Congratulations to me!

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Well it looks like I hit my first 100 followers here on Tumblr! One step closer to my goal of 214 million by next week. (Insert random sexually frustrated anonymous internet commenter: “Pfff 100 followers? That ain’t shit.”) Well look dick, I’ve only been doing this Tumblr thing for 6 days. Go back to humping your couch cushions.

To show my appreciation to my first 100 followers I present to you this half eaten Dorito with a piece of hair on it I found in my couch for you guys to share!

On a serious note, if you guys are digging my stuff let me know. Like and share with your friends. Show me you care so I can keep making this crap. Oh, and when we hit 200 I’ll come up with a better gift. For now, take a small bite and pass it around. Later freaks!


Top Secret Project

Wow, It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. For those of you wondering why…Well, I’ve been working on a super top secret animation project that’s going to make me millions of dollars. I won’t give a way too much but it consists of a stray dog and an Iguana who run an exclusive animals-only comedy club behind an animal shelter. Think ‘Louie’ meets 'The Pound Puppies’. This will be my first attempt at pitching an idea to a network, so I’m prepared for failure but am hoping to learn from this experience and build off of it.

Here’s a sneak peek of DOG and IGGY. Obviously, DOG is looking a lot like Brian from Family Guy but that will change. Both their looks will. It’s still early. Next step is getting in the booth to record voices, then finishing up the animatic. I’ll post my progress as I go. Until then, go eat some cheese. Who doesn’t like cheese?