rouge xiii

uM heLLO????
1. girls are SO important??!?!?

miraculous ladybug is such a good show and i love all the creativity coming out of the fandom rn with ocs and i just

i wanted to practice drawing my girl but i thought hey WHY NOT DRAW OTHER PEOPLE’S OCS TOO
i hope it’s ok ahhh
(but if it’s not and your oc is up here pls pls pls do message me and let me know and i will amend the situation somehow)
(also i completely just guesstimated heights so if i fukked up i am so sorry)

from left to right:
chouette - @purchatoire
reindear - @trainersheels​ 
firefly - that’s my kiddo @miraculousfirefly
luna moth - @oz-xiii
jackal rouge - @antibagel
miss manchot - @yaushie

i might do more! (tbh yeah i probably will)
lol follow me @miraculousfirefly which is my ML oc blog for more “quality” content

also if any other people with ocs happen to see this and perhaps are interested in getting their ML kiddo drawn, leave a message maybe ^^?