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In Dreams (The Raven Cycle amv)

Since The Raven King comes out today, I wanted to post something special before I dive into the end. I’ve been wasting away months of my life drawing all the scenes for this video, and now it’s finally done. I hope you enjoy it!

Dating Jackson would include :

•Playing at the playgound at 4am
•A lot of cuddling
•Skype calls when he’s on tour
•Neck kisses
•Forhead kisses
•Wearing his t-shirts
•Putting you hand under his shirt to feel his abs
•Sweet lovemaking
•Rough sex
•Car sex and Mirror sex are #1
•Calling him daddy infront of his members and you guys don’t feel embarrassed about that.
•A lot of compliments
•5am adventures


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Pairing: Dash Wilder x Reader

GIF Warning: ^^^

Warnings: rough sex, car sex, thigh riding, choking, name calling, daddy kink, spanking, just rough and nasty.

Rating: Explicit af

A/N: Bitch there is no reason beyond the fact that Dash is sexy and his booty is so thicc. Also, he is just so damn pretty and I love him and more people need to love my Triple B (Big Booty Boy) more!

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You and Dash Wilder weren’t an ‘item’, you two were…well fuck buddies. Both of you couldn’t ever keep your hands off each other. When you two were back in NXT, you guys made an agreement. Sex, rough, amazing sex, with no strings attached. It was so mindblowing the first time that you guys had sex, it was all night. To be clear, it was literally sunset to sunrise. There was barely a break, only two fifteen minute breaks that was just you two laying in bed and watching TV.

After then, you two would disappear after almost every PPV, finding a little room in the back of the building. Dash was a rough man that will slap your ass until it’s raw if you forgot to call him daddy. So seeing him on Raw made you rather hot and bothered.

He hadn’t told you that he was coming up and you weren’t able to see him on Saturday because you had meetings and all that stuff before wrestling in your first Wrestlemania. When you saw him, you smiled widely and went over to talk to him. He was standing with Scott over in a little hallway off to the side of the main flow of  people.

His eyes swept you up and down, hungry and needy eyes. You shuddered and his eyes locked with yours again. His lips curled into a smile, taking a step closer. Scott rolled his eyes, said congrats, and left, knowing all too well what was going to happen. Dash reached out and ran a thick finger over your new Women’s Championship belt on your shoulder. “Looks nice on you,” he said, his southern accent dripping with lust.

You smiled. Taking the belt off your shoulder, you laid it over your waist and turned around. “Button is up, please?” His fingertips danced over the bare skin of your back and he pressed himself against you. He smelled amazing, like always, and his breath fanned across your growing hot skin. With a little growl, he kissed your neck, his beard scraping against the sensitive skin.

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Car Seat Treat [M]
You always enjoyed going out with Jimin and the boys. If anyone was able to make Jimin laugh hysterically it was them– and it was a beautiful sight. They always managed to have him a blushing mess, especially when they talked about you. It didn’t really affect you other than make you feel warm and loved that Jimin loved you so profusely, but tonight seemed to be a little different.

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Dating / Riverdale

Dating Archie Andrews Would Include:
• Wearing his varsity jacket, always.
• Him often singing you to sleep.
• Being there at every football game, cheering him on.
• Him being there for your important events, screaming ‘That’s my girl.’
• Laying in bed with him at night, enjoying each other’s company.
• Hella cringe/cute nicknames for each other.
• Calling him by his real name, Archibald, when he’s done something wrong.
• Rough car sex?? Yes??
• Sneaky music room kisses.
• Him always having to touch you, Arms around shoulder, waist, lips.
• Walking to school every morning.
• Him often surprising you at work.
• Always getting into trouble with him.
• Writing songs about you.
• Sneaking into his room late a night when he’s ‘grounded.’
• Dinner at Pops’ as its your go to place.
• Having known him and Juggie since you were kids.
• Kissing the scar between his brows when he’s angry.
• Sex, always, anywhere, anytime.

Dating Jughead Jones Would Include:
• ‘Borrowing’ his beanie and wearing it always.
• Being absolute smartasses with each other.
• Him reading his novel or newsletter entries to you.
• Playing with his hair whilst he writes.
• Kissing always, PDA even at its minimalist.
• Finding out Juggie is asexual and loving him just the same.
• Holding hands whenever you’re out.
• Jughead being protective over you whenever you’re out and about.
• Him living with you and your parents.
• Your parents absolutely adoring him and his quirky attitude.
• Movie marathons.
• Conspiracy Theory marathons that leave you two talking to each other in the early hours of the morning.
• Date night at Pop’s.
• FP Jones approving of your relationship as you’re also looking out for his son.
• Sarcasm wars? Always.
• Helping him and Betty with solving Jason’s murder.
• Kissing him just to shut him up when he’s ranting about something.

