rotting procession

Stephen Strange Imagine

Hello love!! Could you pleeeease write a part two of your doctor strange imagine???

hi love!! could you please write some Stephen strange fluff (but the reader is a sorceress)???

You laid on the couch and shut your eyes, welcoming the silence of the large building and cozy darkness of the back of your eyelids. Just as you let out a relaxed breath you heard the front door close and the patter of feet head towards you, “Y/N? You back?”

You sighed to yourself. “In here, Stephen.”

You heard him reach the couch and chuckle when he saw you. “Rough day?”

“I spent my afternoon hoping from dimension to dimension to catch this one rogue sorcerer. This guy would not stop running around. It was exhausting.”

“But you got him,” he asked lifting your feet and sitting down, setting them on his lap.

“Oh, I got him alright. He is currently being processed to rot in the Shanghai jail’s mirror dimension for as long as he lives. How was your day?”

“Not as exciting as yours,” he patted you legs. “I got stuck listening to Masters debating over the stupidest topics. You alright?”

“Just tired,” you reassuringly smiled.

“Here,” he pointed his fingers at the table on your side and a cup of hot chocolate appeared. “A nice warm drink to relax with,” he pointed at the TV and your favorite movie popped on, “something good to watch,” he moved you over a little and wiggled in between you and the couch cushions, “and your favorite boyfriend to nap with.”

You turned over and snuggled against him. “That sounds perfect.”

“And later,” he said playing with your hair, “we can get some take out and drink some of that stuff we saved from my birthday.” He waited for your reply but when it didn’t come he looked down and saw you had already fallen asleep on his chest. “I guess we can decide that after.” Stephen raised his hand, drawing the blinds closed and turning the lights off so the room was dark.

Smoked Meat

Meat is often preserved with smoke and the choice of wood adds dimension to the flavor. The Netherworld is full of strange trees and bushes, and chosen carefully, they can paranormal affects to your smoked meat.

To review a few:

Grimwood: A type of mangrove, the predominate tree and namesake or the Grimwood Swamp. Grimwood is difficult to burn as the trees spend their lives half submerged in brackish water, but the results are worth the effort.

The smoke salts the meat from the inside out, making even very bland cuts especially delicious. The smoke completely reverses rot during the cooking process, rendering it safe to eat. It has no effect on poisons or toxins, so watch out (or add these as seasonings).

Octotree: A carnivorous tree that can move its many branches like tentacles, octotrees are tremendously dangerous. When inhaled, this smoke grants the ability to see clearly in the dark, an ability that is transferred into the meat during the cooking process.

Ghost Pines: Extreme care is necessary when burning ghost pine logs, as the heavily perfumed smoke is toxic. Meat so cooked is poisoned, though it takes on a full bodied zest that many undead enjoy.

Ghost pines are often used by traveling ghouls to alert their presence to the local undead. There are few faster ways to invite hungry monsters over for company than the promise of a shared meal.

my favourite horror movie fuckup is when a character’s face gets removed via scalpel bc they ALWAYS cut around the face and then pull it off and it’s like. guys. your skin isn’t just sitting on your muscles, there’s fibrous tissue connecting it together. you would need to slowly cut under the skin for likely HOURS in order to remove an entire face intact and by then the edges would have started the rotting process. guys.