, she has Sokka’s sense of creative strategy mixed in with Azula’s ability to narrow in on weakness will make her one of the best military strategist of her time. I haven’t picked a weapon, but I imagine she specializes in a weapon like her father. She has her parents sense of justice. 

that’s what I have for now, one day i’ll do a nice finished drawing that’s all pretty but today is not that day. More to come eventually. 

Soooo I tried to do an edit of Rosalya’s new character sprite with her old skin palette!  I feel like my edit’s a little shaky in some places (I’ve literally never done a palette swap before, oh gosh), but I did my best!

I can’t wait for the rest of the girls’ redraws! ♡ Chino’s art has come a really long way and I may have a little shading envy at this point.

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Height: 7 ft Weight: 350+ lbs Eye color: Brown Skin color: Green Character: Funny, passionate, and a little rough around the edges. Current residence: my swamp Bae or nae?

i would gladly slide into those dms if I dO say so myself

Here’s to Love!

I have the most ridiculous bias for this song because a) Maki center, b) piano, and c) that one scene from the anime. Just had to write some for this. So without further ado, english lyrics for Aishiteru Banzai! under the cut!

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Witcher moments (29) - Pegasus

Pegasus entered the water with his front hooves, dipped his head and drank for a long time. Then he lifted it and looked at his rider. Water dripped from his mouth and nostrils. The poet nodded his head, sighed again and loudly sucked his nose.
- The hero looked at the rough current, he said silently and tried not to chatter his teeth. Then he ventured onwards, for his heart knew no fear.
Pegasus lowered his head and ears.
- Knew no fear I said!
The horse shook his head, the steel rings on his bits and halter rang. Dandelion kicked him. The gelding walked into the water, with pompous resignation.

“Andrzej Sapkowski - Time of contempt”

 Everyone knows Roach but few know Pegasus.

Shout out to everyone who is trying to figure out their gender and/or sexuality.