Dating an Alive Jason Blossom Would Include:
• Wearing his varsity jacket, loud and proud.
• Being a River Vixen alongside Cheryl and getting along with each other.
• Him always checking you out during practise and vice versa.
• Helping each other study, often leading to make out sessions.
• Sneaky locker room sex.
• Him defying his parents to date you.
• The Blossoms slowly coming around to accepting you as they notice you’re bettering their son.
• Being there for all of his games, whether it’s football or water polo.
• Being his little cheerleader.
• Dates by Sweetwater River.
• Being the power couple of Riverdale.
• Him sneaking out at night to see you and vice versa.
• Him being extremely jealous whenever another male talks to you.
• Him finding it so hard to believe he got so lucky with you?? Yes??
• Him buying you little gifts time to time because he adores the look of shock on your face.
• Him also adoring your face when you’re all flustered.
• Sex against a Maple Tree as a silent (not so silent) ‘fuck you’ to the Blossoms when they refused to acknowledge your relationship.
• Talking late at night about the future and your future together.
• Him being the first one to tell you he loves you.

Dating Betty Cooper Would Include:
• Wearing each other’s clothes because you sleepover too much to remember whose is which.
• PDA?? A lot of kissing in public. Yes.
• Meeting her through Archie and instantly clicking.
• Her being hella kinky.
• Roleplay? So much roleplay.
• Helping her cope with her relationship with her parents.
• Being there for her when Polly gives birth.
• Not being afraid to get into a fistfight when people from school make comments about your relationship.
• The two of you constantly pranking Archie or Juggie.
• Calling her Elizabeth when she’s annoyed you.
• Assisting her and Jughead with solving Jason’s murder.
• Making out in the editorial room when you’re supposed to be helping her write a new column.
• Being River Vixens and the team being supportive of you two.
• Not being afraid to speak your mind when her parents are being out of line.
• Your parents adoring Betty.
• Being the first to say ‘I love you’.

Dating Veronica Lodge Would Include:
• Dates at the spa.
• Shopping for lingerie together.
• Spoiling each other.
• Making sure everyone knew you two were an item.
• Hermione loving you just as much as Ronnie.
• Supporting her during her fights with her mom.
• Supporting her with problems regarding her dad.
• Calling her Ronald to annoy her.
• She’s dominate AF.
• Loving it when she’s wearing her pearls and only her pearls.
• Shopping sprees.
• Sex in the change rooms.
• Flirting nonstop. Sexual tension always.
• Ronnie being very jealous of any girl or guy that gets too friendly with you.
• Cheesy Pick up lines.
• Surprising you with flowers.
• So. Much. PDA.
• Getting into fights with people who make inappropriate comments.
• Her patching you up and kissing your forehead after she’s done.
• She’s hella kinky cmon now.

Dating Cheryl Blossom Would Include:
• Her spoiling you all time.
• Being the Power couple of Riverdale.
• Aggressively protective over you.
• Being best friends with Jason.
• Her getting her red lipstick stains all over your skin and clothes.
• Helping her deal with her parents.
• Supporting her through Jason’s death and vice versa. (If dead)
• Being the three musketeers with her and Jason.
• Fancy dinners.
• Sleepovers.
• Sleepovers but not a lot of sleep.
• Talking about your future together almost every night.
• Checking her out whilst she’s practicing with her River Vixens.
• Getting possessive when girls get too close to her.
• Dates by Sweetwater river.
• Running the Maple business with her once her dad passes it over.
• Constantly laughing together over the littlest things.
• Your parents being weary at first about your relationship due to her family.
• Your parents slowly accepting Cheryl and vice versa.


I include Jason Blossom because he’s my beautiful ginger boy !!
Requests are open 💕

Shoutout to my girl @Bicuriousbarnes for assisting 💓

Bridie x

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i have an au.. how about alone at prom! dan and phil, and phil feels bad for seeing such a sad dan, so he shows him just how fun prom can be?? [smut]

//car smut hc maybe?? bonus points for steamy windows & voyeurism ✨✨
//Teacher x student?

Warning!! Smut: Teacher x Student, car sex, rough sex, daddy kink, dirty talk, degradation, age gap, riding, Dan’s in a skirt, pastel x punk, etc etc.

~Dan had been stood up, and due to that here he sat, alone, at his prom. He was 17, sat in a fluffy pink skirt and a nice matching sweater. He had agreed with his boyfriend to dress as they normally would, and so to make matters worse, he looked like an idiot at prom too.

