rouge's gallery

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What would the Rouges Gallery be as Zodiac Signs???

(These are my opinions on what signs would match up to each Villain by terms of personality, these are not their cannon signs)

The Joker: Aries

The Riddler: Virgo

Two-Face: Libra

The Penguin: Scorpio

Catwoman: Pices

Bane: Taurus

Killer Croc: Cancer

Poison Ivy: Aquarius

Scarecrow: Sagittarius

Mister Freeze: Capricorn

The Mad Hatter: Leo

Harley Quinn: Gemini

(I guess Zsasz would be Ophiuchus since he’s sometimes included sometimes not XD)

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Good Lord Damian with the Titan slaying tech would be the scariest thing in all of Gotham! He'd probably end up inspiring some sort of cryptid legend where people are wondering if some scary tiny monster is zipping through the night as Batman's familiar (as if he wasn't scary enough).

I just want to know Bruce reaction to his sword-chopping son being a flying-sword-chopper chasing after Gotham’s Villains from building to building and making them search for a place to hide from him, all while he’s laughing at them.

Bruce: ‘Dear God…who thought him to do that?!’

Tim: *Sheepishly walk behind Bruce* ‘Well I, umm,…kinda introduced to him to an anime called Attack on Titans and-’

Bruce: ‘YOU DID WHAT?!’

Tim: ‘Don’t look at me! YOU were the one who told me I need to bond with him more!’

It’s common practice in the elders of the rouges gallery to keep the stories of Santa alive so that the younger up and comers have something to cling to. One rouge made the mistake of attempting to tell the truth to Lucy quinzel and her cousin Jack. He was never heard from again.