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On This Day: May 26
  • 1637: Mystic massacrer: A combined Protestant and Mohegan force under English Captain Mason attacks a Pequot village in Connecticut, massacring 500.
  • 1920: Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Marine Transport Workers in Philadelphia go on strike.
  • 1926: A motion was filed to retry Sacco and Vanzetti after someone else confessed to the crime.
  • 1936: Further Remington Rand workers in Ohio and Connecticut walk out and join their colleagues already on strike.
  • 1937: Battle of the Overpass: Henry Ford’s goons attack UAW union organizers leafleting workers at River Rouge GM plant, Michigan.
  • 1937: “Little Steel” strike in Ohio begins for collective bargaining rights. 600 picket Republic’s mill, while 6,500 workers walk out.
  • 1998: First “National Sorry Day” held in Australia over treatment of Aboriginal children. Events attended by over a million people.
  • 2001: Eric Fairclough elected leader of Yukon NDP, becoming the first aboriginal to lead a major political party in Canada.

Chicago Municipal Airport - United Air Lines Headquarters by Pat B
Via Flickr:
5959 South Cicero (Chicago) - Designed by Albert Kahn (leading industrial designer of his day). Kahn also designed the Model T factory (Highland Park 1909) and the River Rouge plant for Ford.

The sun is very bright today

An illustration I made for my digital painting class, we had to do an animation  movie poster, mine looks like a book cover, but anyway, I like vegetation, twins, children, wings, angel, blond/white hair, It contains most of my favorite subject ! (The story  it’s about a journey filled with love, frienship, magic, supernatural, ANGST, hope etc…. etc…  etc….  !)

kildriia  asked:



  Not a hard decision for either of them. Rouge planted a kiss on the very top of Harper’s head, hands on the human’s shoulders as a platform before vaulting herself over the pyrokinetic and landing perfectly on the other side. Shadow was of course much less showy, simply tipping Harper’s head up and planting the kiss against her forehead.

Tales of Xillia Timeline

NOTE: A couple of entries need to be updated.

This is a timeline of the history of the world of Tales of Xillia, up until the beginning of the first game.

There are three versions of this timeline; one you can read in this post, and two that can be viewed in a spreadsheet - one using the localized terms, like the version written here, and another using the original terms for those who are more familiar with the Japanese version or dislike the localization’s policies when it comes to name adaptations.

  • Spreadsheets: [links taken down for revision]


  1. This timeline is spoiler-free when it comes to Tales of Xillia 2, so if you have only played the first game, you can read this without fear. There are, however, spoilers for all of Xillia 1.
  2. Trames is the name of the Rieze Maxian calendar and Primia is the name of the Elympion calendar. If you are reading this on Tumblr, hover above the Trames date to see its Primia counterpart.
  3. Sources: Tales of Xillia, Tales of Xillia Official World Guidance Book, Tales of Xillia Perfect Guide, Tales of Xillia Fan’s Bible, Alvin Chronicles. More details in the spreadsheets.
  4. All of the credits&reposting rules apply!

Many thanks to bleakdaydream and renachan82 for proofreading, and to everyone else who has helped me in this endeavour, readily answering questions and providing advice when needed. And reminding me to sleep. You know who you are ;-)

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