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Hi! I love your writing! Can you write an Andriel fic where someone (nathan's men, burglar, you decide!) breaks into Neil's apartment while he's face timing with Andrew and Andrew is all worried and stuff over the phone :)

thank you so so much, precious anon! ask and you shall receive. also on AO3.

send me prompts :)

“And if I move Davis to the left, then Salazar has way too much ground to cover. But if I don’t, then he’ll have to keep up with Rhodes, and we all know he can’t handle her…” Neil is going round and round with these ideas for new plays, mostly to himself. Andrew flicks his eyes away from the zucchini he is currently dicing to look at Neil on his computer screen, scribbling away in his notebook approximately 1,226 miles away.

He watches Neil stop writing. Tilt his head to left. Sigh. And draw a giant X over everything he’s been working on for the past hour and a half.

Andrew rolls his eyes and shakes his head, though he really doesn’t know why he is surprised. Neil’s new position as the leading striker on the Baton Rouge Pirates includes more responsibilities than he had on his first pro team. Neil will undoubtedly be up for several hours working on this one play, and Andrew will be a silent spectator, contributing the occasional snarky comment when asked for his opinion.

Finished with the zucchini, Andrew adds it in with the rest of the vegetables and tosses them into the pan with his already sizzling potatoes. He moves to the sink to rinse the knife he was using and return it to the knife block on the counter, a house-warming gift from Bee.

Neil is still thinking out loud, going on about Davis’s apparent lack of speed and general know-how. Truthfully, Andrew could not care less about any of it. But he finds that just the even sound of Neil’s voice makes him feel more relaxed, a little less on edge than usual. Even if he is just droning on about Exy, it’s almost like they aren’t on different sides of the country. They FaceTime at least twice a week, and it brings Andrew much more comfort than he will ever be willing to admit. He likes Denver, but not as much as he hates Neil.

“Ugh! I’m done. I’m so done. If I look at this for another second, I’ll light it on fire,” comes Neil’s exasperated complaint. Andrew is tending to his vegetables, but he can hear the shuffling of paper and what sounds like a pen hitting a wall.

“Luckily for you, I disabled your fire alarm,” Andrew says, purposefully ignoring Neil’s tantrum.

Andrew turns in time to witness Neil’s dramatic sigh, complete with his head rather forcefully meeting his folded arms on the table. Andrew rolls his eyes, yet again, and turns the stove off before plating his masterpiece. He walks over to where his laptop is sitting on the counter and picks it up, taking Neil with him to the table. Neil must notice all the noise because he finally sits back up and rests his chin in his hand.

They look at each other for a moment before Andrew drags his gaze away and settles his attention on something else, anything else. This is his least favorite part. The way they can see and hear each other, almost feel like they’re together, but then he can’t even make actual eye contact with Neil. It’s trivial, really. It shouldn’t bother him this much, but it does. The awkward cycle of looking at Neil, then looking at the tiny screen in the corner housing his own reflection, then attempting to look into the camera like maybe Neil will understand what Andrew won’t say.

“Staring,” Andrew says, mainly as a distraction from these unwelcome thoughts.

“Uh-huh,” Neil snorts in response, like he can see right through Andrew. He probably can.

Andrew looks back to see Neil look to his right and let a small smile creep onto his face. He vanishes from view for about thirty seconds, then reappears with an armful of Sir Fat Cat McCatterson.

“Oh look. It’s still alive. Joy.”

Neil laughs. “Shut up, you adore him and you know it.”

“I hate him slightly less than I hate most other things.”

Neil tosses Andrew a triumphant smile. “Exactly.”

Andrew offers only a noncommittal grunt in return.

“So what should we do when I’m off next week? I bought my ticket already, by the way. I get in at 9:45 Sunday night.”

“We could drive to the top of Mount Evans, and I could leave you there,” Andrew replies.

“Finally find a decent place to hide my body? I’m actually a little disappointed. You should at least cross state lines, getting rid of me a mere 65 miles away is too suspicious. You know they always suspect the boyfriend first.”

Andrew lets the term slide in favor of silently flipping Neil off.

Neil’s ensuing laughter is cut short when he turns his head sharply to the left, toward his front door.

“What?” Andrew asks.

Neil is quiet for several seconds, much too long for Andrew’s liking.

