so I got tagged by the ever wonderful @the-engineer-and-her-avatar for a thing! <3 Ten facts about me:

1. Back to the Future is my all time favorite 80s movie/trilogy. But the Breakfast Club is right up there too.

2. I’ve owned three dogs. The first one was a beagle I named Copper (yes, like from Fox and the Hound). The second was a rotty-lab mix named Wookiee (yes, like Chewbacca…my family is a bunch of nerds). And a lab named Nugget. I currently do not have a dog, but as soon as I move out on my own it’s No. 1 on my priorities list

3. I love and collect many things, including antiques. I own a nail used on a Kansan railroad back in 1927 and an antique brass unicorn my grandmother gifted to me some years ago. 

4. One of the things I’ve wanted since I was little is a reading nook in a library in my house so when I get married, my spouse and I would read to each other in it on rainy afternoons or before bed. If I ever get to that point, I think I’ll really be content. Reading to someone is one of the most romantic things I can think of. Also, I’m a huge sap.

5. Even though I’m a writer, I don’t really tend to tell people how much I care for them via words very well. I tend to do it through small gestures; I’m just awkward when it comes to voicing it, and when I do voice it, just know I’ve rehearsed it a million times in my head beforehand because I just don’t want to screw it up. 

6. If you give me anything to do and a time frame in which to do it, I will literally wait until the night before the deadline, die from stress, and put an earlier date on it to make it look like I actually have my shit together.

7. I have so much love to give, and anybody would be lucky to have it. I know my value and I don’t mind being alone. I only ask that I can be vulnerable with you, because I’m not perfect, and relationships aren’t scripted for tv. I don’t know why people expect them to be.

8. Those Pop! figurines lowkey freak me out–it’s the eyes–but I still own a few.

9. I own more pjs and sweatshirts than I own actual clothes. I know where my priorities are, okay.

10. The first chapter book I ever read by myself was Matilda. And for 3 years after the fact, I tried to see if I could use my powers like her.

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