rouge dior 999

Y'all … I got some Dior lipstick as my birthday sample from Sephora and I am MINDBLOWN. It has been a struggle for years trying to find a matte lip color, either in stick or liquid, that is highly pigmented and has staying power but that won’t dry out my lips and make them look all cracked and weird.

I have tried everything at every price point. I was happy with Nars crayons and Stila’s liquid lipstick but neither one ever really felt comfortable.

I honestly had no expectations putting this Dior on because it was free anyway and a SUPER BRIGHT red I ordinarily wouldn’t wear.

But … Omg. It feels like a high quality lip balm in consistency but is completely matte. In literally one swipe I got full coverage that matched my liner. Blotting didn’t dry it out. My lips feel moist and pleasant and look really pretty. I have no idea how long it will last but consider me sold. Which honestly I regret because like most people I cannot afford Dior products haha.