rotton tomatoes

Just had a mini rant on TFW2005 about people comparing Roberts writing to fanfiction. Most people are telling them to hush up because 1) that’s a stupid comparrison because fanfiction is not stupid and 2) No, really. It’s a stupid thing to say because it makes no sense. 

I’ll just copy and past my thoughts because it’s something I see come up a lot in regards to Roberts writing.

“I know it was a few pages ago and I hate to drag it up, but I want to quickly chuck in my thoughts about the ‘fanfic debate’. I actually get really annoyed when fanficiton gets dumped on. It baffles me that fanart is seen as a legitimate form of fan output(to the point where people will pay for it) but fanficiton is looked down upon as something inferior, even something to be ashamed of. Yes, there is some bad stuff out there just as there is for any media, but how can a writer improve if they don’t write and perfect their craft. 

And what exactly makes an official story fanfictiony? How is having likable characters with interesting dialogue and well thought out world building and plotting too 'fanfic’. That’s like saying the sky is too blue or this cake is too delicious! Someone earlier mentioned that Roberts doesn’t understand the core themes of Transformers. I’m sorry, but for a very VERY long time I’m pretty sure the core themes were "Sell toys” and “PEW PEW PEW!”. Both Roberts and Barber(poor guys deserves credit as well) took TF’s in a new and interesting direction that raised them above the old Autobots VS Decepticon story. I’ll take space adventure and political intrigue over PEW PEW PEW any day of the week.

In an interview Roberts expressed his own displeasure with fanfiction hate and I bloody cheered. I’ve read Eugenisis and yes, he does reuse characters names(Quark and Rung. Rung only got a mention in one paragraph and Quark is NOTHING like the one that appears in Shadowplay) and ideas but here’s the thing… they’re good ideas! Sticking with a formula that has proven to work is not a bad thing. Nintendo has been doing it for years *ducks rotton tomato*“

aedivine  asked:

Have y'all seen sausage party? If not...DONT GO. Don't be fooled by the high rotton tomato scores. That movie was 100% a pile of steamy crap. The who premise of the movie is old racial stereotypes and overuse of the word f*** People actually started leaving the theater...