~Phil had been given the job of chaperoning the prom. As one of the teachers, he wanted to be involved in the prom anyways, so he didn’t mind. In the back he noticed Dan. Under a small florescent light, crying softly with his hands on his head. He sighed and decided to go see what was wrong.

~Phil set his hand on the table, getting Dan’s attention and smiling slightly. “What’s wrong?” He asked nicely and watched Dan dry his eyes, shrugging slightly. “My boyfriend stood me up..” he explained, his voice raspy.

~Phil frowned slightly and looked at him with confusion. “Why would he do that?” He asked, Dan staying silent. “I’m sorry that he did that, Dan. I know I’m just your History teacher, but I am sorry. How about I take you home yeah?” He offered and Dan nodded, smiling softly. “Please?” He asked.

~Phil nodded, taking his hand and helping him up, watching his skirt flutter. /God id love to see under the pink/ he thought, shaking the idea away and walking with him.

~Phil opened the door of his car, watching Dan get in and chuckling a little. His body was so nice. Maybe it was weird to be 29, a teacher too, and lusting after a 17 year old. But hey. Maybe he liked being weird.

~Dan had always liked Mr. Lester. He was nice to him, never got mad at him even for being late, helped him with the material. And god was he hot. Dan couldn’t decide what he wanted more: To kiss his face, or sit on his face.

~Phil rolled up his sleeves, exposing tattoos and veins down his arms as he started driving out the parking lot. “You have tattoos?” Dan asked and Phil nodded slightly, looking over at him. “Yeah. Quite a few. I used to have a lot of piercings too as a teenager.” He chuckled. “I miss being a teen sometimes.”

~Dan smiled and looked over at him. “What piercings did you have?” He asked, looking at his arms and biting his lip slightly.

~Phil shrugged, keeping his eyes on the road. “I had an eyebrow bar, my hair was like blue, I had snake bites, I hate my nose pierced, I had my- wait now that one I won’t share.” He laughed.

~Dan raised an eyebrow. “Oh do tell that story.” He pressed, poking his shoulder. “Had like a Prince Albert or something?” He teased, seeing his teacher blush a little. “Oh my god you did!” He snorted.

~Phil reached over and hit him gently. “Shut up! I took it out years ago.” He chuckled. “Don’t you dare tell anyone I told you that I could loose my job.” He warned and Dan held up two hands in defense. “Secrets safe with me.” He giggled.

~Phil smiled and nodded. “Good. So why’d you get stood up tonight. Come on tell me.” He smiled.

~Dan shrugged and looked over at him. “Don’t laugh.” He said. “He drove us here, and in the car I brought up marriage after high school, we’ve been together 3 years it seemed plausible to me. He wasn’t to keen on the idea, told me about how he cheated on me last week with Claire, and pushed me out of his car and drove off.” He got out, looking at him with sad eyes.

~Phil looked at him and bit his lip. “That’s ridiculous.” He said blatantly. “No. Prom is when you’re supposed to have sex and get drunk and be with friends or someone you’re in love with, you shouldn’t have gotten ditched out on. Hell on my prom? I had a threesome with my English teacher and her step daughter. Then I went and got drunk in a park with my friends. That’s what prom is is the closing of your high school year, last chance to make mistakes and have fun with people you care about.” He ranted, honestly angry as he went on.

~Dan shrugged and looked away sadly. “Prom is that for everyone else but not for me I guess.” He shrugged. “You fucked a teacher and her step daughter?” He asked.

~Phil shrugged and looked at him with a smirk. “I’m actually really proud of that one.” He said matter of factly. “But listen here. No. I’m not letting your prom suck.” He said firmly. “You’re going to do something fun and memorable.” He insisted.

~Dan scoffed slightly and shrugged. “Oh yeah like what?” He asked, feeling the car stop as they pulled into an empty parking lot. He looked over at Phil and saw the smirk across his face. “You’re hooking up with a teacher.” He said and leaned forward, kissing him firmly and taking him by surprise.

~Dan squeaked with shock but didn’t pull back, kissing back at the same pace and gasping for breaths in between. He felt an arm around his waist, being pulled into the next seat. He sat on the teachers lap, lips moving against each other roughly, hips starting to grind into each other.

~Dan rolled his hips, closing his eyes as arms wrapped tight around his waist, letting out a loud guttural moan when Phil started attacking his neck with rough kissing and biting.

~Dan leaned back, eyes squeezing shut. He moaned, breathy and high pitched, putting most porn stars to shame with his obscene noises. Phil kept kissing his neck, biting hard before grabbing at the neck of his sweater and ripping, the fabric sliding off Dan’s body slowly. He pushed him back, kissing his collarbones and chest and rutting up hard into him.

