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For that drabble game, how about.... Wendy Marvell + 30?

30: Her voice could sink ships

“You should always be like the wind, Wendy.  Gentle, comforting, and calm.”

Master Roubaul’s words were the only things running through her mind as they approached the ship.  

In thirty seconds, they would confront the fleet carrying their greatest enemy.  If she squinted, she could see the Alvarez soldiers running towards the side of the ship facing them.  Carla’s grip tightened on her back.  She saw them, too.

In twenty seconds, Wendy would have to fight.  In twenty seconds, Wendy would have to fight, and she wasn’t sure she could do it.

These soldiers had friends.  They had families.  They were just doing what they were told.  How could she take their lives (and yes, she would have to, it was inevitable now) knowing that they had no choice on the subject of war?

Was she strong enough? She knew the people from Alvarez were powerful.  The Spriggan 12 were on an entirely different level - what were the soldiers like? Natsu and Gajeel would have no problem taking out the entire ship themselves, and Wendy would have no problem providing back-up, but…

But Alvarez had made a direct threat to her precious people.  They had hurt Mest.  They had tried to hurt Master, and Lucy, and Erza, and Natsu, and Gray, and - 

Ten seconds.

Wendy set her jaw.  The Alvarez soldiers were doing their duty to their country, but their leaders had hurt her family.  

Nine seconds.

Wendy was a healer.  It was her duty to fix what was broken, not to break things in return.  

Eight seconds.

If breaking something (someone, she whispered to herself) would prevent her precious people from being broken in turn, could she do it?

Seven seconds.

Mest, bleeding on the ground.

Six seconds.

The panic in her friends eyes when confronted with the Spriggan.

Five seconds.

Lucy and Erza disappearing.  Natsu and Gray’s terror.

Four seconds.


She could do it.  She would do it.  She would never, ever let her friends suffer like that again.  Be it at the hands of one of the twelve, or a footsoldier.  They all posed a threat, and she would see to it that that threat was eliminated.

Three seconds.

“Fall back!” Wendy shouted.  Gajeel and Natsu exchanged alarmed glances.  “What the hell, Wendy?” Gajeel shouted.  “Whaddya mean-?”

“Trust me, fall back!”

Gajeel was the first to slow down.  

“Wendy, I don’t-!”

“Natsu, please!”

That she had omitted the suffix she normally attached to his name did not go unnoticed.  Natsu opened his mouth to protest, only for Carla to pipe up, “Happy, pull back! Trust me!”



Carla gripped Wendy’s shirt tighter, drawing her close as she flew faster.  “Do you know what you’re doing, child?”

“Yes,” Wendy said, resolute.  She could almost see Carla smile.  “Alright then.”


Wendy opened her mouth and roared.

The wind thrashed violently around her, but it didn’t so much as ruffle a hair on her head.  She was in her element here.  The air bent to her will, curving into vicious, invisible sickles and slashing the tarps and flags.  Her rage became the typhoons that surrounded the ship, causing it to spin wildly out of control.  Alvarez soldiers fell to the ground, disappearing beneath the thick canopy below.  

Master Roubaul had been right about one thing; Wendy was the wind.

She was gentle, calm, and comforting…but her voice could sink ships.

Here’s a list of every character that Mashima has yet to revive

(according to the Fairy Tail wikia; list is unsorted)

·         God Serena

·         Igneel

·         Yuriy Dreyar

·         Hades

·         Bradman

·         Silver Fullbuster

·         Mard Geer

·         Anna Heartfilia

·         Layla Heartfilia

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