“I think someone just picked my lock.”

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So in my Sons of the Pirate King AU I finally figured out what to do w/ Sabo.

Okay, see, Koala joins the Roger Pirates (aka she’s joining Luffy’s crew of “we’re not old enough to be pirates yet” Revolutionary Pirates) and she eventually comes across Sabo who’s an East Blue rookie and is like “I’m keeping him.”

Rouge: *looks at that*

*looks at Sanji who nabbed Zoro*

*looks at Ace trying to nab Marco*

Rouge: …Robin, I have to blame you for this. You set a bad example for your younger crewmates by kidnapping the cyborg to be your boyfriend.

Robin: Well, while I’m certainly sorry if they got the young idea about relationships from me…CP9 kidnapped Franky first.

Franky: And she had dibs and everything! She had to kidnap me back!

Rouge: Oh wow, is there anyone on your crew who didn’t try kidnapping?

Luffy: Well, Traffy was here already so I never had to!

Law: Joy.


Palace of Princes presents Nightfall, the world’s first boystyle event, featuring a fashion show, a Deerstalker Pictures video debut and Q&A session, and kabedon! Here is our video showing off the highlights of the night.

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Ladybug and Chat Noir Pirate AU with DISNEY'S Peter Pan

I wasn’t really sure how to go about this I haven’t seen Peter Pan in forever, so here goes: 

Peter Pan/Pirate Au where Marinette and Adrien are a couple of Peter’s lost kids by day, enjoying the easygoing life on the island with the rest of the kids. They’re two of the older kids, so they often tag along with Peter as backup when he goes on missions to mess with/steal from Captain Hook and his crew. Since Peter knows they can hold their own, they’re the only kids allowed to wear outfits of domestic animals (the younger kids are all disguised as wild animals for their own protection). 

Marinette and Adrien come to enjoy their skirmishes with the pirate crew so much, they start sneaking out on their own to cause general mayhem amongst Hook’s motley crew (and maybe score a few treats for themselves and their younger lost-siblings). They don pirate attire and go by the nicknames, Ladybug and Chat Noir during these outings for a couple of reasons; for their own protection against the pirates’ revenge (if the pirates think they’re rouge pirates, they won’t bother the other lost kids), and because Peter made them vow to never bother the pirates without him. Peter says it’s because he doesn’t want to miss out on the fun, but Marinette/Adrien know that rule is just a way for Peter to keep them under his thumb. 

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Keith is raised in space, Acxa is raised on earth, and both end up in the exact same positions they'd be in otherwise anyway somehow. Keith is a space pirate rebel whatever who comes across Matt and agrees to help him go find Shiro / get back to earth. Acxa's always been clearly purple so she could never enter mainstream society, and since she's not a paladin either, must saunter off from voltron, and then she bumps into Lotor. same time Keith with Matt into the red lion and Voltron. That good?

Ngl anon, I’m still not quite sure what’s going on here, but I’ll try my best!

So the red lion takes Keith and Matt straight to the castle. Matt is obvs well received but Allura is less than happy with the idea of a rouge Galra rebel-pirate being a paladin. But she trusts the lion and they must form Voltron under pressure even as Keith is trying to find his place and bond with the team. It’s rough going. Lotor manages to convince Acxa to join him. There is nothing on Earth for her anyway, and she finally feels like she belongs and has a mission.

Is this what you were thinking? Sorry, this seems more like a canon-divergence “what-if” theory than an actual plot. Thanks for letting me try though!

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//that sounds awesome


Three very different ladies, each great in her own way. ;D

Shirahoshi, I have such a soft spot for all the sweet-natured characters, never minded her over sensitivity, though I’d love it if she really toughens up a bit the next time we see her given everything that awaits her.

Rouge, this lady doesn’t get enough credit, seriously, probably one of most strong-willed people in OP. One of my faves,  the little we know of her is more than enough. 

Hancock, *shamelessly throws herself into the tattooed Hancock bandwaggon* Took the liberty of adding a scar, think it suits this design very well.


Sydney Lolitas had a virtual tea party today to let some new members get to know everyone better! I think next time, we’ll need a bit of guided discussion, but I think everyone had a good time being silly on webcam, comparing tea cups (and pets!), and just chatting!

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