~Dan was coming apart quickly, lips and teeth and tongue scraping over sensitive spots on his neck and chest, marks showing up along his light almond skin.

~Phil pulled back, admiring his work before Dan’s hands slowly started working over his belt. “Lube is in the glove compartment.” He said.

~Dan nodded quickly, grabbing it and uncapping it after pulling out his teachers length. “You’re a lot bigger than I’d imagined.“he said, almost gulping.

~Phil chuckled, grinning up at him. “Think you can take it all princess?” He asked, leaning back in the seat and groaning softly as Dan started stroking over him with the lube, coating him thoroughly.

~Phil opened his eyes, looking into Dan’s and feeling him position over him. He leaned forward, kissing Dan firmly. He moaned against his lips, feeling Dan start to sink down slowly. “You’re so fucking tight baby.” He whispered, his voice lowered.

~Phil bucked up, hearing Dan whimper in pain and smirking, bucking his hips again and hearing Dan moan. “You like the pain.” He chuckled, gripping Dan by the waist and starting to fuck up into him slightly.

~Dan gripped the back of the seat, leaning against Phil as he was fucked into. He moaned loudly, his spot being hit hard over and over again. “Fuck fuck!” He cried out, starting to move his hips up and down along with his thrusts.

~Phil grinned and slowed his own thrusts, groaning quietly, near silent. “Fuck yourself down on my cock like a good little bitch.” He smirked, reaching up and grabbing Dan’s neck. “I know you can do better than this, show daddy how good your cunt really is.” He growled, tightening his grip on Dan’s throat, hearing him moan loudly at the feeling.

~Dan sped up his bounces, whining loudly and hitting his own prostate with each hard slam down. Phil groaned again a little louder, tightening his grip again and looking at Dan with lust. “God I’ve wanted this ass for so long..” he mumbled. “Good little whore, fucking your teacher, taking his cock in and out of your tight little hole. Do you like my cock baby? Tell daddy how much you like his cock.” He cooed.

~Dan whimpered, his hands on Phil’s shoulders now as he bounced hard and fast. “Daddy! I love your cock, you fuck me so good, use my pussy so good! Please daddy touch me! I wanna cum so bad!” He cried out and Phil smirked, bucking up into him hard. “You’re coming untouched, just from my thick cock fucking you, abusing your spot until you can’t take it anymore. Understand slut?” He asked, seeing Dan nod slightly. He smacked his ass hard, bucking up still. “Do you fucking understand?” He asked again. “Yes daddy!” Dan cried out.

~Phil wrapped his arms around his waist again, groaning loudly. “Gonna make me cum baby, riding me so good.” He mumbled, feeling himself almost throb as he grew closer, heat building in his stomach. “Fuck daddy!” Dan cried out loud, the windows fogging up as their skin grew wet with sweat, both men panting and moaning.

~Dan screamed, scratching hard on Phil’s back and shoulders as he came, white ribbons getting on his own stomach as he fucked himself harder on Phil’s length, riding out his orgasm, clenching tightly around him.

~Phil’s eyes rolled back, Dan getting impossibly tighter. “Good boy..coming hard without touching your perfect little cock..” he rasped out, looking into his eyes and pulling him close, roughly fucking into him harder and harder, groaning louder than he had all night as he came hard, deep inside the younger boy.

~They panted, laying against each other and sighing in content. “Fuck…so that’s the fun prom is supposed to be.” Dan joked and Phil chuckled. “Indeed. You know not to tell anyone about this right?” He asked and Dan nodded. “Cross my heart.” He smiled cutely.


~A few months passed of them doing this, eventually actually starting to go on dates.

~Phil was passing back quizzes, getting to Dan’s desk and laying the paper down, finger tips tracing Dan’s arm as he walked off.

~Dan looked down, checking the grade and smiling wide at what was written on his paper.


You’re sitting on my face tonight”

A/N: In high school my dad watched his best friend pierce his own dick, take an aspirin and go ‘It looks good right!’ That’s why I included the dick ref.

