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Palace of Princes presents Nightfall, the world’s first boystyle event, featuring a fashion show, a Deerstalker Pictures video debut and Q&A session, and kabedon! Here is our video showing off the highlights of the night.


Sydney Lolitas had a virtual tea party today to let some new members get to know everyone better! I think next time, we’ll need a bit of guided discussion, but I think everyone had a good time being silly on webcam, comparing tea cups (and pets!), and just chatting!

Outfit Rundown:
JSK, Blouse: Dear Celine
Roses, Bonnet, Chain: Alice and the Pirates, Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa
Tights, Accessories: Rouge Aerie Designs, TaoBao, Misc

Good news is that my labels arrived yesterday. Better news is that the fabric samples I had made as fat quarters came today. The printing is great on both samples, but the colour quality on the sateen is FABULOUS. I am so excited and about to do three huge things: 

  1. Put one of the colourways up as a public sale item
  2. Buy my first yardage of the carouskel print
  3. Upload the samples for the mermaid print swatches

One more update, then off to bed. The “vines” are little bits of spine. Harhar. Fitting, right? Need to draw up the chains to make the necessary brushes and finalize the layout of the keys. 

Going to need to either draw more keys or have a much smaller repeat than usual. Hmmm.

P.S. This is the first print I’m doing with any “Branding” involved. I’ve slipped the English RA into the damask pattern as a very, very subtle element on the lower petals. 

… ignore my pantry. haha

Front of the dress. Again, holding it closed because the zipper hasn’t been installed yet. I’ve ended up adding two extra pleats in front from the original drawing. It lays a bit more evenly because of that. 

I also need to buy braid for the neckline, lace for the hem, and attach the dime tulle I have for the lining.


I mentioned recently that I would have an announcement to make in regards to a secret project. The truth is, this is the culmination of roughly two months of hard work. When the final version is released, it will have a (top secret!) custom print included, like our other designs.

Now to get to the important part of this update: this dress represents a prototype which is about to be packed up and sent off to our new manufacturer. 

And yes, you read that right. Rouge Aerie Designs has been working these last two months on a deal with a manufacturer. The details of the agreement (and the details of this design) will be released in the near future. For now, you just get a little teaser. ;)

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the fabric is hovering at the threshold of release! I am fixing up a minor repeat error in the files (so minor that I’m the only one who has noticed it so far, go figure) and then they’ll go live.

As of tomorrow night, the Carouskel Print will be available via Spoonflower for one month only. After that, it will be removed from sale and placed in the archives for my personal use.

Release Date: April 18th, 2012 @ 5:00pm
Pull Date: May 19th, 2012 @ 5:00pm 

That means that the material will go live for public sale on April 18th, 2012 at 5:00pm (UTC+10:00; Sydney, Australia time). It will be archived on Spoonflower on May 19th, 2012 at 5:00pm and no longer be available for public purchase. I will still be producing garments of my own design at this point, but yardage via Spoonflower will no longer be available for purchase.

I deliberated on some time as to how to format the final, public print files. In the end, this is the decision I have made:

There will be a single-border repeat, suitable for all fabric widths, in each colour for border prints.

The reason that I have made this choice in terms of the file format is because while the design prints best on the sateen, I understand that people may not want to have to use it.

Re-formatting my files to work as a double-repeat on every fabric type is incredibly consuming, not to mention the fact that the resulting documents would be too large for Spoonflower’s upload limitations; re-formatting the file to only work on sateen would limit people’s choice of materials, and thus make it unfair to people who don’t want to use that particular fabric.

I have ordered fat quarters of several different fabrics to test their quality; the colours are not nearly as rich on the quilter’s cotton or the Kona as on the sateen, particularly for the dark coloured fabrics. They also tend to fade more dramatically in the wash, especially the black, so purchase these materials at your own risk.

Finally, I have designed the blacks that I use to be a four colour black. This brings it as close as I can get it to a “true” black with digital printing. It is not, however, quite 100% pitch. It is still slightly grey. The contrast against the red makes it look darker by comparison, however.

If you read nothing else of the post but the dates, please read this.

For Spoonflower Fabrics:
I advise only hand washing this fabric in cold water with incredibly gentle detergents, then drip-drying. Regular detergent, washing machines and dryers have all faded my previous samples significantly, but phosphate free washes in cold have come out fine.

For Finished RAD Garments:
To keep things fresh, I prefer dry cleaning for finished garments. However, like the raw fabric, theycan be washed in water. I advise hand washing in cold water with phosphate free detergent, then hang drying and ironing. This will best preserve the garment. 

DO NOT put these garments into a washing machine or dryer. While they have fully finished seams and will not fall apart, the fabric will fade because of how rough the machines are on the material. 


We mentioned last week on Facebook that we would have some big news coming up. Well, we have it!

After our previous announcement concerning the One Day in Paradise situation, we went through the necessary legal steps to terminate the licensing contract for the Nightmare Rising dresses. This course of action meant that we would be able to purchase the dresses that were left unpaid for directly from the factory. We have been negotiating with them for the last few weeks to bring the dresses to Australia.

This morning, we made payment on the remaining stock that the factory was holding!