rotting eggs

It may look beautiful but it certainly doesn’t smell it. Aptly named, the “corpse flower” grows in the rain forests of Sumatra, Indonesia, and releases a horrendous odour. The odour attracts insects which feed on deceased animals and lay their eggs in rotting meat. The plant requires 7-10 years of growth before eventually blooming for the first time. The odour is said to smell like a combination of limburger cheese, rotting fish, sweaty socks, human faeces, and a sweet floral scent.

the gladekeeper: creepy but cool concept

when dragons in the nature flight die, she turns their ashes into a unique flower and plants them in her garden of souls. picking these flowers is strictly forbidden. sometimes if a mate is not handling their grief well, she lets them walk amongst the garden and can briefly animate the deceased mates soul. sometimes it not a flower, but a butterfly with a unique wing design.

this counts for hatchlings that get sick n stuff. especially back w egg rot.

the garden is open for the public, but sometimes dragons don’t realize what the flowers are which amuses nature natives that know where the flowers and butterflies came from.

A few tips for all of you participating in Easter Egg Hunts this weekend;

001. If you’re using real eggs (and even if they’re plastic), make a map.

002. Eggs naturally decompose and go away, yes, but they smell as they deteriorate.

003. Don’t hide eggs in trees. Even if you’re trying to make it more challenging for yourself.

004. Staying up for a day or more straight is a bad idea.

005. Watch out for the Banyan boys.  They’re bad seeds.  Going to hell - both of them.

006. Perfect your game face,

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Happy Hunting, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Just So We’re Clear

All trans women have really cute hair, great fashion sense and are awesome

All trans men also have really cute hair, great fashion sense and are awesome

Terf smell like dead fish and rotting eggs.