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DIY Rough Crystal Necklace Display Tutorial from Julep. Another easy to make jewelry display that is pretty and functional. Below is a representation of rough crystals you can buy on Amazon - 3 lbs, 12 stones for $16.95 (Amazon link at Julep’s post). 

For more DIY jewelry displays (including ideas for craft fairs) go here: and for beautiful rough crystal jewelry DIYs go here:


The sunshine lit up the Venusrox crystal pendants so one can fully appreciate their magnificence. Natural, rare, high-quality crystals are not just objects of desire, they can lend incredible energy benefits to whomever connects with the stone and chooses to wear them.

The four pendants are, from left, large purple Tanzanite, followed by a unique piece of rough Watermelon Tourmaline. The bright blue pendant is a rare Paraiba Tourmaline from Brazil, followed by a gorgeous rough Emerald. The single pendant is again our one and only rare stick of Watermelon Tourmaline sitting on a block of Ocean Jasper.

All have been handmade and chosen with the utmost care. They are exclusive to Venusrox and no two are alike. They are the ultimate life accessory…


What a rare find. For those of you who do not know, I am obsessed with included quartz! And to have found this rare, treat online–a fifteen pound lot!!– made my YEAR! I often buy rough crystals and gemstones for I like caring for them once I get them, cleaning them and then taking their photographs. I did give a few pounds worth to a friend for her birthday and the rest… well… you’ll be seeing more of those in the near future ~_^

Large natural amethyst aura and citrine aura crystals.  Fully customisable: Wire wrapped, suede wrapped (in various colours!), macrame cage or even with various charms! Select your own custom style in the drop down list in store here and leave any additional information in the comments section during checkout. ;)

Roundup of 18 Favorite DIY Rough Crystal Tutorials from True Blue Me & You.

I love posting rough or raw crystal tutorials because most of the DIYs are easy to make and look expensive. You can find “rough crystals” at toy stores (in the science section), museum shops, craft stores and online.

*Links have been checked and all work… as of today. Lots of DIY blogs that posted a few years ago have just gone - along with their archives.

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DIY Chunky Crystal Bead Leather Bracelet from Lebenslustiger here. No clasp needed, because beads are strung on elastic.

DIY Free People Inspired $12 Wrapped Rough Crystal Bracelet from Chic Steals.  

DIY Rough Crystal Necklace Display from Julep.

DIY Rock Pendants Using a Soldering Iron from Stars for Streetlights.

Wire Wrapped Rough Crystal Rings from Passions for Fashion. No tutorial, but if you read my blog I have posted hundreds of DIY wire wrapping tutorials.

Goshenite Crystals from, Sao Geraldo do Baixio, Minais Gerais, Brazil

They have the highest frequency of the Beryl stones and are powerful stones of truth. It helps one see both the truth in oneself but also what is true in our surroundings and the people around us. It is an uplifting stone, offering inspiration and release for those who connect to it. It helps one to create and hold a higher vision of what is possible for oneself and gives one the determination to manifest that vision into reality.

Now available online


Hello. All of these are for sale. I put them in my hand for a sort of size reference. The moonstone and pyrite are rough. The moon stone and Tibetan quartz are a lot, not for individual sale. I can do individual or together with the pyrite.  Make me an offer. Worse I can do is say no (make sure you add shipping to the price and if you live outside the USA, it’s 12 plus for shipping, depending on what you get). Please don’t pop in with low amounts. I was involved in  a fire in December and need the funds to get some items I lost (minor stuff). Thank you.

DIY Knockoff Cinched Quartz Drop Earrings Tutorial from Pacific Rain.

These DIY Knockoff Brass and Quartz Earrings were made using a hardware store brass rod that was hammered flat. For lots of DIY knockoffs of all kinds go here:

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