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To: askarkahm

 Askarkham, one of my absolute favorite blogs on this site could be closing down; this wonderful blog contain the wonderful artist’s interpretations of the Batman Rouges Gallery and their take on the relations of the rouges with each other. This post was going to be negative and rude about what some people have done to contribute to the potential closing of this beautiful blog, but I know the creator of askarkham doesn’t like negativity or the pain and suffering of others. I highly, no, absolutely recommend you read the comics that this person has made. 

    However be warned this blog contains: The artist’s own take on the rouges gallery, support on real life issues, support of all people and overwhelming kindness to all that happen upon it.

 “It only takes one person to change your life”

- Ruth Casey

Kirby Lore: Queen Sectonia

A hero is nothing without a good villain to oppose them, and it’s all the better when an entire rouge’s gallery is at odds with the protagonist. Kirby has encountered a host of rivals throughout his career, from a disgruntled penguin or distressed mother eagle, to planet-destroying dark matter and physical incarnations of nightmares. One of the more unique villains Kirby has battled in Queen Sectonia, matriarch of Floralia. Though she is seen as an egomaniacal despot, there are hints strewn about Triple Deluxe and later Kirby material that hint to a tragic fall from grace. Buckle yourself in, because this is a long one.

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Rumor Is

WB Wants The Batman Movie To Prominently Feature The Batfam and Rouges Gallery. They Want An 80th Anniversary Of Batman Extravaganza.
And That The Anniversary Is Why They’ve Announced So Many Batman Related Films. Nightwing, Batgirl, Gotham City Sirens, & Suicide Squad2 Are Gonna Introduce The Batfam and The Rouges Gallery In A Leadup To The Batman Anniversary Extravaganza.
Gotta Cash In On That Milestone. $$$$$


some of my gotham rouge gallery inspired au, with lil cal as a scarface equivalent, and dirk as his ventriloquist, roxy as cyber hacking & tracking catwoman, rose as a sort of harlequin and scarecrow hybrid, and porrim and kanaya as poison ivy vampires. 

more about the au under the read more;

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Lmao you guys are nerds *I say while wearing a Hot Topic Harley Quinn bow in my hair* Like you are all obsessed with Bats-Man and his Bois Wonders *I drop like five hundred pictures of Richard Grayson* Like I cannot believe how so many people can like that Night Gallery of Rouge *wipes off nonexistent dust from my Batman Poster* I mean who has time for that amirite *gazes fondly at Batman comics and graphic novels on my shelf*

 A Concept:

Because the Legends screwed up time so much, an in-character Leonard Snart gets spit out in Central City and brings together the Rouges Gallery. Mick gallivants through time for 2-4 episodes secretly stealing treasure before hearing about Snart and ditching the Legends. The Rouges led by Captain Cold and Heatwave are The Flash season 4 “big bad”. Legends continues to be a gloriously messy Arrowverse fanfiction.


Henri Toulous-Lautrec’s Women

1. Girl in a Fur, Mademoiselle Jeanne Fontaine, 1891. 2. Combing, n/d. 3. The Laundry Worker, 1884. 4. The Milliner, 1900. 5. The Toilet of Ms. Fabre, 1891. 6. The Clownesse Cha u Kao at the Moulin Rouge, 1895.


danny phantom reboot: a thesis

People who know me will know it’s no secret that Danny Phantom has a very special place in my heart as my first fandom and the show that all but saved my life during the worst thing I ever experienced (middle school). Hell, Danny Phantom is the reason I started writing (fanfiction), which led to drawing, which led to me now having a BFA in Animation. Needless to say I owe a lot to this show, and I want to give back to it. And what way better than to plan out how I would reboot it, if ever given the chance?

(Disclaimer: This is just my fantasy. Nothing of what I know about my future suggests I will actually get the chance to reboot this show. Also, this is my personal take on the franchise and characters, some of my ideas might not be to your liking.) 

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