(Picture doesn’t belong to me)

         Dating Archie Andrews would include;

  • Wearing his varsity jacket thats 4 sizes to big for you
  • Wearing his hoodies like all the time, he doesn’t mind. He thinks you look adorable in his clothing 
  • Being best friends with jughead 
  • Scared that he might leave you for betty
  • Lots of forehead kissing 
  • Making out is a thing that happens a lot 
  • Regular Pops Meet ups with Jughead and V&B
  • Having members of the football team hit on you and Archie being very protective of you 
  • Being at every football game
  • Being a cheerleader and having him check you out in that short uniform skirt 
  • Amazing and rough car sex;)
  • Sleepovers as your parents were hardly ever home anymore 
  • Tummy rubs when your on your period 
  • Him treating you like a fucking queen and wondering how you ever got so lucky 
  • Calling him carrot boy
Everyone remembers how the Dinoco 400 ended but no one remembers that Lee Revkins got ROBBED

Like, if they were midway through the race a few seconds after the previous screencap, and he was leading at lap 59, then he’d more than likely led LOTS of laps and was clearly able to keep pace with the leaders.

Here he is getting swept up in the big crash, which, again, wouldn’t have happened if Chick didn’t punt him out of the lead.

Not even in the top ten on the last lap so yeah, #63 fans must have had a rough night that night.

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I only ask about this cause I wanted a brother like this. But like tony hears about his sitar being bullied so he scares the crap out of the kids picking on her and then they stop being mean and she's like thanks tony? And it's all cute and soft.

Here you go!

x-x-x Read on Ao3

Tony walked through the door to find an unusual scene. His parents were sat at the dining room table while his sister had tears on her face.

“What’s… going on?” Tony frowned, it was distressing seeing his sister cry. She was usually a very happy, active girl.

“Camila was talking to us about a situation with some kids at school. Nothing to worry about, we are handling this with the school.” Mrs. Padilla explained as she reassured the girl that they were going to take action. Tony’s dad was quiet, but had a strong look on his face. ‘Talking about it’ was not really how he liked to handle things and Tony knew that too well. Mr. Padilla was a man of action, especially when it came to his family, but it seemed like Tony’s mom was taking charge.

“Wait, who is bothering you? I can ta-”

“No, Tony. You and your brothers stay of this. Go upstairs.” Mrs. Padilla interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

After what happened with Hannah, he was not taking any type of bullying lightly, especially if it was happening to his little sister. He couldn’t let people spread rumours about her and tear her down.

Later that night, Tony headed to his sister’s room where she allowed him to enter and sit on her bed. “What’s going on at school? Who is bothering you?” He wanted to go straight to the chase.

“Some guys at school. Jackson and his stupid crew and the worst is that the teacher just claims that he is bothering me because he likes me.” Camila scoffed in disbelief, her eyes tearing up already.  This made his blood boil, knowing that the teachers were once again not doing anything about a situation from the very first signs. They ignored it until it got worse, well for Tony’s sister it wasn’t going to get worse because he was putting a stop to this.

Next day, Tony offered to take his sister to school. Thankfully, their parents didn’t think much about it and Camila felt better because that way she didn’t have to take the bus.

Another thing Tony was thankful for was the fact that people always seemed to be scare of him until they got to know him. He got a rough look, with the car, the hair, the jacket. He’s aware of it and it came in handy quite a few times. Today was another day he could put that to the test.

Tony drove to the school, but he actually park his car instead of dropping his sister off. There was already a group of obnoxious guys and moon eyed girls at the stairs to the school.

“Is Jackson in that group?” He asked, getting a confused frown from his sister.

“Tony, no. Leave it.” Camila said, gathering her bag and getting out of the car, but Tony followed and straighten his jacket.

“Which one of you is Jackson?” Tony asked the group of boys, putting his best straight face on. These boys felt too much like Justin, Bryce and the rest for his liking and they were not going to pick on his sister a little more.

“I am? Who the hell are you?” Some bratty boy responded and Tony chuckled dryly.

Next thing he knew, he was grabbing Jackson by the shirt and looked at him in the eyes.

“I’m Camila’s brother and I am here to tell you to leave her alone, so you better listen to me because if I have to come to you once again, it won’t be alone. I have 3 brothers who would love to help me kick you petty ass, so I hope I don’t see one more tear out of my sister, I don’t one more complain and I don’t want to hear YOUR name in MY house again. Are we clear on that?” Tony said and pushed the kid back, pointing his finger after.
“You can take this as your warning. Leave her the fuck alone.” The Jackson kid just nodded his head as Tony looked at the bunch and crossed his arms. “Same goes for all of you. You mess with my sister, you’re going to face the consequences.” He simply turned around, got back in his sweet mustang and drove off.

When he got home at night, he was greeted by his sister, who gave him a hug. He simply hugged her back. “Jackson apologized to me today. I don’t know what you told him, but thank you, Tony.” Camila smiled at him.

“I just told him the truth. You mess with my little sister and you’re gonna get your ass kicked.” Tony answered, very pleased that he still came off as rough and ‘scary’ to people.