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Dr. Haing Ngor was the first Asian-American to win an Oscar for Supporting Actor.

He is also the only person to win an acting Oscar to be murdered. 

After Dr. Ngor won the Oscar in 1985 for his role in The Killing Fields, his film debut, he continued to raise awareness about the communist Khmer Rouge leaders who were committing atrocities in Cambodia.

Many believe Ngor’s murder in 1997 in Los Angeles’s Chinatown was not due to a failed robbery, but a hit ordered by the notorious Pol Pot. 

“The first thing that went through my heart is, good grief, is this the long arm of the Khmer Rouge?” Jack Ong, the head of the Dr. Haing S. Ngor Foundation, told the LA Times in 2010. “But you can’t prove this… . In my heart, it will always be an unsolved mystery, one that causes me great emotional grief to this day.”

This was a terrible plan

So I was playing a game of pathfinder with a group I run at my local library when this gem happened. We were playing the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path because it was my first time being a GM and there was a mission where the PC had to take back a butcher shop that these rouge guards were using to inflate prices and extort people during a riot. This was our barbarian’s plan of attack.

Barb: I want to go crashing through the glass and startle them.

GM: …Ok, well you’ll take damage from the glass and the empty meat hooks hanging in the display. Are you ok with that?

Barb: Yup *goes crashing through the glass*

GM: *Rolls d6* Ok you take four damage from the combination of glass and meat hooks. The guards are surprised and confused. The one behind the counter pulls his crossbow on you while the others move to encircle you.

Barb: Ok I pull out my battle axe and let out a shout of fury to try and intimidate them *rolls a nat 3 intimidate* 

GM: One of the guards fires his crossbow at you in panic. *rolls 7 damage* You’re very hurt. You may want to make a tactical retreat.

Barb: Ok. I try and bust through the wall to escape.

GM: …Ummm you sure? The walls are made of some pretty solid oak.

Barb: Yup

GM: Well then make a strength check to break through the wall…I guess.

Barb: *rolls a 1* Ooops

GM: Ok well you take four damage after running head first into the wall and bust your skull open. Luckily you’ve hit zero and aren’t dying. The rouge guards are just staring at you in abject confusion over the series of events they’ve just witnessed.

It is at this point where the Barbarian’s sister who had cast a charm spell on the rouge guard leader came in, face in her hands, to retrieve him. We all had a decent laugh about this one. It was referenced a lot.

U.N.-backed tribunal sentences Khmer Rouge leaders to life in prison

AP: Two top Khmer Rouge leaders were sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for their role in the 1970s “killing fields” of Cambodia. 

A U.N.-backed war crimes tribunal sentenced the former 83-year-old head of state and its 88-year-old chief ideologue on war crime charges three and a half decades after the country’s terror period.

Photo: In this July 10, 2014 photo, a tourist looks at human skulls of genocide victims at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, formerly the most notorious Khmer Rouge prison, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. (AP Photo/Heng Sinith)

Protector of Bubbles

*To get everything in context here, this is the beginning of a DnD campaign set within the Diablo universe. We have a skilled halfing rouge named Morrowind (Leader despite nothing being said to bring it up), a human paladin to Pelor named Bristina (doesn’t seem to be very paladin-y), a loud orge barbarian named Hogarth (who has a common tendency to interrupt conversations) and a sentient clay golem brawler named Emet (giant good hearted woman who cannot speak). Everyone has a reason for being in a wasteland known as Ragnarok (a promise to get something they’ve lost dear to them; be it family, possessions or otherwise), but ultimately they were falsely bribed by a necromancer named Malarex (done by the DM of our game; womanizer and greedy). This takes place while they’re within Hell and have found a gigantic room filled completely with water; the exit being within the water. Since Emet was the only one who didn’t need to breath and everyone’s constitution scores were not the greatest, she ventured in. As she was exploring, they decided to contact Malarex using a mystical candle (pretty much works like Skype, it seems).*

*The candles been activated, and Malarex is fiddling with a giant knight who seems to be decapitated and glowing from the inside.*

Morrowind: Malarex, we–what are you doing?

Malarex: Oh hey! What, this? Pssshh, it’s nothing; just wondering what makes this guy tick without him, you know…

*Morrowind, Bristina, and Hogarth are silent.*

Malarex: ……blowing up the island. The usual.


Malarex: Get through what..? Oh! That! Yeah, that’s easy. You just need to gather some BuBalls!

Bristina: Buh-Balls? They sound filthy…

Malarex: Actually, they’re pretty cool. They’re these bally-sphere things that look like glowing bubbles; ‘bout the size of your head, and they can survive out of water. They can be absorbed either by touch, due to your skin and shit, or you can eat them to breath underwater for a good hour each. Most people eat them because they kinda taste like well-made banana pudding.

Morrowind (OOC): You bastard, I love banana pudding.

DM: I know~

Bristina: That can’t be all there is to it.

Malarex: Well, I suppose they also have a bit of sentience and have faces on them as well.

*cue Emet returning (after a successful search roll), looking very happy with an big armful of the BuBalls. According to the DM, there’s at least thirty of them in her arms and they have cute emoji faces.*

Emet (OOC): I’d say she’s very happy with her discovery of these things; maybe they think she’s their friend or mom.

BuBalls: (゚ヮ゚) <3

Malarex: Oh, speak of Diablo; claygirl has them. Welp, have fun eating them!

the call ends

BuBalls: ゞ◎Д◎ヾ

Emet (OOC): Yeeaah…she’s obviously very concerned about this.

Morrowind: Emet, Sweetie…see, those little things have a very special ability that we need because none of us can really hold our breath long enough. So what we would need you t–


Hogarth (OOC): And I’m grabbing some of those things

Emet (OOC): The HELL you are, Shrek!

DM: Roll for grapple.

*Emet wins the roll*

DM: You go to grab the BuBalls, but Emet anticipates this and backs away quickly; tightening her hold on them.

Emet (OOC): She’s definitely uneasy now, her frown would probably show it. Wonder what those balls are feeling…

BuBalls: ( •́ ∧ •̀ )

Emet (OOC): Yeah, she ain’t letting go yet.

Morrowind: Emet, please! We really–

Bristina: You do know we’re in Hell, right? They can’t be good if they’re in Hell.

Emet: Shocked and upset

Morrowind and Hogarth: *stunned*

BuBalls: ಠ^ಠ

DM: *holding back his snickering*

Emet (OOC): Welp, you better hope you guys get natural 20’s.

*Emet proceeds to jump back into the water with all the BuBalls. Everyone laughs and cuts on Bristina’s player for the dumb shit said, and it actually takes someone rolling a Natural 20 for Hogarth to swim in and steal some BuBalls so the group can proceed.*