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My questions:

1. Which fictional character(s) would u open your legs for?

Maybe not open my legs, but I’d marry Byakuran and Minato anyday~

2. Your number one otp?

Difficult one. I’ll have to say 10051 (ByakuShou), followed by D18 (DinoHiba) and AoKi (AoKise/AominexKise).

3. If you could marry a mangaka, who would you marry?

HIDEYOSHICO. I love her mangas so, SO MUCH. Her pairings are perfect ;u; I also love Ogura Muku, btw!

4. Have you ever watched hentai?

If Gantz and School Days count… I’ve watched porn, though?

5. Is there a human characteristic that you can’t stand?

Personality-wise? Not really.

6. Describe your ideal lover

For a while, I thought I would like to date someone like Sasuke Uchiha or Kyoya Hibari, now I wonder what the heck I was thinking back then.

My ideal lover is someone like Keith Goodman from Tiger&Bunny, someone honest, earnest and cheerful, with good intentions (*cough*andhandsome*cough). I wonder if someone like him exists, though .w.

Sorry for using anime guys to describe my ideal lover LOL

7. If you could play in an anime, which one would you like to play in?

Probably Bleach, Fairy Tail or Pokemon. I’d also like to be in any of the BL series I’m currently watching/reading to help the couple I like.

8. Would you mind kinky bedroom play with you lover/partner/husband/etc…?

Ack, it depends. Some kinks frighten me ;u;

9. Have you ever stolen something?

Once, when I was a 5-year-old kid. A candy ._. I felt terrible afterwards.

10. Is there a fandom you can’t stand?


11. Hug me?

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My questions:

  1. Is there any place you’d like to travel to?
  2. Do you know how to cook?
  3. What kind of sweets do you like?
  4. What’s your favorite videogame?
  5. Did you use to be homophobic before?
  6. Do you read doujinshis? What’s your favorite one?
  7. Any fanfiction writer you love?
  8. Does a color remind you of your OTP?
  9. Has it happened to you that you don’t like a certain character but (s)he’s part of a ship you love?
  10. Do you like kpop?
  11. Series you’re currently watching?

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rougemirage replied to your post: Estoy ayudando a mi hermana a corregir su tesis…

Mi hermana es profesora de matemáticas y me pide que revise las pruebas de sus alumnos xD Se aprovecha de mi cerebro(?)

Estoy traumada, mañana es su ultimo día para entregar la tesis y por fin estoy en mis vacasiones, así que me rogó que le revisará el contexto, la coherencia y gramática, no tengo mucho que hacer, así que le dije que sí lol jamás imaginé que me reiría de tantas cosas hoy~

sí, son unas aprovechadas~ lol